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How To Sell Roof Jobs

How Do I Sell A Job To Another Roofing Company

Highest Commission Roofs To Sell? How to Target The BIGGEST Roofing Sales Jobs

My question is this:

I work part-time as a roofing sales consultant for a company that works strictly residential. However, I picked-up a claim for a large commercial property from one of my residential clients. I did the inspection, called and met with the insurance company and the roof was bought. The owner also wants work done to a structure not part of this claim. Now Im looking for a company to do the work. My question is what is a reasonable request for commission on this job from a company that I dont work for? What is the best way to approach another company with this job and my fee?

I dont want to offend anyone by asking for commission. I hope someone is available to help.

If it were me I would research the company that you wish to have do the work.Not doing so can result in the loss of a client.

Commercial clients have commercial friends.No shock but commercial is where the big coins are.

I would approach the company with confidence.I would speak with a manager or someone in a very high position in the company.

My request would be around 30%,To some that seems high.But it is a great place to start the negotiations.IMO that is.

This is the first I have heard of a part time roofing sales personNo disrespect intended.,just have never heard of it in roofing.

Back to the 30% fee.,if it were me and you were offering my company the project.,.,I would have zero problems paying the 30%.,

Yes your post asks the question how to approach other companies but

Good luck

Roof Selling Tip #: Heighten Home Efficiency

Roofs that need replacing right now are likely around 10-15 years old, meaning new, more efficient technology has come onto the market since then. During the sales process, mention how more efficient insulation helps lower heating and cooling costs for the customers home, so they will actually end up saving money in the long run.

You can also provide options of material lines that have stronger and more efficient shingles that better protect a new roof from future damages. When trying to persuade a customer to replace their roof for efficiency, be sure to emphasize the money they will save in the long run, as that is what they actually gain.

Ways To Get Roofing Leads And Turn Them Into Roofing Sales

Finding enough quality roofing leads to turn into roofing sales to keep your fleet busy is a constant challenge. And regardless of how full your pipeline is today, an empty pipeline tomorrow always feels like its right around the corner.

Thats why when it comes to generating new roofing leads consistently, you can never have too many irons in the fire. And thats precisely what were going to cover today.

In this post, well cover:

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Best Times To Get A Roofing Contract

  • Anytime you have an appointment
  • Right after youve signed your last contract
  • With the neighbors when theres a roof in production.
  • Saturday during garage sale hours
  • Tuesday evenings
  • Wednesday evenings
  • Extremely cold days
  • You can always knock doors during normal working hours , but youre more likely to make contact with people at night after they get home from work.

    One advantage to knocking doors during the day is that, in a lot of households, the wife is actually the decision maker. If you can catch a housewife at home, you may have to come back to tie things down with the husband at night, but the decision has already been made by the time he gets home.

    An Improved Way To Sell Roofing


    Understanding what your customer wants and needs is half the battle. But you also need to be smart and intentional about who youre trying to sell to. Rather than wasting time and resources with unqualified buyers, market your services intelligently based on your location and client preferences. Along with location intelligent marketing, having a strong, consistent brand will lead to more customers.

    If youre at a loss of how to reach out to modern buyers, there are 3 methods that are essential for connecting with this audience and making a positive, visible presence online:

    • Engage on social media platforms where there is a large audience. Having a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account are basic fundamentals for any company nowadays. If youre not sure how to create a strong internet presence, there are plenty of ways to get started.
    • Be a resource. If your company can provide valuable information then its a great way to build rapport and encourage researchers to visit your site, causing them to view you as an authority figure in your field.
    • Maintain relationships after the contract is completed. Your teams should be thinking about ways to delight and re-engage your customers, since acquiring upsells and cross-selling is much easier than acquiring new business, and modern buyers conduct research among your current customers.

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    Youre Not Just Selling A Roof Youre Selling Your Company

    Remember how I said when you inspect a roof youâre really performing two inspections? One of the roof and one of the building ownerâs desires, motivations, and buying triggers.âWell the same principle applies to your bidding process. The building owner will be inspecting your bid on two fronts.âThe Actual Bid – âDo I like any of the solutions and prices?”Your Company – âDo I like this company?ââDo I trust this company?ââWould I prefer to work with ____ or ____?”âYou simply canât forget that youâre not going to be the only player in the game. Youâve got some stiff competition. It only makes sense to put your best foot forward in âwowâing the building owner every time you submit a bit.This is why I recommend including detailed Project Profiles. A Project Profile is simple. Just tell the story of the problem a previous client was experiencing. How they found you and what solution you agreed upon.How the project turned out at the end and what the building owner said about you. Include some photos and thatâs it! Youâre done.Now the building owner can read the story of someone who was in his shoes previously, went with you, and had a fantastic experience. Project Profiles bring your bids to life. They tell a story. Stories are how we learn and best accept new information.

