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How Much Is Corrugated Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs: More Durable And Long

How To Overlap Corrugated Metal Roofing. EASY VIDEO: How Much Overlap Butyl Tape Splicing Panels

Metal is not the most cost-effective roofing material, in my opinion. Corrugated metal panels are less expensive per square foot than asphalt shingles, which are typically 20 to 40 percent less expensive. Before you can get too excited, keep in mind that metal roofs necessitate additional accessories such as screws, flashing, and ridge caps. A metal roof, on the other hand, is a more durable and long-lasting option that will look great on your home and will not break the bank. While it may not be the most expensive option, it is a more durable and long-lasting option.

Cost To Remove A Metal Roof

The good news about a metal roof is that it can be installed right on top of most existing roofs. This can save you a lot of money in tear down costs. But if you need to have your roof deck or underlayment replaced or your shingles taken off, thats going to be an extra charge from your roofer.

Roof removals can add between $1,500 and $3,000 to your total metal roof installation cost.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

Corrugated metal roofs are gaining popularity for homes because of their low cost, durability, and unique look. Simple laying procedures make corrugated roofing a quick and easy do-it-yourself project, too.

Corrugated metal roofing structures are more rigid than flat roofing structures, providing more dimensional stability and structural integrity. For instance, corrugated roofing can make a lightweight metal like aluminum sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Corrugated metal roofing is most commonly available in aluminum, stainless steel roofing, and copper roofs. These three metals differ in appearance, cost, and durability.

We always suggest finding a local roofer to help you with a new roof installation to be sure you are getting it installed properly the first time around.

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Where Can I Buy Corrugated Metal Roofing

Where you purchase your metal roofing from is the single greatest way to save a substantial amount of money. In this section we will discuss the most common purchasing channels

  • Metal Roofing Manufacturers That Sell Direct To Public
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Most metal roofing manufacturers will not sell directly to homeowners and in some cases even metal roofing contractors. If you can find a metal roofing manufacturer that deals directly with the public it will be your greatest opportunity to save money on your metal roof. Buying directly from the manufacturer will save you 15% to 50%.

    When you purchase directly from the manufacturer you will need to know what you need. The manufacturer will NOT create your materials list. You will need to know how many panels at what length plus all of the trim.

    Western States Metal Roofing is a metal roofing manufacturer that sells direct to homeowners, roofing contractors, and general contractors.

    It is common to purchase material through roofing supply companies or other distributors. They will put a mark up on the panels that is normally in the range of 15% to 50% depending upon the size of the job.

    If you already know what you need, this might not be the best option for you. However, if you need guidance through the process of figuring out your materials list and the appropriate trims then this is money well spent.

    • Limited selection of colors and finishes
    • Did they get the best price prior to marking it up?

    Corrugated Metal Roofing Contractor In Bradenton Fl

    Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts

    Corrugated metal is just one of the many types of metal used in roofing. Corrugated metal roofs provide a few structural and aesthetic advantages to your building or home. Along with many other types of metal roofs, corrugated metal is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

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    Metal Roofing Material Used

    As discussed throughout this article, the type of metal roofing material you choose will have a great impact on the price. Metal roofing material prices are based on the availability, durability and longevity of each material.

    For example, steel and aluminum roofing options are typically cheaper, while copper roofing may cost you double.

    Mounting Solar Panels On A Metal Roof

    Solar panels are an increasingly popular addition to many homes. They can be added to any metal roofing. However, the mounting hardware or rack should be made of materials that do not interact with the metal. For example, copper roofs require galvanized racks. If you are unsure, speak to your solar panel installer. Installing solar panels on most homes costs $15,000 to $21,000.

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    How Is Corrugated Metal Produced

    Lets start by taking a closer look at corrugated metal. Corrugated simply describes any durable substance which has been shaped into alternating ridges and grooves. Just as corrugated cardboard is used to create sturdy boxes and packing materials, corrugated metal offers some impressive structural strength for lots of roofs and exterior siding applications. Corrugated metal is typically composed of either galvanized steel, galvalume steel, or aluminum, depending upon the intended usage. The coils of metal are placed into a roll-forming machine, which then shapes the metal panels into a preset corrugated pattern of wavy grooves and ridges. The corrugation or metal folding process takes a light gauge metal and turns it into an exterior covering thats both strong and durable.

