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How To Add A Metal Roof To A Pergola

How To Add A Metal Roof To A Pergola

How To Build A Pergola Roof – DIY At Bunnings
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A Roof Can Make A Large Yard Look More Complete

A common struggle when landscaping a backyard comes in optimal usage of space coupled with visual appeal. A larger backyard, for example, may look empty even when you have added several features.

In and of itself, a pergola does a lot to add dimension to your outdoor space. When you consider adding a roof, this can further change the aesthetic and make it feel as though more space has been used. Eliminating open space in a section of your backyard adds dimension and can trick your vision into thinking your space is more full than it actually is.

Try A Metal Pergola In This Elegant Patio With Ornamental Rails For A Fairytale

Last but not least, we wanted to show you a stunning patio with elaborate details and ornamental rails. Its best if you have a lush garden area to build this.

To create a fairytale-like atmosphere, the key is to pay attention to the detailing when you buy or build the trellis. Choose an intricate pattern for your pergola structure, which can be painted white to maintain that vibe of innocence and light.

Make sure you arent using plain metal roofing. As you can see, this one has a beautiful carving that can cast dreamy shadows on the patio floor. Meanwhile, choose a simple pendant light to hang from the ceiling too.

Plus, go crazy with the flowers! Fresh bouquets are great, but if you cant be bothered to tend to them every day, even hanging some fake flowers around the pergola can be brilliant too.

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Add Natural Shade With A Living Pergola Roof

Relaxing with a glass of wine under a cascade of beautiful blooms is one of the most idyllic ways to spend a summer afternoon and a pergola is the easiest way to achieve this dream.

Typically, most pergola roofs are characterized by an open frame and thick beams installed at regular intervals. ‘If you’re after a rustic feel, you can incorporate crawling vines and other plants to fill in the spaces and act as a sunlight shield. However, wood requires maintenance or it will rot or break easily,’ advises Giovanni Scippo, director at 3D Lines Architectural Visualisation.

By growing climbing plants or fast-growing flowering vines up the supports and training them over the pergola roof will not only provide shelter but will also create a pretty finishing touch. If you’re after a year-round living pergola roof be sure to pick one of the best evergreen climbers.

Adding a living roof to your pergola is a particularly great fit for country garden ideas as its naturalistic appearance will help your pergola to fit into the scheme. Pair a living pergola roof with other vertical garden ideas to maximize the planting space in your plot.

Cedar Pergola Attached To A Brown Roof

Austin Deck Company

This attached pergola creates a different look from the exterior and the roof.

In fact, the exterior of this house has three different elements. The roof is in brown color. The front walls are made out of polished bricks. And the pergola is made from stained wood. Each of them, though it shares a similar shade of brown, has different color and style.

The pergola is a 16 x 18 structure that is from cedar wood. It features black post bases and beam supports. What a nice idea for a large timeless home exterior design remodels. The pergola doesnt have a fully covered structure, but it is shady enough to cover a seating area. The seating area, however, is placed right in the front porch, which is totally covered. This pergola is left empty maybe it can be used as a carport too.

Why a carport? Because it is paved in what seems like travertine. Travertine is a common paver material, and it can be used as a driveway too.

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Have Any Questions About Our Gazebo Roofing Range

If youve got any more questions about our range of gazebo roofing materials, or anything else, please get in touch with our award-winning customer service team. With over 40 years of experience in all things DIY and roofing, theyre sure to get your project underway ASAP. Call them on 01295 565 565, email , or use the live chat below.

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Easy Steps Of How To Attach A Pergola To A Roof

A pergola isnt a must for your house. However, when you have it, that would make your home more astonishing. Plus, you will get more spaces to chill out. Your patio will also be more beautiful with a pergola.

Since these days you can have a kit directly installed on your roof, whats left to learn is how to attach a pergola to a roof. Find out the answer in this article below.

