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Can You Put A Satellite Dish On A Metal Roof

We Offer Up To A 30+ Year Warranty

How To Install A Satellite Dish On A Metal Roof

Were proud to offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty on all new roof installations, and select roofing materials come with 30+ year warranties. Our professionals will come out and keep your roof in peak condition to protect from defects and costly problems. If your roof experiences issues from leaks or defective shingles, well get your roof back in working order. Well also provide you annual roof inspections, a $125 value, free for 10 years under warranty!

How To Get Snow And Ice Off Your Satellite Dish

Wintry conditions can make accessing your satellite dish even more problematic, so use extra caution when attempting to remove snow and ice.

Its not necessary to clear snow or ice off your satellite dish unless youve lost signal. Snow accumulation is more likely to disrupt your satellite signal than ice, but thankfully its also easier to remove.

It Can Void The Roof Warranty

When you have a new roof installed, it will likely come with some sort of warranty generally both on materials and labor. However, the installation of a satellite dish can potentially void this warranty because youre altering the roof by placing a dish on it. This means if there are issues with your roof, they may not be covered by the warranty. It may not matter if the issues involve the satellite or not.

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Will A Metal Roof Cause A Problem With Aiming

A metal roof wont cause problems with aiming any more than any other roof. You should mount your dish so that the roof doesnt block signal at all. Every roof is going to block signal enough to cause a problem. While a metal roof will block signal almost completely, any roof will cause a problem if youre trying to aim through it. For that reason, you should be mounting your dish so it has a clear view of the sky and isnt blocked by the roof.

A metal roof can create some issues with heat rising off it and that can potentially cause aiming issues, but again the hope is that youll be able to put the dish where its not affected by the roof

What To Expect At Your Appointment:

The Best Place to Install Your Satellite Dish


Work with your technician to find the best outdoor dish location.


The technician will install your satellite dish outside your home and run a cable inside your home directly to your modem. If you ordered HughesNet Voice, have your telephone and cable available.


After installation, you need to activate your HughesNet services.

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Remember Safety First When Cleaning Your Dish

Only clean or clear off your satellite dish when it is absolutely necessary and you can do it safely. If the risk is too great, wait until you can safely access the dish or have someone come out to service it.

We hope this guide helps you keep your satellite dish clean and clear year-round. For more tips about getting the most out of your internet and TV connections, visit our Resource Center.

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How To Clean Your Satellite Dish

Cleaning your satellite dish is similar to how youd clean your TV screen. Be gentle with it, only clean it when absolutely necessary and dont use any materials or chemicals that will damage the surface.

  • Determine the safest way to access your dish Roofs, eaves, railings and deck edges are common locations for satellite dishes. These spots keep your dish out of the way and make it less of an eyesore, but can be difficult to reach. Decide on the safest way to access your satellite dish and use caution at all times.
  • Brush away any loose dirt and debris With a soft-bristle brush, lightly clean the dish to remove any larger debris such as leaves, bird droppings or top layers of dirt and pollen. Avoid any scrubbing as it may scratch the surface.
  • Wipe the dish with a wet cloth or sponge Wet your cloth or sponge in warm water and gently wipe the surface of the dish. Do not pour water or spray cleaning products directly on the dish. Let the water, soap and sponge do the work elbow grease is not necessary when cleaning your satellite dish and will increase the risk of knocking it out of position.
  • Dry the dish with a clean cloth Drying the dish will help keep dirt and pollen from sticking to it immediately after youve cleaned it. Dont fret over this step too much, though the dish is bound to get wet again the next time it rains.
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    How Do You Remove A Satellite Dish

    When removing a satellite, there are typically four long bolts holding it in. There may be more, which you will loosen until nothing is holding up the mounting bracket.

    Be sure that as you reach the last bolt that you are ready to catch the satellite. To address this safety issue, you may ask a friend to hold it as you remove it.

    If you are removing It and replacing it, be sure to avoid damaging the cables. You can remove it with two smaller Phillips or flathead screwdrivers. There may also be cable ties, which you can cut.

    If you do not plan on replacing it, you can cut the cable. However, you will need to be sure that there are no gaps in the roof after the removal. Replace any shingles that are damaged. You may also reapply roofing tar underneath if needed.

    If you dont want to go through the trouble, a satellite technician and a roofer can handle the combination of work needed.

