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A Frame Roof Over Deck

Type Of Roof Design And Cost Of Materials

How To Frame A Roof Over A Deck | Outdoor Kitchen Part 2

This factor has a wide range of variables. A deck can be covered with a pavilion, a more solid weather protection. Or it can be covered with a pergola allowing sun and rain while offering cover with a retractable canopy.

The most popular types of pavilion roofs are flat, gable, hip, and skillion .

A flat roof is an easier construction project than the gable and hip roofs, saving also in construction materials. The roof is slightly pitched for water runoff.

However, water collection can still be a problem. The roof must be waterproof and is not really recommended for heavy rain or snow climates.

A gable roof is two equal roof panels pitched at an identical angle. The gable roof itself is easy to build and generally less expensive than more complex roof designs. Water easily flows off.

In high wind locations, the frames need sturdy support and roof braces. Excessive roof overhang is also a factor as very high winds can lift off the roof. High winds can also blow off the roofing materials, such as shingles.

A hip roof is sloped on four sides. While not absolutely indestructible, this roof is more durable than a gable roof, especially in a high wind location.

The hip roof also allows rain and snow to slide off. However, hip roofs are more complex in design and, thus, more expensive to build in materials and labor.

This roof is easier to build and uses fewer construction materials. This pitched roof is a good choice in high rain and snow locations.

Attach Trim And Sill To The Outer Walls

Nail a 2×10 trim board over the outside joist, 1-1/2 in. below the top surface of the deck. Cut a 2×4 sill piece to width and bevel the top on a table saw. Miter the ends and nail the sill to the top of the 2×10 trim board.

This illustration shows how the corners are assembled and the trim is installed.

The Cost Of Extending My 30 Foot Long Roof Overhang 14 Inches Was 340 Or 1150 Per Running Foot For Materials

Extending gable roof over deck. My self reliance recommended for you. Image result for extending existing gable roof continuously to outside gable patio Building a deck Porch design Porch roof. If the gable points are at the frontback of the house you just extend the whole gable lengthwise.

Extended rakes with large fascia boards and brackets harken to homes of the past and add authentic detail. My cost of extending a roof overhang. Pictures of Roofs Over Decks.

Also extend the fascia board. Gable roof over deck. Adding a covered roof to your deck will typically cost between 3000 10000.

Then the ceiling and floor heights can all match. Adding a Roof Over an Existing Deck 1 Check with your local building department and apply for any permits you will need. The other common wind-related failure at gable ends is uplift of the roof decking at the overhang.

Learn How To Build An Extended Gable Roof Cantilever YouTube. Then load-bearing roof beams fixed to the trusses are extended in the same way. 7 Roof felt and Shingles.

Then load-bearing roof beams fixed to the trusses are extended in the same way. Apr 30 2017 Image result for extending existing gable roof continuously to outside gable patio. Adding any deck covering or enclosure will typically cost between 1000 10000.

How much does it cost to extend a roof over a patio. Then use the water level to find where to cut the 6×6 post. I was watching videos on that water level.

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Tips For Joining The Screened In Porch And House Roofs

If you’re not sure how to neatly join the screened in porch and house roofs:

  • We recommend hiring an architect to help work out the details.
  • Another option is to build a full-size mockup of a roof truss out of inexpensive and lightweight 1x4s. Figure out where the top of the wall plate would be if you built the porch according to our plans . Then support the mocked-up truss at this height to see how the porch overhang meets the roof.
  • If you don’t like the way the overhangs intersect, adjust the level of the deck slightly, alter the wall height or change the width of the overhang.
  • Contact your local building inspections department to find out what’s required to obtain a building permit.
  • Start this process at least a month before you plan to build. This will allow enough time to work through potential problems.

Access To The Rooftop Deck Over An Attached Garage

Framing a deck roof

This could be rather easy or a bit complicated. It really depends on the floor plan of the 2nd floor of your house.


It would be just fantastic if a common area such as a living room, a dining room or even a hallway adjoins the Rooftop that you are planning to build.

In this case you could have a simple door or more grandiose French Windows as the way to access the Deck.

