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How Long To Roof A House

How Long Does It Take

How To Install DIY Metal Roofing (House or Barn)

The time it takes to replace a roof varies based on the size, shape, damage of the roof, and the roofing crew. In some cases, you might need an entire roof reconstruction and this could take a couple of days. The roofing contractor that you hire will be able to give you the best timeline for the completion of roof replacement. Keep in mind that most licensed roofing contractors have multiple projects going on at the same time.

So, it is highly likely that you will see a team for demolition day, and then they might not return for a day or two. The standard timeframe is a single day to remove the old materials such as shingles and sheathing. Then you might need another day to install the new materials. This timeframe varies based on the damage to the roof and size of the roof.

Week : Painting And Landscaping

Week 10 is another exciting week! The inside of your house will be painted, so youll be able to see what rooms will really look like. Drywall will get its final coats of paint, and trim will also be painted.

If youve chosen to landscape as part of the building process, this will happen outside the house during this point in the home construction timeline. The lot will be leveled one more time, and trees and shrubs will be planted. Lawn, mulch and gravel will be put down.

Sometime this week, you and your builder will do a walk-through of your new home. This is a chance to make sure your home has the correct paints and finishes. If you have concerns about something that looks unfinished or just not what you imagined, this is the time to mention it. The builder will correct any issues over the next few weeks.

Installing The New Roof

Installing a new roof includes few steps. However, those steps require a lot of physical labor. Dont assume that installing a roof is easy work. Here are the steps, generally, that go into new roof installation.

Picking Your Materials/ Preparation

Shingles or tile? Maybe you should use shakes? If you go with shingles, should they be 3-tab shingles, premium shingles, dimensional shingles, or impact-resistant shingles? What color should you choose?

Plans are made during this initial stage. Its the important first step that makes the installation of your new roof system much simpler.

During the preparation phase, if youre going to leave the house while someone else installs your roof, you should be getting ready to go. You dont have to leave, but if you stay you will be hearing constant noise for a few hours at least.

Tearing Off The Old Roof

Removing the shingles is important, and not just because it makes it easier to replace them. When you remove the shingles from the roof, you can see if your roof has any other issues that need attending to. If you have cracked boards or rotting wood, tearing off the old roof makes it easy to spot.

Performing Any Structural Repairs Needed

If youve found boards cracked or rotting, or if youve found cracked flashing, this is the time to fix them. Before your roof can be installed, the roofer will have to prepare your roof deck.

Installing Deck Protection And Leak Barrier

Installing The Shingles


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How Do I Estimate The Cost Of A New Roof

The most common ways to estimate the cost of a new roof are either by the size of your home or the roofing material that you intend to use. We recommend using both for the most accurate new roof cost estimate. First, find out the per-square estimate of the materials, then multiply by the square footage of your house.

This doesnt account for potential complicating factors such as roof pitch, necessary repairs, or other costs. Many roofing contractors offer free estimates, which provide the most accurate numbers.

What Is Different In Each Roof

Vented Vs. Unvented Attics

The actual timeframe of a roof replacement can vary based on complexity, time of year, and size of the roof. Roofs can be categorized as easy to difficult, in terms of replacement and installation. Lets take a look below at the differences.

So, when wondering how long it might take to replace your roof, consider the type of roof that you currently have and if you are going to use the same materials for your new roof. Do you have a flat roof or pitched roof? You might decide to change the roof look and switch from shingles to a metal or tile roof. Keep in mind that this changes the timeframe of completion by the roofing contractor.

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How Long Does A Roof Membrane Last

If your home or property has a flat or low-sloped roof, some of the other types of roofing systems that weve covered wont be suitable.

For these sorts of properties, a roofing membrane like EPDM is a common choice due to its low cost and easier flat roof repair.

However, it only lasts for 5 to 15 years and is prone to leakage due to its taped or glued seams.

PVC and TPO roof membranes are more costly but also more durable roofing membrane options.

These are single ply roofing membranes with hot welded air seams that allow them to last nearly twice as long as EPDM rubber but of course these types of membrane roofs are more expensive to install or purchase.

Keep in mind that if your property is situated in an area where hurricanes are likely, then you will want to invest in a fully-adhered membrane roofing system as opposed to a mechanically attached single ply membrane roof since those will be more likely to withstand the winds and water from a hurricane.

