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How Often Do You Need To Get A New Roof

You Can Do This On Your Own With A Flashlight Or You Can Contact Local Orlando Roofing Companies

Recognizing the Signs That You Need a New Roof

How often does a roof need to be replaced. If the person lives in a warm climate with lots of sun, their roof may need to be replaced more often. How often does a roof need to be replaced?. More expensive roof material lasts longer, and you wont have to maintain it as frequently.

Typically a good roof needs to be replaced every 20 years. The roof will most likely need maintenance work. How often does a roof need to be replaced?

The best place to start is to have your roof inspected every spring and fall, according to the national roofing contractors association. How often does a roof need to be replaced? Read on to learn more about how often you should replace a roof and how you should check.

A roof should last a lot longer than 50 years really. How long a roof lasts depends on what kind of roof it is and the weather conditions it has. Most residential roofs need replacing within that window.

That figure is used as a benchmark. Inspecting your roof can be easily done with the help of a flashlight as you safely climb atop your roof. Therefore, they are 3.5 times more expensive, when considering how often they must be replaced.

If you are going purely by age, most roofing specialists suggest that the typical roof in the united states will last about 20 to 25 years, but not all roofs are designed the same. 1.your roof’s 25th birthday is approaching. Most roofs are made from shingles which is an inexpensive and durable material and are a great option that fits any budget.

Your Asphalt Roof Fails Prematurely

Your roofing materials should live as long as the manufacturer specifies. However, there are cases when your roof fails prematurely and leads to a roof replacement well before you should need one.

Two of the common causes of premature roof failure are improper roof installation and inadequate attic ventilation.

When your roof wasnt installed using correct roofing techniques youre going to find shingles in your yard or even full sections sliding off your roof. If your attic wasnt properly ventilated then the damage from the trapped heat and cold will drastically shorten your roofs life.

Be aware, when your roof isnt properly ventilated or properly installed the manufacturers warranty on your roofing materials will be voided. This leaves you with only your contractors workmanship warranty to fall back on to replace your prematurely failed roof.

Select The Right Material

One of the most important decisions is your roofing material. When deciding on a material, consider the appearance, price and lifespan of each available product. For instance, although asphalt roofing shingles are among the most economical options, their lifespan is one of the shortest for residential roofs. Concrete or metal shingles, on the other hand, tend to last longer and are usually a better choice if you’re interested in making a long-term investment.

Apart from more traditional shingles like asphalt, shakes and slate, you can also buy beautiful metal roofs that mimic the look of other roofing materials and architectural shingles that are superior to traditional asphalt in both performance and looks. While some of these newer materials can be three times the price of standard 3-tab asphalt shingles, they will also last longer and enhance the curb appeal and therefore, the resale value of your home.

If your last roofing installation was 20 years ago, don’t just go with the same material as before take a look at new roof types, too.

Consider each option carefully and think about the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you’re unsure about which material would best suit your home, hire an expert to take a look at your roof and figure out which materials would be the best investment for your house.

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What Happens If You Dont Replace Your Roof

Worst case scenario, severe failure to replace your roof when it is long past overdue can result in the complete collapse of the structure. However, before this occurs, failure to replace the roof when it needs doing can cause further damages to both the roof itself and other parts of your property. If part of the roof collapses and damages the structure below, you will have to pay for parts of that to be replaced too. If leaking causes damp damages to your walls, ceilings, furniture, etc, you will have to pay to have them fixed/replaced as well as the roof. You may also find that your house price drops if your roof is in dire need of repair during your sales period due to this being what everyone looks at.

How Long Does A Roof Membrane Last

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof? 3 Warning Signs ...

If your home or property has a flat or low-sloped roof, some of the other types of roofing systems that weve covered wont be suitable.

For these sorts of properties, a roofing membrane like EPDM is a common choice due to its low cost and easier flat roof repair.

However, it only lasts for 5 to 15 years and is prone to leakage due to its taped or glued seams.

PVC and TPO roof membranes are more costly but also more durable roofing membrane options.

These are single ply roofing membranes with hot welded air seams that allow them to last nearly twice as long as EPDM rubber but of course these types of membrane roofs are more expensive to install or purchase.

Keep in mind that if your property is situated in an area where hurricanes are likely, then you will want to invest in a fully-adhered membrane roofing system as opposed to a mechanically attached single ply membrane roof since those will be more likely to withstand the winds and water from a hurricane.

