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Can A Metal Roof Be Painted

Primer For A Metal Roof

Can a Metal Roof be Repainted? Metal Roofing 101 with Todd Miller

Before applying the primer and the paint, you should check the weather forecast to make sure no rain is expected in the forecast for a day or two. An unexpected rain shower can wreak havoc on your roof painting plans!

The primer you select for your metal roof should be a product that is designed specifically for metal the type of metal roof you have. Galvanized metal requires a different primer to non-galvanized metal. Your local hardware or paint shop will be able to advise you on the best product to select.

Apply the primer using one of the rollers, using the telescoping extension to reach the far reaches of the roof. You will only need to apply a single coat of the primer, but make sure the coating is thick. Cover the entire metal roof with primer and give it at least one hour to dry before applying the paint.

Painting In The Wrong Weather Condition

Another condition that is overlooked is the weather forecast for when youre planning on painting your metal roof.

Ideally, the best time to paint your roof is either during spring or fall. The weather conditions during these times are cooler and you can expect little to no rainfall. In order for the paint to cure you will need around a day or two of no rainfall- which means you will have to look at the weather forecast.

Best Paint For A Metal Roof

Painting a metal roof requires the right type of paint. Bidger Steel, a company that offers high-quality metal roofing and siding products, sells the following types of paint:

  • SMP Silicon modified polyester paint is popular in the home roofing sector because it can be used on a variety of metals and does not crack, and it is effective at resisting abrasions, which earns it the title of being among the hardest paints available.
  • PVDF Premium polyvinylidene fluoride is aimed more at the commercial market, and its colors stay true because it is designed to withstand hard conditions like atmospheric pollution and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Kynar is the leader in paint products for metal roofs, and their paint comes in several colors. Metal roofing manufacturers recommend Kynar paint for most metal panels other than stainless steel and copper, which are usually not painted. Galvanized steel is the only metal roofing that can also take zinc-dust or latex paint.

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How To Paint Your Metal Roof

Now its time to start painting. Follow these steps to ensure it will look beautiful for years to come:

  • Choose a nice day to paint Fair-weather days in the fall or spring will usually be your best bet. Metal roofs can get very hot during the summer, and its always tricky working on a roof during the winter.
  • Apply a coat of primer Use a paint roller or brush to apply a thick coat of primer to the entire surface of your roof. Work from a ladder whenever its possible. Wait at least an hour for the primer to dry.
  • Apply the paint Once the primer is dry, apply a coat of paint to the entire surface of the roof. Again, at least an hour for the paint to dry. Then, apply another coat.
  • Material Choices For Metal Roofing

    Best Paint For My Metal Roof Panels: SMP Paint v Kynar®

    The advantages of metal roofs such as resistance against a hurricane, energy conservation, and durability are gravitating many people to install them on their roofs. There are a lot of materials commercially used to make roofs. We are listing some of them for the help of people intending to install a metal roof in the future.


    This is one of the most famous material and most robust materials that you can use for metal roofing. It is also one of the less expensive options. Commercially, steel is galvanized to prevent rusting. Alternatively, coating it with aluminum-zinc also happens.


    The aluminum roofs are always painted. They are a little pricier and softer than steel. Aluminum is most suitable for areas that experience acid rain because of its rust-resistant properties.


    Copper is another material commonly used for roofing. It has the longest history of use as a roofing material. It is the most expensive and long-lasting material which is easy to cut and shape. The material can last as long as two centuries. Over time it develops a protective coating that turns blue.


    The tin-and-lead-coated roofs were first used in 19th century Europe. It is frequently painted to protect its iron substrate. In modern times, steel roofing with layers of tin is common to resist extreme weather.

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    Maintain The Painted Roof

    Youre not done yet! The baked on finish from the factory is designed to last maintenance free. But thats not true when you repaint a metal roof. Every six months you will want to get up on top of the house and wash it with a mild detergent. Remove debris, clean off gunk, and make sure that the paint isnt chipping, peeling, or otherwise detaching from the roof. Its quite a bit of work, but the finished product can be worth it.

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint Roof Shingles

    The cost of painting your roof shingles will depend on the paint that you buy, how big your roof is, and whether you are painting it yourself or hiring professional house painters.

    One gallon of exterior roof paint usually costs between $25 and $30 and covers about 450 square feet. The number of gallons you need will depend on the surface area of your roof.

    Besides the paint, you will need other supplies for painting your roof, including primer, rollers, and paint trays.

    Dont forget to buy safety equipment that will help you reach the roof and prevent you from falling, such as ladders and harnesses.