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Steep And Shallow Roofs May Need Special Care

Homes in the greater Detroit area come in a variety of architectural styles, and some of themsuch as Victorians, Queen Annes, and Tudorscan have steep areas, detailed dormers, and numerous other roof features. This typically requires a roofer to use special equipment to stay firmly on the roof during the work, and this equipment can take longer to set in place.

On the other hand, a home with a shallow roof may require the placement of additional underlayment to prevent moisture leaks. This is an added step that will lengthen your roof replacement, though of course its well worth it for the protection youll get.

One Day Installation Service For Most Roofs

Framing a Roof with Larry Haun

With this being said, most roofs can be installed in just one day. The materials for the roof will have to be delivered to the home before the installation day. This means you cant simply ask for a roof installation and get one the same day or the next day. You will have to wait for as assessment of the roof and for the materials to be ordered and delivered. Once those materials are delivered, it can usually be placed on an average sized house in a full days work.

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Some Roofing Materials Take Longer To Install Than Others

Todays homeowners have so many choices for their roofing. And while that versatility allows you to customize your homes curb appeal, it also means your roof replacement may require more craftsmanship during the installation.

On average, traditional asphalt shingles can take 1-3 days to install, while wood shakes take 3-4 days. Slate requires 6-7 days, while concrete tiles take 8-9 days.

How Long Does A Slate Roof Last

Slate roofing not only looks elegant, but it can last for a significant amount of time in some environments, slate roof tiles can last for over a century.

However, they dont always last that long and if you have a slate roof, you need to keep up on the maintenance and replace any broken or damaged shingles as soon as possible.

Slate roofing is prized for its luxurious look as well as how long-lasting it is a slate roof can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, and in fact there are slate roofs that have been standing for over a century.

They are a common feature on high homes and mansions as slate is often rather costly, but it may be worth it in the long run due to the value a slate roof can add to the property.

Since slate is a natural stone with ideal tendencies for being cut into roofing tiles, it tends to be one of the more durable options that handle all kinds of weather conditions from wind to rain to snow to even hail.

One thing to note is that slate roofing is quite heavy as compared to the alternatives, so the underlying structure needs to be correctly built in order to support its weight if you are replacing a different type of roof with slate tiles, you may need to enhance or build up the bracing and rafters in order to hold up the slate.

Another consideration is that while slate roofing can withstand a high amount of wind uplift, if the tiles fly off during a storm they are especially dangerous due to their weight and sharp edges.

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The Roofing Materials You Choose

The most common roofing material for homeowners is asphalt shingles. If you will be working with asphalt shingles, thats when you can expect a one-day installation. However, other roofing materials may take a bit longer to replace and install.

  • Metal roofing: 1 to 3 days
  • Cedar shakes: 3 to 4 days
  • Slate tiles: 6 to 7 days
  • Concrete tiles: 8 to 9 days

Apple Roofing Partners With Nmc Exteriors

Ridge Vent AND Powered Gable Vent??? Picture Inside.

Homeowners find great joy in doing their own projects around their house and property. Theres something to be said about accomplishing such a task, plus saving money doing it makes it even more attractive. We want to start by saying that we recommend hiring a professional roofer to handle any roofing project, but if you have the experience and skills to handle a DIY roofing project, go for it! Just read our tips on how to roof a house, and you should be in good shape.

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What Does Replacing A House Roof Involve

  • Before roof replacement work can begin, we get rid of your old roof as standard.
  • The first port of call is to add a layer of breathable, insulating and weatherproof felt.
  • Now we lay the roof battens on top of the felt.
  • The final piece to the re-roofing puzzle is to add the tiles.
  • If ridge tiles are required, we use a dry ridge installation, where no sand or cement is used allowing for constant roof ventilation.
  • Complete aftercare support, with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee on all house roof replacement work.
  • How Long Does It Take To Install A Metal Roof

    How long does it take to install a metal roof on your home? It depends on many different factors. It depends on the type of metal roof you have, the area it covers, and the conditions where you live. This article takes a look at how long it can take you to install a metal roof in your home and whether or not it is worth it. After reading this article you should be able to determine if it is worth it.

    How long it takes to install a roof is completely dependent upon what type of roof you have. For instance, installing a flat roofing system will take significantly longer than that of a pitched roof system. The pitched roof system is more complicated because of the additional pitch involved. If you do decide to go with this type of roofing system, it is very important to follow all installation instructions very carefully. This is particularly true if you choose to hire someone to install it for you.

