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Can You Get A New Roof In The Winter

Get A Better Price On Your New Roof

Minneapolis Roofing: Can you install shingles in the winter?

When contractors are busy, they can cherry pick good and will typically bump up their prices by 5-15% this is all supply and demand.

During a slow season, competition is higher, and most roofers naturally resort to lowering their roof installation cost to win as many jobs as they can. Hence, you should schedule your install during the off-season.

The Advantages Of Replacing Your Roof In The Winter

December 2, 2019 by Jose Lomeli

Should your roofing system be damaged beyond restoration, its vital that you replace it as soon as possible. This is especially true if the winter season is about to arrive. However, some homeowners are reluctant to get it done during this season due to the misconceptions that warn against roof replacements in the winter. This isnt necessarily the case there are actually some advantages to replacing a roof in the winter.

Here, Chase Roofing LLC reveal the benefits of replacing your roof during the winter season.

Spring Preparations

Believe it or not, spring is said to be the best time of the year to sell your home. So, if you have plans to sell your home in the near future, consider preparing for the season by having your roof replaced during the winter. If you dont have plans to sell, on the other hand, thats fine! Having your roof replaced during the winter will make your home adequately prepared and more energy-efficient for both the winter and spring seasons.

Large Savings

Easier Scheduling

As we stated before, winter is an off-season for the industry, meaning not a lot of homeowners are getting any work done on their roofs. This makes it significantly easier for you to arrange a replacement project with your roofing contractors as the lack of customers makes them easily available for your roof replacement needs.

How To Get A Roof Replaced In The Winter

If you need to get your roof replaced in the winter, you can. There are just a few things youll want to look for in your winter roofing company:

  • The most important element that any roofer can bring to the table is experience. This is even more important when youre looking for someone to replace your roof in the winter. You will want to work with a roofer that has winter roofing experience and can demonstrate a clear knowledge of how to do the job safely and well. If a roofer cant tell you about their experience working with roofing materials in the winter, work with someone else!
  • Keep in mind that some kinds of roofs are easier to work with in the winter than others. If a roofer is working with a material like thermoplastic polyolefin , they will not have to deal with the potential material failures that can accompany cold weather. Metal roofing is also an excellent winter option. Taylor-Made Roofing can offer both of these options to most home and commercial projects.
  • Be cognizant of the ways that winter will affect the work that needs to be done. Since theres less daylight to work with, larger crews of roofers may be required, which can affect your labor costs. Roofers also may have to reschedule or postpone planned work days due to weather issues. Be flexible, and keep in contact with your roofing company as they plan out the work.


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Can You Install A Roof When The Temperature Drops Below 40

Although it is not ideal, you can still install a roof during the winter months. If you must install a roof when the temperature dips below 40, there are several precautions you can take to ensure success:

  • Work with contractors who have experience with winter installs.
  • Try to choose a window of time with no snow in the forecast.
  • Use asphalt shingles that are stored in a warm place before installation to prevent breakage.
  • Allow for more time to install the roof.
  • Asphalt and metal shingles should be nailed down, as adhesive might not adhere properly in colder temperatures.

What To Expect When Roofing In Winter

Can You Get a New Roof in the Winter?

Roofing in winter weather requires a lot more foresight, planning and safety precautions than summer days. The good news is: most materials will perform up to a certain point with just a few tweaks to your technique. And if you adjust your work style to construct a roof designed to last through cold temperatures you can be sure it will be built solidly.

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Is It Too Cold To Roof Safe Temperatures To Lay Asphalt Shingles

People who live in cold-weather states know that the Spring, Summer, and early Fall are the best times to roof their homes. The majority of them will budget and plan to install a new roof or replace an existing roof when the days are long and the temperatures are mild. But there are times when something prevents homeowners from roofing in nice and warm weather. These people have no choice but to get the roof installed or replaced during the winter season.

There are many instances where it warrants the replacing or repairing a roof in winter. What if a tree falls on your roof during winter, necessitating its replacement? What if you suddenly decide to sell the house and a new roof becomes a contingency of that sale? No matter what your reason is if you have decided to replace the roof during the cold winter months, you have come to the right place. This article answers the question of Is it too cold to roof?

An ideal day for roofing should be nice and warm without any rain or wind. Unfortunately, clear skies and perfect temperatures are not common every day of the year in most states. Winter months come with freezing temperatures and snow in most states across the country. A reputable roofing contractor has the skills, experience, and tools to continue their jobs even in problematic weather conditions.