PROS: Easy Access, Easy Construction, Quick move back into the house if the weather changes.

CONS: Your guests will need to go through your house before they can get to the Deck.


Another option would be to build a staircase, along one of the wall, inside or outside the garage, leading to the rooftop deck over the garage,

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Options For Putting A Roof Over A Deck

A deck roof can take different shapes and styles, but it will be best if you choose a style that compliments and blends with the design of your home as well as its surroundings.

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A roof over a deck is usually called a patio cover. Your options include:

  • Shed Roof: Sometimes referred to as a lean-to roof, is a roof that attaches to the house where the rafters lean against a wall. This roof design has only one slope.
  • Gable Roof: Gable roofs have two sloped sides and are more complex to build. Gable roofs will need to be tied into the existing roof or wall structure. This roof design is not recommended for DIY unless you have carpentry skills.
  • Pergola: Pergola is a structure that is often not attached to the house . Pergolas use an overhead open-frame concept that provides shade but doesnt provide protection from the rain. A typical pergola is raised using posts and laced with wooden beams and rafters that interchangeably run across it. Often, vine trees are planted and allowed to climb up the wooden structure to form a canopy.

Gather All The Necessary Materials And Tools

Some of the tools you will need for roofing your deck are:

  • Nails, 3, 4, 5 and above, depending on the size of the beams you bought.
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Hurricane hangers

Installing a roof over an existing deck is preferably a lean on the roof, extending from the roofs fascia to the . Here are the steps to make that happen:

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A White Secluded And Minimalist Deck Roof

It is another gazebo roof that offers a beautiful look on your deck. It is weatherproof and long lasting. Therefore, this deck roof is perfect for any area with both mild and harsh climate.

In addition, the white wood planks look great combine with the wood floor. Moreover, the lighting system and the fan make this roof a perfect deck roof.

Roof Shingles For A Sturdy Deck

Framing the Porch Roof

Do you live in an area with harsh climate? If you do, this deck roof idea will be one of your best choices. This large deck has a sturdy roof made of wood and roof shingles.

Therefore, hail will not damage the deck and its furniture. Moreover, it tends to last for years so that you do not need to replace it with the new one in the near future.

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Prepare And Install The Decking Boards

Now that the rafters are snapped into place, you need to go back and prepare your decking boards. To do this, snap a third chalk line eight feet up from the ground down each side of the post connectors. This way, when you install these boards, theyll overhang by eight feet.

Once the decking boards are ready for installation, you can lay them out on the ground and then lift your post connector from where theyre hanging. Youll set these boards in between two rafters, so theres no need to attach them with screws place it down!

Materials Needed For Roofing Work

Materials needed for adding a roof over your present deck will depend on the size of your deck and also on if you have enough headroom under the deck roof. For smaller decks, roof can be laid out like shingles would go on a house.

Larger once will require more support beams and braces. The tools youll need for adding a roof will vary depending on the materials used for installation. Still, shingles are usually nailed with a rubber mallet/hammer combo, while lightweight materials can be screwed in with a power drill.

If you plan to build a roof over the original decking or boards, youll need to get new roofing material and ladders or scaffolding if the height requires it.

If you plan to remove the old decking and replace it with a new or stronger one, check with local building codes before you cause any damage to your existing structure

Your town might require an inspection by a certified professional if you are using the roof over your deck for access to a second floor of the home.

Once inspected and approved, you can remove all old materials and replace them with a new deck. After that, you can build a roof over your deck. You will also need to check that the nails are fully extracted and dispose of them properly .

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Cut Away The Overhang And Siding To Make Way For The Porch

You’ll have to decide whether to cut a slot where the porch walls meet the siding. If your siding is stucco, brick or stone, you may want to butt the walls to the siding.

Make a mark 1-5/8 in. out from the deck on both sides. Then make another mark 5-1/8 in. inside the first mark. Draw plumb lines up from these marks and cut a 5-1/8-in. slot through the siding but not the sheathing. Set the saw blade just deep enough to cut through the siding only. Remove the siding. Waterproof the slot with No. 15 building paper.

