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How To Maintain A Roof

Trim Any Overhanging Branches

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Tree branches can be a problem for a few reasons, the most obvious being the risk of them falling on your roof during severe weather. Be vigilant when it comes to your landscaping and cut off any large branches that are directly over your roof. This will help reduce storm damage, while also preventing leaves from piling on top of your shingles, absorbing moisture and eventually rotting your roof.

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Tip #: Clean The Gutters

It may seem surprising, but clogged gutters can actually cause a lot of damage to the roof of your commercial building. This happens when water accumulates on and around gutters that are full of clogs. When it gets stuck in the gutter areas instead of flowing away, water can easily make its way underneath your shingles and roofing structure. Regularly check your gutters and keep them clean so they can work as designed and move water away from your building. This will promote good roof health and also protect the foundation of your building from water damage.

Proper Residential Roof Maintenance Is Key

If you want your roof to last you for many years to come, then you need to conduct proper residential roof maintenance. Use all of the helpful information listed in this guide above to help you stay on top of it.

If youre interested in more home improvement topics and plenty of other topics as well, then continue to check back here on a daily basis.

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Contact A Roof Repair Contractor For A Roof Evaluation

Also, should an issue arise with your roof, youve already developed a relationship with the contractor. Having a professional intimately know your roof, its age and history, means that your repairs and maintenance will be more precise and effective. When you have a roofing contractor familiar with your roof, and consistently checking your roof, you are protecting your roof from larger, more invasive, roof repair and possible roof replacement.

Simple Roof Maintenance Tips To Ensure A Healthy Roof

Spring Roof Maintenance: A Checklist for Every Homeowner ...

The cost of replacing or repairing a roof is an expense most of us can ill afford. Luckily, by spending a few hours periodically to carry out scheduled maintenance, you can actually catch roof problems and solve them before they spiral out of control.

Below are seven simple roof maintenance tips to ensure a healthy roof for as long as possible:

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How To Maintain Your New Roof

If you have recently invested in a new roof, you know how significant an investment it can be. You are probably relieved that your new roof will last for years to come, and whatever issues you were having with your old roof are a thing of the past. Dont just walk away and call it a day, though. If you want your roof to maintain its like-new condition, you will have to take some steps to make sure your roof is maintained. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your new roof.

Roof Inspections & Assessments

Whether you own one property or many, the first step in your commercial roof maintenance plan is an inspection from a Phoenix roofing company. During this process, your roofing contractor will get up on the roof of your building to collect information and assess its condition. Sometimes, the roofing contractor will take photographs of specific areas so that you can better understand some of your roofs needs.

Your Glendale roofing contractor will help you determine whether your roof is repairable or whether it needs replacement. They will also work with your budget to make a plan for an initial cost estimate on the project and provide a workable solution for any needs your roof may have.

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Cleaning As Part Of Roof Maintenance

Cleaning should be a regular part of the preventive maintenance plan. Keeping the TPO roof clean will help keep the energy savings within the structure by continuing to reflect away sunlight and keep the building cool in the warm months. It will also prevent the growth of mold & mildew. Lastly, it will help reduce any damage from chemical contaminants that may compromise the membranes ability to perform.

Get A Professional Roof Inspection

How to Maintain your Roof

Wondering why you should pay for a roofing inspection when you have our roof maintenance checklist right in front of you? An inspector will be able to spot potential problems you mightve missed, as well as provide you with invaluable tips for maintaining your roof. Theyll also give you a rough idea of how many more years it will last. Most roofers recommend inspections every two years, but an inspection once a year will increase your chances of finding potential issues before they become costly repairs.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

Roof inspections can vary in price from $250 to $650 on the high end. But the cost of hiring a roof inspector is much lower than the cost to replace your roof. Use the The American Society of Home Inspectors or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to find a reputable inspector near you. Their members are prohibited from offering to make their own recommended repairs, ensuring you receive a fair price and an honest opinion.

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Control The Growth Of Algae

A layer of algae across your thatched roof will prevent natural drying by the sun and wind and reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Homeowners can spray roofs with an algaecide to kill any algae or moss.

This method is cost-effective as it can mean a roof lasts an additional ten to 15 years. It also has the added advantage of making the roof look more visually appealing.

