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How Much Does A Roof Salesman Make

Always Make Sure The Last Impression Is A Good One

How Much Roofers and Roofing Sales reps Make? | Roofing Insights

Want to learn how to sell roofs door to door successfully? Remember to be polite, no matter how the homeowner treats you. Reacting in a negative way will poison any future potential relationship with that homeowner, but the situation can also go public quickly.

Its not uncommon for neighborhoods to have private Facebook groups, making it easy for a homeowner to notify neighbors theres a pushy or rude salesperson knocking on doors. A bad door-to-door experience can also end up on roofing company review sites like Yelp or Angies List.

Two Types Of Roofing Sales Payment Plans: Gross Versus Profit

Now, lets get into those two pay plans mentioned at the beginning to really break this down. The two most common pay plans, not factoring in base pay , are plans based on:

  • The gross sales
  • Im going to explain each model using an example of:

    • A $10,000 sale
    • A commission range of 5% to 12% or 30 to 50% These are the most common ranges I see.

    Dress Up Your Proposal

    A scribbled roof sketch and hand written numbers arent going to instill much confidence on the part of a buyer, so make your presentations shine by doing them professionally. Imagine giving your customer a detailed digital proposal that you can share with them on your computer tablet, or send to them so they can view it on their PC or even their phone. A proposal should contain their roof diagram with all the roof parts labeled images of their home marked up to indicate where all the roof conditions issue exist images of the materials to be used a breakdown of all the material and labor costs extra service costs for site clean up your credentials as licensed contractor, and more.


    • Your clients roof diagram with all the roof parts labeled
    • Images of their roof marked-up to indicate where all the roof condition issues exist
    • Images and specifications for the materials to be applied
    • A custom simulation of their new roof on an image of their own property read more about the Roof Visualizer
    • Breakdown of all the material and labor costs
    • Extra service costs, i.e., job site clean-up
    • Your credentials as a licensed contractor
    • Information about the manufacturers warranty
    • Roof simulation using an image of your clients home
    • The final contract which can be signed digitally!

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    Sales Compensation Plan Examples: Alarm And Security Door To Door

    Start with training salary of $2000/mo for month 1, $1500 for month 2, $1000 for month 3 and $500 for month 4. Rep also receives $500/mo auto allowance. Commissions range from 10-18%.

    We pay $500 minimum commission per sale.

    5x monthly contracted revenue paid out in 2 installments at signing and at 6 month anniversary. Once successful, converts to 3 month draw against commission of $2,000/month.

    We pay 10% commission on profit of each sale.

    Commission plus $2,000 guarantee against commissions per month. iPad, iPhone and full benefits after 90 days plus bonuses.

    Sell 1 new account per day and make $100,000.

    Earn $200-$500 per sale

    Experienced reps are guaranteed $650 per sale.

    Typical Roofing Sales Job Description

    How Much Roofers and Roofing Sales reps Make?

    A roofing career may not be a good fit for everyone, but for those who want to learn about the industry, it can be an exciting and rewarding career.

    The primary responsibility of roofing sales reps is to familiarize themselves with the products and services of the company. They may specialize in selling residential or commercial roofing products, repairs, or installation of new roofing systems. Roofing sales reps may also conduct roof inspections prior to officially working with new customers.

    Frequent visits and interactions with suppliers, real estate developers, customers, and other potential clients are also part of their job duties. This is to ensure robust communication and a harmonious relationship with every client.

    Furthermore, roofing sales representatives must attend trade shows to learn the latest developments, marketing tools, and sales strategies involved in the roofing industry.

    The responsibilities and accountabilities of the roofing sales position may include but are not limited to the above-mentioned descriptions.

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    Strive To Create Genuine Dialogue

    If a total stranger approaches you and asks to hold your wallet or iPhone, your instinct is to hold back. Steve knew that that kind of reluctance can be quelled in a few minutes of honest two-way conversation. Its not a trick. Its simply a process of earning trust.

