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How To Install Metal Shake Roofing

Purchase All Of Your Materials And Tools

Metal Shake & Slate Roof Installation – Panel Installation 3 of 6

After youve measured your roof, the next step is to purchase all the materials and tools youll need for installation. Again, refer to our list of tools and materials above, but now you will know more accurately how many materials youll need to purchase based on your roofs measurements.

Metal Roofing Sheets: These are usually available in three lengths and can be purchased in either the sheet form or in pre-cut lengths.

Metal Roofing Shingles: They come with a variety of widths and have an option for round shapes used on steep pitches.

Galvanized Steel Frames: These frames are available in different sizes and are installed first to support the metal panels.

Warrantied For Quality Installation

Most roofing manufacturers warranty the quality of their product, but not damage caused by faulty installation. ProVia has made a significant investment to ensure installation quality by creating its own Certified Installer program.

Only companies who have participated in ProVias rigorous two-day installation certification program are able to buy and install our metal roofing products.

This assures both ProVia and homeowners that our metal roofing is being installed exactly as it was engineered to be, to deliver the long-term performance you expect.

How To Install A Metal Shingles Roof Diy Guide

If you are the type of homeowner who wants to embark on the installation of a new roof, a metal shingles roofing system will be the easiest to install.

Most metal shingle systems feature a four-way interlocking design, and the panels are usually small enough to be easily installed without using any complicated tools.

The first step is the preparation of the roof deck. In a new construction, metal shingle roofing can be installed over any type of solid sheeting such as plywood or wooden planks / boards that do not have spaces in between them.

Alternatively, a metal shingles roof can be installed over the old asphalt shingles, if you do not want to tear it off, provided there is only one layer of existing shingles on the roof.

Installing Underlayment:

The next step in preparing your roof deck is to use a special product called roofing underlayment. It is made out of breathable synthetic material and designed to provide an additional level of protection from condensation, as well as to allow the roof deck to breeze in order to prevent any rotting of the wood.

When installing the underlayment, you will always want to have about half an inch of the membrane over the eaves and gable of the roof deck. First, the membrane gets secured at one side/end of the roof, it is then rolled out horizontally until it reaches another side of the roof where it also gets secured with special nails that have colored plastic caps.

Installing Metal Flashing and Trim Details


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Moisture Can Get Trapped Under Metal Shingles

Unfortunately, another common problem with metal shake shingles is that water accumulation can severely affect the performance of a metal roof. This can happen if there are poorly-done repairs or simply because of a bad installation job.

When this happens, water can seep between the shingles, and moisture can become trapped. This creates the perfect breathing ground for mold, fungus, and other kinds of bacteria. This can cause the interior framing to become rotted and unstable, creating much bigger safety issues.

Better Than Cedar Roofing

Is a Metal Shake Roof The Best Choice For You?

Cedar roofing is not what it once was. Due to non-sustainable deforestation practices, todays cedar shingles are made from new growth or young cedar. With a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, young cedar shingles are prone to premature rotting, buckling, curling, lifting, cracking and warping. Homeowners looking for a more durable and environmentally sustainable alternative are increasingly choosing aluminum shake or shingles for performance and design. Country Manor Metal Shake roofing offers your home the charming beauty of real wood shakes without all of the problems. Proven to give a significantly better return on investment, an aluminum shake or shingle roof upgrade makes perfect sense.

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Metal Roof Installation Cost Can Vary Depending On Location

Another important factor that affects installation costs is your geographic location. Roofers that operate in high-income suburban areas, expensive cities, such as: San Francisco, Seattle, New York or Boston, usually charge as much as 15-18% more than the national average labor prices for the exact same job.

On the other hand, pros that are located in less affluent regions may charge 10-15% less than the average, depending on local economic conditions.

This is exactly why roofing prices you see online are not exactly 100% accurate, because your location will ultimately dictate how much a roofer will want to charge for his work.

Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles Applications

While recover options arent always the best solution for every roof, a roof recover system can be an ideal solution for many, and weve completed a lot of recover projects over the years. From schools to airplane hangers, you can check out some of our recover projects in our .

If youd like to learn more about the details of some of our roof recover applications, check out these resources:

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Other Benefits To Aluminum Roofing

  • Available in a variety of lasting Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes
  • Concealed fasteners for unobstructed beauty and unmatched protection
  • Deep grooves provide a high-end natural look
  • Maintenance-free will not rust, crack, or rot
  • Ideal for coastal climates
  • Passed UL 580 uplift testing, simulating wind speeds of over 200 mph
  • One of the most proven residential roofing products available
  • Will not burn protects against flying embers from wildfires or chimneys
  • Panels lock together rather than overlap like many metal systems
  • Sheds ice and snow with reflected heat from the sun
  • Will not absorb water and become waterlogged
  • Will not rot or support insect infestation
  • Self-cleaning Open Valley system leads the industry
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty including Fade and Chalk Protection
  • Cool Coatings reflect radiant heat
  • Integral thermal break further enhances the ability to keep homes naturally cooler
  • Made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum
  • Can usually be installed over existing roofs, reducing the burden on landfills
  • Distinctive colors coordinate with any home
  • Concealed fasteners hold tight and never weather
  • Rugged texture with realistic wood grain
  • Resists streaking and staining
  • Passed UL2218 Class IV impact resistance tests
  • Four-way interlocking panels
  • Sheds ice and snow through heat reflected from the sun

