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How Much Does A Roofing Salesman Make

Dress Up Your Proposal

How Chris Brown Lost His Way

A scribbled roof sketch and hand written numbers arent going to instill much confidence on the part of a buyer, so make your presentations shine by doing them professionally. Imagine giving your customer a detailed digital proposal that you can share with them on your computer tablet, or send to them so they can view it on their PC or even their phone. A proposal should contain their roof diagram with all the roof parts labeled images of their home marked up to indicate where all the roof conditions issue exist images of the materials to be used a breakdown of all the material and labor costs extra service costs for site clean up your credentials as licensed contractor, and more.


  • Your clients roof diagram with all the roof parts labeled
  • Images of their roof marked-up to indicate where all the roof condition issues exist
  • Images and specifications for the materials to be applied
  • A custom simulation of their new roof on an image of their own property read more about the Roof Visualizer
  • Breakdown of all the material and labor costs
  • Extra service costs, i.e., job site clean-up
  • Your credentials as a licensed contractor
  • Information about the manufacturers warranty
  • Roof simulation using an image of your clients home
  • The final contract which can be signed digitally!

Roofing Sales Commission Negotiating Tips

When youre ready to negotiate higher pay, here are a couple of helpful negotiating tips to keep in mind:

  • Sit down with the owner and try to put together a big hairy sales goal: Talk to the owner and say, Hey, if I get to $1.5 million, can we put together an incentive structure? I want to do a big push. But Id love to see if we can do a bonus that aligns for both of us. So, if I win, you win, everybody wins. Figure out what that is. Maybe its a big check at the end of the year to backdate it, or maybe its a higher percentage of commissions after a certain point. There are ways to negotiate that.
  • Negotiate a contingency: For example, you can say, I would like to get paid an extra 2% on my commissions, so long as my performance exceeds $X. Historically, Ive done $X per month. Now, maybe thats $100,000 a month because youre a really strong salesperson. If you want to get to $150,000, you say, If I stay above $100,000, we pay me that extra 2%. That would be a way to negotiate that.
  • You can use this same approach for percentage of profit. You want to think about how you make that company money, so you say something like, Can we do a 40% commission if I bring in jobs above and beyond our profit target? If its a 33% profit target, youd get a higher commission for anything over that.

    Thats everything that you need to know about commissions.

    Proximity To A Transmission Line Distribution Line Or Substation

    The further away your land is from the grid, the higher the cost of interconnection for the developer. If your property is adjacent to a transmission line, distribution line, or substation, the developer can save interconnection costs and pass those costs onto you in the form of a higher lease rate per acre. That solar farm income will go up even more if the voltage of the line or substation is in the range required by the developer for the desired project capacity. Solar developers will also take the injection capacity into consideration. The presence of a road doesnt mean that the road can handle big city rush hour traffic. What if that road is a one-lane highway? Similarly, just because there is infrastructure in place near your land, doesnt mean it can handle any size solar project.

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    Learn More About Solar Land Leases With Revision

    Got a piece of land that you think would be good for solar? Have a solar option proposal and want to see if its a good deal? Got other questions? Get in touch!

  • Are those power lines three phase service?
  • Yes
  • Is the property under mortgage or otherwise restricted?
  • Yes
  • Could you give more info on the restrictions?
  • Does the property contain significant wetlands, or is it subject to shoreland zoning?
  • Yes
  • Sign up for monthly solar update*
  • Yes
  • What questions do you have about hosting a solar farm?
  • Email
  • Will Solar Work for Me?

    Is This Address Correct?

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    Got It! How should we reach you to start your solar journey?

    Local solar experience you can trust: ReVision Energy is 100% employee owned and operated. Our team of in-house solar specialists has built over 10,000 solar energy systems in the region. Weâre a Certified B Corp, and consistently rated Top 10 Solar Installers in the Northeast.

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    How To Easily Generate Roofing Leads Without Stress

    How Much Does a Roofing Salesman Make?

    It doesnt matter whether you work for a roofing agency, or if you own a roofing company of your own.

    The truth is that you need to generate roofing leads consistently and reliably, or youll let your entire team down, and theirs no better way to do that

    If you want to learn how to generate targeted roofing clients without stress,

    Weve been in the roofing lead generation game for a long time. Were confident that Hook Agency can send your business red hot roofing leads who are chomping at the bit for service!

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    Paying Commissions Based On System Size

    In this commission arrangement, your salespeople get paid at set system size amounts. The base price commission is static, and published in tiers linked to system sizes.

    In practice: Jeff sells four solar systems over the course of a week. Two are 6kW, one is 4kW, and another is 10kW. He gets $1,000 apiece for the 4 and 6kW systems, and $1,400 for the 10kW system.

