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What Are Roofs Made Of

Steel Roofing Pros & Cons

How GAF Roof Shingles Are Manufactured

Steel is an alloy, made from iron and other elements. Used in every aspect of building, steel roofing has often been one of the most common materials found on a commercial construction site, and is now often incorporated into residential builds. While the initial creation of steel can be an energy-intensive process compared to a metal like Zinc, the recyclability and availability of the metal alloy means that most of the steel we use today is made from recycled material rather than new. In fact, steel is the most recycled material on the planet, making it an incredibly green building material to work with.

When compared to other metals, steel is also the least expensive. While also being a commodity, steel is often priced at a much lower rate than Aluminum, Zinc, or Copper. This makes steel both affordable and available at a greater amount compared to the other metals on this list.

There are three primary Steel Roof types: Galvanized, Galvalume, and Weathering Steel.

Steel Roofing has made huge advancements in the past 50 years and can now be used to mimic Copper, Zinc, and other more expensive metal roofing materials. This is done through paint systems that create a painted solution to match the natural patina of a Copper, Zinc, or even the Weathered Steel look. These solutions often carry long warranties and make ideal choices for remodels, restorations, and new builds.

The Basics On Asphalt Roofing Systems

Along with a select number of other well-known manufacturers, IKO Industries offers a full line of asphalt based commercial roofing systems. A long-dependable choice for low slope roofing, asphalt falls into three basic categories: Built Up Roofing, Modified Bitumen and Hybrid Systems . From SBS to APP and BUR, IKOs asphalt applied membrane systems include base sheets, cap sheets and self-adhered membranes.

Built Up Roofing SystemsPopular in North America for more than 100 years, Built Up Roofing Systems are composed of alternating layers of bitumen and fabrics called roofing felts. The felts are reinforced with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats and when joined with the bitumen form a durable roofing membrane. The number of plies on a roof implies the number of layers, i.e. four plies denotes a four-layer flat roof membrane system.

BUR systems are redundant, meaning if one layer breaks down, multiple remaining layers provide immediate protection. These systems also offer great tolerance for building stress and resistance to thermal shock, high puncture resistance and outstanding membrane strength and toughness for proven long-term durability.

With standard application procedures, IKO BUR Systems offer robust protection for todays buildings and are available in traditional four-ply. Product options include the following:

Base Sheets Saturated or coated felts placed as the first ply in some low-slope roof systems.

Mod Bit Systems Options:

What Is Metal Roofing

Metal roofing, as the name suggests are made up of metals like, aluminum, copper, steel, tin, and zinc. They come in the form of corrugated metals, slate roofs, or tile roofs.

Having a metal sheet up on the roof can prove advantageous if you are looking for a long term investment because of its longer life span, sturdiness, low maintenance, and great return on investment. It is a one time investment which can last up to 50-80 years depending upon the metal type.

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How Living Apart Under The Same Roof Has Made This South Okanagan Couple Closer

For Shelley Hunt and Peter Verge, a couple from Penticton, B.C., distance has definitely made the heart grow fonder: the two live under the same roof, but in separate suites.

The South Okanagan pair, both divorced with children from their previous marriage, had each been on the market for a house.

But two years ago, they decided to buy one together instead and now they each live in its two suites.

Hunt and her two children live on the main floor, while Verge and his three kids are on the upper floor. Each suite has its own kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. The laundry room is the only common area.

The house has been viewed more than five million times in a Nov. 14 TikTok post by Hunt, who says reaction online has been positive.

“It’s been really positive because people understand that tradition doesn’t guarantee anything it doesn’t guarantee happiness, it doesn’t even guarantee longevity,” she told host Sarah Penton on CBC’s Radio West.

“People are recognizing that family is defined differently for everyone and that there is room for every type of family.”

Data from Statistics Canada shows that in 2017, nearly 1.5 million people across the country age 25 to 64 were in a couple relationship with someone living in a different home. Four out of five individuals in a ‘living-apart-together’ relationship live in the same province, with 64 per cent of those individuals living within 20 kilometres of each other.

Hunt says she and Verge are closer as a result.

Top 6 Roofing Materials

What are most roofs made from?

From wood shake to asphalt shingles, roofing material is an important consideration that contributes to the overall look and style of your home.

Updating your existing roof allows you to add value to your home and communicate your home’s look and feel. While roof framing, preparation and proper installation are always important, the material you choose for your roof can bring the exterior of your home to the next level.

“It’s really an opportunity to upgrade your home in terms of look, style and color,” says Tom Bollnow, senior director of technical services for the National Roofing Contractors Association .

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Asphalt Roofs Need Maintenance

Your car needs its oil changed to keep it maintained and running smoothly, the same goes for your roof. To keep an asphalt roof functioning perfectly, its important to have it periodically checked over.