To Maintain Original Building Panel Finish The Only Regular Maintenance Necessary To Clean A Steel Roof Is An Annual Washing

How to clean a steel roof. Over the course of time painted metal roofs will appear discolored in areas where dirt and grime accumulate. To clean a metal roof, wait for a dry, overcast day, and make sure you have a partner to help you for safety reasons. Mix it up 1 to 5 in your garden sprayer.

Long term exposure to the sun also creates a chalking effect where the metal appears lightened in color when compared to other areas of the roof. How often do you need to clean your roof? I mix up my cleaner in a bug sprayer container and spray it all over the roof.

Keep in mind that metal roofs tend to be much more slippery than an asphalt roof, and that many aluminum roofs will also dent easily if walked on. Before you can clean your metal roof, youll need to do a thorough inspection of the roof itself. Wet and forget is as simple as spraying your outdoor surface and leaving it.

There are many roof cleaning companies with experienced professionals who can be hired to clean your metal roof for you. This is also a way to quickly rinse off any chemicals or cleaners you may have used to clean your steel. These days, theyre often very elaborate and available in different colors to match the rest of your house.

Choose a cool, dry day to apply it. On sunny days, metal panels will also reflect the sun and could produce a glare that could possibly impair your. Safe on all roof surfaces such as:

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How To Maintain A Tile Roof

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Tile roofs provide several significant advantages over other types. Tile constructions are resistant to pests and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They also have superior thermal properties that reduce ambient temperatures on the roof deck. Tile roofs come in a broad array of colors that can complement the appearance of your home. But perhaps most significantly, a properly installed tile roof can last more than 100 years with only modest care. If you need to know how to maintain a tile roof, follow these guidelines.

Drainage Systems Are Very Important


Because of their shape, flat roofs tend to accumulate water more, especially if the drainage systems arent in a good shape. So, basically, drainage systems are the key. If you happen to notice any pooling water on your roof, your drainage system may be insufficient, so it either needs to be altered or cleared of blockage. Since these processes are more complicated, if you arent comfortable doing them yourself, you can always ask a flat roofing contractor for professional help. Remember, insufficient drainage systems can lead to leaks, and thats a way more serious problem.

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How To Maintain Your Metal Roof:

  • Wash off dirt, leaves, stains and other elements: The sleek material of metal roofs allows most elements that collect on top of roofs to be swept off with rainfall. However, when these materials do not come off naturally, it is necessary to clean it off with water to lower the risk of roof damage due to build up. When cleaning off roofs with water, it is important to clean from top to bottom to remove all materials.
  • Clean out gutters and drains: While rainfall will wash off leaves and debris from the tops of metal roofs, these materials flow into gutters and drains which can then be clogged due to an excess of elements. This clogging can greatly increase the change of roof corrosion.
  • Clear roof area of tree branches and remove branches: When branches and sticks fall onto metal roofs, they can create scratches, or even holes, which can greatly impact the effectiveness and the lifetime of metal roofs, so it is important to decrease this from even happening in the first place. You can do this by clearing the area above the roof of branches. Additionally, if there are any branches on the roof, they need to be removed so that they do move and cause further damage.
  • Remove other metal elements: When metal elements come in contact, they often interact and can potentially cause damage to the metals involved. This can result in metal degradation, corrosion, or staining and possibly cause failure of the entire roofing system.
  • Have The Roof Inspected Regularly

    There are several things that a homeowner can do on their own to properly maintain their roof, but its always ideal to hire a roofing contractor to have your roof inspected regularly. A professional roofing contractor can safely inspect your roof and determine if there are any problems that need attention.

    They can make repairs and provide you with all the best roof maintenance tips to help you keep your roof in great shape. Once you establish a relationship with a professional roofer, youll then have someone to perform regular maintenance on your roof, repairs, and installations.

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    The Importance Of Tpo Maintenance

    Debris and dirt can accumulate on any flat roof which can become a petri dish for mold, mildew, algae and plant growth. That same debris can become a food source for birds and other pests. All these factors can settle and compromise the roofing membrane, which may cause leaks.

    This is exactly why having a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your roof will last the maximum amount of time is key to protecting your investment.

    You should always consult a professional roofing contractor or roofing consultant before going forward with any cleaning.

    Clean Your Gutters Regularly

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    You knew this one was coming, didnt you? Theres a reason why most homeowners regularly clean their gutters. While there are certainly professional services that can get the job done very well, it is also possible to clean your own gutters by wearing rubber gloves and pulling the leaves and other debris out yourself. To finish up the job, use a soft brush to scrub down your gutters.