    The Best Place To Install Your Satellite Dish

    How to Mount a Satellite Dish to a Metal Roof

    Youve ordered your satellite TV service, and all thats left is installation. Whether you do the installation yourself or have someone do it for you, location is critical. It doesnt matter if youve chosen the most aesthetically pleasing spot on your property for the dish if it cant pick up a signal. You have to consider both the direction of the dish face, as well as the structural integrity of the surface you plan on mounting it to. With multiple factors to consider, where should the satellite dish be installed?

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    To Remove Ice From Your Satellite Dish

    Gently applying warm water is the best method for removing ice from a satellite dish. Do not use ice scrapers or tools to chip at the ice as you may damage the surface or knock the dish out of position. Moving it just a bit can mean the difference between a strong signal and no signal at all.

    If you can safely access the dish, apply a light stream or coating of warm water until the ice melts. An empty spray bottle usually works best. Avoid pouring water on your satellite dish or hosing it down with the garden hose.

    If you cant get to the dish and are desperate to get your signal back before your college teams tipoff, the water gun method detailed above may be your best option. In extremely cold environments, however, spraying your dish with water can add to the problem, that is if your water gun doesnt freeze up first.

    Clearing snow and ice from a satellite dish can be dangerous and at the very least inconvenient, but the alternative of going without internet or TV until it melts isnt very practical either. The best way to avoid snow and ice satellite signal interference is to prevent it from accumulating in the first place.

    Setting Up The Wall Mount

  • 1Select a flat spot on or around your home. Find a level place that is accessible if you need to clean off or adjust the satellite dish later. If you have space, the safest place for a satellite dish is on the ground. It will have plenty of room to point north or south, depending on where you live. Also, keep the dish away from falling snow or ice, such as from your roof or nearby trees.XResearch source
  • Remember where the TVs are in your home. Try to find a spot close to them to make the wiring process easier.
  • If you mount the dish on the ground, you will need to dig a trench to run its cables to your home safely.
  • 2Check for any obstructions blocking the dish’s view of the sky. Stand where you plan on installing the dish. Look up to the sky. If you see buildings, trees, or even clotheslines in the way, then find another spot. These obstacles stop the dish from receiving a clear signal, affecting your picture quality.XResearch source
  • One of the best ways to set up a dish is by anchoring a metal pole in the ground with concrete, then mounting the dish on top of it. The rod gives the dish more height without it needing to be on the roof.
  • Satellite dish installers almost automatically go for the roof to guarantee the satellite isn’t obstructed. You may need to do this, too, if you can’t find an exact spot elsewhere.
  • Check the metal fixings that came with your satellite for a number engraved on them. That number will tell you how wide the holes need to be.
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    What The Otard Rule Means For Residents

    Simply put, the OTARD rule makes it so that an HOA is unable to reject resident requests to install a satellite dish simply because of the way it makes a building look. It gives tenants the right to put a dish on their balcony, railing, or patio that is part of their property, whether owned or rented. It is worth noting that the OTARD rule does not state that the association is obligated to help residents get a good signal. For example, if a residents unit faces the wrong way, the HOA does not need to bend the rules or accommodate requests to install dishes in places other than those approved areas that are listed in the CC& Rs.

    Can You Screw Into Roof Shingles

    In this video, we show you how to install a satellite dish ...


    . Correspondingly, can I use screws for roof shingles?

    Screws on the roof is fine as long as you are screwing threw a shingle. The screw seals itself when going through it because of the mix in shingle gets caught up in thread of screw. Just don’t go crazy with them and use reason and common sense should be ok.

    Furthermore, how do you put plywood on a roof? Take two 2x4s long enough to extend above the roof line by about 2. Attach another section of 2×4 across them to hold them together at a height that will allow you to stack the plywood on it so that the top of the plywood sticks up above the top of the jack stand at the roof line.

    Also asked, can I screw into epoxy?

    Once epoxy hardens, holes may be drilled through the resin. Crafter site ‘Little Windows,’ explains “You can drill holes into or through your resin pieces. Then you can either glue in an eye-screw, or add a jump-ring or a wire through the hole. Epoxy is easy to handle too.

    Can I use roofing nails for cedar shingles?

    Our cedar shingle nails are slender and still to resist wood splitting. Type 316 Stainless Steel should be used in corrosive environments or when a pressure treatment or a fire retardant treatment has been applied to the wood. Nails should be long enough to penetrate sheathing at least 3/4″.

