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How Is Standing Seam Roof Installed

Whats The Difference Between Each Type Of Standing Seam Panel

How To Install A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Each Standing Seam panel is installed and secured to the roofs substrate differently. Their names each reflect the different ways they come together.

Mechanical Lock panels are mechanically fastened to one another, meaning a special tool called a seamer is needed to lock them together. These panels use a clipped system that fastens them to the substrate. Then, you use an electric or hand seamer to press them together mechanically, which bends each panel over one another and creates a lip. Mechanical Lock panels require a more advanced installation.

Mechanical Lock

Tru Snap metal panels have two identical female legs and snap together. With Tru Snap, the male leg is clipped, and that clip is fastened directly to the decking. These panels require more parts and pieces, making installation a bit more difficult. However, Tru Snap can be run with longer panels due to the clipped system it uses, which allows the panels to move more freely through expansion and contraction.

Tru Snap

Nail Strip metal panels also have two identical female legs. The big difference is that with Nail Strip panels, the male leg has a perforated nail flange used to fasten the panel directly to the decking. Nail Strip is a bit easier and more straightforward when it comes to installation, however it is limited by how long you can run the panels since theyre screwed directly to the decking.

Nail Strip

How To Prepare Your Roof For Installation

Before you install your panels, always clear your roof of any dust or debris. Check your roof for any protrusions. You can often find raised screws, nails, or leftover scrap in the underlayment. Remove these since they can damage your standing seam panels.

Underlayment should be cut as small as possible to access the object. Fasten screws or nails flush to the roofline or remove completely. When the object is removed or flush to the roof line, cover the hole with a round piece of sharkskin underlayment.

Your roof is now prepared for successful installation of standing seam side panels.

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Find A Reliable Metal Roofing Contractor

Finding a metal roofing contractor who is reliable is a big job, but there are things you can do to make sure that youre hiring the right people. The first thing to do when choosing a metal roofing contractor is to check their reviews and ratings online. Most contractors have an online presence these days, and its easy to see what kind of feedback they got from previous clients. Checking licenses and insurance coverage is also worth doing before signing any contracts with roofers who are working home improvement jobs like installing a new roof.

This guide is meant to be a starting point for homeowners looking to install a standing seam metal roof. As you can see, there are many different options available for metal roofs, so the best thing you can do is research local roofers until you find a reliable metal roofing contractor.

If you live in Buffalo or the surrounding areas of New York, we can help you.

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Painted Aluminum Standing Seam Roofs

Aluminum is the most affordable standing seam roofing material. It may dent more easily than steel, but it offers quality corrosion resistance and can be painted in a variety of colors, which can allow for a more congruent aesthetic on any type of home which makes it a popular choice for standing seam metal roofing.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing System Price Per Square Foot Or Square

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Setting up a standing seam roof costs $10 per square foot typically or around $1,000 per 100-foot square. The cost range will depend primarily on the kind of metal you go for. The most typical alternatives will be steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper.

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The typical 2,500 square-foot house has about 1,700 square feet of roofing or 17 squares. To determine the size, find the pitch, width, and length of the roofing system.

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Fill In The Gap Between The Standing Seam Metal Panels And The Top Of Your Roof

After your panels are installed, a piece of metal flashing needs to be installed to fill in the spots between the ribs of your metal panels and the ridge of your roof. This piece of flashing is called a z bar.

A Z bar is a piece of metal bent in the shape of a Z that is 1/8th of an inch taller than the ribs on your metal panels. This protects your metal panels from water coming through the rib gaps at the top of your roof.

Installing Z bars is crucial to the life of your standing seam metal roof. To learn more about what affects the life of your new metal roof, read this article on how long your metal roof should last.

How Is Your Standing Seam Metal Roof Installed

Are you ready for a new roof? Did you decide that you want a metal roof over the standard asphalt roof?

If so, you need to know the process it takes for your roofing contractor to install your new standing seam metal roof. But what does that process look like?

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided the residents of Nashville with high-quality metal roofs since 1990. We know what it takes to make your standing seam metal roof last for decades. When you work with us, youll never worry about your roof again.

So, how is a standing seam metal roof installed? Always eager to educate, Im going to answer that question.

