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Can You Walk On A Tile Roof

Solutions To Make Your Roof A Walkable Space

How To Walk On A Concrete Tile Roof Without Causing Damage

Making the roof of your facility accessible can allow more usable space for occupants to take advantage of your roof or allow a safe surface for workers. Before occupants and staff can get on the roof, it needs to be prepared for foot traffic and properly protected.

Manufacturer sofSURFACES featured its roofing tiles at the 2020 International Roofing Expo in Dallas. Director of marketing Chris Chartrand notes from the show floor that there are various solutions based on how your roof will be used, so you want to make sure you’re using the right product for the right application.

Learn about two different types of products that are easy to install on flat roofs and will help make your roof safe for use.

Alternatives To Natural Slate Roof Tiles

There are number of composite roofing alternatives on the market today:

  • Solid plastic tiles. They do not perform well in a fire and generally only carry a Class C fire rating. They are normally manufactured with polypropylene which is subject to cracking and breaking in cold weather.
  • Rubber tiles. In addition to a lower fire rating, some rubber roof tiles smell like tires when they are first installed. Color options are limited as well.
  • Concrete tiles. Concrete is extremely heavy and will require the same additional roof structure support that natural slate will. Concrete is also porous and can absorb water. Colored concrete can fade as the tiles age.

Where Should I Not Step

If you have to walk on your concrete tiled roof, never step on the hip tiles or ridge tiles. These are the tiles which are located on your roofs peak.

You should also avoid standing on any of the tiles in the valleys of the roof, or on the rake of the roof. You should also never step on the water channels of the tile where they overlap at the sides

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How Do You Safely Walk On Clay Tile Roofs

I have a job coming up and its a clay tile roof and was wondering if there is a safe way to walk on this. I only weigh about 130 pounds but still want to be careful. Is it even safe? Its not that bad of a pitch and is easily accessed. I am used to walking on composite shingles but since I moved to Las Vegas I will be seeing more clay tile/concrete tile.

Thanks for your suggestions.

We have Spanish clay tile – I assume its the same. They break very easily, especially if they havent been under/backfilled . I always say I cant be responsible for cracked tiles & its their responsibilty for repair.

If the pitch isnt too steep, you can take long pallet boards & lay them out in front of you as you walk. Always span 2 tiles at a time with your foot spreading the weight even on the boards. Use a basic harness with some climbing rope. You can even get fancy & make the board level with an added square pole at the steep end screwed in.

Some of the roofs may be just to steep to comtemplate & the boards will slip down if you step on them – if it doesnt feel safe, dont do it.

If they are dry-layed dont bother walking on them either! We have houses that use rocks & boulders to keep the tiles in place.

P.s. the screen name sgmg09 is my sisters screen name but same company-See Clear Window Cleaning.

How Do I Install Purlins

SOLVED: Can You Walk On A Tiled Roof?

How to Install Metal Roof Purlins

  • Run a tape measure from end to end along the rafters of the roof to determine how many purlins will be needed for installation.
  • Snap a chalk line horizontally across the roof two feet down from the top.
  • Set the second purlin horizontally right next to the first and install it the same way.
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    How To Properly Walk On A Red Tile Roof

    hi guys,I am not a home inspector.I am just trying to figure out how to walk on my red tile roof without breaking any tiles.I have walked my own and I have already broken a tile.Do you put your foot across the ridge of 2 tiles ?Do you put your foot just along the ridge of 1 tiles ?Do you put your foot diagonally across 1 tile ?Do you put your foot diagonally across 2 tiles ?Do you put your foot in the valley between 2 tiles ?


    As a home inspector Im not required to walk roofs as per NACHI standards. When I come across tile roof I dont get on instead I use my binoculars from the ground and at the eaves. You should do the same. This will save you a whole lot of trouble.

    Clay tile is almost impossible to walk without damaging/breaking tiles , however, if you must walk the roof, the best method is as in picture #1.

    Also, you need to step where the tiles lap eachother . This way, youre actually standing on 4 tiles with one foot.

    Hopefully you have some spare tiles. . .

    Sorry, but I have to say this Rent a boom truck.

    The only way not to brake tiles is to not touch them.

    The only way not to brake tiles is to not touch them.

    . . .and sometimes they still break.

    I never walk tile roofs .

    Roy sr

    I agree with Jason, rent a boom truck.

    Why the hell would you want to walk on them anyway?


    Maybe somebody can convince me that they can inspect a roof at the same level of detail that I can while on it, without being on it, but I dont know how .