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    Will Cooking Spray Or Rain

    Non-stick cooking and waterproofing sprays such as PAM or Rain-X are not recommended for keeping snow and ice off your satellite dish. These sprays can actually make it more likely to accumulate dirt and pollen, which then creates an ideal surface for snow and ice to accumulate. Furthermore, these chemicals could damage the surface of the dish. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldnt spray your TV screen with it, dont spray your dish with it either.

    Can I Recycle A Satelite Dish For Cash

    Typically, recycling a satellite dish will charge the recycler. It is much more inexpensive for someone to throw something in a landfill than to dispose of it. Because it takes time and energy to recycle, it is always more expensive than throwing away. Regardless, states like California require you to recycle all of your e-waste.

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    Can You Hack Your Satelite Dish To Get Free Tv

    While some engineers have the proper education that would tell you otherwise, the answer is no.

    TV stations send their broadcasts over encrypted signals. Those encrypted signals go to satellites, which go to your TV box. The TV box has decoders built into it that turns this data into consumable content.

    These encrypted signals are changed continuously. Meaning that even if you could understand how to change it on day one, day two would have you do it all over again. You would need to program a complex decryptor.

    If you wished to pursue the challenge, you would do it more as a hobby. Getting caught could lead you to reach potential fines and jail time, as this is illegal.

    Cleaning Dos And Donts

    How to install a Sphere automatic roof mounted satellite dish.

    When cleaning your satellite dish, do:

    • Exercise caution when accessing, inspecting and cleaning the dish
    • Use a soft-bristle utility brush to remove any debris
    • Wash with warm water and mild dish soap or window cleaner, if necessary
    • Wipe with a soft, wet cloth or a sponge meant for non-stick pans

    When cleaning your satellite dish, dont:

    • Scrub or clean with force that could move the dish positioning
    • Use any abrasive cleaning supplies, such as bleach or steel wool
    • Spray the dish directly with a hose
    • Pressure wash the dish or mount

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    Dish Network With Metal Roof

    • Thread startergreat_scot

    great_scot said: Hi, I’m new and obviously not professional. Recently I went through a fiasco with direct tv on installation. I have a 2 story house with a metal roof so the only good solution was a 20 foot pole which was needed because the dish has to have a clearance of 2 to 3 foot above roof line. Needless to say I opted out after hearing the additional charges for this. My question does dish network require this clearance as well. thanks in advance for your help-would sure like to ditch time warner. gs

    The problem seemed to stem from interference from the roof Scot

    great_scot said: Hi, I’m new and obviously not professional. Recently I went through a fiasco with direct tv on installation. I have a 2 story house with a metal roof so the only good solution was a 20 foot pole which was needed because the dish has to have a clearance of 2 to 3 foot above roof line. Needless to say I opted out after hearing the additional charges for this. My question does dish network require this clearance as well. thanks in advance for your help-would sure like to ditch time warner. gs

    sounds like b.s. most industrial roofs are metal and there are no issues when mounted there. I have attached dishes to large roof top units which are also metal with no problems. seems like there would be no problems attached to the side of your house. If I had a metal roof I would not won’t holes in either.

    To Remove Snow From Your Satellite Dish

    If you can safely access your satellite dish, simply brush the accumulated snow off with your hand, soft brush or small broom as needed.

    For dishes that are a little harder to reach, try using a broom or paint extension pole to gently knock off the snow. An extendable snow brush is also a handy tool for removing snow in hard to reach places.

    If you cant safely get within an arms or long poles reach of your dish, a powerful water gun loaded with warm water may be your best and most immediate solution. Aim directly at the dish and fire away until the snow is gone or your signal is back.

    Keep in mind that spraying water at your satellite dish comes with the risk of getting water into and possibly damaging internal components. Your satellite dish is made to shed water falling from the sky, not shooting up from below.

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    Achieve A Simple Secure Attachment That Preserves Your Roof And Its Warranty

    The mounting of satellite dishes and other communication equipment to a metal roof must be durable and preserve the roof warranty. Often, when rooftop equipment is mounted with wood or concrete blocking, roof degradation is the unwanted result.

    Lumber is porous and will retain moisture treated lumber contains chemicals that accelerate metal roof corrosion. Rubber pads cause capillary entrapment of moisture leading to roof corrosion. Using concrete as ballast encourages ponding water and rust to develop on your roof. The alkalis in cementitious mortar attack the protective coatings of steel roofing.

    Non-corrosive S-5! clamps, brackets and GRIPPERFIX®, permanently secure this equipment to virtually any metal roof profile without damaging the roof system promoting free drainage, eliminating corrosion and at lower cost than all the wrong ways!


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