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How To Install Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing

Put On Cement On The Roof

Tarco Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing application

Scoop up the roofing cement with a trowel, spreading the cement along the edges. It should be around 1/8-1/4in thick. You can find roofing cement at the building supplies store or the local hardware.

Its better that you apply the cement in several stages, starting with the bottom part of the roof. Work at the bottom, then move to the middle, before you apply the roll roofing and so on. Keep in mind to draw the chalk lines as borders for all sections.

Dont forget to put on gloves when using the roofing cement.

How To Install Roll Roofing Instructions

  • Measure the length and width of the roof surface. Multiply the numbers to determine how many rolls of roofing to buy. Increase the number by 5% to 10% to account for pieces that need to be trimmed.
  • Unroll the roofing material on the ground to relax some of the curl out of it.
  • Thoroughly clean dirt from the roof with a broom. If any nails are sticking up from the roof sheathing, drive them down with a hammer.
  • Use roofing cement to adhere the roof drip edge to bottom edge of roof deck.
  • Measure 35 inches up from the bottom edge. Mark it with a chalk line to create a straight line parallel to the drip edge.
  • Cut roll roofing with utility knife into sections that fit the roof.
  • Position the first piece along the chalk line. The other edge of the roll should line up with the outer edge of the drip edge.
  • Drive roofing nails along the bottom edge and along the sides. Place nails 1 inch from the edges and 6 inches apart.
  • Put down roof cement in a band 2 inches wide along the top edge of the first row.
  • Position the second row of roll roofing along the chalk line and overlap the roofing cement.
  • Nail the bottom edge of the second row the same way as before.
  • Repeat the process until the roof is complete.
  • Seal the final top edge with roofing cement.
  • How To Install Roll Roofing

    Roll roofing is one of the easiest types of materials to install. What youll need to keep in mind, though, is that homeowners choose it when they care less about their roofs appearance than other characteristics .

    In this article, were going to discuss what roll roofing is, common materials used to make it, its pros and cons, and a step-by-step guide about roll roofing installation. Well also answer the questions were most frequently asked about it.

    Not a real zip code.

    At Legacy Service, we provide roofing installation and replacement services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. If youre interested, please contact us at 215-798-9790 to learn more.

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    Give The Roof A Final Cleaning

    Before you can officially say that youre done, bring your push broom back up the roof and clear off any dirt and debris. There shouldnt be too much dirt, but mud from your shoes, twigs, and loose nails may be present.

    Once youve brushed off your roof and sprayed it down with a hose , you can step back and admire a job well done.

    And thats that! After all these steps have been completed, you have officially installed your very own rolled roof.

    How To Install Roll Roofing On Low Pitch Roof

    Owens Corning Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing

    Installing roll roofing on a low pitch roof is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to measure the area of the roof to determine how much roll roofing you will need. Once you have the measurements, you should purchase the right amount of roll roofing, as well as any additional supplies such as nails, screws, and adhesive. Next, you should remove any existing shingles and sweep the surface of the roof clean. After that, you should start from the bottom of the roof and lay down the roll roofing, making sure to overlap each course by at least 6 inches. Finally, secure the roll roofing with nails or screws, making sure to keep an appropriate distance between them. Once the roll roofing is secure, you can use the adhesive to add an extra layer of protection and seal the edges.

    A roll roof is most commonly used for garages and sheds with low-slung roofs. A roof typically has three layers: felt, shingles, and two layers that overlap. When it comes to roll roofing, a DIY expert can install it in minutes because it only has one layer. In several locations, measure and mark 34 inches from the top of the first row of shingles. Cut off a second piece of roll roofing for the length of your roof. After youve nailed the bottom edges, nail the sides. The best way to create vertical seams is to overlap seams by 6 inches.

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    What Will You Need To Install Your Roll Roof

    First of all, youll need some basic tools in order to successfully install a roll roofing system. Some important tools include:

    • A roofers brush

    Once you have these key tools ready to go, its time to gather the materials needed for the job. These include:

    Now that you have your tools and materials in order, youll need to follow a 3-step process to install your rolled roof.