Metal Shingle Roof Cost

DIY – How To Install Metal Roof Shingles (Oxford Shingles) – American Metal Roofs

Metal roofs cost about $250 per square . If you do it yourself, the average roof would cost about $4,000, significantly less than hiring a contractor to install three-tab shingles. And while the price of materials is six times as much as low-end three-tab asphalt shingles , metal roofs last 50 years or more, so you wont have to worry about reroofing. Metal roofs can be special ordered in a variety of colors at lumberyards and roof supply companies.

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Metal Roofing Cost Vs Premium Materials

Since metal is considered a high-end material, it makes sense to compare its cost to other premium roofs, such as cedar shingles, slate, synthetic slate, clay and concrete tile.

Roofing Material
$7 14 20 40 years

Looking at the price difference vs benefits derived from high-end roofs, it is clear that a metal roof offers the best value.

What Is The Advantage Of A Metal Roof Over Shingles

There are a couple of advantages when it comes to installing metal over shingles. The first is that it helps you save the labor costs of removing the shingles and prevents them from being thrown into landfills. The second is that the shingles provide an extra layer over your home, which helps insulate it further. Metal roofs over shingles also present a number of problems. Contact your local roofing company to learn more.

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Metal Roofs Dent More Easily

While a metal tile shake roof can withstand bad weather more than other roofing options, that does not mean it will survive unscathed. Rain and snow will not cause any significant damage, but the same cannot be said for hail.

As strong as metal is, it can dent very easily, which is not good because of the resulting worn appearance it creates. Large branches falling onto the roof during storms can also create dents on the surface. But, this also depends on the kind of metal you choose for your roofing.

You Wont Get To Replace Crucial Roofing Materials

Rustic Metal Roofing Shingles

When you get a metal roof-over, you bypass the tear-off process of getting a new roof. This will save you money, but you miss out on replacing crucial materials that are included in a full roof replacement.

For example, one of these crucial materials is the underlayment. Its your roof systems last line of defense for keeping your decking dry. When you roof over your asphalt roof with a metal roof, you have to rely on the underlayment from your old roof. You also wont get the proper kind of underlayment specifically designed for a metal roof.

Roofing materials arent meant to last forever. Thats why if youre already going to invest in a metal roof, I recommend starting from scratch with clean decking.

To learn more about the crucial materials that are replaced when you get a new roof, read this article on the 9 materials included in your roof replacement.

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Future Roof Leaks Will Be Harder To Track

Your leaky asphalt roof is covered up without taking care of the problem when you put a metal roof over it. Once water gets under your metal panels, itll run down and across your old asphalt shingle roof.

The water will keep running until it gets to problem areas and starts to leak inside your home. Because these leaks come from two different parts of two different roofs, they will be very hard to track and find.

With water running across and down your shingles, its nearly impossible to find the origin of the leak in your roof. If you want to install a metal roof over an asphalt roof, ask your contractor about the condition of your current roof and if a metal roof-over is a good option for you.

Can You Put Steel Roofing Over Asphalt

Can you avoid tearing off your old asphalt shingle roof by putting a steel roof over it? Maybe. Most codes now allow no more than two layers of roofing before requiring a complete tear-off. So, if your roof has two layers, it may require a complete tear-off, even though steel is lighter than asphalt. Codes vary, so call your local building department to know how to install metal roofing over shingles properly, code-wise.

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The Benefits Of Installing A Metal Roof:

There are many reasons homeowners switch to metal roofs vs. standard asphalt shingles or other roofing materials. Metal roofs have one of the biggest ROIs you can get with longevity, durability, and beauty improvements.

While other roof materials might diminish in value as they age, metal roofs offer lasting benefits, including:

A Fresh Take On Classic Cedar Shake Shingles

Metal Shake & Slate Roof Installation – Underlayment Eave Starter 2 of 6

ProVias metal shake roofing enables homeowners to refresh their homes total curb appeal with an innovative product that delivers a high degree of aesthetic performance, longevity and installation integrity. ProVia modeled its metal shingle roofing after classic cedar shake shingles, providing a metal shake roof with enhanced durability and long-term beauty.

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Step : Get A Precise Measurement Of Your Roof Surface

Getting an accurate measurement will help you determine the exact amount of material needed.

With a metal shingle system, you are placing small panels in horizontal rows, so you can do a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation of how many panels you will need once you know the total roof surface area.

You will need to measure and take into account valleys, dormers and chimneys on your roof. If you are installing a seam steel solution, you will also need to think in terms of each side of your roof.

