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Do It Yourself Rv Roof Repair

Types Of Rubber Roofs

How to repair your RV or trailer roof on a budget and make it last

Rubber RV roofs have become increasingly popular.

These types of roofs are relatively light-weight and they age very well. Theyre also easy to apply to existing roof structures so many people will apply them right over top of their existing leaky roof.

There are three main types of rubber roofs that people like to use on their RVs.

The first is usually just a quick fix that comes in the form of Flex Seal. This product can be sprayed on like spray paint and Ive read many mixed reviews on the product.

This being said, there are more advanced liquid rubber roof products that you can buy to apply to your roof.

Eternabond Tape For Gouges And Tears

Eternabond tape is a long-lasting, easy repair for gouges or tears in an RV roof. Eternabond tape is made with resins and rubbers and infused with its own primer. Its easily applied with a small roller that removes any air bubbles and presses the sealant into tears or cracks.

Eternabond is a go-to for RV roof repairs. It lasts for years and can also be painted over. A 4-inch wide, 50-foot roll costs about $50-$60 but is a great investment for quick repairs while on the road.

Proguard F99911 Liquid Roof Coating

  • Safe to use
  • Cost-effective with single application required
  • Can take longer to set if there is low humidity

When it comes to RV roof repair or maintenance, you should use a reliable coating like the Proguard F99911, which is one of the top rated products in the category available in white color.

What we love about it is that it can be used as a single coat application. That said you could save money because you dont have to apply it twice to achieve the desired results.

This coating is also efficient with a coverage area reaching between 42 and 46 feet. And regardless of the weather, you can apply and use it in your roof to achieve the protection for it you need. Just as what you can read in RV rubber roof coating reviews, this product can work in all temperatures. Regardless it is hot or cold outside, you can easily apply and ensure of its adhesion on your recreational vehicle roof.

Another thing we love about it is that it can protect the roof from moisture. As you may already know, excessive moisture can damage the roof. And in time, it might also cause leaks inside your RV. When cured, this coating can also resist algae and mildew.

We also appreciate that the Proguard F99911 is environmentally-friendly-and-compliant. You can be sure that it is safe to use and non-polluting. It is also an effective product when it comes to absorbing sound.

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Why We Chose Dicor

Whats great about Dicors 2-part rubber roof coating system is it includes a cleaner-applicator! This bonus piece was essential for us. We had just bought our travel trailer from a private seller and it looked like it had been sitting for a while during the offseason.

Full disclaimer: Dicors offering is one of the more expensive among the other products out there. But after researching comparable products, Dicor rose to the top of the list. Overall, the reviews were excellent, and the process was easy and straightforward. For home use, Dicor is among the best RV roof coating systems youll find.

We saw a few other cheaper products out there but several had mixed reviews. Being first-timers, we didnt want to gamble on a low quality product that we might have to go back and redo. Plus, the cost of the Dicor products would still be far less than hiring someone else to come out and do the job.

More good news: many of the other things youll need for project are inexpensive and you might already have them around the house!

Physical Damage To The Rvs Roof

Should You Use RV Rubber Roof Coating?

Even though you do your best to make sure that your roof is cared for properly, there are certain types of physical damage that are nearly impossible to prevent. Having debris fall onto the roof, such as a falling branch, or even hail, can cause damage to the roof. You might not even notice that there is a problem with the roof unless you check it regularly. However, if a large branch has punctured even a small hole in the roof, it is going to cause some serious problems over time.

If you are carrying items on your roof on the rack, the added weight could also cause problems for the roof, particularly around the areas where the rack connects to the roof. When you are inspecting the roof, be sure to check those areas, and add more caulk as needed.

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Tpo Unlike Epdm Wont Oxidize And Get A Chalk

An occasional washing with some mild soap and a mop is all that youll need to do to care for a TPO roof. A few products that Ive seen used are Protect-All Rubber Roof Treatment and Murphys Oil Soap. The Murphys Oil Soap will help keep the TPO membrane moisturized according to one manufacturer, Alpha Systems.

These washings are mostly to make the surface look better, and wont make the TPO roof last any longer.

You can read more about the technical differences between EPDM and TPO roofs here.

Rv Roof Replacement Using Line

By DoItYourselfRVMods, RV Repairs

Ever wonder what it would look like when you tear off the roof of a RV? Hopefully you never have to know. If you do it means you probably had water damage, possible damage from falling tree limbs, or other maintenance concerns. RV roof replacement can be one of the most daunting projects to undertake, especially considering the level of labor and cost. It is more common that we would like to admit given that most RV roofs are not designed with longevity in mind. Water will find its way in eventually. Some times it doesnt even matter how diligent you are with your maintenance schedule.