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Everything You Need To Know About Standing Seam Roofing

  • University of Puerto Rico
  • DeVry University

A standing seam roof is among the most durable and maintenance-free type of any metal roof and can last over 30 years. Standing seam roofing provides additional energy reduction benefits and can be installed easily, in many instances over the existing roofing material.

The Standing Seam roofing panels can be designed with various radius roof profiles making it ideal for structures with several roof levels. This type of metal roofing is made up of vertical panels with two seams per panel that stand us vertically. Once installed, its dramatic shadow lines run continuously from ridge to eave, accenting the pitch and plane of every roof angle.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

How to Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing becomes more common every day as homeowners learn how durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and energy-efficient it is. But you must be prepared to pay a high price for all those benefits. A standing seam metal roof costs between $18,000 and $40,000 for a national average price of $29,000.

The size of your roof and the specific metal roof panels you choose are the biggest factors in figuring out your standing seam metal roof cost. Rates, including labor and materials, usually range from $675 to $1,800 per square .

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Standing Seam Panel Widths

The width of your metal panel has an effect on price. Standing seam panels come in a variety of widths with the most typical ranging from 12″-18″. Wider panels provide a greater value with 18″ panels being the most cost effective. For every 2″ narrower that you go, there is an approximate 15% increase in cost. Therefore a 14″ standing seam panel would be 30% more than a 18″ standing seam panel.

What Makes Metal A Good Choice For Roofing In The First Place

Before we get any further into the details of corrugated metal and standing seam metal, lets take a step back and answer an even more basic question first. Why should you be considering a metal roof in the first place? Theres really a lot to like about metal as a roofing material, and this is a subject weve addressed before in other blogs. Shingles may still be the most popular roofing material in America, but metal is really a better choice for quite a few reasons. Metal is incredibly durable, requires less maintenance, is naturally fire-resistant & pest-resistant, sheds precipitation & debris very well, and comes in a variety of color and profile options. While a metal roof does cost more on the front end, it also pays many more dividends over time than a shingle roof can.

All that being said, which is the best metal roofing approach to take? Lets now take a closer look at each of the two most popular metal roofing styles.

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Cost Of Snap Lock Vs Mechanical Lock Metal Panels

The difference between snap lock and mechanical lock panels lies in how the individual panels connect to each other

Snap lock panels have fasteners directly attached to them. The panel itself and the fastener are all one piece. Panels simply snap together without any seaming or specialized tools. Snap lock panels are only an option for roofs with a pitch of 3:12 and up.

Cost of snap lock panels: The panels themselves might cost more than mechanical lock panels, but youll spend less on labor costs because snap lock panels are so much easier and quicker to install.

Mechanical lock panels, aka field-locked panels, take more work and expertise to install. Pros have to use a specialized tool to crimp and seal the edges of panels together. There are single-locked and double-locked versions. Both tend to withstand high-speed winds better than snap lock panels.

Cost of mechanical lock panels: Double-locked panels take longer to install, so they will cost you more than single-locked options. For either, expect higher labor costs and lower material costs than with snap lock panels.

Is There Any Distinction Between Commercial And Residential Standing Seam

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation in Weatherford, TX

There is no distinction in standing seam roofing for property or business structures. You can utilize a vertical seam metal roof on your house or business. Nevertheless, it should fulfill the minimum pitch requirements.

Typical Expense to Set Up a Standing Seam Metal Roofing System

  • Average Expense $17,000
  • Low Cost $8,500

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Why Do Most Homeowners Prefer Standing Seam Panels

Its a fact that standing seam panels are better than corrugated panels when it comes to residential roofs. These panels may cost a little more than corrugated ones, but a standing seam metal roof is more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Standing seam roofs are durable and long-lasting. They wont sag or leak as architectural asphalt shingles do over time. Standing seam copper roofs can also outlast tile and wood shake roofs without much maintenance.
  • Even after theyve served their purpose, the panels are recyclable and can be used to create new metal products, including new roofs!
  • You can easily paint a metal roof made of standing seam panels so that it blends into your homes exterior design. You can get a re-coat and even stone-coating to make it look new and better over the years.
  • Standing seam roofs have a watertight system minimizing the chances of leaks and water damage to your roof decking, rafters, and attic. Panels made of copper, aluminum, zinc, and coated steel are also preventative of rust, mold, and algae.
  • The panels are also fire-resistant. They have incredible resistance against flames and prevent fire caused by electrical failure or lightning strikes.

