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How Much Does A Solar Roof Cost Tesla

Tesla Solar Panel Reviews

Tesla Solar Roof Costs

Overall, Tesla Solar has mixed reviews on its Better Business Bureau profile. However, these reviews are for all of Teslas products, not just its solar products. The company features an A+ rating and does not have accreditation.*

Critical reviews of Teslas solar panels mention communication and scheduling difficulties. Meanwhile, other customers praised the company for its solar systems integration, equipment quality and savings.

We reached out to Tesla about these negative comments as well as about the vague language in the warranty and long wait times for service, but we had not received a reply as of the publication date of this article.

Read over some Tesla customers experiences below.

The whole procedure was smooth and easy for me. Neal was an excellent advisor, clear, concise and knowledgeable. The installation company kept me up to date via email. It took very little effort on my part. My electricity bill has $0.00 for the last three months! Randy W. via BBB

After researching for months about switching to Solar Panels we decided to go with Tesla Energy Solar, its been really a good experience. Installation and City Permits everything done quick and so far so good. Its been almost a since we did it. Rocio A. via BBB

*Better Business Bureau information is accurate as of November 2022.

Tesla Solar Roof At A Glance:

  • The Tesla Solar Roof integrates solar panels into regular roof shingles so homeowners can generate solar power on their roofs without having to worry about the look of their home being tainted by solar panels.
  • A 6.14 kW Solar Roof will cost a total of about $51,000 before incentives for an average-sized roof, but the price can vary depending on the roofs complexity.
  • Tesla estimates that a 6.14 kW Solar Roof will cost a total between $39,800 and $48,700 before incentives for an average-sized roof, depending on its complexity.
  • Tesla charges somewhere around $20 per square foot of total roof space for non-solar roofing materials, but the final rate will vary depending on your roofs pitch, how many obstructions there are, and how many mountain planes your roof has.
  • Tesla charges between $13.30 and $18.54 per square foot for non-solar roofing materials.
  • While the Solar Roof looks nice, it wont give you as much savings as traditional solar panels, and you have to deal with Teslas unreliable service for 25+ years.

Efficiency Of The Tesla Solar Roof

One factor to consider when making a cost comparison between installing new solar panels and installing a new Tesla Solar Roof is efficiency. Tesla has not released data on the efficiency of its solar shingles, but EnergySage estimates that typical solar shingle brands range from 14 to 18 percent efficiency, whereas most solar panels are 22 to 23 percent efficient. Its important to keep this in mind when deciding if the Tesla Solar Roof is worth it for you because your overall return on investment will likely be lower than if you install new solar panels.

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Is The Tesla Solar Roof Available In All 50 States

No, the solar roof is not available directly through Tesla in all 50 states, and there is no clear service territory listed on their website. However, Tesla has started working with partner installers to make the solar roof more widely available.

If your area is serviced by one of Teslas solar roof partner installers, youll see an alert like this one when ordering. Image source: Tesla

Tesla will alert you if your area is serviced by a certified installer. If Tesla does not service your area, you may have to pay more for an installation.

Tesla Falls Behind Sunrun

Running the Numbers for Tesla

Understandably, Teslas main priority is its far larger electric vehicle business. The company has spent heavily on mass-producing the Model 3, developing self-driving technology and building massive factories to manufacture batteries.

Teslas solar business, on the other hand, has shrunk by about 60%, according to Colin Rusch, senior research analyst at Oppenheimer & Co.

Theyve really throttled that business back and stopped throwing cash at it like SolarCity was, said Ben Kallo, an analyst at Baird.

That has allowed Teslas solar rivals to catch up.

In 2018, Tesla dropped to second place in the solar home installation race in 2018 behind Sunrun and just ahead of Vivint Solar, according to consulting firm Wood Mackenzie.

Elon Musk has a lot of priorities on his desk, said Fox. His competitors may just have a more singular focus that has allowed them to gain market share.

In a statement, Sunrun said it welcomes industry efforts to reduce costs and is actively engaged in cutting soft costs through permitting reform and other activities.

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Will Teslas Solar Panels Save Me More Money

Part of considering the cost when it comes to solar panels is how much you will save on your electricity bills. However, since Teslas solar panels have about the same capacity as most other panels, the only thing that differentiates the savings amount is your home itself.

How well your solar panel system works depends on how much sunlight the panels get. This is affected by the angle and facing of your roof as well as your larger geographical location. Therefore choosing Tesla over another solar panel company will probably have no effect on how much money you save because this is mostly affected by your house, location, and power bill.

Cost Of Tesla Solar Panel

To help customers estimate the cost of installing solar panels, Tesla provides them with a cost calculator based on their location and average monthly electric bill. To help you get an idea of how much a Tesla solar system costs, we received a quote for a single-family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with an average monthly electric bill of $170.