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Fix It Yourself Will:

  • Save you 1000s in repair costs
  • Save you from the hassle of dealing with service centers and techs that dont know much about RVs
  • Help you stay sane and calm when something breaks
  • Protect your financial investment
  • Get rid of the overwhelming I dont know anything feeling you have every time something makes a weird noise or breaks in your RV
  • Make you the most knowledgeable person at the campfireand probably the most popular, too

Clean Your Rv Roof Regularly

DIY RV Roof Repair – How to Repair a Tear in Your RV Roof

As part of your RV maintenance schedule, you should clean the roof of your camper.

Dirt and debris can damage the sealant on your RV roof over time, and make it more prone to developing leaks and causing water damage.

Therefore, a regular washing is important to maintaining the integrity of the seals and waterproofing of the campers roof.

A good rule of thumb is to wash the roof when youre deep-cleaning after each camping trip.

To wash your RV roof properly, choose your detergent based on the type of roof you have.

If your RVs roof is aluminum or fiberglass, you can use the same mild detergent you use to wash the rest of the RV.

If your campers roof is TPO or EPDM, you might need a rubber-safe RV roof cleanser. Either way, rinse well after sudsing!

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Next Coat The Entire Patch With Dicor 501lsw

Using a caulk gun, coat the entire patch with Dicor 501LSW-1 Epdm Self-Leveling Lap Sealant. This rubber sealant creates a secure secondary seal on your rubber roofing and ensures that the leak is properly sealed. This is likely the same sealant that was used on your RV roof to seal around the roof vents, air conditioners, etc.

There are a lot of Dicor RV roof repair products that you can buy including roof coatings, roof sealant, and more for the surface of your roof.

Start on the edges and work your way around the entire patch, filling in the middle as you go. If the damage is on the edge of your camper roof like ours was, you may have some Dicor that runs down the side.

Wipe any excess off and dont allow it to run down too far.

This is a self-leveling sealant so you should end up with a fairly level patch. According to the manufacturer, in 4 hours it will be waterproof, in 48 hours it will be 80% cured, and in 30 days it will be 100% cured. So over time, it will completely harden and you wont have to worry about it anymore.

Rv Roof Repair And Rv Roof Maintenance

RV Roof Repair and RV Roof Maintenance are essential for preserving the value of your RV investment. Motor house and RV rubber roof repair and preservation is a necessary stair in guaranteeing the durability of your speculation. The majority of manufacturers of RVs and motor houses fix rubber or TPO roofs on their automobiles for the reason that they are frivolous and elastic, while a few prefer fiberglass or aluminum for the reason that they give a firm outside. The entire are smooth looking. On the other hand, rubber and TPO roofs are extra vulnerable to harm, particularly as of above your head matters such as twigs whereas aluminum roofs are extra vulnerable to strain fractures and hollowing from corrosion. The end result is that the entire RV rubber roofs, left unattended resolve finally seep out. The elastomeric roof coatings have low dirt pick up and sealing feature will drastically reduce unsightly streaks that are so hard to remove from rv siding.

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While A Car Can Go A Lifetime Without A Leaky Roof That Isnt The Case For Recreational Vehicles

How to repair roof leak on rv. It will ruin your clothes, so be careful not to spill any, as it does not wash off. However, despite this minor miscommunication, the service and the quality of the product was exceptional and the 20 year warranty is definitely worth mentioning because it clarifies that mike stands 100% behind his work and as a consumer i personally respect that. Fortunately, an rv roof can be fixed pretty easily.

How to fix a small leak in your rvs roof. Most people who own a recreational vehicle know that rv roofs leak. Welcome to accent rv roofing , your premier rv roof repair company in corona, ca, and the surrounding areas.

Spread your roof repair tar all over the area to be patched. How do you fix a leaking roof on an rv? The material that your roof is made of.

We offer a variety of services which include rv roofing, motorhome roof repair, motorhome roofing, trailer roof repair, trailer roofing, rv roof replacement, motorhome roof replacement, trailer roof replacement, rv roof leak, rv roof damage, rv ceiling repair, and rv rubber roof. Hopefully, a careful water test will confirm exactly whats going on. We have taken valuable feedback from rv owners, repair shops and retail stores and specially formulated rvroofmagic to address the needs and demands for a quality roofing sealant within the rv community.

Rv owners wage a constant battle on roof leaks. Photo via rubber rv roof maintenance and repair. Why is rv roof magic the best choice?

Rubber Rv Roof Maintenance And Repair

Do it yourself RV Roof Replacement

Rubber roofs are generally dependable and long-lasting, but youll need to understand the difference between the two main types of materials to ensure proper care.

You may think that since your local home center sells rubber roof membranes for homes, theyll carry supplies that are designed specifically for your RV rubber roof, right?

Not exactly!

Most RV manufacturers use one of two types of rubber roofing material: EPDM and TPO. Lets take a look at both.