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Can I Install A Metal Roof In The Winter

Metal roofs can be installed in the winter without compromising quality. Cold conditions do not affect metal roofs since they wont crack due to improper handling. They are designed to allow for expansion and contraction, so the outside temperatures wont make a difference. Just be sure to use a premium breathable synthetic underlayment to combat moisture caused by poor ventilation and always upgrade intake and output ventilation whenever possible. Whether you need winter roof repair or replacement, metal roofs are safe during any season.

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When Is The Worst Time For Roof Replacement

Many home improvement experts recommend that the overall best time to get a new roof is in the fall. If you poke around the internet for advice, the fall season is most likely going to be a highly popular suggestion.

However, as you will learn in this post, fall is actually one of the worst times to get the job done. Roofers recommend it, because this is the time they can charge premium for their services.

What is a better alternative?

The short answer is: get your roof installed during the SLOW season for contractors.

Contact Tk Roofing And Gutters

Can you install shingles in the winter?

Roofs can be replaced during any season as long as you choose the right roofing company to install them.

If there’s no rush to replace your roof, feel free to speak with a roofing consultant to determine which season would be best for your home.

The health of your roof, tree coverage, location, and whether youre looking at asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or solar roofing will all play a role in determining when your roof should be replaced.

If youre considering replacing the roof of your home, reach out to the roof repair experts, TK Roofing and Gutters about your project.

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Benefits Of Starting A Roofing Project In The Winter

Predictable Weather – Many areas, including the Piedmont region of North Carolina, often have unpredictable weather from spring to fall. Warmer air and humidity during these seasons means that surprise rainstorms are common. When youre working on a roof, these surprise storms can mean serious delays in work, and even water damage if your roofing professional does not take proper precautions.

Replacing your roof in the winter can actually be easier as weather is more predictable during this time. Your roofing professional can easily plan for days to tear off, dry in, and apply new applications.

Costs – Many homeowners also take advantage of roof repair and replacements being slightly less expensive during winter due to the lowered cost of materials. In some instances the cost of materials may decline during winter season which in turn is less cost to the homeowner.

Availability – As far as scheduling goes, homeowners who choose to have roofing maintenance or replacements performed in the winter will often have better luck finding a contractor. Typically, the demand for roofing services declines during cooler seasons, making finding an available roofing professional less of an issue.

Why Its Okay To Replace A Roof In The Winter

If you call around and talk to roofing contractors, some might tell you that its never okay to replace a roof in the winter, or when temperatures fall below freezing. They might mumble about adhesives not sealing properly, or claim that caulk wont work in extreme cold.

It might sound like a reasonable explanation, but is it accurate? Do roofing materials simply stop working when the temps dip too low?

The answer is simple: no. Not only can you replace a roof in the winter, but it might also even be better for your roofs longevity if you do.

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Best Time Of Year To Install Shingles

The best time to get any work done on your roof is when youve planned ahead for it. Ideally youd be able to prepare to make sure you have the best weather conditions for the installation process, and have taken the time to research the best pricing on materials and labor.

fallearly spring

Theres also technical reasons for preferring the milder months to replace roof shingles. When shingles are replaced, they need time and warmth to form a thermal seal which will thoroughly protect your home from the different elements. However, life doesnt always work out the way we plan. You may be looking at the roof and thinking something needs to be done, even if it is mid-winter or the height of summer. Can you still get your shingles replaced in these weather conditions?

The Busiest Times Of The Year

Pros and Cons of Winter Roof Replacement

Late in the summer and early in the fall are usually the year’s busiest times for roofing contractors.

Since the demand for roofs is higher, the prices will usually be higher as well.

And roof repair companies will be busier with fewer available openings.

If you want the possibility of lower prices and want to be sure your roofing contractor is available, schedule your roof to be replaced before or after this time.

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Youll Save On Winter Heating

New roofing materials are more energy-efficient. They keep the suns heat from coming into your home and heated and cooled air from escaping.

When youre re-roofing, its a good time to make other energy-efficiency upgrades like insulating your attic. Roof replacement and other energy upgrades may earn you a federal tax credit, which is another reason to get it done this year.

When its time for a new roof, Mr. Roof offers rubberized shingles that dont crack, de-laminate, buckle or curl. Theyre impact-resistant to hold up against hail and winds of up to 110 miles per hour. Our lifetime warranty on labor and materials covers you for as long as you live in your home. Get a free estimate for replacing your roof this fall with Mr. Roof.