Fastening A Patio Roof To The House

How To Build A Gable Roof Over A Patio

Expert advice on how to attach a patio roof to a house, with step-by-step instructions and construction diagrams.

A house-attached patio roof takes advantage of the houses structure by supporting one end of the roof on a ledger mounted horizontally to the house. The ledger, typically a 2 by 6, is usually designed to hold one end of the patio-roof rafters. Locating and mounting the ledger is normally a fairly easy process the ledger should be attached before the foundation is built for a deck, patio roof posts, and other structure.

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Framing A Gable Roof Over Deck

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Fastening To Masonry Walls

Anchor a ledger to a masonry wall with expanding anchor bolts. Begin by marking a line across the wall for the ledgers top edge. Drill holes for the expanding anchors every 16 inches or as specified by local codes, insert the anchors, hold the ledger in place, and tap it with a hammer to indent the anchor locations on its back face.

Remove the ledger, and drill bolt holes where the bolt tips have left marks. Push or hammer the ledger back onto the bolts, recheck for level , add washers and nuts, and then tighten the bolts.

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What Is The Best Option For Roof Decking

There are several amazing materials to choose from. OSB, plywood, and concrete are used, and all of them are great for their purpose. However, Oriented Strand Board is the most often used material for roof decking. Back in 2006, around 60% of all households used OSB for decks. The material provides superior moisture resistance due to the resin used for bonding wood strands. Its also a budget-friendly option compared to plywood and other materials.

Install The Joists And Joist Hangers

Installing a Lean-to Roof on an existing Deck

Nail through the joist hangers into the beams at the house to hold them in place. Then connect the opposite ends of the two beams at the front with a 2×10 cut to the same length as the ledger. Adjust the resulting frame until the diagonal measurements are equal.

Then brace the frame against stakes pounded into the ground to hold it square while you install the treated posts, joists and decking. Sight along the outside rim joist occasionally and adjust the length of the joists as needed to keep the front rim joist straight.

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How To Build A Roof Over An Existing Deck

You may be thinking, Why would I want to put a roof over my deck?

There are many reasons. A roof can help keep you and your guests dry in the event of rain or snow. It could also provide additional shade for those hot summer days and add privacy with its natural screening effect.

If youre thinking of how to build a roof over an existing deck, then you came to the right place. Well discuss how to build a deck with a roof and other related queries.

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Do you want to entertain your guests outdoors so everyone can enjoy the warm sunshine or the cool evening breeze? Then you should have a deck. Not enough space in the backyard? Then you may have wondered, Can I make a rooftop deck on top of my garage?

You certainly can make a rooftop deck over your garage, but some conditions would need to be met or a workaround found.

  • Your garage has a flat roof
  • The roof is structurally sound and can take the extra load of the rooftop deck over garage
  • The local building authorities and the HOA will grant permission
  • Go for lightweight, easy to maintain, durable deck framing & decking materials
  • Your area does not get heavy snowfall
  • You can have easy and safe access to the rooftop deck
  • Building a rooftop deck over a garage is an investment, but an investment that will not only give you many hours of happiness but will also increase the value of your home.

    So let me explain in more detail on how to make a rooftop deck over your garage and the various issues that you will need to address.


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    Thereof, What is a roof over a deck called?

    The word pergola has come to be used interchangeably with patio cover. Patio cover. An attached structure that provides shade and/or rain coverage for a patio or deck. A patio cover may have an open or solid roof. The term patio cover is often used interchangeably with pergola.

    Also to know is, How much does it cost to put a roof over a deck? Roof Over Deck Cost Costs typically begin at $2,000 and go up from there. Choose your two favorite roofing types, and then ask your handyman to provide estimates for each, whether as part of the overall deck building estimate or as a separate job later.

    Subsequently, question is, Can my deck support a roof? Installing a porch roof over an existing deck is usually not recommended unless the deck was originally designed to support a future porch. Typical decks are designed to support 55 PSF . Porch decks require 25 additional PSF for roof loads for a total of 80 PSF.

    Also, Can I put a roof over my deck?

    The best time to build a roof over your deck is during the construction of the deck itself. If you have an existing deck, its possible to add a roof to it by installing additional supports.


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