    Benefits Of Metal Roofing

    Install Corrugated Metal Roofing. EASY VIDEO Screw Placement Screw Location Overlapping Panels
    • Tax Credits Check about receiving a tax credit for work that meets the Energy Star criteria.
    • Less Expensive Homeowners Insurance – Thanks to the structural integrity of a metal roof and how it protects your home, premiums can drop by up to 35% for homeowners.
    • Home Value – Metal roofs will boost the resale value by 1%6%.
    • Return on Your Investment – Could be as high as 86% of the metal roof cost.
    • Longest-Lasting Roofing Option – Metal roofs have an average of 40 years of useful life versus 23 years with asphalt and 20 years with single-ply.
    • Energy Savings – Because of the energy efficiency, metal roofs save between 10 and 30 percent on energy bills from reduced cooling costs.
    • Wind, lightning, and fire resistant Metal roofing will dilute the energy generated by a lightning strike. Also, compared to asphalt, metal roofs qualify for a Class A fire rating under the UL790 standards. Most metal roofs can withstand winds of over 150 miles per hour.
    • Perfectly suited for low-pitched roofs
    • Water runoff Metal roofs do not hinder water runoff or allow water to seep back under the seams on low-pitched roofs as shingles do. The standing seam metal roof is the best installation option for this.
    • Leaks A metal roof leaves no exposed seams or places for water to get in because of the way the layers are staggered.
    • Heavy snow The steel support structure can support people walking around and the weight of snow during the winter months.
  • Eco-friendliness
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    Lowes Metal Roof Price Variations Based On Location

    Honestly, I do not know how the company comes up with pricing in different locations, but Im sure it has to do with demand and cost of delivery. The cheapest price I have found is in Glenville, NY . It is $32.90 per 3×12 panel.

    Highest prices are in stores where these panels are NOT in stock. In Montgomery, AL, our benchmark panels cost $40.38. In Columbus, OH, and Helena, MT the same $40.38.

    Basically you are paying about 13% premium for delivery to the store.

    Galvalume Metal Roofing Prices

    Galvalume metal costs $0.75 to $2.50 per square foot and starts at $5.50 per square foot installed. Galvalume is a combination of steel, aluminum, zinc, and silicone. A wide range of color options is available.

    Galvalume metal roof panels typically last around 60 years however, they have a propensity to completely degrade when in contact with other metals like copper or iron, or other building materials like concrete, brick, or the treated wood found in decks. Also, unless treated with KJynar coatings, galvalumes finish can fade in color or develop a buildup of a chalk-like residue, as well as oil canning, which changes the look of the metal.

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    Metal Roof Vs Asphalt Shingles Repair Costs

    Compared to common repairs on an asphalt roof on 100 square feet costing $250$500, because most asphalt shingle roof repairs can only be fixed by replacing the shingle, while common metal roof repairs cost$300$930.

    To repair shingles on an asphalt roof, expect to pay $500, vs. $930 for metal roof replacement panel repairs. To seal leaks, tighten or replace fasteners, and caulk a metal roof, expect to spend between $300 and $500.

    Mobile Home Metal Roof Cost

    Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts

    Many mobile homeowners opt for metal roofs for their homes, ranging between $2,500 and $15,000, depending on the roof size and material. Metal roofs are popular due to their improved look and function. Adding a metal roof increases your mobile homes energy efficiency and reduces sound, making your climate control easier to maintain all year. The material is extremely durable and can be installed on many roof slopes and types. The installation process is fairly easy and takes 1 to 2 days.

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    R Panel Roof Prices At Home Depot Vs Lowes

    As of January 2022, Home Depots price for 3×12 panel is around $36.25 in Rochester, NH, for ANY color, and $34.11 for unpainted Galvalume.

    For comparison, Lowes price for a color panel is from $39-$53, and $35 for Galvalume. The 16 foot products are about $48 each which is the same $1/square foot of the 12 ft. panel.

    The white color metal panel from Home Depot is 50% cheaper than the same panel at Lowes. Only brown colors are similar in price.

    So there is a pretty big price difference in favor of Home Depot. However, if you consider that Lowes sells Fabral , vs Home Depots little known MSMC, the extra cost may be justifiable.

    At the same time, since all steel used for roofing in the US comes from the same 2-3 manufacturers, and undergoes a similar galvanization process, using Galvalume , Id say both brands are very much comparable in quality.

    Neither specifies Kynar/Hylar resin used in paint, so we can presume that paint is most likely acrylic . Both cover only paint finish/color fading under their warranties .

    Given the above factors, I would actually say both brands are similar in quality, so Home Depots no name product clearly wins.

    Would You Like Further Help With Your Corrugated Roofing Project

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    Metal Roof Cost Per Square

    Metal roofing tiles are often sold per square, ranging between $400 and $4,000 per square. Each square is 100 square feet. The total cost depends on your roofs size and material. In many cases, you need to round up to the nearest full square when purchasing materials. However, this is good because it is recommended to have leftover material for repairs. Below are the average costs for installing metal roofs based on the number of squares your home may need.

    Number of Squares
    $7 – $20

    Galvalume Roofing Prices

    Galvalume steel costs $4 to $9 a sq.ft. installed. Galvalume is steel coated in aluminum. The steel is heated first so that the aluminum bonds with the steel. This helps prevent corrosion and allows you to use the steel in its natural finish rather than requiring paint. Galvalume is one of the most common and popular steel roofing types. It is available in nearly all styles, including interlocking , panels, and standing-seam.

    Painted Steel

    A painted steel roof costs $4.50 to $17 a sq.ft. Painted steel is powder coated for the appearance of another metal, such as copper, or a bold or bright color on its own. Powder coating steel can disguise corrosion and rust but does not prevent them. Painted steel fades, so you may need to repaint your roof to maintain its bright color. Painted steel comes in an incredible range of colors. It is most commonly available in standing-seam styles but may be found in interlocking shingles.