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Rv Laminate Wall Repair

Delamination is one of the major issues that have been plaguing many RV owners through the years. When this happens, there is usually water regression in the Luan, also called the interior panel & the film sheeting outside.

Due to the moisture buildup, the adhesive quality will be compromised, resulting to warping or bubbling found on the surfaces. In some cases, it may be worth repairing but not in all. For the small cracks or punctures, you can repair them or take them to the auto-body repair shop or RV dealer.

With the aluminum siding, you can also find specific gel-coat-type waxes and cleaning products in order to keep the RV looking new.

Dicor Rpcrpqepdm Rubber Roofing Coating

  • Effectively waterproofs and seals the roof membrane
  • Large coverage rate of 1254 sq ft per quart
  • Cost-effective
  • Extends the roofs lifespan
  • Has a thinner consistency and texture than expected

The Dicor RPCRPQ is an excellent roof coating system that works effectively in coating and sealing the roof from all types of harsh outside elements, including rain, wind and snow. With such weatherproofing protection it can provide your RV roof with, you can be sure that you can extend the lifespan of your RV roof.

This product can clean and prepare your roofing for max adhesion. It is also for RV owners that want a product that works well for providing up to 125 square feet of coverage rate for every quart. It is also a cost-effective option for covering such a large area with the quantity.

What more is that we also think it is one of the most durable among liquid roof coatings on the market. It can last for several years, working continuously in protecting your roof from outside elements, such as dust, leaves, twigs and debris that would otherwise damage your roof. When it happens, your roof might have leaks and cause discomfort inside your RV.

Sealing the roof is also one of the best ways of preventing energy loss especially in the winter and summer. With the liquid roof, you can save energy and keep the comfort inside your RV.

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Dicor Rpcrc1 White Epdm Rubber Roof Coating

Designed especially for EPDM rubber RV roofs, Dicor RPCRC1 comes in a conveniently packaged coating ready for use. It forms one part of a two-part, commercial-grade system by Dicor that combines the acrylic coating with a cleaner. This white rubber coating has coverage of up to 1 gallon per 125 square feet.

Dicor White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating Pros

  • Specially designed for EPDM roofs
  • Has a large coverage area of 1 gallon/125 square feet
  • Application is incredibly easy as only two coats are required for excellent results
  • Doesnt require much time to dry
  • Doesnt contain harsh abrasives, petroleum distillates or any citric ingredients that can damage your RV


  • Applying it in the evening as the sun goes down isnt the best strategy as it collects dew in the night and takes a few days to cure properly. It works best if used in the summer and in the morning. Using it when its sunny with no rain will also prove effective.
  • Expensive

Despite the high price tag, Dicor RPCR1 is a great sealant for getting rid of ugly seams in the roof of your RV.

Rv Roof Repair: Fix Your Epdm Rubber Roof The Easy Way

EPDM RV Roof coating – 5 Year Review

RV roof repair is vitally important. Neglecting it can compromise the integrity of your RV travel trailer or motorhome. And since fixing a tear in your rubber roof is so easy, there’s no reason to delay.

Perhaps you’ve discovered from experience that RV rubber roofs and tree branches don’t mix. Rough housing on your rubber roof won’t help matters either, and is just plain dangerous. Whatever the cause, accidents can rip your rubber, and that can lead to water leaks. Next thing you know you’ve got extensive water damage and your RV has turned to a pile of rubble.

But fear not, because repairing damage done to your RV’s roof is child’s play. And if you’re short on money or time, repairing a rubber roof will be much less costly and less time consuming than a complete RV roof replacement.

To help you stay dry I’ll talk a little bit about EPDM rubber roofs , then I’ll go over roof repair methods, patch kits, RV roof repair tape, and lastly, resealing roof seams.

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How To Repair Roof Leak On Rv

Areas like the windshield, tires, and lights will be inspected to detect and repair any minor problems before they can get out of hand. We have some helpful tips on completing some of the most common rv roof fixes.

How to Fix an RV Roof Vent Leak in 2020 Van life

How Do I Tell What Kind Of Material I Have For My Roof

To determine what kind of material was used on your RV roof, you need to account for the appearance and texture of the material.

  • EPDM Roof EDPM roofs look like a stretched-out layer of innertube because of the rubbery texture and dark color. The material is often thin, lightweight, and flexible, but the material can easily be punctured by protruding objects such as tree branches.
  • TPO Roof a TPO roof is white and is somewhat thicker compared to EPDM roofs. It also has a laminate cover, which helps preserve the durability, flexibility, and structure of the material.
  • Fiberglass Roof fiberglass roofs are hard and rigid, and usually comes in the same color as the rest of the RV.
  • Aluminum Roof among all the materials, aluminum roofs are the easiest to spot because of the distinct silver sheen and hardness of the roof.

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