    Takeaways: The salesperson has no individual incentive to inflate the price of that size system higher, since they will not receive more commission for doing so. It protects both the customer and the company from estimates that are way out of range.

    However, care needs to be taken to properly ensure each system is sized appropriately to the amount of usage of your customers. Jeff may be tempted to sell more solar than is actually needed, so you may have to regularly ensure your customers best interests are honored.

    While there is limited consideration for profitability in this model, the benefit to this structure is its focus on sales volume instead of profit per deal. If your business is in a mature place where you can readily ramp up sales, this structure is worthy of your sincere consideration.

    How To Be A Good Roof Salesman

    Steve Gardner was a rock n roller at heart. Sanger, his stage name, was a whiz on a Fender Stratocaster. He was also a lyricist and a composer, but in a more practical sense, he was a virtuoso at selling.

    Born and raised in Beantown, a.k.a. Boston, Steves fellow Bostonians included guys from Aerosmith, The Cars, Boston, The Pixies, and J. Geils. No wonder he took to music at an early age. But, like a lot of musicians, he soon turned his attention to a more conventional line of work. In 1989, Steve took a stage dive and landed in sales.

    Steve may not have had answers to all the worlds burning questions, but after 30 years in sales many with iRoofing he discovered a slough of effective techniques for a roofing sales pitch. His methods were tried and true and his clients included some of North Americas best roofing contractors.

    Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.

    Zig Ziglar

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    How Long Does It Take Before Roofing Salesmen Get Paid

    Roofing companies have a slow time period when paying their contractors. Roofers are not generally paid for their labor until 30 days after the project is complete. Sometimes roofers will receive partial pay during installation projects but larger bonuses are only given once final inspections have been completed. These payment periods usually extend 90 days and sometimes even longer depending on how well certain roofing companies and construction crews work together and communicate effectively. Because of this timeline, roofers usually need some sort of mad money on standby in order to pay their bills and expenses.

    Dont Talk About Yourself

    This Is How Much Money Crazy Lamp Lady Makes From YouTube

    Steve never used the phrase If I were you Instead, hed find a real-world example of how a customer in the same situation as the one with whom he is working, accomplished an objective using his product or service. Contractors can take the same approach with property owners. Frequently refer to work youve done in the past and how you have solved a problem or exceeded expectations for an actual customer.

    Tip for Contractors

    Drawing from real life use cases instead of a Heres how I would do it approach helps build credibility and buyer confidence.

    Pretend that everyone you meet has a sign around their neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’

    Mary Kay Ash

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    Two Types Of Roofing Sales Payment Plans: Gross Versus Profit

    Now, lets get into those two pay plans mentioned at the beginning to really break this down. The two most common pay plans, not factoring in base pay , are plans based on:

  • The gross sales
  • Im going to explain each model using an example of:

    • A $10,000 sale
    • A commission range of 5% to 12% or 30 to 50% These are the most common ranges I see.

    Promotes Sustainable Farming Practices

    Few people have better firsthand knowledge about the impacts of climate change than farmers and ranchers, and many of them lease land to solar companies to try to reverse the current trajectory.

    Climate change can mean the following:

    • More extreme weather conditions
    • Increases in crop pests and pathogens

    Participating in any activities that reduce carbon emissions is helpful to the agricultural industry.

    Additionally, many farmers and ranchers connect to the solar farm on their property for electricity, significantly reducing carbon emissions for their operations.

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    Opportunities For Climbing The Ladder In Roofing Sales

    The hierarchy of being a sales representative showcases different job titles and positions, which are represented on a specified ladder of ranks. Below are the four main types of roofing sales positions you can consider.

    • Sales Representative: Companies hire sales representatives to promote and sell products and services. To achieve their sales targets, hard work, passion, and dedication are needed.
    • Sales Manager: The sales manager oversees and supervises the entire sales team in a given territory. It is also their responsibility to ensure the timely completion of projects and targets.
    • Sales Executive: It is their job to lead the sales department in the absence of the sales director. Usually, the position requires a degree in sales and marketing, robust interpersonal skills, and years of experience in the field.
    • Sales Director: This is the top-level position in the sales department. The director is in charge of making strategic plans for the department along with providing guidance and support to the entire team.

    Watch For Prohibitions On The Use Of Other Properties

    How Much Roofers and Roofing Sales reps Make?

    Solar lease agreements sometimes require that the landowner not construct anything that could impede the sunlight flowing to the solar project. This restriction could affect not only the land where the solar panels are located, but also neighboring land owned by the landowner.

    For example, some solar leases prohibit crop dusting in the area of the solar farm because it leaves a film on the panel that reduces power efficiency and must be cleaned off. The particulates in the film can also degrade the panels.