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How To Installed Clear Polycarbonate Sheets On A Pergola

  • Assemble your pergola kit or construct a suitable framework.
  • If you are going to add noise stop tape, you should lay them down first as the sheets expand and contract in the sunlight thus create a lot of noise when they rub against the pilers.
  • You only need to put the noise tape on the pilers, not the rafters.
  • Now its time to lay down the polycarbonate sheets if you need to trim them you should use a saw or cut snips.
  • Make sure the sheets are the right way up you should notice some writing or a tape
  • When laying down the first sheet make sure it squared to the house approx 90 degrees to your home.
  • Now that its down you should start to fasten the sheets down start from one corner and work your way along.
  • Screw only into the pilers, not the rafters.
  • You need to screw in every second corrugation on top and the bottom pilers and for the middle pilers every third or forth corrugation.
  • Make sure you leave the end free so you can overlap the next sheet and screw through both.

If You are looking for a great Video watch here

What Height Should A Pergola Be

Is This the Best Pergola Upgrade? | Installing a Double-Wall Polycarbonate Roof on a Pergola

The height of your finished structure will have an impact on its aesthetics but in most cases, the range seems to be between 8 and 10 . The aesthetic aspects are discussed further below when looking at overall size, but there are a few other things you should also consider.

  • The clearance height on the underside. When thinking about your design you should start by considering the amount of clearance height you want. It is quite possible on a custom design for the dimensions of the rafters and crossbeams to equal up to ~18 inches of height. Therefore a structure with a total height of 84 would only have an underside clearance of 610 . As a minimum, the height on the underside should be 68 which is the same as door height.
  • Remembering future accessories. Once constructed you may want to add lights, fans, speakers, etc. If they hang below the rafters then in order to maintain the minimum clearance the total height will need to go up.
  • Roofline. If you are attaching your Pergola to your house or placing it next to it then you will probably want to stay below the roofline. There are techniques that can be used on properties with a very low roofline such as adding an open gable but this then becomes a bigger project.

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How To Waterproof Your Gazebo Instantly

If you happened to build a pergola or just installed a ready-made kit without roofing, then you are a now asking yourself how to Install a polycarbonate roof on a pergola? Can I do it myself? I have done some research on this topic, and The answer is Yes! You can here are some steps to help you get started.

Measure The Roof Valley

Measure each roof valley from the lower end to the upper end and multiply the result by two, which provides nailers for each side the valley. Count the number of penetrations, such as duct vents and pipe risers that go through the roof. Include 4 feet of stripping for each, which translates to 12-inch-long nailers at all sides of a penetration.

Obtain one-by-three framing lumber for the nailers based on your measurements and calculations. Include 1 pound of 8d framing nails for every 100 square feet of the roof.

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Attaching To Roof Top Ledger Board

  • Benefit: Allows more patio roof height, this is especially true on many track homes built on a slab which generally have a short wall height that makes attaching to the wall not a viable option.
  • Drawbacks:
  • Not designed for snow regions, the ledger board can create a snow dam that puts undue stress on the ledger board. Putting holes in your roof is an added maintenence however the attachment point is outside your wall line so if a leak did occur you could visibly see it and it would not get into your home.

Illuminate The Scene With Spotlights

Shepparton Carports, Patios &  Pergola Builder

This modern garden includes a hot tub from HydroLife

Lights can be part of your roof ideas for pergolas, too. This design already blends seamlessly into its surroundings due to the matching color scheme and similar style, but it’s the recessed lighting that really boosts the sense of cohesion.

It’s a great way to add a dose of nighttime ambience whether your pergola shelters a hot tub or a comfy sofa.

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For Arbors Gazebos Pavilions Pergolas And Trellises

The gentle slope of a hip roof with its trapezoidal sides and pyramid-like elegance is a graceful traditional design that pleases the eyes and can be constructed in a combination of various unique styles. The hip roof also referred to as a hipped roof is asymmetrical rectangular construction with two hips meeting at either end with four sloping uniform sides meeting at a single peak.

When the hip is equal on all four sides it is sometimes called a pavilion roof or a pyramid roof. The external angle to which the sloping adjacent sides meet is the hip. To the degree that the hip slopes is ascribed as the hip-bevel. A hipped roof is durable, adding architectural quality and solidness to a home or shade structure.

Palram Martinique Gazebo 4300 Review

The roof section consists of an aluminium frame that holds in place 6mm polycarbonate panels that will protect against snow, wind, hail, rain, and the sun.