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Entire Shingles Are Missing

From a functional standpoint, there should be no problem with just replacing a few shingles here and there. “What you do need to be prepared for is the fact that it’s just about impossible to get a new shingle to match the color of an old one,” says Graham. “Granule colors have changed pretty significantly over the years. Plus, the colors change slightly with weathering.”

How much time you’ve got left: You can keep patching until a bigger issue presents itself, but if a roof starts to look like a checkerboard, people often opt to replace the whole thing.

How Often To Replace A Roof

The type of roofing material used will determine how often a roof needs to be replaced.

For example, the average lifespan of a cedar roof is roughly 20 years. However, in drier climates, a cedar roof is likely to need more frequent repair and replacement since it is prone to splitting.

A properly cared for tile roof can last up to 100 years, although individual tiles are likely to break. A concrete roof is highly durable and should not need replacing throughout its lifespan.

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Replace A Roof In Florida

The best time of year to replace a roof in Florida depends on several factors. Different people will recommend different times of the year for different reasons. Its important to not wait until the last minute when an emergency replacement might be necessary. If you plan ahead, you can get better prices and not have to wait as long to get your roof replaced.

Floridas weather is generally much nicer throughout the entire year compared to other locations. This gives you the option to replace your roof at any time of year. Just remember, summer and fall months come with storms and hurricanes. This can lead to major delays in the roofing process.

Contact The Roofing Experts

Why You Need To Know How Old The Roof Is BEFORE You Buy Your Next Property

While the above factors have an impact on how often your roof shingles will need to be replaced, weve found that inadequate attic ventilation and improper installation are the more common reasons why your shingles need to be replaced sooner than expected. If you start seeing signs that your roof shingles may need replacement, contact Smart Roofing and we can help determine the health of your roof shingles. Smart Roofing | Roofing Contractors serving Acton, Bolton, Brampton, Burlington, Caledon, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Halton Region, Milton, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Peel Region, Toronto, Vaughan and Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

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Sign #: Debris In Gutters

Check your gutters for pieces of asphalt shingles or sand-like granules that are used as a top coat this material protects your tiles, and if granules are falling from your tiles and into your gutters, then it could be a sign that your shingles are deteriorating. Of course, a few loose granules are normal, but if you notice an increase in residue, this may be a warning sign.

The protective coating of a roof tends to slough off due to atmospheric changes, constant exposure to weather, long-term usage and moisture, which causes the asphalt to weaken. Therefore, you should aim to repair tiles and replace their protective coating on a regular basis.

You should also check for debris falling from trees nesting on your roof, as this can cause the coating of your roof to weaken. Therefore, regular garden maintenance is important.

Make sure that you inspect your roof regularly in broad daylight, and if you notice deformed, distorted, curled areas, or tiles bald from their protective coating, then you may need to make some roof repairs. And, if you live in North Yorkshire, give us a call. Wed be happy to have our Harrogate roofers take a look at your property and recommend repairs.

How Long Does A Standing Seam Metal Roof Last

A standing seam metal roof system is a series of panels that are locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically.

This allows for panels to expand and contract freely when the metal heats up and cools down. Because of this, a standing seam metal roof is the recommended metal roof for residential purposes.

You can expect to get around 30 years out of a standing seam metal roof and even up to 50 years in the right conditions. The reason for its durability comes down to the painted finish on the metal panels.

Your new standing seam metal roof comes with a 30-year paint warranty on the Kynar 500 finish on your metal panels. Even though the paint has a 30-year warranty, it doesnt mean its going to disappear after 30 years.

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Is There Any Circumstance In Which A Skylight Can Survive A New Roof

Obviously, there is always a chance any skylight can make it through a tear-off, but there is only one scenario in which theres a fighting chance that a skylight will make it. If the skylight meets these points, wed give it a better than 60 percent chance of survival:

  • The house was designed and built with it.
  • It is static .
  • It is a top brand.
  • There is now wood used in its construction and boxing.
  • The pains are glass.
  • It is no more than 10 years old.

How many times have we seen this scenario? Pretty much never as most roofs are over 12 years old by the time they need replacing.

Curling Or Buckling Shingles

When Do You Need To Consider Getting A New Roof For Your ...

Once your shingles begin to curl or buckle theres no going back. Shingles cannot be uncurled.

What does this mean? Besides being unsightly, shingles that have curled back are no longer about to create a watertight barrier. This means your home is now susceptible to leaksnot good.

