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How To Build A Roof Over A Patio

How Much Does A Covered Patio Cost

DIY Patio Roof Build

There are some types of patio covers that you can choose to suit your budget. Large outdoor umbrellas is about $35 to $75. Patio sun shade sail is about $30 to $90. Awning is about $100 to $800. Mechanized awning is about $1,000 to $2,000. Metal and canvas canopy is about $50 to $350. Wood lattice roof is about $500 to 10,000.

Do You Know Your Local Codes And Permit Requirements

Know and comply with your local building codes regarding roof construction in your area. In addition, pull the proper permits as required. Many people, especially DIYers, do not like to get permits due to time and costs.However, doing so ensures that your work is to code in order to protect you, your family, and your property. In addition, many insurance companies may not pay claims in situations where work was not to code. Words to the wise.

S Of Roofs Over Decks

Another great thing about installing a roof over your deck is that you can personalize it to match your style and tastes. The pictures were showing below are just a few of the ways you can build your decks roof. Some homeowners like to have an idea in mind before scheduling an appointment with a construction company while others like to listen to the recommendations of the experts before they begin any decision-making. Take a look at the pictures below to see which ones you like. Then, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

These homeowners are in the process of building a flat roof over their free-standing deck. We cant wait to see how it turns out!

This homeowner chose a short roof with lights underneath. The lights will not only add functionality for nighttime, but theyre also aesthetically pleasing.

This homeowner chose the best of both worlds by adding a roof to their deck that still allows light in.

Were loving the look of this gable roof over the patio in their backyard. Its perfect for hanging out night and day, rain or shine.

This flat roof acts as both a covering for a section of the first-floor deck as well as a balcony for the second floor of the home. Now, thats what we call efficient.

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Roof Over Deck Designs

Let us know if you like any of the styles from the images in the section above. As for design, there are three main types of roofing that you can choose for your deck. They include:

  • Gable Gable roofs are easier to build since they dont require complex roof framing. They have gables at each end and sloping sides.
  • Hip Hip roofs are similar to gable roofs since they have sloping sides, however, theyre reconnected without using gables. On a deck roof, the supports should have a finished look since theyll be exposed rather than hidden.
  • Shed This is the most common option for deck roofing because its the only one that works with the architecture for many homes.

How Much Does A Patio Cover Cost

How To Build A Roof Over Existing Patio Or Deck

·A wood gazebo-type patio with a roof over top can cost upwards of $50 to $100 per square foot. The popular Alumawood patio covers, for example, cost about $20 per square foot if youâre replacing an existing wood patio. Another popular option â the Equinox patio cover â can cost $35 to $65 per square foot.

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Fastening To Masonry Walls

Anchor a ledger to a masonry wall with expanding anchor bolts. Begin by marking a line across the wall for the ledgers top edge. Drill holes for the expanding anchors every 16 inches or as specified by local codes, insert the anchors, hold the ledger in place, and tap it with a hammer to indent the anchor locations on its back face.

Remove the ledger, and drill bolt holes where the bolt tips have left marks. Push or hammer the ledger back onto the bolts, recheck for level , add washers and nuts, and then tighten the bolts.

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Considerations Prior To Building Your Roof

Anytime you are building a porch roof – or any roof project for that matter – keep your safety a main priority. We highly recommend that you keep your safety and that of your workers of utmost importance. Here’s an article about best practices for roof safety.We are not affiliated with the workers shown here in any manner.

  • Determine the rise and run of your home’s roof. Most porch roofs should be the same as your home’s roof. Use our handy rise and run guide to help determine yours.
  • Determine the type of roofing material you want to use. This is in part dictated by the rise and run. If you have a unit rise of 4 or more you can use almost any type of roof covering However, if the rise and run of your roof is 3 or less, you are limited to asphalt shingles. Again, use our handy rise and run guide to help determine yours.
  • Consider either raising your porch roof or lowering the ceiling to accommodate a higher unit rise to give you more options.
  • Determine your electrical requirements for lights, fans, and receptacles. Why would you put a receptacle in your ceiling? Installing a receptacle in the ceiling will alleviate having to run extension cords!
  • Note the placement of windows above your new porch roof. You must leave a minimum of at least 3 inches below the window sills.

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Raise The Roof By 500 Millimeters

You can raise the patio roof up to 500 millimeters by removing the eaves, fascia, and gutter. After that, cut the rafters back to the wall line.

The back channel is connected to the rafter directly and reinforced. By doing this method, you will have a clean finish that is connected to the wall line.

But, you may also need to install transfer flashings on top to complete the look.