The panels ensure light is not blocked out during cloudy spells and provide protection during sunny weather but act as a buffer to prevent overexposure to bright sun and UV rays.

The roof section also has ventilation sections built-in and theyre at an angle that will prevent rain from leaking through them and inside.

These ventilated areas will ensure the free flow of air and can help get rid of stale air whilst also regulating the temperature inside the gazebo when in use.

The roof section has a gutter section along the edge where rainwater will collect in the four corners where you can add a downspout/drainpipe for easy guidance to the floor.

Things I Like

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What Angle Should A Pergola Roof Be

A flat pergola is distinguished by the perfect 90° angle formed by the pillars and the top covering, which gives the roof a modern, attractive appearance. This aspect makes it particularly suitable for lovers of contemporary design or for those who want to add a touch of freshness to their outdoor space.

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Selecting Materials To Build A Patio Cover

Metal Roof Installed ~ Grindbygg Inspired Covered Pergola is DONE!

While looks are important, you want to make sure that the materials fit the structure. Since my patio cover was going to have a slight slope, shingles were out. A tar roof would work, but it would be a heavy smell like a BP oil spill. I decided on corrugated metal roofing because its resistant to high winds, is lightweight, and is structurally sound.

Using corrugated metal also allows me to reduce the degree of slope, or roof pitch needed to a mere 10 percent, or a 1-to-10 pitch. This meant the patio cover could start at the edge of the houses roof at a height of eight feet and slope down to seven feet, leaving a clearance of more than six and a half feet between the lowest part of the frames headers and the ground at its outer edge.

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Choose Bamboo For Poolside Pergola Roof Ideas

Pergolas are the perfect partner to pool ideas, so when choosing pergola roof ideas, let the space inspire you to create a slice of paradise in your own backyard.

When set against the gently rippling water, natural materials, such as bamboo, really come into their own and as such they are a great choice. Here, bamboo adds a warmth to the space, bringing a hint of rustic charm, and, because it’s so water-resistant, it makes for a durable choice, too.

Pergola Cover Ideas For All Price Points

When it comes to your outdoor space, there is never a one size fits all solution. Pergola covers are no exception. From differences in climate to differences in style, what works for one outdoor space may not work for the next.

Thankfully, no matter what your patio or deck looks like, theres a pergola cover solution that will work for you. From simple shade sails, to highly automated louvered solutions, everyone can access an option that looks great, without breaking the bank.

Do you have a pergola cover idea that we didnt mention? Let us know down below!

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Installing The Clear Roof Panels

Now we were finally ready for the roof! All that prep took way more time that actually adding the roof, but I know proper prep is important .

We discovered that our house is not square on the property and made our pergola line up with the fence so it didnt look crooked. So our roofing had to be measured carefully to ensure the overhang was the proper distance all the way down.

So we measured the start and end of every 26 panel and cut each one individually. It ended up being that each panel was 1/4 longer at the back end than the front end. We put the slightly diagonal cut line against the crooked house and left the factory cut line at the overhang.

To cut the panels, we clamped a level to create our cut line and used a circular saw to run right down the edge of it. It was super quick to measure and cut each one. The sound of the saw hitting each corrugation is a little scary at first, but it cuts so clean that there is no need to worry.

After cutting we placed the beautiful clear roof panels on top of the pergola. They just sit onto the horizontal and vertical closure strips. Once in place, it is time to start securing it.

Each screw hole needs to be predrilled with a 1/4 drill bit first to allow for expansion and contraction due to change in temperatures. Without this there might be cracking and that is not desirable! So we used both sets of hands to make quick work of it.

One person predrilled the holes and the other one came in behind with the special screws.

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What Do You Think Of Aluminum Or Tin For Awning Roofs

Metal Roof for Lodge II 14 x 14 Foot Wood Pergola by Outdoor GreatRoom ...

In the 1980s, both of these were popular options because they cost less per square foot than stainless steel. I saw a lot of gazebos and picnic shelters with this type of metal roof. However, in the last 30 years the production cost of steel has fallen to the point that they are now more cost efficient than aluminum or tin. If you have an existing awning with either of these metals, you dont need to replace it. That being said, I would not consider starting a new project with any metal other than steel.

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