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How Much Is Roofing Sheet In Ghana

Price Of Roofing Sheets In Ghana

Get the Price of roofing sheets in Ghana | Aluminium roofing sheets

Roofing sheets are made up of materials that define what type of roofing sheet it is. There are many kinds of roofing sheets in Ghana. If you are in search of the price of roofing sheets in Ghana, this article will give you well-detailed information on how roofing prices are derived and what you should expect when buying roofing sheets in Ghana.

The price of a roofing sheet in Ghana differs in terms of its material component. Domod roofing sheets are amongst the most economical when it comes to the price of roofing sheets in Ghana. In this case, we will be looking at metal roofing sheets.

When buying metal roofing sheets in Ghana, you must consider the type of roofing sheet that you want to get. There are various types of metallic roofing sheets that you can consider based on your location, use and budget. Domod Roofing offers Precoated Aluminium roofing sheets and Aluzinc roofing sheets for any building project, be it residential, industrial or commercial.

Advantages Of The Aluminum Roofing Sheet

The Aluminum roofing sheets are light in weight and yet are very strong. The sheets weigh only 1/3rd of steel .

Also, the Aluminum sheets are resistant to corrosion. This is because the Aluminium reacts with the Oxygen in the air to form a protective Ozone coating that makes it resistant to corrosion.

Prices Of Roofing Sheets In Ghana

June 13, 2022in Roofing

Are you a building contractor, roofer, or a homeowner looking for the price of roofing sheets in Ghana or individual thinking of building or roofing a house anytime soon?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then you are at the right place.

In this piece of content you are going to get all the information on the estimated prices of roofing sheets in Ghana, the popular types of roofing sheets available, and any other relevant information.

This will help you to do the necessary financial preparation before starting your roofing project.

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Where To Buy Roofing Sheet In Ghana

Roofing sheets can be bought from any dealer or supplier in Ghana including but not limited to the following:

  • K Gyasi Company Ltd.

If you are thinking of hiring or contracting a company or expert to handle your roofing or getting the right estimate for your roofing sheet, check out our article on the 15+ List of Top Roofing Companies In Ghana. You can also visit our directory of Roofing Sheet & Companies to know more.

Thank You For Reading.

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Roofing Sheets in Ghana: Types, Prices And More
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About us

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Roofing Labor Cost Per Square

Even after gathering all the cost prices for your roofing materials, you will never forget to ascertain the cost price for the labor.

And this is because I am sure you do not intend to roof on your own unless you are a professional.

When discussing the total cost of installing a roof over your house, it has to do with the cost of material and labor. But one thing is that the labor cost is usually 60 percent of the total roofing cost.

Therefore, if it costs you a total of $15,000 to roof your house, 60 percent of it would be $9,000. And this money would be a labor cost for the entire project.

Usually, the labor cost is average out per square foot which is between $1.50 and $3.00. So if your house has roofing of a 10×10 foot area, a professional roofer will charge between $150 to $300.

You can either go for a licensed roofing company or an unlicensed one, but I will advise a licensed one.

Although more expensive, the licensed company has insurance coverage and manufacturer certification. And this means it has better roofing knowledge and would offer services at a fairer price.

Types Of Roofing Sheets And Prices In Ghana

As mentioned earlier, the type of roofing sheet is determined by the kind of material used for it. Domod Roof has some of the best types of roofing sheets you can find in Ghana. You can choose from our distinct Precoated Aluminium sheets and Aluzinc Sheets when considering the type of roofing sheets for your building.

These roofing materials are well tested and have proven to be very good materials for our tropical climate.

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List Of Roofing Sheet Companies In Kumasi Ghana

Below are the Roofing Sheet Companies In Kumasi, Ghana


Address: Ahwiaa oversea junction, Kumasi

Phone: 024 894 4710

Address: 415 Abrepo Rd, Kumasi

Phone: 055 431 6281

Santbek Enterprise Roofing Company, Kumasi

Address: Adako Jachie Rd, Ejisu

Phone: 020 339 7856

Address: Bekwai Rd, Ahenema Kokobin

Phone: 032 249 8177

DBS Industries Ltd Kumasi Branch

Address: 18-24 Obei Nkwantabisa Ave, Kumasi

Phone: 050 600 4141

Address: Kumasi Ejisu Rd, Kumasi

Phone: 020 812 2021

F & T Manufacturing Company Limited

Address: Kumasi

Jepa Roofing of Quekajepa Enterprise

Address: Kumasi

Manglad Roofing Systems Ltd


MANGLAD Roofing Systems Ltd is one of the top roofing companies in Ghana. It was established in 2009 to provide quality roofing sheets and other roofing-related services.