Covered Patio Roof Design Ideas

Building of a roof addition over an existing concrete patio
Featured Image: London Garden Designer

Whether you love to read, enjoy a drink, or perhaps doze off by the swimming pool, a covered patio is able to make your backyard experience a lot more pleasant. Covering the deck is going to protect your space from the environmental components and keep things cool so you can hang out as long as you would like. Not only do wood patio covers produce shade, they likewise provide a chance to do something creative overhead like florals, lighting effects, and much more for the patio roof. Go ahead and check out these 39 covered patio ideas to make your outdoor space more fun and relaxing.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio Roof

The cost to build a patio roof will depend directly on: Roof Size Roof Materials Roof Slope Roof Difficulty Average Cost of a Patio Roof. Experts estimate that a patio roof could cost from $ $50 per square foot. This wide budgetary range takes into account the varying costs of the materials listed below. Aluminum patio roof cost: As you …

Where The Patio Cover Attaches To The Roof

More detail about joining the patio cover to the existing roof.

Jed Fisher

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Mark Rafter Plate Location And Remove Siding

Now that you know the rise and run, you know where to place the rafter plate on your wall. Make sure it is at least 3 inches below any windows allowing for the thickness of your roofing materials .Snap a horizontal chalk line at this point a minimum of the length of the flooring below. This will be your “upper” line measurement for the rafter plate.

Measure down from this line the width of your rafter plate. Usually, it is a 2×6 board, so in this case, measure down approximately 6 inches.Snap a horizontal line at the mark – it is your “lower” rafter plate line. These two lines represent the location of your rafter plate.Carefully remove the siding contained within those lines to expose the wall studs or other supporting material. Disregard if placing rafter plate on brick, etc.

Note: In our building project depicted by the photos on this page, the rafter plate and ledger board were already exposed after we removed the old porch.

How To Price A Patio Roof

Building A Roof Over My Deck

·Before you get a patio roof estimate, decide on what you want and need in the roof. High-end extras can drive up the price of a roof quickly. However, you are in control at the start of a project. Itâs easier to then assess how much a roof may cost with and without certain materials so you can make â¦

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Cost To Build A Patio

·Cost to Build a Patio Roof . The cost to build a patio roof averages $2,200 to $13,500. Patio roofs are a type of patio cover. Rather than a softcover like an awning, this is a permanent hardcover closely resembling a pavilion. These roofs can be made of many materials, with wood and aluminum being the two most common.

Getting A Building Permit For A Patio Cover

Some people said a building permit was unnecessary, while others said it was impossible to get without a contractor’s license, or that it would raise my property tax, etc. So I called the permit and licensing office and got the correct answers.

  • Yes, a permit was required.
  • No, it wouldn’t raise my taxes,
  • As long as the property owner didn’t care if I wasn’t a licensed contractor, they didn’t either.

Getting the building permit was actually much easier than I thought. I took the plans to the towns permit and licensing office, filled out some paperwork, and the next morning I got a call and went back to the permit office to pick up and pay for the permit, which came to $85. They made a couple of alterations to the plan that not only were easy to accommodate but also made the project easier and cheaper! To prepare for the final inspection, I took pictures of each critical step to show the building inspector, which made the final inspection a snap.

Building Permit

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Free Patio Cover Price Calculator

Patio Cover roof covering choices. Understand that when you build a wood cover that possesses a roof, you have options. For the most part, Los Angeles gets pretty toasty in the summer and the roof covering youâre considering should last. Our patio cover calculator will help to get you as close to the actual price as possible.

How To Attach A Patio Roof To An Existing House Protradecraft

How to Build a Pergola Over a Patio

28 Dec 20 9 Two videos cover the design questions and construction process of a post and beam patio roof structure. Existing patio is outside the dining room on the west side of the house. the patio is essentially unusable on a sunny afternoon in the The plate is bolted to the concrete with 5/8 inch expansion bolts.Get Price

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Try These To Make Your Roofing Job Easier

Mary and I discovered these products that we believe will make your porch roof project easier to complete. We may receive a small commission on sales.Please don’t add to the 250,000+ ladder accidents annually.

Ladders are one of the most dangerous tools you’ll use. Take it from experience, falling off a ladder is not fun.I’ve made several home-made gizmos to level my ladder but thought the one we are featuring below is a much better bet. Easy to use, safe, and will level a ladder in seconds. It works on both step and extension ladders. Remember, it’s not the fall that’s hurt you but the sudden stop at the end!

Install Post Base Connectors

When installing a deck roof, you cannot simply fasten the posts to support the roof to the deck surface. Deck boards even deck framing cannot support more than it was designed for a deck.

