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What Colors Do Metal Roofs Come In

Metal Roof Color Choices

Effect of Metal Roof Colors

Base your colors on the house’s theme, or choose complementing colors that go well with the location. Possible color choices that you can match by locale are:

  • Tropical

For homes built in warmer climates or tropical settings, roofs in bright colors tend to be preferred. Lighter shades can reflect more sun, which helps keep your home cooler and reduces energy bills.

Popular color choices include metallic shades, such as Patina Green, Regal Red, Sage Green, Aged Copper, Regal Blue, Slate Blue, or custom formulas. Zinc metallic and raw metal are also used.

  • Woodlands

Many people who build their homes surrounded by nature, like in the mountains or forests, choose homes made of natural materials like wood, steel, and stone. Installing a metal roof with a complementary nature color allows your house to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Ideal color choices include Medium and Dark Bronze, Classic Green, Evergreen, Hartford Green, Burnished Slate, and any shade of gray. Roofs in these environments look great in weathered, rusted, or matte finishes.

  • Plains & Deserts

Homes built along the Plains and Deserts are often on flat expanses of land surrounded by drought-hardy foliage. Due to low precipitation and high temperatures in summer, lighter colors are often chosen for their reflective properties.

  • Southern

Snow Guards For Metal Roofs

When a thick coating of snow starts sliding down a metal roof, the entire mass is likely to slide off the eaves and flatten whatever shrubbery, people, or pets happen to be in its path. The way to prevent this is to hold the white stuff in place with snow guards or snow rails, until it slowly melts away.

Snow guards are burly little plates that stick up a few inches above the roofing, and are arranged in a staggered pattern several feet up from the eaves.

Snow rails, which run parallel to the eaves, effectively hold back the thick packs that accummulate after heavy snowfalls. Both of these elements can be fastened to the roof deck or glued directly to the roofing with high-tech adhesives.

Popular Steel Siding Colors & Finishes

From exterior siding to interior wainscot, there are many ways to incorporate metal siding into your design. As exterior siding or wainscot, metal will hold up to all types of weather and keep your home protected and beautiful for years to come. Interior metal accents can be a great way to add color or texture to any space.

A popular metal panel colors trend with architects and designers is to use dark gray sheet metal colors and black tones or natural metals in modern and industrial designs. Darker metal siding colors are often paired with bright painted metal or dark wood tones to contrast the metals cool natural finish.

Another popular choice for steel siding colors is to use galvanized steel with light, warm wood tones or natural stone to create an impeccable clean, modern design.

Steel Siding Colors and other Sheet Metal Colors are often paired with other materials such as wood and stone to create texture and dimension in a design. The clean lines of metal next to the rough edges of stone can be the perfect combination of natural elements. Natural elements can help a homes exterior blend into its environment, or to bring the outdoors in.

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Installation And Repair Usually Requires A Professional

DIYers have been known to install and repair metal roofing, but it is generally not advised. Metal roofing is generally available only through select retailers, and the techniques for installation and repair are specialized skills. If you opt for metal roofing, you will likely be calling a specialist should problems occur. Fortunately, such problems are rare with metal roofs.

How To Choose The Right Metal Roof Color

Residential Metal Roofing Styles And Colors

Ideally, the color of your roof will complement and elevate the look of your home. Here are simple, but time-tested design tips to consider.

You can also check out our comprehensive guide on the best House and Roof Color Combinations.

1. With permanent house siding, be extra careful about your roof color

There are many beautiful roof and house color combinations. On a stone or brick home, it is critical to pick a color that will match well, as you dont have the option to repaint your siding.

In case of a metal roof, you also will not be replacing it any time soon.

Consequently, try to avoid very dark or bright shades , as you dont want it to be the first and the only thing that stands out about your house.

You should also steer clear of overly earthly colors such as brown, as these make the entire house look heavy and boring.

Instead, your best bet would be something custom. Take a careful look at your brick or stone, and consider some complementary shades.

2. On a traditional style home, stay away from bright, bold hues

Most traditional style homes work well with both neutral and darker colors. For example, a brown metal roof is usually a very beautiful and safe choice. Unusual or very bright tones may look off -putting on a traditional style home.

Here are home styles that call for special colors:

French Country: these homes look amazing with the green bluish shades that imitate slate

3. A light color roof makes the house appear taller

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Common Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is typically made from recycled and recyclable materials. This makes metal roofing a sustainable option in addition to being extremely durable and long-lasting. You can feel good about choosing a metal roof, knowing youve made an environmentally-friendly choice thats worth the cost.

Here are a few of the most common types of metal roofing materials and their pros and cons.

Selecting A Metal Roof Color

There are a lot of options when it comes to metal roof colors, so your selection is going to be primarily determined by your personal preference. In general, however, you are going to want to either select a color that contrasts with the rest of the colors on your home or choose a color that complements those colors.

A contrasting color will make the roof visually pop and make the home stand out. Complementary colors will give the home a more classic look.