Our solar panels were quoted at $11,840, which included the cost of installation and discounts from the 26% federal tax credit.

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Greater Chance Of Issues: Higher Failure Rates

Since there are many more solar shingles than panels in the same size system, all these shingles need to be electrically connected. This means that with each shingle that is added, the potential points of failure increase substantially. With a traditional solar panel system, you may have 15 solar panels. With a Tesla Roof, you will have to worry about 10x more individual components that could break. This is represented in the higher real-world failure rate of solar roof shingles compared to solar panels.

Tesla Solar Panels: Reviews Services And Costs

How Much Does a Tesla Solar Roof REALLY Cost?

Tesla may be known for revolutionizing the automotive industry through its economic electric vehicles , but does Elon Musks company do the same for solar energy? Since Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, the company has offered solar panel systems, including its unique solar roof, across the United States.

We at the Home Media reviews team know that a solar power system is a serious investment. We determined the best solar companies in the United States through in-depth comparisons of each provider to national averages, customer review analysis and more. We have compiled our findings and recommendations about Tesla Solar in this easy-to-understand review.

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Tesla Solar Panel Warranties

All Tesla solar panels come with a 25-year performance guarantee and a 10-year comprehensive warranty. The comprehensive warranty covers repairs and replacements of any solar system components.

The 25-year performance guarantee states that the panels will perform for at least 80% of the manufacturers nameplate power capacity for at least 25 years. Other solar providers tend to offer performance guarantees with no power capacity conditions.

System Size

How Much Does A Residential Shingle Roof Cost

One square of shingles is equal to 100 square feet. The costs per square meter depend on the type of coating and the brand. They typically range from a low $55 to a high $600, averaging $100 to $250 per square foot of architectural gravel. The cost of roofing work per square meter is $ 100-250.

New roof cost estimator

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What Solar Panels Does Certainteed Offer

CertainTeeds Solstice energy system can be installed with one of their three panel lines:

  • CT Series 120 Split Cell
  • CT Series 144 Half Cell
  • CT Series 144 Half Cell

Each line has three different models to choose from, with power output ratings starting at 360 watts and maxing out at 440 watts. All Soltice panels use monocrystalline solar cell technology and are best suited for residential and small commercial solar installations.

Scenario : You Love The Solar Roof Aesthetics Want Solar And Have Money To Spend

Tesla Solar Roof cost and availability: How to buy Elon Musk

There are certainly homeowners out there who simply love the aesthetics of the Tesla Solar Roof and want it installed, regardless of the price tag. For shoppers in this category who are considering solar or even a new roof, the Tesla Solar Roof could be a good fit! In fact, we believe that the majority of buyers for Teslas Solar Roof come from this fourth category. At EnergySage, we think that more solar on rooftops is always better than less, and are glad that this group has an option that best fits their needs.

There are other alternatives to the Solar Roof including the Timberline Solar Roofing System. This is a similar roofing system that can be paired with batteries including the Tesla Powerwall. In contrast to the Solar Roof, it can be nailed to a roof. There are also the Suntegra solar shingles. This system has the option of including tiles as well and offers efficiencies of 15.9% to 17.2%.

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Tesla Solar Roof: What Does Elon Musk Say About The Price Increase

Musk further explained the companys rationale during the first-quarter 2021 earnings call:

First of all, I should say the demand for the solar roof remains strong. So despite raising the price, the demand is still significantly in excess of our ability to meet the demand to install the solar roofs. So production is going fine, but we are choked at the installation point.

We did find that we basically made some significant mistakes in assessing the difficulty of certain roofs, but the complexity of roofs varies dramatically. Some roofs are literally two or three times easier than other roofs. So you just can’t have a one size fits all situation. If a roof has letter protuberances or if the core structure of the roof is rotted out or is not strong enough to hold the solar roof, then the cost can be double, sometimes three times what our initial quotes were.

So in those cases, what we obviously offer to do is to refund customers their deposit. What we cannot do is go and just lose a massive amount of money. We just got to provide a refund of the deposit.

Solar Roofing To Suit Your Lifestyle

Not every household demands a lot of electricity, and not every homeowner will see a complete return on the initial costs of a Tesla Solar Roof. But for some families, harvesting solar energy and avoiding the electrical company is a big deal!

If your home has any of the following features, its likely to incentivize the decision to choose solar roofing tiles:

  • Electric home heating
  • Air conditioning

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Can The Tesla Solar Roof Work With A Flat Roof

Unfortunately for homeowners with flat roofs, the Tesla Solar Roof will not be an option for you and your home. The minimum roof pitch eligible for a solar roof installation is 3:12 . This puts the Tesla solar roof at a disadvantage considering solar panels can work on all roof types. All it takes for solar panels to be effective on flat roofs is a tilted racking system.