    Galvanized Steel Roofing Prices

    Disadvantages Of Corrugated Metal Roofing

    How Much Does Corrugated Metal Roofing Cost? Materials Installation Factors That Increase Price
    • Not as leak proof as standing seam or metal shingles due to exposed fasteners
    • Generally needs maintenance after 15-20 years, such as inspecting and re-tightening fasteners, re-caulking if necessary
    • Aesthetically, not the most beautiful of metal roofing options, though it is a subjective consideration

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    Cost To Install A Metal Roof By Location

    Metal roofs are incredibly durable, long-lasting, and attractive. They can be installed on the main area of your home, outbuildings, and areas like patios, garages, barns, and sheds. If you have a metal roof on the main area of your home, adding a metal roof to outbuildings and attached areas can give your property a cohesive appearance. You also gain the benefits of metal roofing for those areas with the materials durability. This means lower maintenance and a longer lifespan for your property.

    You can also mix and match, using the metal roof as an accent on bay windows or porches. Doing so can call more attention, so installing higher-quality materials like copper or zinc is common, but it is fine to use aluminum or steel.

    The cost for each area depends on several factors, including the metal material and style. It can also be impacted by the size and if it is a standalone installation or attaches to your home like a porch or bay window. The more complex the installation, the higher the costs.

    Below are the average costs to install a metal roof on common areas on your property, based on the most typical sizes. Your costs may vary if your space is larger or smaller than average.

    Project Area
    $6,000 – $60,000

    How Does The Gauge Of The Steel Affect The Corrugated Roofing Cost

    There are lots of options when you are choosing the gauge or thickness of corrugated metal roofing. The gauge of the steel can be a bit confusing as a lower gauge is actually heavier steel. For example, 24 gauge is heavier than 26 gauge steel.

    The vast majority of corrugated roofing is either 24 gauge or 26 gauge. Either gauge is appropriate for a corrugated roof. However, if you want a PVDF paint system then you must purchase a 24 gauge. If you would like a 26 gauge roof then it would only be available in a SMP paint finish. Corrugated roofing in a 24 gauge vs 26 gauge will add 25% to 35% to the price.

    The lightest gauge that you can purchase is a 29 gauge corrugated roof. It is our opinion that 29 gauge is a bad investment. The 10% material savings vs the overall installed price of the roof just does not justify the lighter gauge.

    If you have further interest in this subject we suggest that you read: What Gauge Metal Roofing Should I Use For My Corrugated Roof?

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    What Is Corrugated Metal

    Traditionally, corrugation refers to the distinctive S or wavy pattern roll-formed into metal sheets. This process gives the metal greater flexibility to bend perpendicular to the ridges while improving stiffness in parallel. In practice, corrugating dramatically increases strength where it matters while maintaining the thin, lightweight profile of metal sheets.

    The depth of corrugations impacts the strength of the panel, where a deeper corrugation renders improved strength.

    Corrugated metal panels commonly come in ?, ¾, ½, and ¼ sizes, where the value represents the depth of the corrugations. Among these sizes, the ? panel will provide the greatest structural durability because its corrugations run deeper.

    Image source: McElroy Metal

    Today, industry professionals also tend to include ribbed, crimped, and other roll-formed patterns into the corrugated metal definition, as they essentially deliver the same performance.

    Does Corrugated Metal Rust

    How Much Metal Roof Cost In Philippines

    Corrugated metal is very durable and corrosion-resistant. There are two ways to rust corrugated metal. The first way is with muriatic acid or bleach toilet bowl cleaner, as previously mentioned, or naturally, through weathering and water exposure. The zinc coating on hot-dipped galvanized steel will last for thirty-five to fifty years in corrosive soil, and longer in less corrosive soil. Essentially, with roofing maintenance and a good roof coating, corrugated metal will last a long time without rusting.

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    What Tools And Supplies Do You Need For Metal Ridge Cap Installation

    Installing eave trim on your metal roof starts with using the right tools and having the correct supplies on hand. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Metal to metal screws with sealing washer
  • Measure your roof to determine how many pieces of ridge cap you will need. Do not forget to account for the 6 overlap and 1 to prepare cap ends.
  • Lay the ridge cap down at one edge of the building and mark both outside edges with a carpenters pencil. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the building.
  • String a chalk line. Do not use red chalk as its difficult to remove.
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    Benefits Of Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

    While the initial material and installation cost of a corrugated metal roof is higher than asphalt shingles or other standard roofing material, the longevity is far superior. Corrugated roofs last two to three times longer than a typical non-metal roof their lifespan is 30 to 45 years.

    Across the country, homeowners who invest in corrugated metal roofing get an average ROI of 85.9%. Corrugated metal roofing can also lower your insurance rates because of its fire resistance, especially in states like Texas and California that are vulnerable to wildfires. These roods are also extremely energy-efficient and durable.

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