If youre not sure which is more your style, we recommend checking out our residential photo gallery. There are a lot of completed roofing projects in the gallery with both complementary and contrasting roofing colors.

Another option is to take a photo of your home and use our visualization tool to see what your home would look like with a metal roof.

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Types Of Metal Roofing + Pros And Cons Of Each

There are a number of different materials used for metal roofing, and three basic ways that its installed. These three different ways are referred to as the types of metal roofing.

  • Hidden fastener metal roofing
  • Exposed fastener metal roofing
  • Stamped metal roofing

Each of these types comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. But despite those different benefits, homeowners most often choose their roofing type based on the look that they want.

Energy Star Reflective Values

Metal Roof Color: How To Pick The Best Color For Your Roof

Energy Star® Reflective Values Energy Efficient Roofing Products Cool Roofs and Emissivity Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Free Quote Model Name Initial Solar Reflectance Solar Reflectance after 3 years Initial Emissivity Alunar Charcoal GU06 0.25 0.25 0.83 Alunar Black GU06 0.25 0.25 0.83 Alunar Weathered Brown GU15 0.25 0.25 0.83

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Measuring Metal Panel Chalking

Chalking is measured using one or more of the methods defined in the ASTM D-4214 standard. This standard also defines parameters for the numbering system, ranging from Number 1 to Number 10 with Number 1 being the worst and showing signs of extreme chalking . Warranties often cover chalking in excess of a specific number using a specific method to determine that number.

For example, if a manufacturer says that their warranty covers chalking in an excess of Number 8 using Method A, also called the Cloth Tape Method, the testing process would follow these instructions:

  • 7.1 Test Method A Cloth Tape Method
  • 7.1.1 Material Fabric, as agreed upon between the producer, user, or other interested parties, to rub against the surface being tested. Black wool felt, velvet, and velveteen have proven particularly effective.
  • 7.1.2 Procedure Wrap the fabric around the index fingertip, then make a 2 to 3 inch stroke with medium pressure on the coating under observation. Remove the fabric and compare the spot of chalk on it with Photographic Reference Standard No.
  • NOTE Medium pressure can be quantified by placing the finger on a balance or scale, and pressing downward until 3 to 5 pounds of pressure is obtained.

// White Siding With A Black Steel Roof

The classic black-and-white color scheme on this quaint home has a simple yet striking ambiance. Black is one of the most popular metal roof colors and is the ultimate source of contrast to bright white siding like this. Wood accents and the bold, turquoise front door further add to the homes charm.

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Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient

Choosing the correct metal roofing color will have a direct effect on the energy efficiency of your metal roof. If you live in a warm climate then the color of your roof should be a major consideration. If you want to save money on your electric bill then you should purchase a metal roof that is a Cool Metal Roof.

As a metal roofing company located in sunny Arizona, our customers are always looking for ways to reduce their electric bills. It is not uncommon to have a summer electric bill that is three hundred to five hundred dollars. We are asked the same questions each and every month.

Colour Collocation Of The Whole House

Is Colored Metal Roofing the Latest Trend?

When choosing a color for your metal roof, you’ll want to choose one that complements the other predominant colors.

Consider your exterior walls, accent pieces , trim, gutters, wood of porches, railings, columns, fascia board, and other colored items. You may also want to have a roof that matches other outbuildings such as workshops, sheds, or barns.

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No Longer A Novelty Metal Roofing Has Many Advantages

Kelly Bacon is a licensed general contractor with over 40 years of experience in construction, home building and remodeling, and commercial building. He is a member of The Spruce Home Improvement Review Board.

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Metal roofing has entered the mainstream and is a viable option for nearly all homes, except those with very flat roof pitches. Not all metal roofs scream “metal.” There are now shingle-style metal roofing products that are almost indistinguishable from traditional asphalt shingle roofs. If you are wondering about the merits of metal roofing, here are 12 things to know.

Metal Roof Styles: Colors Paint & Accents

From smooth and seamed to deeply embossed, and in a range of colors, theres a metal-roofing profile to suit virtually every architectural style.

Though expensive, a metal roof will last half a century or more. Considering investing in a metal roof but dont know where to begin? Read this guide to learn more about the styles and finishes to choose from.

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Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coated Galvalume & Aluminum

This resin is made up of about 70% PVDF and 30% acrylic blend. Commonly referred to as Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000®, PVDF resins are the best protective coatings available to stand up to extreme temperatures, sun exposure, humidity, and pollution particles in the atmosphere. PVDF coated metal is easily the most popular metal roofing option available today.

  • Weathered

What Is Chalking On Metal Roofing

How to install Metal Roofing 3ft panels-ASC Building Products

Chalking is the whitish residue that can become visible on a painted or coated metal surface over time. As a panel is exposed to sunlight and UV rays, the resin begins to break down and degrade. Once the resin starts to break down and continues to be exposed to the sun, oxygen, and other pollutants, it loses its adhesion to the surface and those degraded particles begin to turn white. These particles will eventually become visible to the naked eye on the metals surface.