    Walking On A Tile Roof

    How to walk on a concrete tile roof and minimize breakageA concrete tile roof is one of the best long lasting roofs you can have. A minor disadvantage over other types of roofs is the tiles can break when walked on. Before attempting to walk a tile roof be sure to have a few replacement tiles on hand just in case. Even the most experienced roofers sometimes break tiles.

    If walking on a tile roof is imperative choose a route carefully across the reinforced and supported section of each tile. Walk on the butt of the tile where the tiles overlap. Do not step in the middle of the tile as this part is un-supported. Distribute your weight evenly between both feet. Transfer your weight between your feet gradually as you walk. Never jump on any tiles. Avoid stepping on any cut tiles at wall runs, valleys, hips, chimneys and around flashings. Do not walk on the water channels . Use the same procedure when walking flat tile.

    Freshly installed tiles are not as strong as aged tiles. Tiles can have an invisible hairline cracks that will break even with every precaution. If you cannot match the tile color replace a tile from a less visible part of the roof and use the removed tiles.

    Do you know your roof pitch?

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    Is A Cracked Roof Tile A Problem

    If you spot a cracked or broken tile on your roof, it is essential to address the problem as soon as possible. Without doing so, you risk your roof leaking and the damage getting worse. If there is just a single tile or a few that you feel need replacing, you may feel confident to do the job yourself.

    Are There Any Other Spots On The Tile That Are Weak

    How to walk on and clean a tile roof

    The water channel, or the spot where the tiles meet, should be avoided. When you are stepping on each tile make sure you are doing so on the peak of the tile and not the valley. So each step should be at the highest point of the bottom third of the tile for maximum support.

    How should I distribute my weight? As evenly as possible across separate tiles. As you are stepping make sure to transfer the weight slowly, and walk on the balls of your feet. Make sure to never jump, leap, or even step quickly from tile to tile.

    What about tiles that are already broken? You need to be extra vigilant about these, as even something as small as a hairline fracture can undermine the constitution of the tile. Once a tile breaks completely not only does it become an eyesore, but can also lead to your roof leaking.

    This is kind of difficult for me to visualize. Rick Hartman gives a short example on how to walk on roof tile. He also mentions that you should wear soft sole shoes with a grip, to never walk on a wet roof, and after every few steps to take a moment to look around.

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    Solved: Can You Walk On A Tiled Roof

    You can probably imagine that walking on any type of roof is never a good idea from the point of view of your own safety. Even professional roofers are greatly at risk during the line of their work, and around 50 every year are killed or fatally injured while working on roofs in the UK.

    With that in mind, if youre asking can you walk on a tiled roof you might want to think again about taking a trip up a ladder to hang Christmas lights from your roof or to mount a TV aerial.

    While a pitched roof offers a number of advantages compared with a flat roof, when it comes to walking on its surface, a flat roof is clearly much safer. Nevertheless, sometimes walking on your roof cannot be avoided, and in such cases, knowing how to do it properly and safely is paramount, as the following article reveals..

    Tile Roof Repair Prices

    The cost to repair a tile roof averages about $1,000. If theyre cracked or missing, you risk damaging the underlayment or leaks inside the home.

    If you need to fix a small portion of the roof, you should consider this approach over a full replacement. Tiles in good condition can last longer than your home, so it may save you a lot of money to repair one or two of them.

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    Natural Slate Is Expensive

    There are downsides to real slate:

    • Slate is 2-3 times the cost of regular shingles.
    • Transporting slate is expensive due to its weight.
    • A slate roof will need to have additional support added unless the home was originally designed for it, which can add substantially to the cost.
    • Slate is brittle and can break if not carefully walked on.
    • Natural slate must be installed by professionals with years of experience to ensure you end up with a professional-looking job.
    • There are special tools and skills required to properly complete the installation.
    • Maintenance is required and must be performed by the same installation specialists.

    Can You Stand On Roof Tiles

    Navarro Roofing : Clay Tile Roof You Can Walk On : Palos ...

    First off, we don’t recommend that you walk on your concrete tile roof, if you can avoid it. Sure, concrete tiles are strong. But they’re not really made to be walked on. Every time you walk on the tiles, you put stress on them that can crack them or loosen them.

    Just so, can you stand on a roof?

    Walking on your roof is incredibly dangerous. In a 2014 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 647 fatal falls from roofs. Roofers are trained to walk on sloped surfaces, so contact a roofing professional first if you are planning on doing repairs to your roof.

    Additionally, can you walk on roof tiles UK? If you have to walk on your concrete tiled roof, never step on the hip tiles or ridge tiles. These are the tiles which are located on your roof’s peak.

    In this manner, will roof tiles take my weight?

    Roofing tiles usually aren’t backfilled, so there is no support underneath to take your weight. As such, do not step in the middle of a tile or it will definitely break.