    Back when Steve was working in telecom sales, he once met with a visiting Executive VP of Sales. The two hit it off well and chatted about things, both personal and business-related. The executive had come to inquire as to how Steve had managed to attain record annual sales for the regional office. Halfway into their conversation Steve complimented the mans watch saying, Thats a nice watch, may I see it? The expensive gold timepiece was handed over without much hesitation. Steve got up and walked away with it. After showing his sales team what he now possessed, and collecting his winnings , Steve returned to the now irritated executive. Why did you do that? he asked Steve. Well sir, you asked me how my division managed to increase sales. Thats how. Steve had merely tried to demonstrate how establishing a good rapport can facilitate a desired action and it worked! In a similar manner, each member of his sales team had done the same with their customers throughout that record-setting year.

    Tip for Contractors

    Watchdog Dave Lieber Shows How The Actions Of One Area Roofing Company Show Whats Wrong With The Texas Roofing Industry

    By Dave Lieber

    12:28 PM on Feb 25, 2022 CST

    This is a story of an area roofing companys salesmen who broke almost every rule there is to break, and unfortunately for them, they knocked on the wrong door to do it.


    Im disgusted with the antics of S.W.A.T. Roofing and Contracting of Haslet. Still, I gave owner Andrew Dumas more than a week to talk to me about what I witnessed. At his request, I sent him surveillance photos from my home security camera showing his two salesmen on my front steps. But Dumas would never speak to me about it.

    He has a few problems though. The two roofing associations he belongs to local and state promise to investigate him for ethics violations.

    Why is this important? Because its hail season in Texas, and some neighborhoods are going to be hit hard. Roofers, many from out of town, will swarm like buzzards, going up and down your block, trying to get business in the only Gulf Coast state without a roofers license or even a basic certification process.

    This shows you how they can work to deceive. What did those two salesmen for S.W.A.T. Roofing do wrong?

    1) No solicitors. They ignored the No Solicitors sign on my front door and rang the bell. That alone was enough to get my dogs barking which awakened my wife Karen from a well-deserved nap. You mess with my wifes nap, dudes, you mess with me.

    Even after these errors were pointed out to Dumas by me and others, as of Thursday, he still hadnt corrected the wording on his website.

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    How Long Does It Take Before Roofing Salesmen Get Paid

    Roofing companies have a slow time period when paying their contractors. Roofers are not generally paid for their labor until 30 days after the project is complete. Sometimes roofers will receive partial pay during installation projects but larger bonuses are only given once final inspections have been completed. These payment periods usually extend 90 days and sometimes even longer depending on how well certain roofing companies and construction crews work together and communicate effectively. Because of this timeline, roofers usually need some sort of mad money on standby in order to pay their bills and expenses.

    Sales Compensation Plan Examples: Merchant Services

    How to make $100,000 in Roofing Business: as Installer, Owner and in Sales

    Lease commissions ranging from $125-$450.

    Up to $200 up front bonus for each account plus up to 75% residual.

    For each activation, agents are paid a one-time $200 bonus plus a monthly residual of 30%.

    Starting commission rate of 40% with an opportunity for 60% with enough accounts. Rate increases to 45% after first 5 accounts. After 200 accounts, expect $100k in yearly earnings.

    Sell 6-8 locations per month and make $100,000 plus residuals. Two sales per week averages $1500-2000 plus 50% residuals.

    50% signing bonus plus 15-25% lifetime residuals. Vesting reps can sell residuals for 30x value.

    Each closed account nets 4300 up front bonus and 20% commission for lifetime of account.

    Lifetime residuals. 25-40% residuals for lifecycle of customer. 30x buyout options twice yearly. 401k after 90 days. Medical, dental, vision after 90 days. Life and AD& D insurance. Includes iPad.

    Starting base salary of $32,000 plus 3% commission on total sale.

