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Will A New Roof Lower My Insurance

What Shape Is My Roof

Will a New Roof Lower My Homeowners Insurance Premium

If youre not sure what the shape of your roof is, simply walk around the outside of your house and look at the roof line . Compare what you see with these most common roof shapes.

In southwest Florida cities like Fort Myers and Cape Coral, the two most common roof shapes are the Gable and the Hip roofs. If you see one or more sides which have a triangular shape , then its typically a gable roof. If your roof is pointed and the edge of the roof is parallel to the ground, then its a hip roof.

Even if your house isnt shaped like a rectangle, these roof shapes still apply. For example, if your house is shaped like an L or a T when viewing it from above, and your house has slopes on every side like a Hip roof, then you have a Hip roof.If you have a triangular shape on one or more sides, then you have a Gable roof.

Install A Fence Around A Pool

If youâre wondering how to save money on home insurance, the cheapest approach is not having a pool at all, but if you have one, make sure that it is well fenced to prevent any unnecessary liability. If a small child falls into your pool, you may be held responsible. Because of the increased risk associated with pools, you will usually pay a higher premium. In fact, some municipalities require a locked fence around the pool at all times.

Can A New Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance Premiums

May 31, 2021 by Neumann Construction

Metal is steadily becoming a popular choice for roofing materials because of its excellent benefits. It can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, from strong winds and heavy rain to wind-carried debris and hailstorms. It is also moisture-resistant and doesnt suffer significant damage from long-term sun exposure. It also has a unique aesthetic that can boost the appearance of your home, regardless of its architectural style.

What many people arent aware of, however, is that metal roofs may help reduce homeowners insurance premiums, but not always.

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Florida Senate Passes Roof Insurance Bill

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Some Floridians are seeing their homeowners insurance premium rates increasing by thousands of dollars.

Denny Pewsey said he paid $10,000 to put a new roof on his Orange County home.

“They said they weren’t going to renew my insurance because of the age of the roof, which was only 19 years old,” Pewsey said.

His home insurance costs have been going up. His home insurance now costs $3,200.

“I think now, a couple of years ago, it was about $1,800. I thought that was very high,” Pewsey said.

Pewsey isn’t the only one facing high home insurance costs. Earlier this year, the Office of Insurance Regulation said that solicitation appears to be what’s bringing the cost up.

It’s part of the reason why Republican Sen. Jim Boyd introduced Senate Bill 76, which just passed 27 to 13.

Part of it could impact your roof coverage. If your roof is under 10 years old and gets damaged, you could have full replacement coverage.

However, after 10 years the reimbursement amount would change. Your insurance would cover 70% for a metal roof, 40% for concrete or tile roofs and the same amount for wood shingles. All other roof types would be 25%.

“It would never go below that,” Boyd said. “The point is, year 11, you wouldn’t see a dramatic reduction in your coverage. It would stair step down based on the life expectancy of that roof.”

Boyd says it’ll eventually lead to lower rates.

Pewsey is hopeful, though.

Short Answer: It Depends

CAN YOU BELIEVE â¦. â¢Â°*â?Ë.â¢Â°*â?Ë that a getting a new roof can lower your ...

So, can a new metal roof lower your insurance premiums? The answer to this question is that it depends on your circumstances whether installing a metal roof will entitle you to that benefit.

Keep in mind that some insurance providers consider certain factors when updating the homeowners insurance coverage of their policyholders. If, for instance, you have a wood shake roof, and you live in a forested area, it is likely for it to be engulfed in flames if a wildfire breaks out. It is also possible for it to suffer moisture damage, especially if you live in an area that experiences storms for most of the year. Given these circumstances, the insurance provider may either not approve or choose to discontinue coverage.

Switching from wood shake or any other roofing material to metal gives homes better protection from fires and moisture damage. In theory, this would be favorable towards your insurance coverage. Insurance companies would be inclined to provide lower premium rates unfortunately, not every one of them will do so even if it makes sense. Some look into the type of roofing that your home has while others dont give much consideration.

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How Does Your Roof Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

Most of the time youre probably not too fixated on the roof over your head. It does its job it keeps the water out and protects you from the cold, the heat, and storms. Perhaps you dont give too much thought to it. But heres the thing your insurance company does. Theyre actually very concerned with roofs.

So, therein lies the question :

How does your roof affect your home insurance rates? Can your roof help you get a discount on your premium?

Well, guess what? Were going to answer those questions.

Alarm System / Security System / Video Monitoring

For many years, companies have offered discounts for alarm systems, but not all alarm systems are the same. In order to qualify for this home renovation discount on your insurance policy, your alarm system must be centrally monitored by an approved company. For example, Rogers video monitoring is a solution that allows you to monitor your home remotely and they will send emergency services as required.