The services offered by the company include Quantity surveying services, on-site roof installation, technical advice, roofing woodworks, general carpentry works, management of clients buildings, metal trusses, and free estimates for projects.

Their offering of free estimates on projects regardless of the scale of the project makes them stand out from other roofing companies in Ghana. However, this service is only available to clients within the Greater Accra region. Also, such clients will bear the transport cost of providing these estimates to their respective sites.

MANGLAD quality roofing panels are made up of Aluminum, Zinc and Silica. Aluminum makes up a high percentage of the roofing panel.

MANGLAD roofing panels are quite affordable. This is something you rarely see in roofing panels of its quality. This makes MANGLAD one of the top roofing companies in Ghana.

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Big Bond Roofing System

Big Bond Roofing System was established in 2012. It has experienced rapid growth in the roofing industry ever since. This is due to its top-quality roofing solutions and the exceptional services it provides.

Big Bond offers different roofing solutions that should suit every roofing need. Their roofing solutions come with a number of features that you wouldnt find in roofing sheets sold by other companies. Despite this, they are still affordable.

How Much Does It Cost To Sheet A Roof

Your price could vary depending on how much the roofing company charges for labor, but generally, you can expect to spend between $70 to $100 for each sheet of plywood. A 4 x 8 sheet of plywood covers about 32 square feet of roof areaand the average roof measures about 3,000 square feet.Nov 25, 2021

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Top 10 Roofing Companies In Ghana

Roofing companies in Ghana have evolved due to the continuous demand for quality roofing sheets in the country.

Although there are some companies that hold a significant share in the market, youll still need to completely check out the quality of their roofing solutions before going ahead to patronize them.

Some roofing companies have introduced high-quality modern and decorative roofing systems which beat most of the competition. Some of these roofing solutions include the IDT roofing system, IBR roofing system, and transparent roofing system.

While many companies claim to offer the best roofing services, only a few of these companies really provide the best roofing solutions in Ghana.

Plastic Roofing Sheets In Ghana

Roofing Sheets in Ghana: Types, Prices And More  August 2022

Plastic roofing sheets can be made from either PVC or bitumen and each material has its pros and cons. For instance, roofing sheets made from PVC are strong and stable. Plastic roofing sheets offer protection against UV and wont discolour in the sun but they are known to shrink over time, they scratch easily and they are very expensive to make and install because they are not durable. They will need costly repairs down the road.

Bitumen-based roofing sheets come in the form of 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply. Those made of 1-ply are not durable.

These types of plastic roof sheets are usually great for smaller structures such as garden sheds as well as temporary buildings. That being said, you should always consider any factors that could place a strain on the rooftop as this will determine the type of plastic you should opt for.

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Why Do You Need To Choose Rosa Roofs High

  • The outer surface is coated with natural stone chips. The natural stone coated chipped coloured surface resists fading. Thats, the tile doesnt fade nor rust, that is why we give you a 50-year written warranty on our roofs.
  • Our sheets can be used on buildings close to the sea without rusting or fading.
  • Another benefit of our roofs is that they are fire-resistant up to 760°C.
  • We install our roofs with care so that they are highly leakproof and maintenance-free.
  • Installation is done by the horizontal fixing method this gives it an extra security feature so burglars cannot break into your house through the roof.
  • Unlike some roofing sheets in Ghana, our stone coated roofs allow you to use collected rainwater as they do not contaminate it.
  • Our roofs are also heat resistant because the stone coated outer surface reflects heat resulting in cooler rooms.
  • It can also resist UV rays penetration leaving the rooms cold thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning.
  • Our roofs have a pleasing aesthetic look, which can up the look of your house.

Types Of Roofing Sheets Used In Ghana

Before we take a look at the prices of roofing sheets, let us first see the types available in our country at the moment.

  • IBR roofing sheet

This type of roofing is designed to be used for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. It has a square fluted profile spanning a covering width of 686mm. IBR is the abbreviation of Inverted Box Rib. Its deep fluted designed ensures efficient drainage and has a considerable weight. It is commonly used in Ghana for roofing households, shops and other structures.

  • Self lock roofing

Unlock the IBR roofing, this type comes with an integrated interlocking property. You dont need nails when using this roofing. Its self-clipping property secures the roofing in place.

It gives building a quality finish.

  • Stone chip coated Steel Roof tiles

The type of building project you are embarking on will actually determine the type of roofing sheet you may need.

Now let us have a look at the prices.

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Stone Chip Coated Steel Roof Tiles Roofing Sheet

This type of roofing sheet is made from steel, which is coated with chips of stone. With an acrylic film, the stone chips are attached to the steel.