Since standing seam panels have so much more to offer, you might wonder if they cost a fortune. Luckily, standing seam metal roofs are also an economical option.

How To Install Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam roofing is a type of metal roofing that was originally designed in order to replace standing-seam copper and standing-seam steel. Standing seams are created by crimping the metal into standing shape, then folding it over onto itself in order to create ridges.

The ridging makes standing seam roofs more durable than most other types of metal roofs because they can be installed on steep slopes or pitches without having any issues with leaks. It also means standing seam roofs are more resistant to wind damage, hail storms, and heavy snow loads because water cannot get underneath them as easily. Additionally, standing seam roofs have the tendency to last much longer than other types of metal roofs do before needing repairs or replacements due to their durability and standing seams effectively standing up to the weather. The standing seams also give standing seam roofs their distinctive and attractive appearance, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners who want a modern or contemporary look on their homes exterior.

Standing seam roofing requires a large amount of standing seams, which means that any standing seams that have already been installed on your homes roof need to be inspected before standing seam roofing can be put on. This process is called standing seam roof repair . If there are standing seams that need to be repaired, standing seams need to be added in order to complete the standing seam roofing installation process.

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So What To Do Now Start By Choosing The Right Metal Roofing Provider

Choosing the right roofing material and roofing style is certainly important, but choosing a local, professional roofing contractor you can trust is even more important. The pros at Skywalker Roofing have been fabricating and installing high-quality custom metal roofs for years. No local provider is more respected or more highly rated in both NC and VA than Skywalker!

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Enhance The Curb Appeal Of A Property

How To Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Panel Layout For Metal Roofing Panels

Among the things that boost your propertys curb appeal, roofing systems may appear at the top. A durable, clean, and sparkling roof will easily attract anyone interested in your building. A striking roof can enhance your homes value by up to 6%.

Standing seam metal roofs give your house a stunning look and instantly improves its curb appeal. As much as looks may be subjective, many people consider these roofing panels as the most attractive. With concealed fasteners, they appear modern, clean, and sleek.

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How Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof Installed

Before the installation, ensure you have all the necessary materials and tools. Also, make sure to wear safety gear, such as goggles, work gloves, work boots, long sleeves, and work pants. Its also good to have a full-body harness on and a fall protection system to prevent accidents, such as falling.

Here are the steps to follow for standing seam metal roof installation.

  • Measure the Roof

You need to measure your roof carefully first before installing to ensure you have the right size of panels for your roof and prevent casualties that could lead to costly issues and additional work in the future.

Measuring your roof includes the eaves, ridges, gables, valleys, and sidewalls. Make sure to measure the exact inches of the height and width of your roof and add in extra inches for each panel to form the drip edge hem.

Its also important to remember that if the panels end up too short, they will not be used as they will not be able to cover the ends of the panels.

Once you have the exact and accurate roof measurements, you will know how many metals are needed to cover the width of your roof and help plan your panel layout for the installation.

  • Prepare the Roof

Before installing the standing seam metal roof, make sure to tear off the old roofing materials or old roofing shingles to create a clean deck. Ensure there are also no nails left or sticking out from the roof decking because they can pierce through your metal roof and cause unnecessary damage.

Advantages Of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

One of the main benefits of standing seam steel roof or any other metal roof is that there is no fastener between the visible surface. This means that they will not be in contact with deteriorating elements like UV, moisture, wind, and other elements that can weaken the fastener.

Upon standing seam metal roof installation, you will not find holes in the panels and so your structure stays protected.

This type of metal hides the flashing materials and ensures there is no unruly looker fastener spoiling the aesthetics of your house.

There are many manufacturers who ensure you get only the best quality of metal roofing. This ensures that your roof is not damaged during unruly weather conditions. Ensuring that you use a high quality roofing system is important especially if your area is prone to hurricanes on storms.

If you have a standing seam metal roofing system, the panels will be able to expand and contract better as they are not pinned to. The easy contracting and expanding is better when slider clips or installed or if you have a snap-lock system. They are also very energy-efficient.

All standing seam metal roofs are more long lasting than other roof types. They also do not require high maintenance. However, as a smart home owner, you should invest in regular professional maintenance of your metal roof.

They are used for both sophisticated and intricate designs and one of the most popular choices of architects when it comes to both residential and commercial roofing.

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