    While you are cleaning your gutters, it is equally as important to clean your downspout. This can easily be done by angling your garden hose down your downspout and washing away any detritus. Be sure to be on the lookout for leaks.

    It is also advisable to clean the top of your roof. This can be best accomplished through the use of a power wash and a soft-bristled brush.

    Even with these best practices in mind, every roof will eventually reach the end of its lifetime. When the time comes, be sure to invest in the help of a reputable roofing company to ensure that your investment comes well-prepared for the future.

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    Schedule Regular Maintenance With A Roof Repair Contractor

    Hiring a Northern Virginia roof repair contractor to check on your roof ensure you have a roofing expert overseeing the status of your roof.

    A local roof repair contractor will know the finer details of roofing damage and roofing structure. A professional will know what to look for. When a professional sees a problem with your roof, he/she will be able to determine the cause and provide you an immediate solution. A professional roofing contractor is like a guardian angel for your roof.

    Furthermore, working on roofs can be dangerous. If, for whatever reason, you are uncomfortable ascending your roof, play it safe and call a professional. Something as a minimal as a once-a-year inspection by a professional can dramatically reduce risk of roof damage, and subsequent a costly roof repair.

    Trim And Track The Trees

    If you live in a wooded area, its a good idea to watch for large branches and trim them back regularly. High winds and violent storms can easily dislodge branches from trees, sending them crashing into your roof. Depending on how extensive damage is, this could mean a costly repair or complete roof replacement.

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    Perform A Total Evaluation Of Your Roof

    What material is your roof made of? How old is it? Who repaired it last, and why was it repaired? Has it ever been replaced? When? It can help to compile a little folder on your roof that includes all of this vital information. It is important to track work done to your roof as past issues can be symptomatic of future problems. Furthermore, it is important to track how certain repairs impacted your roof in the long-run so you can make more informed maintenance decisions in the future and avoid a costly roof repair.

    Knowing the age and status of your roof can help you make an educated decision should damage occur. A brand new roof that is leaking may simply have a gutter issue, whereas an old roof that is leaking may be harboring a more profound issue. Though you should check both young and old roofs for the same issues, older roofs are more prone to certain problems, such as rusting, cracking, and mold. When an old roof is displaying these symptoms, a roof repair or a total roof replacement may be considered.

    Part of knowing your roof is checking it frequently, especially during change of seasons. You want to intimately know the status of your gutters, your flashing, your shingles, your vent pipes, etc. Understanding the current status of your roof will help you spot trouble early on. You want to know what healthy looks like for your roof so when signs of damage start appearing you can easily identify them.

    Clear Snow Off The Roof

    Spring Roof Maintenance: Look Out For These Problems As ...

    Dont allow snow to accumulate on your roof. You want to clear snow off your roof to prevent serious roof damage. Too much snow on an older roof can even cause it to collapse due to too much weight.

    While standing on the ground, use a snow rake to carefully remove any snow you can and relieve some of that weight.

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    Keep Your Gutters Clean

    Each season brings with it debris that can end up in your gutters. Making sure that your gutters are clean and free of blockages all year is important to residential roof maintenance. If water cant flow freely down your gutters and away from your home, it can cause a whole lot of trouble, from your basement to your ceiling.

    Roof decking rot caused by gutter backup is an easy thing to prevent with this simple roof maintenance tip. Get up on a ladder every now and again or call a professional gutter cleaning service to clear out any obstructions.

    How To Maintain Your Roof

    How To Maintain Your Roof

    • Poor or faulty installation: This is the main reason that causes the breakdown of a roof. If your roof was poorly installed, it is prone to future problems.
    • Leaks and moisture: This is another problem associated with roofs. The roof may begin to leak, emanating from factors like wind, excessive rainfall, and debris. Still, if your roof is properly installed, you will rarely have such issues.
    • Improper maintenance: The worst enemy of a roof is improper maintenance. Roof problems usually start small, and if not taken care of, escalate into more serious problems.
    • Lack of quality materials: Some unprofessional roofing contractors use bad-quality materials in the installation of roofs. This is the beginning of roof problems for homeowners.

    Maintaining Your RoofJ& M Roofing

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