    All the supplies for painting your roof may cost you $500, and thats not even counting the hours of lost work spent painting your roof, or if you have to repair any mistakes later on.

    If you hire professional painting contractors, it will be more expensive to paint your roof. They usually charge $2,500 to $4,500 per roof, depending on their price levels and the size of your roof.

    Before committing such a large amount of money to your roof, ask a couple of different contractors in your area for quotes to find the best deal.

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    Can Metal Roofs Be Painted

    Yes! If you have the painting skills, safety materials and confidence required for the job, painting your metal roof can be a great way to save time and budget while committing to an eco-friendly roof.

    To do the job right, you need to first prepare the surface of your metal roof, select the correct primers, paints and sealants, and apply all the products correctly. This process may vary depending on which type of metal roof you have.

    Following these steps properly will ensure you extend the lifespan of your roof and increase your homes energy efficiency without wasting time and paint on a poor roofing refresh.

    Clean The Roof Surface

    (DIY)how to paint the metal roof of the house

    The first step when repainting a metal roof is properly preparing your roofs surface with a powerwash treatment. Its important to clean off any dirt, debris, rust or any other grime from the surface of your roof before painting.

    Without a good scrubbing prior to application, fresh paint can easily bubble and chip. Its also a good idea to clean any mold or mildew with a mixture of water and vinegar.

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    Best Metal Roof Cleaning Products


    Dirt, dust, and other low-grade elements might wash off a roof with something as simple as water from a hose. Feel free to use as much water as necessary until the surface is clean.


    This is the cleaning solution that most people need to use when cleaning their metal roof because its non-invasive and easy to do. This category includes mild laundry detergents, car washing soap, mild dish soap, and cold or hot commercial/industrial detergents.

  • Mix: 1/4 cup detergent per gallon of water
  • Apply solution to surface using a sponge or a washcloth
  • Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Thoroughly rinse surface with plain water

    Solvents can be used to remove the tougher non-water elements that could come in contact with your PVDF-coated roof, such as oil, paint, grease, tar, and even some graffiti, according to Valspar. Solvents should be used to clean only affected spots on the roof and should not be used to clean the entirety of the roof. Always check the recommended directions for cleaning on the products label and use accordingly.

    This class of cleaners includes:

    With this group, always keep in mind that you should wear protective clothing, use eye protection, and keep the area properly ventilated because most of these cleaners are toxic. Additionally, keep these solvents away from sparks or open flames, as they are flammable.

    Applying The Paint Incorrectly

    Watch a few videos in order to educate yourself on how exactly paint should be applied to metal roofs. Often, people apply paint unevenly which can cause the paint to peel sooner. As a result, they will have to do retouches sooner, which can end up being costly and time-consuming.

    In order to avoid having to retouch your roof sooner, try and apply the paint as evenly as possible. You will also need to apply a good few coats of paint in order for it to last for a longer time.

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    Th Step: Apply The Paint Primer

    Hey! Dont forget to start your DIY metal roof painting project on a sunny day. Do not even think of making this work on a cloudy day because the rain or moisture will not let your paint sit and will wash all of it.

    For better adhesion, durability, and a smoother outcome, apply the primer before the paint. Take your primer can and move it up to the roof using a ladder. Take your roller along and apply the primer in thick coats.

    You should never skip this step if you want a rust-free, durable metal roof! Wait for the primer to dry to move to the final painting step.

    Th Step: Paint On The Colors

    Can You Paint a Metal Roof?

    Once your primer is set, grab your roof paints or sealants and apply them on the roof using a roller or brushes. If you want to ensure good coverage, apply the paint in thick coats.

    You will at least need 2 coats to apply on the roof if you want satisfactory results. Sometimes, you might even need more, depending on the product. Each layer will take about 2-3 hours to dry off or even more before you can apply the next layer.

    So, dont be hasty! Once all the layers look fine and dandy, you know youve done well to protect your roof and your home.

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    Professional Metal Roof Painting

    So, youve opted to go with My Home Improvements? Great choice!

    Heres how we go about painting a metal roof the way it should be painted.

    Preparation is paramount, so go to great lengths to prep the metal roof properly before we even grab a spray gun and paint roller.

    First of all, we carefully remove all flaking paint, dust, dirt and debris using a high pressure cleaner on the entire roof surface, then use a wire brush and sandpaper for finicky areas with heavy surface rust.

    If there is any surface rust, we treat it with a special rust inhibitor that doesnt need to be washed away.

    We then scan your entire roof looking for and replacing rusty or damaged screws.

    After all, theres no point in having a schmick new paint job on your metal roof if your metal roof ends up in your neighbours back yard.

