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How To Get New Roof From Insurance

How Insurance Roof Claims Work

How to get insurance company to pay roof [Expert Public Adjuster]

The roof insurance claim process can seem stressful, especially if you are worried about an expensive roof repair or how much it will cost you to replace your roof. As stressful as it may be, the process isnt quite as complicated as it seems, especially when you have an experienced roofer like Colony Roofers providing help with the claim. In fact, the claim process often begins with you getting an estimate for the repairs from a reputable roofer with insurance experience.

Once you have an estimate, you can file a claim with your insurance company. The insurance company will weigh various factors when determining exactly what they will pay out on the claim. In many instances, your roofs age will play a big role in whats paid out. Any roof thats over 10 years old might get less coverage than a new roof, if your roof has not been well maintained. Keeping your roof maintained can be a key to good coverage if the time ever comes when you need to file an insurance claim.

Disqualifications From Roof Coverage

Because most roofs have to be replaced every couple of decades, insurance will not cover the slow and natural wear and tear of the roof. So if a roof is more than 20 years old, you may not have any roof coverage at all. If anything, your insurance may cover the roofs current cash value but will not cover the cost of replacement.

Sometimes you might decide to replace your roof because of minor problems, like missing shingles or leaks. In this case, the insurance company may claim the issue is cosmetic or an issue of general wear-and-tear. For example, if your roof starts leaking after a rainstorm, your insurance company may claim that your roof is simply getting old.

Homeowners Who Work With Roofwell Enjoy Benefits Including

  • Knowledge and Experience Roofwell has been advocating on behalf of customers since 1982 and are well versed in working with insurance compnaie as well as providing craftsman level work.
  • Local Neighbors Roofwell is a veteran-owned and operated company that has been serving North Georgia and the greater Atlanta region for over 40 years. Our local trained professionals are your neighbors, experiencing the same climate events as you, giving them a greater understanding of your needs because they share your experiences.
  • Insurance Claim Experts Roofwell trains their consultants in understanding the intricacies of the insurance industry, enabling them to advocate for their customers interests with ease. Roofwell consultants work with their technicians to provide accurate written assessments of their roof inspections to hasten insurance claim approvals

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Areas And Properties That Are More Prone To Wind Damage

Anyone living in an area thats prone to thunderstorms is susceptible to wind damage is at risk for experiencing wind damage, since most thunderstorms produce straight line or damaging winds.

Also, keep in mind that high winds dont hit or impact evenly across your roof or buildings surface, so even if some part of the surface look undamaged to the naked eye, it might not be safe to walk on or even to inhabit the building it covers.

Whats more, experiencing strong winds may result in more than the immediate and obvious wind damage roofs, siding, and other parts of the property subject to wind damage may show more damage or increased problems with stress points over time since the integrity of the property has been compromised.

Prepare For Future Claims

How To Get Insurance To Pay For A New Roof / How To Get ...

Filing a claim and endlessly jump through hoops is something no homeowners want to do. Aside from documenting your roofs condition regularly, make sure to have your contractor routinely inspect the roof. If you can prove that you kept your roof in good condition before a storm, youll have a strong case. Your insurance company will have fewer grounds to deny a claim.

Following these steps and using the tips weve shared will help you avoid unpleasant experiences with the insurance company. For help with your roof replacement project, call us today at 813-373-9088. Or contact us through our online form and well get back to you as soon as possible.

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Two: Document The Damage To Your Roof

Image source: Redfin

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to documenting the damage to your roof, theres no better way to get your point across to your insurance company than with plenty of visual evidence.

Even if you dont currently have any damage to your roof, its recommended that you have a few before-damage pictures at the ready. These will be invaluable if your roof is ever damaged and will increase your chances of a little extra help from your insurer.

If you dont have any before pictures, dont worry. Pictures of the damage are just as useful during the claims process. Make sure each picture has a timestamp as well. This way, you can correlate the visible damage with an event such as a bad hail storm or the common Florida hurricane, where your shingle roof may suffer some wind damage.

The more evidence and documentation you have, the better.

Weatherguard Roofing Can Help You File Your Claim

Need a reliable roofing company to help you file a claim with your homeowners insurance? Weatherguard Roofing has the necessary experience to document the damage to your roof and file a convincing claim to your homeowners insurance company. We make the whole process easy to get your roof replaced with quality materials and workmanship.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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How To Get A New Roof Without Paying Deductible

Deductibles are a headache for a lot of people, and the one question on everybodys mind is how to avoid paying deductibles on their assets. This article will be answering the question of whether you can get a new roof without paying the deductible, and how you can do that.