    20% commissions on gross revenue for a period of 2 years, even if not employed with a cap of $20,000 per client. Register 50+ businesses and commission rate grows to 25%

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    Offer Roofing Sales Pricing Options

    Property owners want options. Its not always easy to tell if a homeowner is willing to invest in the finest products available or if they might be in a tight financial position. In almost every case, you can offer a customer choices between good, better, and best. Of course you want to upsell them, but at the same time, assure them that even the lower-end products you represent will give them years of protection and still look fantastic on their home. Reinforce that no matter what system they buy, your company will stand behind it and apply the same high standards to the installation process. When a homeowner feels that they dont have to be ashamed about choosing the least expensive path, theyre likely to move up to something better, anyway!

    Focus On Benefits Not Features

    All good products have features. You can read them on the box or on a website. No doubt, great features motivate buying behavior, but when you understand how a particular feature makes life easier, thats what counts the most.

    The Lean, Mean Grilling Machine, better known as the George Foreman Grill, was introduced in 1994. Forman hawked the contraption constantly on TV infomercials. The popularity of the grill burgeoned, not because of its practical features but because the former heavyweight boxing champ promised it would knock out most of the unhealthy fat from anything cooked on it. The ads showed a perky homemaker in a studio kitchen filling a glass measuring cup with all the excess grease oozing from a juicy burger on the grill. She asked viewers to imagine all that fat going down their gullets. That provocative scenario was far more important to people than the grills corrugated non-stick metal cooking surfaces and its slanted design that allowed drippings to flow down into a receptacle. The features are merely incidental to the benefit of cutting out the fat.

    Steve practiced the same technique with the product he sold. He recommended that contractors share special attributes of their company which can directly benefit the homeowner.

    Tip for Contractors

    People are not creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.

    Dale Carnegie

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    Roofing Sales Pay Based On A Sales Reps Responsibilities

    What do I mean by responsibility? Oftentimes, salespeople are responsible for the whole job. Well call this cradle-to-grave selling, from selling the job all the way to collecting the job. Thats everything including the build day and supplementing the whole kit and caboodle.

    Meanwhile, the next company says, Listen, all you got to do is ink the job and get the build order. Then, were going to take care of supplementing, production, collection, and everything else.

    So, the responsibility the rep has will dictate the type of pay and how much.

    Obviously, having a supplement department, a production department, and collections handled for you frees up your time to sell more. When you have more time, you can sell more.

    Commission Only Car Salesman Pay Plan

    How Much Roofers and Roofing Sales reps Make?

    Most traditional car dealerships pay their salespeople on a commission only pay plan. This means if they do not sell a car, they do not get paid. For some green peas , there can be several days between selling a car and getting paid.

    Commission-only pay plans are also one of the major factors to such high turnover rates associated with the retail car sales industry. There is no limit to what a car salesman can make on this kind of payment plan. The more experienced and talented the salesperson is, the more money they can make.

    I know several car salesmen that make well over $100,000 a year on these kinds of payment plans. These salesmen have turned down Management positions several times because they are comfortable where theyre at, and they know their skill in sales is providing them well financially.

    A commission-only pay plan may also fill the car dealers floor with sharks, these kinds of salespeople will stick you in the back every chance they get. If youre timid, dont apply yourself, and dont have any natural sales skills or work habits. Youll be lucky to make enough money to survive very long with this type of payment plan.

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    Listen To The Prospect

    Its easy to let a pitch go onto autopilot, but the most effective salespeople are those who actively listen to homeowners and adjust accordingly. Selling roofs successfully begins with a conversation to identify their pain point. Then, highlight a specific way your company will ease that pain.

    Is the homeowner stressed about the prospect of dealing with the insurance company? Let them know your business is familiar with handling insurance claims and will take care of much of the paperwork for them.

    Are they worried about having their prized rose bushes crushed by a traditional roofing process? If you use the Equipter RB4000, explain how this equipment changes the way roofers work to significantly reduce the risk of property damage.