    Should you walk on your roof?

    Walking on your roof Walking on your asphalt shingles can leave the shingles bare, dislodge them or create gaps that can increase the potential for leaks. While it’s recommended that you stay off of your roof as much as possible, unavoidable incidents may make that difficult.

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    Susceptibility To Organic Debris

    Organic debris include bird droppings, leaves with microorganisms invading and feeding on the moisture and other organic materials found in clay tiles. It’s vital to know that your clay tile roof is made mostly of soil, clay, and water. Therefore, bacteria and other small organisms can turn it into their habitat. This often leads to the formation of moss and other undesirable materials you can find on your roof.

    How To Walk On Concrete Roof Tiles Carefully

    Concrete and other roof tiles hang over a framework to which their upper ends attach with nails. Their lower ends rest on the upper ends of the tiles below them. A tiled roof is therefore a dynamic not a static thing. For this reason we need to walk on concrete roof tiles carefully.

    Concrete tiles are also potentially brittle, because they use extremely fine gravel chip and have no steel reinforcing. Therefore they can chip, and even crack under undue pressure. Hairline cracks are hard to spot but can still admit moisture.

    WARNING: Never climb onto a roof if you have poor balance, suffer from vertigo, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or are taking medication.

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    Does Walking On Shingles Damage Them


    Veridiano Zorzan

    10 Signs Your Roof is on The Verge of Collapse

    • Weather Damage. It’s important to be aware of the factors that can damage your roof.
    • Sagging.
    • Bends or Ripples in The Roof Supports.
    • Cracks in The Exterior Masonry.
    • Cracks in The Ceiling or Interior Walls.
    • Leaks.
    • Doors and Windows That Won’t Shut or Are Hard to Open.


    Tile Roof Design For Longevity

    How to walk on an old tile roof

    As previously mentioned, tile roofs are heavier, stronger, and are not affected by sun rays. This makes tiles a better roof for hurricane resistance, hail, and overall weather exposure.

    Tile roofs are also shingled, meaning the tiles overlap each other so water never enters the top of the tile.

    However, while shingles are made to be waterproof, tiles are not. There are many cracks in tiles which allow small amounts of water to get underneath.

    Water entry below the tiles is by design, though. We just need to ensure water entry is kept to a minimum.

    Furthermore, we need to ensure our roof underlayment is in good condition. The more we can protect the underlayment and complete a great install of the underlayment the better!

    How do we protect the underlayment?

    • Keep a watchful eye for roof leaks.
    • Climb in the attic if you are capable.
    • Keep up with the roof maintenance mentioned above.

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    Can I Stand On My Roof

    If its raining or the tiles are wet for some reason, the risk only compounds and walking on your roof becomes extraordinarily dangerous. It means that for your personal safety and the safety of your roof, its best if you simply stay off your roof and only let a professional walk on it if absolutely necessary.

    Tile Roof Underlayment Replacement Cost

    Replacing an underlayment costs $2 to $3 per square foot. Its a common part of tile installation, even if the existing one is in good shape. The amount you pay relates to the type required for your roof slope.

    Installers must determine if you need one or two layers. To install tile, your roof needs a minimum slope of 2.5:12. This means that the structure must rise at least 2.5 inches for every 12 inches of length. Youll need a two-ply underlay for this slope. Some manufacturers require a slope of 4:12, which may only need one layer.

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    How Long Do Tile Roofs Last

    Tile roofs are frequently used in the southwest of the United States. In general, tile roofs are more expensive due to their longevity, design, and labor for install. So how long do tile roofs last?

    Tile roofs in general last about 30-40 years. Although some roofers or manufacturers may say 50 or 60 years, it is not guaranteed to last that long. You can have a tile roof last as few as 25 years, or as long as 45 years

    This is especially because of the maintenance, design, and environmental factors. Lets dive in deeper.

    Clean Your Shoe Bottoms From Dirt And Small Rocks

    How to Walk on a Concrete Tile Roof

    It is extremely important to ensure that the outsoles of the shoes are free of dirt, debris or small rocks. If you climb a metal roof with tiny rocks stuck in the bottom of your shoes, you risk to scratch the steel and damage it. In the same time, the shoes wont grip well and you risk losing traction and slip.

    Make sure they are not oily or wet. Always climb a roof with clean and dry shoes.

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    Do Tile Roofs Need Maintenance

    Even considering its unsurpassed durability, a tile roof requires regular maintenance to perform optimally. Replacing broken tiles, removing algae, mildew and moss, and repairing damaged flashing details are all vital steps in maintaining its aesthetic and protective qualities for years to come. with tile roofing.


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