However, to get a new roof without paying a deductible, you have to opt for a zero-deductible insurance policy which ensures that you dont pay any deductible fee when you want an insurance claim over an asset.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover A New Roof If Its Just A Maintenance Issue

How to Get a New Roof Through Insurance

A lot of the time, the answer is no.

Not all roof insurance covers all roofing needs. There are many other factors at play.

For example, if you have an older roof, say more than 20 years old, insurance companies generally consider those roofs to be past their life expectancy and could choose to reimburse only a portion of any repairs or replacement or nothing at all.

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Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Leaks

This really depends on your insurance policy and what caused the leak.

Most home insurance providers will cover the cost of repairs if roof leaks are due to a sudden, unexpected event, like storm damage or a falling tree.

But you wont be covered for roof leaks that are due to wear and tear. Or leaks that result from a lack of maintenance its your responsibility as the homeowner to keep your roof in a good state of repair.

Key points

  • Your home insurance should cover roof claims that are for something unexpected
  • You wont be covered for wear or tear or problems caused by lack of maintenance
  • Keep receipts of any work thats been done to your roof so you can prove it was well maintained

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Does My Home Insurance Cover Roof Damage Caused By A Hurricane

Home insurance for hurricane-related damage can be a bit tricky. Home insurance generally covers wind damage to roofs, but some insurers exclude certain types of hurricane-related damage. For example, some insurers in Atlantic coastal states will exclude wind-related damage, meaning roof damage wont be covered by a standard home insurance policy.

You might need windstorm insurance as an endorsement to your home insurance policy or as a standalone policy. If you live in an area thats prone to hurricanes, talk with an agent to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage. A good hurricane insurance plan is typically a mix of homeowners insurance, flood insurance and wind insurance .

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Tips For Filing A Roof Claim

Review your insurance policy. The first good step in making a roof claim is to try to understand your policy. Theres no point going to battle for coverage that you never had. For example, is the roof damage actually covered, or did you choose to exclude wind and hail damage? Is your coverage for replacement cost or actual cash value?

Assess the damage. If you suspect there is roof damage from a storm, inspect your entire home, not just the roof. Youll want to know the scope of the damage when you contact your insurer to start a claim.

Getting an estimate. Get an estimate for repair based on what you had, not on how you want to change things. Dont rely on the adjuster to determine the repair cost of the roof. Make sure to get a written estimate on a roofing companys letterhead with the companys contact information.

Be prompt. Time is of the essence when dealing with a roof claim. The longer a roof sits with damage, the more weather and dirt makes it less obvious what the damage is since it looks like wear and tear, says Severaid.

Keep a log of correspondence. What starts out as a seemingly simple claim could blow up into a nightmare. Youll be glad if you kept records from the start, including photos, who you spoke to and when, and what they told you.

What To Look For In A Reputable Contractor

CAN YOU BELIEVE â¦. â¢Â°*â?Ë.â¢Â°*â?Ë that a getting a new roof can l

As youre on the hunt for a reputable contractor, there are a few things we recommend that you keep in mind and check for:

  • Are they licensed and insured to work in your area?
  • Do they have a reputation in your community?
  • Can they provide you with references of past customers and testimonials to see and hear from real customers?
  • What is their process like, and how soon will they do the work?
  • Do they have a professional website?
  • Do they have real and positive Google reviews?

If youre able to answer most of these questions, you should trust that your roofer will be able to provide you with some value.

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Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Knowledge is power. Dont let your insurance company tell you whats covered and what isnt.

Most of us dont read the fine print of the policy until something goes wrong. Now is the time to do that. If you dont have a copy of the policy, a common problem, request one from your agent. A paper copy or electronic file should be made available promptly.

In most states, there are two types of coverage: Repair coverage and replacement coverage.

Replacement policies are more common, though they do cost more. Replacement coverage provides for returning the roof to a brand-new condition when an event that is covered by the insurance policy takes place.

Repair coverage usually takes into consideration depreciation of the roof. This means you will get a percentage of the replacement cost based on the roofs material and age. It could be as low as 15% for a roof near the end of its service life.

Read your policy carefully. If the language is confusing, ask questions.

We recommend you talk to:

  • Your agent if you have a good relationship with the person and trust them, they should be able to honestly and clearly explain your coverage. Thats their job.
  • A roofing contractor with good experience dealing with insurance claims. Call two or three pros, tell them your issue, and ask for some advice.