Whether its once or twice a year, regular roof maintenance ensures you get the most life out of your asphalt shingle roof. It will catch any problems with your asphalt shingles and prevent future leaks before they can cause damage to your home.

Its also a chance to clear your roof and gutters of any debris. Wet debris sitting on your asphalt roof will shorten the lifespan of your asphalt shingles. Because of this, its absolutely crucial to keep your roof running smoothly throughout its life with roof maintenance.

To learn more about why roof maintenance is crucial to all roof types, read this article on why regular roof maintenance is important.

The 3 Types Of Asphalt Shingles

An asphalt roof has 3 different shingle options to choose from. These three types of asphalt shingles are 3-tab, dimensional, and luxury.

While 3-tab used to dominate the market, dimensional shingles are the most common type installed on roofs today. Luxury style shingles are just as heavily marketed as dimensional but are almost double the price.

3-tab asphalt shingles lay flat and get their name from the 3 tabs on each shingle strip. Theyre the cheapest of the 3 types of asphalt shingles.

Dimensional shingles give you a good looking random pattern or simulate the look of a wood shake roof. This is the most popular asphalt shingle on the market today.

Luxury or premium shingles are actually larger than the other asphalt shingles and are made to look like slate. They are the most expensive of 3 types of asphalt shingles.

These are just a few things to know about the types of asphalt shingles. However, theres still more to learn so you can find the right asphalt shingle for you.

To help you find the right asphalt shingle for your roof replacement, read this article on which asphalt shingle is right for you.

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Identifying A Metal Roof

If you thought rubber roofs were easy to identify, just wait. A metal RV roof is definitely the easiest in that department. They aren’t nearly as common now as rubber roofs though, but there are definitely a lot of metal roofs still around.

Chances are, if you own a metal roof it is made of aluminum. Metal roofs all pretty much look the same, and here’s there common characteristics:

1.Metal roofs look like metal!

  • If it looks like metal and feels like metal it probably is metal. It will be the only type of RV roof that has anything close to a shiny silver metallic look.

2.They have support beams about every 2 feet.

  • It’s not always exactly 2 feet, but a metal roof is the only roof that has this quality. The thin flexible metal can’t support much weight by itself, so if you do go up on it be sure to be careful. Stay on the support beams or spread your weight out using a piece of plywood or something similar.

Hi, I’m Robbie. Welcome to!

Like the name implies, this site is all about helping you save money while keeping your RV in tip-top shape–and that is all about you having the knowledge to do so.

I’ve been a technician in the RV industry for 30 years, operating out of San Diego, California. And let me tell you, I love my job.

When Choosing Roofing Materials Consider The Following Questions

Roofs to be made from solar panels | Nine News Australia
  • How heavy is this material and will it require special framing?
  • Is the material available in a variety of colors and styles that complement your home?
  • Does the material meet the fire codes in your local area?
  • Are there special installation and maintenance issues to consider?
  • Does this material offer good performance in extreme weather conditions that are common in your area?
  • What is the cost, life span and warranty for this product?

The answers to those questions will help you determine the best choice for your home. There are lots of options for roofing materials available and here is a rundown of some of the most popular ones.

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Epdm Ethylene Propylene Diene M

EPDM is a single-ply membrane roofing type made with synthetic materials. Most EPDM is a rubber adhesive that is one of the cheapest ways to cover a flat roof. There are other single-ply membrane options, but this is the cheapest.

The only downfall to EPDM is that it absorbs heat. This means that youll need to add a top layer to reflect the heat or else youll have a house much warmer than you intended. In the end, it may cost as much as other options this way.

What Is A Combination Roof

A combination roof is exactly that a combination of different types of roofs and design features.

For instance, a home could have a gabled roof with a skillion over the porch, or a hip roof with a gabled front porch, or a gabled roof with a domed cupola or any combination of styles.

Combining various roof styles can add a lot of architectural interest and even durability to a property just be sure that the various styles and materials work for your climate and be prepared to do extra maintenance.

Combination roofs may also require more labor to build, and keep in mind that the ridges and valleys will need extra care when it comes to waterproofing.

All of that said, a combination roof can be the way to get the best of all worlds and let you blend all the stylistic elements and practical aspects that you need from your homes roof into one elegant solution.

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Types Of Roofs And How They Can Be Made Cool

There are many types of roof systems available, but the surface exposed to the sun is the one that determines if a roof is cool or not. You can usually make a new or existing roof cool by selecting the appropriate surface.

Cool roof coatings are white or special reflective pigments that reflect sunlight. Coatings are like very thick paints that can protect the roof surface from ultra-violet light and chemical damage, and some offer water protection and restorative features. Products are available for most roof types.