Begin to consider a replacement when the majority of your roofs shingles have buckled. If youre unsure if a replacement may be needed sooner, contact your local roofer for a professional inspection.

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How Long Will Your Roof Last

As a general rule, the 25 30 year benchmark works. If your roof is that old, its likely that it wil need replacement soon enough. Some might even need a full roof replacement earlier.

However, that figure doesnt tell the full story. As we said above, there are many variables to consider. One important variable is the materials used on your roof both the actual material and the quality of it.

Typically, the 25 30 year rule extends to roof with composite or asphalt shingles. These materials are very popular because theyre affordable and come in many different options. However, not everyone uses these materials for their roofs, So the timing for replacement can vary.

As youll see in the chart below, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors gives different life expectancy for chosen materials.

Asphalt shingles, according to this chart, last for about 20 years before replacement. You also have to consider what manufacturer you use and the quality of the shingles. This is one of the many reasons we offer Certainteed Shingles to homeowners. Quality and advanced protection go a long way to save money.

Overall, there are many different answers to how often roofs need to be replaced. If youre wondering about your roof, our best suggestion is to schedule a home inspection.

That said, there are warning signs you need to be aware of. Below, weve listed out ways you can tell if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired in the near future.

Light Can Be Seen Through Your Attic

Outside light creeping in through small holes in your attic is an indicator you may need a roof replacement. Water can get into your home through these small holes and cause extensive damage.

If you dont see light coming in through your roof, you may instead see soft spots, water staining, and moisture which are alternative indicators of the same problem. Regardless, holes in your roof will require a replacement to protect your home.

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How To Extend The Life Span Of Your Roof

A roofing system tends to last longer if it’s given proper care and attention. Here are steps you can take to extend the life of your roof:

  • Keep the gutters clean to prevent blockage and water damage to the boards.
  • Remove leaves and debris from the roof. You can use a garden hose or leaf blower, but avoid pressure washing because it can cause damage. You can also trim nearby branches to reduce the number of leaves falling onto your roof and prevent damage from falling tree limbs.
  • Ventilate the attic to allow humid air to escape, and prevent the growth of mold.
  • Have your roof inspected by professionals annually to catch smaller problems. Address them immediately before they escalate into more serious issues.

If you need a roof inspection or suspect that you need a roof replacement, contact West Orange Roofing in Central Florida. With years of experience, we know how to get the job done right and provide the highest possible service for you and your family.

Clean Up The Exterior Of The Home By Checking Your Patio For The Roofers

How to Roof a House | DIY Roofing Tips & Tricks (PABCO Roofing Products & Washington Cedar & Supply)

As roofers work to remove your old roofing materials, they will throw the debris off the roof and onto a tarp in an area they have set up. However, with a large crew, wind, and other factors, the old shingles and debris dont always make it where they are intended. Be sure to remove any patio furniture that is near your home so the workers can remove the old roof without dodging grills as they discard the old materials. This will also ensure that if an accident happens, your furniture or grill wont be damaged in the process, just in case.

If work is being done on your business, check the surrounding exterior area for any items or vehicles you dont want damaged. Be sure to route customers away from any area the workmen will be, change parking directions, and do not allow outdoor seating or working.

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Signs You Need A New Roof Asap

Several situations call for an immediate roof replacement, and some of the signs are more obvious than others:

  • Your Roof Is Old: The lifespan of a roof is believed to be 20 to 25 years, so you should replace it once it reaches this age.

  • Your Shingles Are Buckling and Curling: Inspect the slopes of your roof that receive direct sunlight. If you see that shingles are losing granules and curling, they may need to be replaced.

  • Your Roof Valleys Are Showing Neglect: If shingles in your roof valleys are missing or breaking apart, it’s time to get a new roof. These valleys are one of the most critical parts of a roof, as rainwater flows through them on its way to the gutters. If this area is damaged, it becomes vulnerable to leaks.

  • Your Chimney Flashing Needs to Be Replaced: If your flashing is made of tar or cement, it may be a good idea to replace it with a metal flashing system, which is water-tight and lasts longer.

  • Your Gutters Are Full of Shingle Granules: As roofs near the end of their lives, they start to lose more granules, which often end up in the gutters. Check your gutters to see if they are full of these granules. Another sign of granules wearing away is a darker or inconsistent color on certain areas of the roof.

  • You See Daylight Through the Boards of the Roof: Go up to your attic to check whether daylight is coming through the roof.


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