Roofers And Cold Weather

Roofs are not installed by robots. They are installed by human beings just like you and me. And just like you and me, roofers are affected by cold weather. Working outdoors in extreme cold takes a toll on a roofer, so there are some concerns that should be addressed.

First of all, roofing work should be done during daylight hours. While it is conceivable that a roof could be installed by the light of high powered industrial worksite lights, it is generally impractical. The winter months mean fewer daylight hours, so be prepared to take a little more time for the installation then during summer months with plenty of working hours.

Second of all, cold weather affects how people work. The worst case scenario is a sloppy or dishonest roofer who cuts corners to get the work done quickly and minimize time spent on a cold roof. The professionals at Eagle Watch Roofing would never cut corners that way, but there is a limit to how long they can spend in the cold before taking a break. Again, be prepared for a winter roof replacement to take a little longer than it might in the summer.

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So Can A Roof Be Replaced In The Winter What Sort Of Roof Do You Have

As weve already touched on. The type of roof youve got plays a big roll in how easy it is to be replaced, regardless of the weather conditions.

Aside from the actual material of the roof, its design is also important. If its hard to access or has a particularly steep slope, things will be much harder in extreme weather conditions. Especially if its icy or frozen. Some roofs can expand or contract in extreme weather conditions and this could also cause problems for replacing them at specific times of the year.

Rolled roofs are generally quite easy to replace, so you could do this throughout the year. But not if its extremely cold. You see, the tar and other sealant solutions might not dry correctly if its too cold or wet.

If youve got a shingle roof, there are a few other issues you might have to content with, which well have a closer look at in a bit.

The Roofing Crews Experience

Cold Weather Roofing Problems | Winter Roofing

Its also important to note why its so important to work with a roofing contractor that only uses experienced roofing professionals. A knowledgeable crew knows when a roof requires hand-sealing, and they make sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations and guidelines for sealants and temperatures.

Homeowners may find that some roofing companies charge less in the winter months because they experience a slump in business when the weather is cold. When you work with an experienced contractor, however, you can expect them to be busy year-round.

While you might be tempted to take advantage of a lower price, remember that reputable roofing companies stay busy for a reason they deliver a high-quality job that will last for decades. If your roof needs replacing now, and it cant wait until summer, make sure you work with a company that will take the time to hand-seal each and every shingle. And if youre concerned about how long your roof will last, you should only work with a highly experienced roofing company that stands behinds its work.

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The Following Flat Roof Systems Should Not Be Installed In The Winter

Modified Bitumen

Any type of Peal-n-Stick flat roofing products, such as GAF Liberty or similar.

The three roof types listed above represent some of the most common roofing systems available on the market today. All these systems are installed using adhesives and therefore installing them in the winter will result in leaks and potential roof blow-off.

Because rubber roof installers have to go through so many additional hustles to install rubber in the winter, while still charging their normal rates or even less , they will have to cut SO many corners to stay a bit profitable. Therefore, what you get is a roof that was installed outside of manufacturers specifications, frustrated roofers installing it, and potentially frozen adhesives and glue, which will most likely result in roof leaks, and warranty claims would likely be denied. Despite the fact that PVC is far superior to the above roof types, if you still choose to have a rubber roof installed , do not do it in the winter.

Peel and Stick roofing systems and underlayment should not be installed in the winter for obvious reasons they will not properly stick to the roof deck or base ply, making leaks or even blow-off almost certain. Such roofs should ONLY be installed during warmer months of the year.

The Housing Preservation Grant

Eligibility: Very-low-income and low-income organizations, including most state and local governments, tribal communities, and nonprofits.

One of the several government grants for roof replacement for organizations is the Housing Preservation Grant. This program provides grants for the repair of low and very-low-income housing in order to maintain livability. Individual homeowners are not eligible for this grant. If you are interested in more information about these government grants for roof replacement, check out the program’s website. You can also contact your local rural development office for more details.

Homeowners who are interested in government grants for roof replacement or repair should also check with their local governments, who often offer community-based programs. You can also contact a contractor in your area to help you research these programs.

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If In Doubt Check The Manufacturers Label

Some products require specific weather, but generally speaking, 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above can work okay for roofing. As home contractors, we prefer temps around 70 degrees for effective sealing. But, we can work around those challenges, when necessary.

Home contractors should have the experience to recommend when winter roofing is unsafe or less than ideal. If youre concerned, inquire about the specific materials being used on your project. Most roofing supply companies have websites where information can be verified. Ask the contractor for brand and style information, then do some quick research.


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