Many roofers will offer a fair evaluation of your policy because they understand that giving homeowners a few minutes of their time is a proven way to get more business.

Be Aware Of Disaster Deductibles

Whenever you file an insurance claim, you have to pay a deductible. Its the amount of money you pay on an insurance claim before your coverage kicks in and pays the rest.

Its standard for wind, hail and hurricanes to be covered by homeowners insurance flood and earthquake policies are typically purchased separately. But each of these disasters can have its own deductible rules, depending on the insurance company and where you live.

For example, hurricane deductibles tend to be higher than other homeowners policy deductibles and usually take the form of a percentage of the policy limits, according to the Insurance Information Institute. So if you live on the coast or in an area thats prone to hurricanes, you may end up paying a deductible thats completely different from the one you choose.

Being aware of these various types of disaster deductibles, from hurricanes to wind and hail, will prevent surprise costs down the road. Check your policy and talk to your insurance company to learn exactly how your deductibles work.

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Six: Get A Roofing Estimate

Your insurance agent will want you to get an estimate from a reputable roofing company or, in some cases, use their own estimators to determine the repair or replacement cost as well as the cost of whatever roofing materials you may need. If youve already gotten in touch with a roofing contractor to inspect the damaged areas of your roof, this step should be easy.

Its important to gather specific and detailed written statements from your roofing contractor, as well as proof that the contractor is licensed and insured, to present to your insurance company.

Document The Damage And Contact Your Insurance Company

Roof Insurance Money & How It Works: The Perfect Way To Explain It To Homeowners

Once you determine that your roofs damage is covered under your homeowners insurance , the next step is to document the damage. Take plenty of photosnot only of the outside damage, but also of the interior of your home. If you have a tall enough ladder, and feel safe doing so, carefully climb it to take photos, or you can use a drone with a camera, which would be an even safer method. However, if you cant assess all the damage safely, call an experienced roofing company for an inspectionyoure better off safe than sorry.

Note the date of the damage, as well. If your roof was damaged by a storm, such as a tornado or hurricane, find articles online matching the date of these damaging events to back up your claim.

After that, check your insurance companys website for information about how to submit a claim. Many policies require the homeowner to file their claim within a certain time frame after the event. Youll want to know the protocol for your insurance company, as your claim may be denied if you wait too long.

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Can An Insurance Company Deny You Coverage If You Dont Repair Or Replace A Bad Roof

To get coverage for your roof, youll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Youll need to submit evidence to support it. Photos of your roof before and after the event can be particularly beneficial. If your roof is more than ten years old, you may also want to consider getting it inspected . You can submit the inspection to let your insurance company know that the roof was in good condition before the incident. The insurance company will also send out an inspector to survey the damage and determine if its covered.

Lets say that a severe storm tears through your area and destroys your roof. If your roof was in good condition beforehand, youre likely to get coverage. If your roof was more than 15 to 20 years old, however, the inspector may determine that it was the damage was the result of deterioration over time. In such cases, your claim is likely to be denied.

How Do I Get My Insurance To Pay For A New Roof

When your roofs been damaged after a storm has passed through your area, if the damage is severe enough, you might have to get your roof replacement. This can be an expensive proposition because new roofs can cost as much as or more than a new car. When you file a roof insurance claim, youll want to make sure everything is in order so they will cover the full cost of a new roof. Make sure you follow these steps:

  • Know exactly what your policy covers. Read over your policy so youll understand everything thats covered.
  • Before you contact your insurance company, document all the damage. This means getting an estimate from a reputable roofer, but you also want to supplement your documentation as much as possible. For instance, after a hailstorm, if you can, take photos of the hailstones.
  • Research roofers and hire a reputable company like Colony Roofers. Reputable companies will be licensed and insured and will consistently get good reviews from past customers and from trade organizations or groups like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Make sure you follow all your insurers procedures to file a claim and the procedures to take to file an appeal if the claim is denied.

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How Much Is Your Roof Worth

Just like a car, a roof will depreciate with age. A 15-year-old roof that was rated for 20 years isnt worth as much as it was when it was new.

When reviewing your policy, check to see if youre covered for the Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value .

Lots of people opt for the Actual Cash Value coverage because the monthly premiums are lower. But that coverage will only pay for what the roofs worth at the time of the loss. The savings might not be worth it if a bad storm leaves you needing a new roof.


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