This results in an extremely durable roof that has the aesthetic benefit of more traditional roofing material.

Stone Chip Coated Steel Roof Tile sheet costs an amount of around GHS 100 GHS 200 per pack of 20 pieces.

Why Buy From Us

Prices Of Roofing Sheets In Ghana | Cost Of Roofing Sheets 2014
  • Lifetime support to your roof
  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Premium Aluzinc and 100% Aluminium sheets at affordable prices
  • 24/7 after sales service on dedicated hotlines
  • Long term material durability
  • Free office and on-site technical advice
  • Sheets produced to customer specification
  • Free Estimates within Accra

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Cost Of Roofing A Three Bedroom House In Kenya

A project to construct a three-bedroom flat in Kenya is not an easy task. Constructing such a house usually costs about 800,000 to 2 million Kenya shillings.

And so only those who are prepared the braze what follows venture into such an activity.

The idea of roofing cost varies from place to place in Kenya. For instance, installing the 30 Gauge Mini Corrugation metal sheet will cost Kshs 490 per square meter in the western part of the country.

On the other hand, the same sheet will cost Kshs 515 per square meter in the coastal region and Kshs 505 per square meter in places like Nairobi and Mount Kenya.

Likewise also, on the other hand, if you intend to use stone-coated Aluzinc roofing tiles, you will never install them at less than Kshs 3,500 per square meter. This cost also includes the cost of labor inside it.

So from the above information, it is right to say that a three-bedroom house in Kenya will fall within the range of Kshs 490 per square meter to Kshs 3,550 per square meter.

Types Of Roofing For Ghanaian Homes

Having a roof over your head is a basic need of every human being. Roofs keep us safe from harsh weather conditions and also adds beauty and security to the homes that we live in. In Ghana, there are various ways in which you can choose to roof your building. It all depends on what is best for you. We will take a look at the types of roofing styles in Ghana as well as the roofing systems that we have available in Ghana.

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Best Roofing Companies In Ghana

The importance of a roof cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to roofing, Rosa roofing systems is considered one of the best roofing companies in Ghana.Rosa Roofing Systems are your go-to for all roofing solutions. Rosa roofing systems since their establishment in 2008 have earned an excellent reputation as one of the best roofing companies in Ghana by frequently carrying out large projects for local authorities, Government, construction companies and private clients.

The company specialises in giving professional services and the manufacture of aluzinc coated metal tiles.

Rosa roofing systems have products such as shingle tiles, stone coated aluzinc and many other roofing products. The aluzinc metal tiles are made especially with unique stone coating technology making them resistant to fading and corrosion as well as being able to withstand Ghanas tough weather conditions.

These aluzinc metal tiles are unbelievably lightweight, making them easy to install and work with. Rosa roofing systems prioritise the needs of their clients hence their aluzinc metal tiles have a 50 years warranty limit.

Another reason why Rosa roofing systems are considered one of the best roofing companies in Ghana is because of their excellent customer service and affordable products and services.

Which Roofing Sheet Is The Best In Ghana

Price G550 Grade Galvalume Az150 Panel Aluzinc Roofing Sheets Ghana ...

The metal roofing sheet is one of the types of roofing sheets that is considered the best in Ghana. They are preferred by most people due to their durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Domod roof is the leading producer of the best metal roofing sheet in Ghana.

Our distinct Precoated Aluminium Sheets and Aluzinc Sheets are both options you can choose from when considering the type of roofing sheet for your building project.

The Precoated Aluminium sheets and Aluzinc sheets are long-lasting, easy to install and can withstand any weather condition.

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Which Roofing Sheet Is The Best

The choice of roofing sheet should always depend on the reason why it was installed so that it can efficiently serve its purpose. This is because roofing sheets come in different variations that are made to match the specificity of the project and each roofing sheet has its own pros and cons. It is always a good idea to explore other types of roofing materials on the market to expand your knowledge of roofing sheets. This will help you come up with more informed decisions as an existing or future property owner.

At Rosa Roofing, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of service that you deserve because we value our clients, we give full attention down to the smallest details and help you make an informed decision when it comes to roofing. Our stone coated metal roofing sheets have proven durability that surpasses most roofing sheets companies in Ghana.

What Is The Cost Of Building Foundation

A new foundation can be expensive depending on the scope of the project. On average, a concrete foundation costs around $8,500. On the low-end, a foundation can cost around $6,000 and on the high end, a foundation will run close to $15,000. Total costs will vary depending upon permits, labor and the type of foundation.Sep 28, 2021

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