Can You Put A Metal Roof Over Three Layers Of Shingles

If you research how to install a metal roof over shingles, youll find that you cannot put a metal roof over three layers of shingles in most cases. A majority of local building departments will allow one or two layers over of shingles, but not three. Check with yours before you make any decisions or start your project.

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Beautiful & Strong Aluminum & Copper Shingles

Since 1976, Reinke Shakes has been supplying copper and aluminum shingles to every state in the country. The shakes that we produce right here in the U.S. combine the strength and durability of metal with the sleek style of a conventional shingle. Theyre also one of the most environmentally-friendly roofing options on the market today.

If youre searching for shingles for your home or business, Reinke Shakes is the best choice for durable roof shingles. We can supply shingles for any project size, or shape. Custom colors are available for large orders.

To find out more about our copper and aluminum shingles company, call Reinke Shakes at 402-768-7251 today!

Water Park – Oklahoma City

Red Cloud Nebraska – This photo was taken when the Reinke Shakes shingles were 35 years old.

Deshler Nebraska

Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs

Is a Metal Shake Roof The Best Choice For You?

Like most other things, there are a few disadvantages of choosing metal roofs. Otherwise, they would be found everywhere! The disadvantages include:

  • Metal roofs can be much more expensive than shingles. Even with their durability, which helps increase value and balance over the expense over time, many homeowners simply cant afford to install metal.
  • They provide excellent protection against the elements, but in many cases, rain and hail sound very noisy under a metal roof. A layer of soundproof insulation can help, but it adds to the cost even more.

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Why Choose Synthetic Cedar Over Metal Shakes

Bravas synthetic cedar shakes provide a superior alternative to metal cedar shakes. Unlike metal roofing, synthetic cedar shakes resist heat, moisture, and denting, produce less noise, and maintain their integrity during severe temperature swings, all of which save money and time on maintenance and repairs. For long-term savings and your familys comfort, you should consider Bravas synthetic cedar shakes over metal cedar shakes.

For more reasons why Bravas synthetic cedar shakes are the best choice for your next roofing project, please contact us at Brava Roof Tile today.

Considering Flat Pan Standing Seam Or 5v

Metal roofing panels that have wide flat spaces between ribs are more likely to transpose the shingle rows through the panel, creating a rippling effect called oil canning. While oil canning is still possible even with shingle removal, it is less likely. We recommend striations on standing seam to nearly eliminate oil canning also ask about the possibility of using foam backer rods beneath panels to help lessen the chance of this as well.

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A metal shingles roof offers a unique look of conventional roof systems including composition shingles, slate, cedar shingles, tiles, and more. Additionally, a metal shingles roof will often cost less than a comparable in quality, architectural standing seam roof, while providing the same level of protection, durability, and longevity.

If you own a classic colonial or a brick house, then a metal shingles roof is definitely the way to go, especially if you want to preserve that authentic traditional look, yet, have all the benefits of a metal roof.

What are Metal Shingles All About?

An interlocking metal shingle roof is the second most popular type of residential metal roofing, after standing seam. There is a huge variety of different metal shingle styles from many different manufacturers.

Most common metals and alloys used to manufacture metal shingles and tiles are G-90 galvanized steel and aluminum, although you can also find a few types of copper and zinc shingles.

Metal shingles are manufactured using a stamping press, through which the metal coil is fed, and the die stamps the shingle in two or three steps. First, the profile of the shingle is stamped out, with the lock flanges. Then, in step 2 and/or 3, the locks are made, and the shingle comes out of the press and is packaged into the box.

New Shingle Roof

See costs in your areaEnter Your Zip Code


Cool Roof Colors:

Installation Basics:

$8,225See Roof Costs in Your Area

Shingle For The Last Time With Reinke Shakes

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The World’s Finest Metal Shingles !

Reinke Shakes are guaranteed for a lifetime against leakage from wind and hail.

Reinke Shakes are guaranteed to never blow off.


“A high quality roof costs less per year during it’s lifetime. Reinke Shakes are very high quality. They purchase a heavy, 20 gauge American made coil stock, that is made of recycled American metal. The paint coating they use is so tough that they have it baked on the coil before it is formed into a shingle. They only use aluminum or copper, so it will NOT rust. Reinke Shakes takes 16 inch wide stock and puts 52 bends into it for strength, compressing it to 12 1/2 inches wide. They provide American made, ring-shank, coil nails, to secure Reinke Shakes to your home. The nails are double zinc dipped to insure that they last as long as the shingles. Their metal is 25% thicker than what is required in hurricane zones. Reinke Shakes believe in quality. They believe in doing things right the first time. No one deserves to have their roof fail every 5 or 10 years. Shingle once, and Shingle for The Last Time. Invest in Reinke Shakes.”

The world’s toughest metal shingles must be Reinke Shakes. We challenge you to find another metal shingle, anywhere, that can take the weight and abuse of a semi, without damage.

Protect your home, and everything in it, with the best roofing shingle available. Beautiful, strong, durable.

RSA Building – Mobile Alabama – Reinke Copper Shingles

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