Often, the difference can be subtle. However, if you swipe the panel with your finger, you can notice the chalky residue on your skin.

The degree of metal roof chalking is dependent on the paint system, especially the resin type and quality. Assuming the same environmental conditions apply, the rate of chalking based on resin type is usually in the following order:

  • Plastisols
  • PVDF or FEVE
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    A Look To Complement Your Home

    Almost any style of roof can be achieved with metal, from the more traditional standing seam style to a vintage tile look or popular shake and shingle profiles. Just because youre choosing metal for your roof doesnt mean you have to be limited when it comes to style. With our large collection of metal roof colors and styles to choose from, a metal roof can be installed to complement your home exactly, no matter the age or design.

    Know The Architectural Style Of The Structure

    Another factor to consider during the color decision revolves around the type of architectural style your home or property is categorized as. There are hundreds of different kinds of architecture, and some properties might be considered more than one, but here are some examples of color choices based on architectural style:

    • Building style: Modern
    • Color options: Matte Black, Regal White, Charcoal Gray
  • Building style: Ranch
  • Color options: Charcoal Gray, Dark Bronze, Solar White
  • Building style: Craftsman
  • Color options: Ash Gray, Sierra Tan, Slate Blue
  • Building style: Spanish
  • Color options: Terra Cotta, Colonial Red, COR-TEN AZP® RAW
  • Building style: Cape Cod
  • Color options: Sandstone, Slate Gray, Medium Bronze
  • Building style: Victorian
  • Color options: Charcoal Gray, Dove Gray, Hemlock Green
  • Building Style: Farmhouse and Barns
  • Color options: Regal Red, Colonial Red, White
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    Use Metal Roofing As An Accent

    No budgetor needfor a whole new roof? Enhance small-scale areas with distinctive metal detail

    • Portico roof : Dark bronze standing-seam metal stands out against crisp white trim on a traditional Colonial Revivalstyle house. Since a portico bears the brunt of rain and snow falling from the main roof, metal roofing is a natural choice for this spot.
    • Bay roof : The graceful, curved seams of this copper-colored bay window topper show off metals ability to conform to contours and elevate the look of this popular architectural detail. Where metal abuts brick, a groove should be cut into the wall so that flashing and counterflashing can be inserted to ensure a leakproof joint.
    • Turret top : Scalloped copper shingles follow the tight curves of this conical roof. Its multihued verdigris color, a sign of the natural patina that guards the underlying metal from deterioration, lends a dramatic counterpoint to all the other attention-grabbing features of this French Eclecticstyle house.
    • Porch roof : The pale-gray metal finish on this standing-seam roof offers a welcome contrast to the textured stucco siding and raw-wood porch posts of this Spanish Colonialinfluenced house. In hot, dry climates, a heat-reflecting roof like this creates a shady oasis from which to enjoy the outdoors.

    Use Geographic Location To Guide Your Decision

    Metal Roof Colors: How To Pick The Right Color For Your House ...

    Where you live, or where your building is located, can play a part of what color you choose. For example:

    • Tropical Building and homeowners in tropical locations tend to install metal roofs in colors that are brighter and livelier than non-tropical regions. Favored colors in the tropics include Aged Copper, Patina Green, Slate Blue, Metallic colors and custom colors.
    • Mountains and Forests Most buildings settled in the mountains or forested areas utilize more of the earth tones that match the surroundings. Popular colors for these areas are Hartford Green, Evergreen, Dark or Medium Bronze, and all of the gray finishes.
    • Plains Similar to mountainous areas, colors used on exterior buildings in the Plains tend to be softer earth tones, including Ash Gray, Dove Gray, Surrey Beige, and Mansard Brown.
    • South States or regions in the southern United States tend to follow warmer color schemes and are heavily influenced by Latin architecture for roofing specifically, Spanish tile is prominent. For properties that want the look of Spanish tile and the protection/longevity of metal roofing, standard colors include Terra Cotta and Colonial Red.

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    Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits For Interlock Roofing

    Tax Credits Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits Homeowners can receive a tax credit of 10% of the cost, up to $500, for Interlock Metal Roofing Systems installed on their principal residence. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin For more information about available Federal Tax Credits, please visit Energy® Star Downloads 2021 Energy

    Custom Colors And Profiles

    The beauty of metal roofing is that it comes in a virtually limitless variety of colors and profiles. If you want to achieve a highly sophisticated and original look for your home, it is possible to order custom colors in just about any profile that will match a specific palette. You can even order custom levels of gloss or shininess for your metal roof. In addition to custom, solid colors, new technology makes it possible to produce a number of two-tone and variegated colors that can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your roof.

    Custom colors cost more and there are minimum quantities of material that a manufacturer or supplier will require. However, the larger the job, the more reasonable the price for customization will be, and in this case the extra cost may be well worth the premium, custom look you will get.

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