You have two options. Dig new concrete footings for posts that will support the roof structure above the deck. That requires digging below the frost line, installing 10 sonotubes, and filling them with concrete. Backfill and install a 6×6 post bracket on top of the form.

Or, you could integrate your roof support posts to sit directly above your deck posts. They will have to sit on top of your beam, and you can use strapping to connect the deck posts to the roof posts sitting on top.

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Roof Decks Are Ideal For Enjoying Cool Evenings But Adding One Wont Be A Breeze

Private roof decks, the envy of the neighborhood when the weather is nice, are a trendy accessory in newly built townhouses in town-center-style communities in the suburbs. Adding a roof deck to an existing home is a bit trickier. It might be tempting to just slide open a tall window and shimmy out onto a flat roof, but to be safe and to have a truly functional roof deck, youll need to spend time and money.

Most roofs werent designed to have people walk on them, much less put furniture on them and entertain up there, said Ethan Landis, co-owner of Landis Architects/Builders in the District. Adding a roof deck is like creating a great outdoor room, which is especially nice if theres no good backyard. But you have to evaluate the condition of the existing roof first.

Hiring a designer with experience adding roof decks to other homes in your neighborhood can make the project easier and result in a deck thats not only attractive but also structurally sound and compliant with zoning and fire codes.

Each roof deck project is one of a kind, Landis said. They all have logistical challenges, and many of the ones weve built are on homes in a historical neighborhood, which means they need to be invisible from the street.

Other issues include skylights, chimneys and air conditioners that might need to be moved or built around.

The trick to adding a roof deck to your home

How Do You Attach A Patio Roof To An Existing Roof

Build Roof Over Deck

Most Common Ways to Attach A Patio Roof to An Existing House Fix The Back Channel to The Fascia Boards Underneath The Gutter Directly. Make The Patio Roof A Little Bit Higher. Install Some Riser Brackets for More Height. Prevent The Splash Of The Rain, Let The Air Flow. The Simplest Way To Get The Cleanest Look.

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Designing And Building A Patio Roof

  • Written byDoityourself Staff on Jul 20, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by Rebecca Hollada on Mar 31, 2016

A patio roof can make using your patio very comfortable in the summer months. Patio covers can be constructed of many different types of materials, and designing one that will provide you with shelter from the sun can be a simple process.

Patio Roof Materials

Patio roof covers can be constructed of wood, plastic, vinyl, and fabric. For long-lasting results, choose a material that is sturdy and stable.

Wood roof covers are the easiest to build as you can easily find the materials needed at any home improvement center. With the help of a few friends, you can complete your project over the course of a weekend.

Plastic patio roofs are very inexpensive to construct and the materials can usually be found at a home improvement retailer. The disadvantage of a roof made from plastic is that it is not very sturdy and will need to be repaired or replaced frequently, particularly in areas with extreme weather.

Fabric is also an excellent patio roof material. Many retractable covers are made with fabric that is attached to an awning frame that swings out to extend over the patio. You will, however, need to make sure you take extra steps to care for your fabric to keep it from tearing, molding, or rotting.

How Much Weight Will A Deck Support

Since all decks are different, its impossible to provide a universal answer to this question. However, theres one thing to keep in mind when youre wondering how much weight a deck will support: A deck thats properly designed will be built to hold 50 lbs per square foot. So, if you had a 100 square foot deck, it would be able to support 5,000 lbs.

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Tips For Purchasing Materials

  • Be flexible. I had originally planned on using 4×4 beams and joists, but local codes wouldnt allow for them, so I used 10×2″ headers and 6×2″ joists, which worked out just fine. Also, be prepared to modify your plan at the store when youre getting your materials, as doing so can save you money. For instance, I chose drywall screws instead of nails because, for some reason, they were less expensive, and they wont try to work themselves back out after a few years. Another substitution I made was choosing three- and four-inch deck screws instead of framing nails. Although more costly, they hold much better than framing nails outdoors.
  • Shop around. Shopping around for the best prices for materials was absolutely necessary. In the same town, in an area of fewer than 10 miles, the difference in prices was enormous. Total material costs ranged from $2,200 down to $800.
  • Beware the store associates. Some are aggressive and want to push customers into an insane buying frenzy, bringing up a storm of confusing nonsense that somehow equates spending more to saving more. The lumber store I bought from had an associate who simply made sure I bought the correct materials for the job by looking over my plan and suggesting shorter screws for the joist hangars and a lower grade of lumber for the areas of the patio cover that would not be exposed to the weather. The associate also arranged for delivery, which cost $25.

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