    Installing The Rolled Roofing

  • 1 Using a measuring tape, measure 35 inches up from the bottom of the roof and make a mark with chalk. The measurement of 35 inches is the default measurement used by most roofing professionals. Use a ruler or meter stick to draw the chalk line across the roof.XResearch source
  • Avoid using eaves as guides as they are not necessarily placed at the same height across the roof.
  • 2Apply roofing cement to the roof. Use a trowel to scoop up the roofing cement. Spread the roofing cement along the edges of your roof so itâs about 1â8â1â4 inch thick. You can get roofing cement at the local hardware or building supplies store.XResearch source
  • Apply the cement in stages. Do the bottom part of the roof before you start working on that section, apply it to the middle before you start working there, and so on. Use the chalk lines as the borders of each section.
  • Always wear gloves when working with roofing cement.
  • Read the instructions on the side of the roofing cement container before you begin.
  • 3Cut the rolled roofing to the right size using a razor knife. The rolled roofing should reach the chalk line when you lay it down and should stretch from 1 side of the roof to the other. You’ll need to use plenty of pressure with the razor knife to cut the rolled roofing material.XResearch source
  • The first layer should cover the roof as far as the chalk line.
  • Be careful when working with a hammer and nails on a roof. Make sure you have a stable grip on the roof.
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    How Do You Adhere Rolled Roofing

    Image by pinimg

    Adhering rolled roofing is not a difficult process but it is important to make sure it is done properly. The first step is to clean the roof to make sure there are no debris or dirt that could interfere with the adhesion. Once the roof is clean, measure the area to be covered accurately and then cut the rolled roofing to size. Next, roll the roofing material up and unroll it on the roof starting from the bottom. Using a brush, apply an adhesive to the roofing material and then firmly press it down on the roof. Finally, use a roller to ensure that the roofing material is properly adhered to the roof. It is important to use the proper materials and to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the rolled roofing is properly adhered.

    Is Roll Roofing Cheaper Than Shingles

    Installing Mineral Surface Roofing Atop my Front Porch

    shingles have a lower cost than roll roofing. Roof contractors may charge less for labor on roll roofing than they do for asphalt shingles because roll roofing is also easier to install.

    Affordable Roof Replacement: Tips For Re-roofing On A Budget

    It makes no difference what kind of roof you have asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective roofing material when it comes to reducing the cost of reroofing a home. Three types of asphalt shingles are available: 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles, and flat shingles. It is technically possible to install roll roofing over existing shingles, but homeowners should instead choose a clean base to avoid future problems. When installing drip edge flashing, it is also a good idea to place it before laying the rolled roof. With these tips, you can be confident that the job will be completed correctly, while keeping your budget in mind.

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    Disadvantages Of Rolled Roofing

    • Color options are limited black MSR is the most commonly available, although green, gray and tan are sometimes found.
    • Rolled roofing is less durable than interlocking shingles, which can expand and contract to cope with weather and structural changes.
    • MSR is generally considered a less attractive material compared to shingles, and many HOAs forbid its use.
    • Unlike composite shingles which have a lifespan of up to two decades rolled roofing generally lasts from five to eight years.
    • You can expect very poor resale value on occupied residences using this type of roofing material.

    Rolled roofing also tends to start developing bald spots and lose its grains after just a few years. Also, a rolled roofs larger sections will not move as well as the home contracts and expands. One of the benefits of roofing with shingles is that the many hundreds of small units can shift and move as the house shifts and moves.

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    Place The First Layer Of Your Rolled Roofing

    While youre laying down the rolled roofing, you should also stretch it for eliminating all the wrinkles and the creasing. Push it firmly into the wet cement so that it stays in place.

    Use a sturdy hammer and 1in roofing nails at 10 in intervals across the roof. You should hammer the nails right into the roof, making sure that no nails are sticking up above the layer.

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    Where To Use Rolled Roofing

    Rolled roofing installation isnt for just any roof, especially residential homes. However, it works well for other functional structures. You may consider installing it if you have a low-pitch roof, including those on patios, three-seasons rooms, sheds, gazebos, and garages. Other possibilities include barns, shops, outdoor exercise structures, and even kids treehouses.

    The good news is that its easy to install yourself if thats what youd prefer. Just remember to keep in mind that its best to choose a day for your project when the temperature is over 50°F so that the material is wont be stiff and brittle.

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    Roll roofing installation.

    Here we include detailed step-by-step instructions for a typical roll roofing installation job using either traditional asphalt roll roofing or SBS roofing. .

    This article series describes mineral-granule coated asphalt or SBS roll roofing roofing materials, choices, installations, inspection, defects, roofing repairs, and product sources.

    This article includes a description of severe wear and early failure of a mineral-granule-surfaced roll roofing installation over an older metal roof.