Metal Roofing Contractors Near Me

Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation

The best way to find a good metal roofing contractor is through friends and neighbors who have had similar work done. Unfortunately, because metal roofs are uncommon, you may not know anyone who has had one installed. In this case, your best bet is to use one of the Webs contractor-finding sites such as HomeAdvisor or Networx. The benefit of these services is that they help you find local metal roofing contractors who have gone through a pre-screening process.

Another route for finding metal roofing specialists is to call architects or builders who have designed or built homes utilizing metal roofs and ask them for their suggestions.

Make appointments with at least three professional roofers. Make sure they are well experienced at the type of roof you intend to have installed. Then get references from satisfied customers and call those references to be sure they were happy with the work and to discuss any issues that arose during the project.

Featured Resource:Get Free Quotes from Reviewed Metal Roofing Contractors Near You

You can often get a local installer through the manufacturer, too. The manufacturer will usually put you in touch with a local representative or installer who will bid on your job.

Be sure to clarify whether or not labor and freight are included in the price. Because freight can be very expensive, it usually pays to choose a manufacturer in your region.

If youre considering buying a metal roof, get at least three bids from qualified pros.

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What Were Viking Longhouse Roofs Made From


. Besides, what were Viking houses made of?

The Vikings built their houses from local material such as wood, stone or blocks of turf. They lived in long rectangular houses made with upright timbers . The walls were made of wattle .

Also, where were Viking longhouses built? The circular forts , have a strictly circular shape and they are called Trelleborgs. They were built during the Viking age: five of them are located in Denmark and were built in the reign of Harold Bluetooth, who died in 986, and one remains in the southern part of Sweden.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how was a Viking longhouse built?

Houses were built by using wood from oak trees in the Viking age. The longhouse had curved walls that almost makes the roof look like a ship flipped on its head. The walls were either made from clay or wood planks. The roof was supported with large posts that were dug into the ground.

Did Viking longhouses have windows?

Viking houses did not have chimneys or windows. Instead, there was a hole in the roof, where the smoke from the fire escaped. The lack of ventilation meant that there was a great deal of smoke in a Viking house. This is comparable to houses with open fireplaces, which are still found today in parts of Africa and India.

Raised Argentinian Flat Roof House By Guaresti/altieri Arquitectura

The goal was to build this house on the beach with a view of the sea on each side of the house. So, the house was raised on stilts to protect it from the sea and give homeowners a better view of nature.

Since the homeowners wanted a low-maintenance house but still wanted a flat roof, the builders opted for a concrete roof. Though not as popular due to its high price tag, concrete roofs work well in flat roof homes.

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Copper Roofing Pros & Cons

Considered to be the grandfather of metal roofing, copper roofs have been used for centuries around the world. Copper is an extremely long-lasting metal that in ideal environments, can last well over 200+ years. Copper roofs are 100% recyclable too, making them wonderful green roof options.

Copper is an extremely soft metal, which makes it among the quietest types of metal roofing. However, with modern installation practices, all metal roofing now recommends proper substrates and insulation that minimize noise from rain or hail at the same level. The softer nature of Copper Roofing also means that in hail prone regions, it may be easily damaged. As a softer metal, hailstones will easily dent the copper. While this lowers the aesthetic value, it also performs better than a harder metal that, with a large enough hailstone, will puncture rather than simply dent the roof.

If metal roofs are the SUVs of roofing, copper roofs are the Range Rovers of their class. This brings up an apparent downside to copper. Like the Range Rover, it is extremely expensive and depending on your needs, may be more than you need to get the job done. Another negative aspect of copper is its tendency to expand and contract with swings in temperatures. While this can be controlled with the proper panel or shingle, it does need to carefully be considered when choosing this metal.

What Is A Jerkinhead Roof

Installing Man-made Slate Roofing Shingles

If you see a roof that combines design elements from both gable and hip roofs, chances are that it is a jerkinhead roof.

Also referred to as a clipped gable or an English hip roof, jerkinhead roofs essentially resemble a gable roof but with clipped or shortened ends, or alternatively a hip roof that has two shorter sides.

Youll usually see this sort of roof designed in such a way that the clipped sides or hips dont disrupt the view from the top floor dormer windows.

The somewhat eccentric name jerkinhead is of unknown origin, but is said to possibly come from the old Scottish kirkin-head, or the rooftop of a church.

No matter how you define the style, jerkinhead roofs tend to be more stable than gable roofs or hip roofs due to the way that the points or edges of the roof turn down, lending them greater wind resistance or protection against wind uplift.

Higher pitched jerkinhead roofs also allow for more living space or storage space under the roof, thus adding to their appeal.

This sort of roof can be crafted from nearly any standard roofing material, including asphalt or wood shingles, metal shingles, slate, or even composites.

Jerkinhead roofing tends to be costlier than its gable or hip roof alternatives, but it can be worth the investment due to its durability and allowance for extra usable square footage under the rooftop.

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