Solar aside, tiling is not recommended for flat roofs due to leaking potential. This is a very real risk considering the wiring components located inside the solar tiles.

What Is The Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Versus Solar Panels Full Cost Breakdown: Not Cheap

The Powerwall was introduced in 2015 to complement Teslas growing developments in solar technology. Its since become one of the top residential solar batteries.

The Powerwall is available in two models: The Powerwall 2 and the Powerwall+. Both batteries can store excess solar energy for later use, including during low sunlight days, overnight, and during a blackout. A battery storage system offers energy independence from your power grid and provides additional home energy savings by allowing you to use all of the energy your system produces.

Both models are available directly through Teslas website or sales department. You can purchase the Tesla Powerwall through third-party solar providers and certified Tesla installers.

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Whats The Latest News On The Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla has now installed solar roofs across the country, though the exact number of installations is unclear. The product has been gaining popularity among some consumers, leading to long installation wait times for customers who sign contracts. In April 2021, many of these customers were shocked when they received emails from Tesla quoting higher costs than their contract prices. The lack of explanation and transparency caused confusion and frustration among consumers, especially if they could no longer afford the hefty price tag.

During Teslas quarterly earnings call in April 2021, Elon Musk affirmed that demand remains strong for the Tesla Solar Roof, despite the price increases. He did concede that Tesla basically made some significant mistakes in assessing the difficulty of certain roofs. To its solar roof calculator, the company added a roof complexity estimate, which adjusts the systems price based on roof complexity. On its website, Tesla divides the complexity into three categoriessimple, intermediate, and complexbased on the following criteria:

  • Simple: single-level roof, uncrowded mounting planes, few obstructions , low pitch
  • Intermediate: multi-level roof , more crowded mounting plane, more obstructions , higher pitch
  • Complex: multi-level roof , heavily crowded mounting plane, many obstructions , steep pitch

Based on Teslas calculator, the price of a Tesla Solar Roof varies substantially depending on what you put for your roofs complexity.

Ecohome Predictions For The Bipv Market

One very legitimate criticism of all Tesla products so far is the meeting of their own delivery-target dates. The Tesla solar roof is no different. Their competitors have a long head-start in the industry, but once a good number of Tesla roofs are installed in Canada and the US, and consumers get a look at them compared to the competition, we think it will be game over. And did you notice the warranty timelines? 30 years across the board is a noticeable improvement over combo 10 to 25 year warranties for different components from the Tesla solar roof competitors.

And this all begs the question if they really do become the most sought-after roof, will they then be able to meet demand? Well, there is a Tesla masterplan for that too. Since as much as 70% of a roof wont need active solar panels, it makes no sense to tie up Tesla production facilities with producing inactive but matching roof tiles, so they will probably license that out to mainstream roof tile manufacturers instead. And, considering it is 70% of the roof surface, and its going to be in the premium roof covering market sector and it has that magic Tesla name attached to it which roofing product manufacturer wouldnt be interested in producing the inert Tesla solar roof tiles?

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Tesla Solar Roof Financing & Incentives

You can finance your Tesla Solar Roof through a loan, lease, or power purchase agreement . If you choose to finance your roof with a loan, youll probably get a better deal through Tesla than another lender. Thats because solar loans are still relatively new, and most banks dont offer them yet.

If you decide to lease your Solar Roof, Tesla will own it, and youll make monthly payments. The benefit of leasing is that you dont have to come up with all the money upfront. However, you wont get any tax breaks because you dont own the system.

You also dont own the system with a power purchase agreement . Instead, you make monthly payments, and the solar company owns it. The benefit of this agreement is that your monthly payments will be lower than they would be with a lease because youre only paying for the power, not the system itself.

Federal and state incentives can help offset the cost of your Solar Roof. The federal tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit , allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your system from your federal taxes.

However, the 26% will only apply to the cost of the solar-energy producing component and not the non-solar shingles. So, if your Solar Roof costs $40,000, and the solar shingles cost $12,000, you will only receive the 26% tax credit on the $12,000 .

Does The Tesla Solar Roof Qualify For Solar Incentives

The Tesla Solar Roof Finally Has a Price

Yes, the Tesla solar roof does qualify for solar incentives like the 30% federal solar tax credit. However, only the portion of the costs associated with installing the active solar shingles will qualify for most incentives.

The costs of installing a Tesla Powerwall battery with your solar roof will also qualify for the federal tax credit, if you choose to install one.

For example, if a solar roof installation cost $40,000 total, with $10,000 of the total cost associated with the part of the roof that generates solar, the federal tax credit would be applied only to the $10,000 solar portion of the costs.

See which solar incentives, rebates, and credits you are eligible for

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