    Above Average Car Salesmans Pay

    $60,000 $120,000+ a year These are your very seasoned professional car salesmen, highly trained, and take car sales very seriously. These individuals have normally been at one dealership for a very long time. They have built a steady flow of repeat and referral business over time, sell-by appointment, and dont rely on walk-in traffic.

    There are very few individual car salesmen in this pay range. They are very organized, stay in touch with their customers and work smart not hard.

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    Sales Compensation Plan Examples: Roofing And Storm Restoration

    10% of the total sale seems to be the standard in the roofing restoration business.

    10% of total contract. Incentives and bonuses after $250,000 in sales.

    We pay based on sales invoice minus costs for office and materials. Sales rep receives 50% of profit after costs. If invoice is $20k and material and office cost is $14k, remaining profit is $6,000 and rep makes $3,000.

    Average commission is $800-$2000 per job and paid 50% upon turn-in. 4 week paid training. Paid housing at storm location along with 75% paid medical and dental.

    Paid Housing, $10k per year on average. 7 weeks of paid training at $375/week. Gas allowance, $75/week. Paid cell hot spot, $140/month. Health insurance and we pay 50% of your HSA deductible. Profit sharing. 401k. Vacations.

    10% of gross sale. 401k and medical insurance.

    10/50/50 Split. 10% off the top and 50% of the profit goes to the roofing sales rep.

    7.5% of the total price of roof.

    12-15% of the overall claim.

    6% commission until proven, then 10%.

    4% of initial contract signed.

    40% net income paid on all completed claims.

    Commissions range from 3-10% depending on experience.

    10% commission on first $800k in sales. 11% until 1m and 12% over 1m in sales.

    7-10% of total job depending on experience for in-home sales reps. Canvassing reps make $20 per inspection.

    How Much Does A Roofing Sales Representative Make

    Roofing Marketing: How much Roofers who don’t advertise can make? | Adam Sand

    As of Jul 15, 2022, the average annual pay for a Roofing Sales Representative in the United States is $82,617 a year.

    Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $39.72 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,589/week or $6,885/month.

    While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $140,500 and as low as $19,500, the majority of Roofing Sales Representative salaries currently range between $62,000 to $97,000 with top earners making $119,500 annually across the United States. The average pay range for a Roofing Sales Representative varies greatly , which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location and years of experience.

    Based on recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, the Roofing Sales Representative job market in both Taichung, TW and throughout the entire state of is not very active as few companies are currently hiring. A Roofing Sales Representative in your area makes on average $80,319 per year, or $2,298 less than the national average annual salary of $82,617. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Roofing Sales Representative salaries.

    To estimate the most accurate annual salary range for Roofing Sales Representative jobs, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America.

    Find your next high paying job as a on ZipRecruiter today.

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    How Much Money Can You Make Selling Roofs

    By | Submitted On December 31, 2010

    The simple answer is usually about 10% of the total roofing contract. The more complicated answer is, “it depends.”

    Your next question will probably be, “Well, how much is the average roofing contract?” The answer to that question isn’t so simple because it is based on averages. Those averages will depend on several variables that can change from region to region, neighborhood to neighborhood and house to house.

    Here’s a few variables that contribute to the overall cost of replacing a roof:

    Regional Labor & Material Costs

    The fact of the matter is that it is less expensive to replace a roof in Dallas, TX than it is in Minneapolis, MN. Material is more expensive in the North. Labor is paid at a higher rate in Minnesota. Insurance companies pay the replacement cost value based on these regional values.

    As an example, a basic 1,800 square foot home that takes 24 squares with waste in Dallas may have a replacement cost value of $4,500 – $5,000. That same home in Minneapolis could run as much as $7,000 – $7,500 for a new roof. If you’re counting on making 10% of the contract, you would make as much as $250-$300 more on the Minnesota home based on this example.

    Obviously, there’s cost of living factors that have to be considered when comparing one region to another. Labor & Material costs are just one of the variables that determine how much a new roof will cost.

    Steep & 2nd Story Charges

    2nd Layers and more

    Commission Structures



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