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Let Bge Home Provide Your New Roof

If your roofing claim is approved, contact BGE HOME to complete your new roof installation. We provide both roof replacement and roof installation services in the Baltimore area. Our team of professionals will help you find the right roofing for your home and have experience dealing with insurance claims. Well work with you and your insurance company to make getting your new roof as smooth as possible.

Do You Want To Exclude Wind And Hail

Florida roofing company encourages homeowner to make insurance claim for storm damage via text

Usually homeowners want good and broad coverage for their homes. But wind and hail is a different ballgame in many states. Insurers pass along the costs of past wind and hail claims to current homeowners. You may be able to choose to exclude wind and hail from coverage in the interest of saving money.

For example, in Florida, State Farm offers these choices:

  • Keep the wind and hail coverage offered in the homeowners policy.
  • Exclude wind and hail damage from coverage in order to save money.
  • Take a separate, higher deductible for wind and hail damage from hurricanes in order to save money.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof On A 2500 Square Foot House

As an example, letâs figure out how much it could cost to replace a roof on a 2500 square foot house.

Your replacement cost depends primarily on two things: the company that installs it and the material you choose to use.

If you choose asphalt shingles, usually the most cost-effective roofing solution, the roof costs can range from $11,250 to $18,750.

Thatâs assuming that the cost range is from $4.50, which is about average, to $7.50 per sq. ft. for the top end.

And the prices will go up from there.

For example, here are the costs of other popular materials:

  • Slate shingles: $800 $4,000 per 100 square feet
  • Tile shingles: $500 $4,000 per 100 square feet
  • Metal roofs: $500 $1,800 per 100 square feet

After paying for materials, you have to add in other expenses roofing contractors will charge for like labor costs and the cost of materials needed for the roof installation.

Home Renovations To Your Roof

It costs more to insure homes with older roofs and some providers may not offer you coverage at all if your roof is too old. Any roof leakages can be very costly for insurers. Water damage to the inside of your home and costly repairs to your roof are claims an insurer wants to avoid and they will charge you extra for an old roof. Investing in a new roof will reduce your home insurance premium. Also, know that home insurance is not a maintenance plan. If there is damage to your roof youâre ignoring, your claim may be denied altogether. If you can afford it, opt for more than asphalt shingles and look for something that may cost more, but has a much longer life.

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How Do Roof Type And Materials Impact Cost

Insurers often factor the type of roof and type of material into their rebuild costs. Roofs made of slate, tile, concrete shingles, or metal offer the best protection, but they’re also the most expensive to replace.

Here’s how different roof material types rank for insurance costs in most states :

  • Metal

    Metal roofs are most often made from zinc, copper, or steel alloy pieces or tiles and can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Their fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and durability make metal roofs very appealing to insurance companies.

  • Slate/Tile

    Slate is resistant to fire, rot, and insects and requires little maintenance. Tile tends to crack more easily, but it provides quality insulation and won’t rot or burn.

  • Asphalt shingle

    While this is the most common roof type because of its affordability and relatively long life span, it decays more easily than metal or slate.

  • Wood

    Comprised of shingles or shakes, wood roofs aren’t fire-resistant. Some insurance companies won’t cover a wooden roof or may require you to apply a fire-retardant protectant in order to get coverage.

  • Dont Forget The Most Important Step

    Can A New Roof Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rates in Lexington?

    Most homeowners dont update their house insurance policy or even look at it until they incur a loss or move. Insurance companies, on the other hand, update their rates at the time of renewal every year. If you dont mention any home upgrades, the only direction your premiums might go is up.

    Even if your home renovation is going to increase your insurance rate, its important to have a conversation with your provider. Otherwise, your new home office or roof wont be sufficiently protected. If you make the call before construction begins, you could be covered if something happens.

    Updating your policy may be easier than you think. The most you may need to do is provide a receipt or take photographs for your underwriter.

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    Southwest Florida’s Leading Roofing Contractor

    Sabal Construction & Roofing earned a national Best of the Best Award for Customer Satisfaction. We are an experienced, family-owned and locally operated general contracting and roofing company.Sabal Construction & Roofing is a State Certified General Contractor and fully insured company. We are dedicated to responsibly adhering to all job specifications, manufacturer requirements, and safety codes to provide premier service to our valued customers.

    Your Location Impacts Insurance Premiums

    Depending on where you live, you may also be able to get a deduction for purchasing an impact-resistant roof. This occurs frequently in states where hail is common. If you are unsure of whether this applies to your state, ask your insurance company before you get a roof replacement in Columbia, SC. This is yet another example of how outside factors, aside from your roof itself, can affect the cost of your insurance premium.