    One thing I will mention right off the bat is that it is very easy to install a metal roof over a traditional roof. If you are not the most technically inclined homeowner, you can hire a contractor who is trained to install this type of roofing system. In most cases, they will complete the job in just one day. If you need to get it installed quickly you can have the work completed in a matter of hours, depending on how much further out you need to go.

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    What Is The Life Expectancy Of 3 Tab Shingles

    3 tab shingles are the most popular sort of shingles for sloped roofs, since they are comparably inexpensive, readily available in most areas, and can last for approximately 10 to 20 years.

    One thing to keep in mind if youre considering a 3 tab shingle roof is that they tend to perform better in more temperate climates such as the east coast and midwest, so if you live in or are buying property somewhere with very cold winters or that is incredibly prone to major storms or blizzards, you might want to look at alternative options.

    Do you need a new roof?

    If your roof is older than 20 to 25 years or if youve recently been subject to a major disaster, then you likely need to look into replacing your roof or at least have it inspected so you can get a good idea of its current condition and when you might be likely to need to get it fixed, repaired, or even completely replaced.

    Also, be aware that if your roof was installed over an existing roof the current roof may or may not be properly ventilated, so you will want to look into that as well ensuring the multiple layers are all sound and solid and repaired properly.

    If your roof has many layers that have built up over the years, you may want to consider replacing it entirely.

    How To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Replacement

    How to Patch a Leaking Rubber Roof | This Old House

    The roofers wont be inside your home, so why do you need to prepare your home for their arrival? Well, installing a brand new roof actually vibrates the whole building. Replacing roof shingles involves a whole lot of nailing, directly into the structure of your home. Theres no long-term damage, but for the short-term, things can get messy. Heres what you need to do:

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    Remove Shingles And Felt Paper

    With the roofing shovel and pry bar, start at the roof ridge. Force the tools under the ridge cap to remove it. Work down the rows of shingles to the edge of the roof.

    Push the tools upward , under both the felt paper and shingles. Loose shingles should slide toward the gutters. For safety, pick up these shingles immediately and throw them to the disposal spot.

    How Long Does It Take To Replace Your Roof

    Before we get into how a contractor determines how long itll take to replace your roof, I want to go ahead and tell you how long a roof replacement can take. Remember every roof is different so the timeline for every replacement is going to be different.

    In general, the roof of an average residence can be replaced in a day. In extreme cases, it could take three to five days. Depending on the weather, complexity, and accessibility of your home it could even take up to three weeks. But unless its a large home, a roof can typically be replaced in a day.

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    The Weather On The Day Of Your Roof Replacement

    A roof has to be replaced in the right conditions. It cant be replaced in the rain, snow, freezing temperatures, or when its too hot.

    If your roof is replaced in any of these conditions I can guarantee its not going to be properly installed. The weather affects both how long itll take to replace your roof and when you can replace it. If you see rain in the forecast your roof replacement is going to be pushed back until your roof is dry enough to work on.

    For example, if it rains the day of your roof replacement, it will have to be rescheduled until its dryer out. If it rains during the replacement, theyll tarp your roof to protect your home and pick up where they left off next time its dry enough to be on it. Inclement weather stretches the replacement process out a little bit longer.

    Is Your Roof Defective

    Ozark Timber Frame

    And how can you tell if your roof might be defective?

    If your roof is relatively new and you are seeing issues like shingles buckling and curling, granules coming off asphalt shingles, missing shingles, or other similar problems, then your roof might be defective and you should reach out to the roofers in your area or contractor who built or installed it, as well as your insurance company.

    This goes doubly so if the insurance company paid for your roof due to damage from a weather event or disaster.

    If your roof is only a few years old and you are noticing any of the aforementioned issues, then you might need to get your roof looked at by professionals because it could become a bigger problem, especially if you are considering selling your house in the near future.

    Also keep in mind that the value of your house may increase or decrease depending on the age of your roof, so if you are planning on moving in the near future, you may want to get your roof assessed before you put the property on the market.

    Moreover, if you are thinking of purchasing a new home or other property, then you should make sure that the roof is relatively new and in good repair if not, youll want to ensure that the property is priced accordingly and be aware that you may need to replace the roof soon.

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