    Finally we scour the roof to leave a slightly abraded, textured finish, as this helps your new paint bond with the metal roof.

    Once its prepped, we add a primer.

    But hang on, Greg, I hear you sayshouldnt you use a sealer first?

    Nope. Sealers arent necessary when you paint metal roofs you only need them on tile roofs.

    Having said that, the primers we use have a built-in anti-corrosive component, so theyll look good for a very, very long time.

    We then wait for the primer to dry, especially in humid weather, as it needs time to cure properly. This is something the cowboys seldom worry about.

    Can I Repaint My Roof To Change Its Color

    If you are bored of the existing color of your metal roof, or youve just moved into a new home and expecting some renovation! Yes, you can repaint your roof to change its color. Its both pleasing aesthetically, energy-efficient, low cost, and a durable solution.

    If you want to repaint your metal roof and get all these benefits, then make sure you do it correctly. Hey! Before you jump into the techniques for repainting your metal roof, you should know when is the right time to repaint it.

    If you have newly installed a metal roof, then give it at least 6 months to settle with the weather adjustment. And then, you can cover it up with some classy coatings. Now, for the long-awaited question:

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    How To Prepare Your Roof

    If youre one of the lucky ones that has a metal roof with no previous history of painting, then you can skip this section.

    Metal roofs are rarely in a pristine, ready-to-go condition that is just waiting to be painted, so if your roof has paint already, youll need to estimate how much its going to cost to remove it. It can be expensive to repaint metal roofs.

    The more layers of paint, the less likely its going to be worth it, financially, over replacing it altogether. You dont want to go into this project with a half-baked cleanup plan that just involves scraping and sanding as much as you can before adding a new coat of paint.

    If your roof just has one previous coat of oil-based paint, then you should be able to get most of it removed through some hard work, provided you have the proper tools.

    Youll need to start with large scrapers, down to sanding tools, and finally wire brushes. After that, you can move onto pressure washing and attending to any rusty spots.

    If theres a lot of rusty areas, this could really compromise your new coat of paint, so err on the side of caution.

    As for other types of metal paints, acrylic paints take more time to remove, but otherwise apply the same rules as the above instructions.

    Asphalt coatings are trouble, and it is often not worth the investment of buying special metal paint due to the simple fact that old paint will never come off completely.

    Can You Paint Over A Rusted Metal Roof

    How is Metal Roofing Coil Painted?

    A: Yes, you can! But not every metal paint can do the trick. You can usually go for water-based metal paints that have rust-inhibiting properties. The Rust-Oleum rusty paint in our list has fantastic rust protection features. You can even apply it over a rusted metal roof and ensure rust protection.

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    How To Paint A Rusty Metal Roof

    If you live in an area with a lot of tree coverage, then no other roof can match a metal roof for its ability to shed leaves, twigs, water, and more. But like all metal items left out in the elements, metal roofs are susceptible to oxidation and rust. Once rusted, a once beautiful metal roof now looks haggard and old.

    If you find yourself in a similar situation, then youre probably wondering what can be done to refinish your roof and make it look new again, short of actually redoing the roof. A new roof could be quite expensive, so whats the alternative?

    Luckily, you can breathe new life into your old, rusted metal roof. Its going to take a bit of work and a few helpful products, but it can be done. Lets take a look at what well need to tackle this job and the steps well have to take once our supplies are gathered.

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    Make Sure Your Roof Has Enough Time To Weather

    While its possible to paint a metal roof yourself, the timing of this project is key to its ultimate success. Before you can apply a new coat of paint, you need to be sure your metal roof has had enough time to weather properly.

    If your roof has been recently installed, it needs to weather for at least six months before a new coat of paint is applied. If youve recently purchased your home, check to make sure your metal roof is at least six months old before attempting to repaint it, even if you hate the current color.

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    How Much Does Metal Roof Painting Cost

    The average cost of metal roof painting range from $2,000 $10,000, including labor and materials. Factors that determine the cost of painting your metal roof are your location and the condition of your roof, its size, and incline.

    Professional painters charge between $1.20 and $2.72 per square foot, or $120 $272 per roofing square feet.

    Average Project Estimate: $ 2,352Average per sq. ft. Estimate: $ 2.27

    Moving Into A New House

    Not Another Architecture Student: June 2010

    If you are moving into a new house, and you like everything about it except the way the roof shingles look, dont spend extra money on replacing them, you can simply paint them to give your new home a new look!

    This can be especially helpful in situations where the previous homeowner has painted the entire house, but forgone the roof tiles. They tend to look older and a bit drab have them painted to give your whole house a new look!

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