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    How To Begin The Installation Of The Roll Roofing

    As with everything else in construction, you need to be meticulous about installing the roll roofing.

    Heres how to begin your preparations:

    • Start measuring the roof to see how much material youre going to need.

    You may ask for help from a friend. Its easier to do it if the roof is square or rectangular, for sure. You need to know the width and length of the roof and multiply them for finding out the area for the roof.

    If the roof isnt uniform and presents several areas of different sizes, you need more time to measure it all. You repeat measurements for every single section, adding the parts together for obtaining the final area of your roof. You should add 5-10% of the material for the overlaps and overhangs. Having a roof assessment done with an expert or a company would help get more precise measurements.

    • Purchase the precise amount of rolled roofing

    Check the local hardware or the building supplies store for buying the rolled roofing. You need to get the right amount.

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    When To Call A Pro

    Roll roofing is rarely used for roofing occupied primary structures. Some municipalities may restrict roll roofing, and HOA communities often do not allow roll roofing. For roofing a habitable structure with shingles, call a roofing company.

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    When To Install Roll Roofing

    How to Install a Mineral-Surfaced Leak Barrier | GAF WeatherWatch

    Its best to install roll roofing in dry conditions. To avoid trapping moisture between the roofing deck and the roofing materials, do not work on this project if the forecast calls for any precipitation.

    Roll roofingalso known as mineral-surfaced roofing or MSRis thinner than composite or asphalt shingles. With a lifespan of five to eight years, roll roofing wears out considerably faster than conventional shingles. If you have an existing roll roof, its best to be proactive and replace the roof before it fails.

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    Mark Your Working Area With The Chalk

    Keep that measuring tape handy because youll need it when you begin the installation process. Keep in mind that rolled roofing is typically installed horizontally.

    Grab your measuring tape and chalk line, measure 35 inches up from the bottom edge of the roof, and mark it with the chalk line. Use a meter stick to ensure your line is straight and even across the roof. You dont want crooked roofing!

    Install A Drip Edge Flashing And Protective Strips For Valleys

    Your first order of business should be the installation of a drip edge around your roofs perimeter. Cut off strips of flashing with your tin shears as needed, and nail them to the roof with the appropriate nails.

    Install flashing around any vent flues as needed. For valleys in your roof, cut a strip of rolled roofing that is 18 inches wide and at least an inch or two longer than the length of the valley. Drive in your nails at a distance of approximately 1 inch from the strips edges in order to secure it to the roof. Next, cut a second strip that is double the first ones width, and nail it on top of the first one.

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    Preparing To Add Rolled Roofing

  • 1David BitanRoofing Contractor & Maintenance ProfessionalExpert Interview. 14 July 2020. If you can, get a friend or someone else to help you. Use a long measuring tape. If your roof is rectangular or square on either side, it’s easy to work out the measurements. Measure the length and width and multiply them to find the area of the roof.XResearch source
  • If your roof is not uniform and has different sections of different sizes, measure 1 section at a time. Multiply each length and width to find the area of each section.
  • Add the section areas together to find the total area of the roof.
  • Get an extra 5-10% of material to account for overhangs and overlap.
  • 2Purchase the appropriate amount of rolled roofing. Go to your local hardware or building supplies store and ask for enough rolled roofing to fit the area of your roof. Rolled roofing comes in rolls, much like carpet. You can cut the roll to fit corners and other areas.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Take proper safety precautions when you’re on your roof. For safety purposes, it’s a good idea to have someone with you when you’re walking around on a roof. Never go up on your roof when it’s wet or if rain is forecast. Roofs become very slippery when wet. Even when it’s dry, watch your footing and move slowly when walking on a slanted roof.XResearch source
  • Wear footwear with proper grip on the soles. Don’t go up on your roof with canvas shoes or sneakers on.
  • If you have gutters, clear them out with gloves and a bucket.
  • Trust The Experts With Your Homes Roof

    Buy Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing White 36 In. X 36 Ft.

    Installing roll roofing is a great cost-effective solution for smaller structures such as sheds and garages. Considering how inexpensive the materials are and how you can complete the installation in a day, this roofing method is popular among many handy homeowners.

    If your homes roof is due for a repair or replacement, resist the urge to try and install a rolled roof. When it comes to your home, you need a more durable material with better longevity.

    For all your roofing repair and replacement needs, collaborate with the professionals at Gouge Quality Roofing. Contact us today to get a free quote on your upcoming project.

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