    Carefully consider whether these types of prohibitions could be a problem for your operation.

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    Steep & 2nd Story Charges

    Some neighborhoods will be all single story dwellings that are easily walked on while the neighborhood across the street will all be 2nd story steep roofs.

    The insurance companies pay extra for 2nd story and steep roofs because it takes longer to complete the work and requires additional precautions be taken by the roofing company.

    Using our same 24 square roof as an example, these additional charges could add as much as $1,000 to the contract. At 10% you would make $100 more because of the increased costs associated with steep and 2nd story roofs.

    One of many mistakes I made as a rookie roofing salesman was to start working in a relatively new neighborhood that primarily consisted of single story walkable roofs. If youre going to choose between two neighborhoods, it is almost always better to pick the neighborhood with 2nd story and steep roofs. If not both, at least try to get one of the two.

    Roofing Sales Pay For Whole

    Lets say a salesperson is responsible for the back end of the process. This is what happens after you turn in the check. Heres the check, here are my colors, go build it. We have to:

    • Order materials
    • Sit on production
    • Do the final walkthrough
    • Submit our invoice to the insurance company

    All of this processing takes a substantial amount of time. Some folks love working the entire process themselves because they develop a deep relationship with the customer. Many companies run this model. In fact, some of the largest roofing companies in America still use this model. Its about what fits the company culture.

    With this whole model, usually:

  • The roofing salesperson is going to get paid a little more per job.
  • They also have the ability to sell less.
  • This model can be a win-win in that:

    • The sales rep can make more money per job.
    • The roofing company has one person handling it all.

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    Roofing Sales Pay For Front

    Alternatively, there are roofing sales reps who do not want to be responsible for the entire process. They may not want to babysit jobs, or they may not be the most organized.

    Instead, they love connecting with customers, bringing the deals in, and turning them into someone else whos really good at the back-end process. And lets face it salespeople, at least my salespeople, are not generally very organized. Many of them dont want to have to take care of all this other stuff beyond the actual sale.

    So, if Im someone whos just focusing on this front end:

    • Im likely going to get paid less per job.
    • Now, I also have all of this time freed up, which means I can sell more.

    So, usually, this person will have a higher volume of sales and lower responsibilities.

    Thats how a salespersons responsibility can affect pay. Of course, their employment status with a roofing company also matters.

    Why Do Roofing Companies Fail

    How Much Does Esquire Unlimited Make On YouTube?

    Not Properly Training New Hires Not investing in the initial and continued training of your teams and crews is a widespread reason why many roofing contractors see huge employee turnover, and ultimately fail. Many companies believe their new employees are ready to jump into the fray as soon as they are hired.

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    # 7 Contract Percentage

    If you wish to attract the heavy-hitting salesperson who knows how to close, then consider a flat-out contract percentage.

    A contract percentage commission structure grants your referring salespeople an exact percentage of the total contract cost.

    This way, your best salespeople reap the rewards, and they are also incentivized to deliver results.

    How Much Does A Sales Representative Make At Best Choice Roofing In Georgia

    Average Best Choice Roofing Sales Representative yearly pay in Georgia is approximately $92,367, which is 44% above the national average.

    Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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    Get To Know The Product

    Youll need to understand how roofing works before you can start selling it. In most cases, this means going on a training course and taking lots of notes! Youll learn all about underlayment, pitch, shingles, and tops. You might even get your hands dirty by building a small roof yourself. Knowing your product inside out will make it easier for you to convince customers when they ask questions about what theyre buying.

    Ask For The Sale Then Listen Quietly

    How Much Roofers and Roofing Sales reps Make?

    When Steve felt he has explained the main benefits of the product he sells, and after he answered all his customers questions, the time came to ask if theyre ready to make a purchase. Contractors know full well that the answer they get back from most clients is something other than yes, especially when trying to initially close a roofing job with a client.

    If a property owner is asked if theyre ready to accept the proposal and they do not answer right away, That is usually a good sign according to Steve, as long as they dont unequivocally say no. Most customers just need a chance to contemplate a big spending decision such as a roof replacement. Pressuring them or interrupting their thought process with anxious efforts to convince them to say yes can backfire on a contractor.

    Tip for Contractors

    Using roofing technology like iRoofing enables you to review all the components of the roofing project in a modern, impressive, and illustrious way. In a comprehensive digital roofing estimate, show them photos of the materials you both discussed the start date and projected completion date the breakdown of costs involved, and the top 2 or 3 reasons why yourre company is uniquely qualified to deliver the best result. Help your customer feel they are really part of the process. Youll find it easier to ask for, and get, their business!

    It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

    Tony Robbins

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