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    Take The Appropriate Next Steps In Your Roof Replacement Claim

    After you submit your insurance claim and enlist a roofing company to offer supporting evidence, your insurance company has the discretion to make a decision. After their allotted time frame , the insurance agent will let you know if your claim was approved or denied. If they deny your claim, you can appeal the decision. These procedures differ by insurance company, so make sure to consult your insurance agent for guidance.

    If your roofing claim is approved, youll be able to start working with your chosen contractors to complete your new roof installation. Once your roof is replaced, we recommend that you get it inspected regularly. Not only will routine maintenance keep your roof in great condition, but itll make future roofing claims easier to get approved since youll have both written reports and photos noting the past condition of the roof.

    How To Get Insurance To Pay For Your Roof Replacement In 2021

    Roof Inspected for Insurance Claim

    Many homeowners who have been through the nightmare of having to deal with the roof damage and trying to get their claim approved by the insurance company will agree that sometimes, it can be very difficult to get a claim paid.

    So, how do you get your insurance company to pay for a roof replacement? The answer involves a combination of information, preparation, documentation and hiring a professional roofer to work on your behalf.

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    Will Your Home Insurance Premiums Go Down After Installing A Metal Roof

    Many homeowners struggle to understand their insurance providers policies and terms and conditions. So, its always advisable to keep yourself updated on the policy terms to qualify for any compensation or lower premium rates.

    For instance, does upgrading your roof to a metal roof reduce your premium rates? A simple answer is that it depends, so we cannot assure you that your insurance provider will lower your premium rates.

    That said, some homeowners report a lower premium rate after upgrading to a metal roof. Mostly, after our client replaces the wood shake roof with premium metal roofing, there is a high probability of lower premium rates. Therefore, it is logical that wood shakes are highly flammable and have an increased risk of water damage.

    However, not all insurance providers will consider the upgrade as reason enough to lower your premium rates. Some insurance companies will brush off the fact that your home will be more secure after the upgrade.

    To prevent frustrations after the turn of events, always make inquiries with your insurance agent before making any roofing decision. Your insurance provider has the final say. Although it makes sense to enjoy all sorts of discounts after upgrading to a metal roof, unfortunately, every insurance company has their own terms and conditions. You can also learn more about metal roofing on this website.

    A metal roofing will increase your homes curb appeal and is not flammable, thus offering extra protection.

    Roof Requirements For Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowners insurance providers may closely inspect your roof’s condition before offering or continuing home insurance coverages. Roof insurability depends on various factors, such as:

    • Age: The age of your roof and insurance coverage go hand in hand. A newer roof may mean a lower rate. A roof that’s 20 years old or more may be ineligible for coverage or only be covered for its actual cash value.
    • Condition: Insurance companies are looking for roofs that are in good condition with no visible signs of wear or tear.
    • Material: A slate roof is considered more stable and may earn you a lower rate. A wooden roof isn’t fire-resistant and poses a risk, resulting in a higher rate or may make you ineligible for a policy.
    • Shape: Gable roofs and hip roofs are the two most common roof types. Their different designs affect their susceptibility to damage, and therefore impact the cost to insure them. Hip roofs tend to perform better during windstorms and discounts may be available in coastal areas.

    You can select your roof material and shape during the quote processmaking it easy to see how your roof type affects your insurance price. Some roofs may not be eligible for a policy based on the age and material. If it qualifies you would then be able to purchase a policy. Once you have a policy the insurance company will often inspect the property to ensure the age and condition of the roof actually qualifies.

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    Benefits Of Installing A New Metal Roof

    Will a New Roof Lower My Insurance?

    Maybe after calling your home insurance provider to enquire about the possibility of a discount, you got a negative response. Although It is heartbreaking, you have to look at the bigger picture. You are the homeowner, and a good roof over you translates to peace of mind.

    So, how will you benefit from installing a new metal roof?

    • You may get lower insurance premium rates.
    • A metal roof is long-lasting and needs less maintenance.
    • Metal roofs are fire-resistant thus non-combustible.
    • Metal roofing is an eco-friendly roofing option for the simple fact that it is recyclable

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    Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

    Your insurer and policy provide the timeframe to file a claim. Its best to contact your insurer as soon as there is damage.

    Here are steps to take if you need to file a claim because of roof damage:

    • Contact your insurance company immediately and find out whats covered by your policy.
    • If possible, provide before and after photos to your insurance company so they can evaluate the damage.
    • Schedule a time for an insurance claims examiner to review the damage.
    • Find a qualified roofer as soon as possible. A damaged roof is not properly protecting your home, so you should get it repaired quickly.

    Delaune says replacing a roof can cost anywhere from $9 to $15 per square foot. He suggests that homeowners visit the Roof Consultants Institute‘s website to find a qualified roof consultant to assess the roof or National Roofing Contractors Association for a qualified roofing contractor before making this major investment.


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