    Target Your Online Marketing To Include Commercial Connections

    While Facebook can be highly effective for generating residential roofing leads, consider other avenues to connect with commercial contractors, property managers, and other decision makers.

    For example, LinkedIn can be effective for building that network. Start by updating the companys page and your personal profilemake sure both highlight how youre different from the competition. Also join a few of the site’s industry or regional business groups they’re an ideal place to ask or answer questions, so you can start building relationships with potential partners and clients.

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    Five Keys To Selling A Roofing Job

    Trying to sign up a roof job, especially when you are new to the roofing business, can be intimidating. If you are a new roofing company owner, you will quickly find that filling your schedule with jobs may take some effort. Here are a few tips to help give you a better chance at lining up some new customers.

    The Roofing Industry Has A Bad Reputation

    How to Sell Insurance Roofing Jobs

    If theres one scam the roofing industry is known for, its storm chasers. Were not talking about the people on the weather channel who get close footage of tornadoes. In the roofing industry, storm chasers are contractors who amp up their selling game right after a major storm or other natural disaster.

    These contractors are usually here one day and gone the next. Sometimes they come into a city after a storm to prey on innocent homeowners who are in desperate need of roof repair. While they may offer a low price at an opportune time, they often perform low quality work that doesnt lastif they dont just run off with your money first.

    Even if youre not dealing with storm chasers, some roofing contractors will try to pull similar tricks. They may sell roof replacements on false pretenses, provide dishonest advice about repairs, or simply provide a bad experience. In fact, according to the Better Business Bureau , roofing contractors were ranked 46 out of 4,510 industries for complaints in 2020, receiving 3,392 total complaints for that year. Thats about 9 complaints each day. This doesnt even include the past 50 years of complaints in which home improvement contractors were ranked number 1 on the list for the most complaints out of any industry.

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    Roofing Sales Tip #: Be Ready For Questions And Objections

    Homeowners are looking for roofing contractors who will be honest and informative. They want to make sure their concerns and questions arent brushed aside. And sometimes, they have objections that can make or break a sale. In order to close the deal and present your roofing company as the trusted choice, you need to be up-front with homeowners and ready to respond to their questions and objections.

    Take the time to explain to homeowners exactly what your work for them entails, and why the repairs or replacements are necessary. This is especially important if youve found more repairs are needed than were originally anticipated. Homeowners appreciate having all the information in front of them, and working with them to address their concerns and answer questions will help you establish your business as the right company for the job.

    In addition, it can help to have tools or products to offer homeowners to address some of their major objections. For instance, many prospects have objections around payment that can keep a deal from closingeither the roofing business doesnt have a payment option that works for the homeowner, or the homeowner cant afford the full, upfront cost of the roofing work.

    Tip #: Be Honest And Transparent

    The best salespeople are usually the ones who are more introverted and less salesy. Most homeowners can detect B.S. in 2022 since they can access online reviews and neighborhood forums announcing when roofers are going door-to-door. If you cut through the B.S. and lay out an honest assessment of your services, your chances of a conversion increase exponentially.

    Remember that some people wont answer the door regardless. Some may even threaten you to get off their property and insult you personally. While such behavior is not common, it does happen to roofers. The best you can do is promote your roofing company authentically in a way that addresses their needs.

    Sales can be a tough job, but somebody has to do it. At Roofers Guild, we encourage business owners to try door-to-door sales before they ask employees to do the job. Once they understand what goes into the process, they can hire people who are well-suited for the position.

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    Nail Project Delivery Processes

    Bidding on large commercial projects requires more than nailing their “perfect” cost numberbuilding owners or project managers will want to know exactly how your crews will get the job done.

    That makes it essential to detail how youll manage debris, particularly on large replacement projects.

    Dump trailers, tarps, and dedicated cleanup crews have been the traditional tools of roofing, but that doesnt mean those are the only tools available. An innovative roofing trailer, like theEquipter RB4000 lift, will completely change the way your crews manage debris on big job sites.

    A streamlined, commercial-grade cleanup process will help your company finish jobs faster and reduce the risk of property damage. It will also keep the property cleaner from start to finishand that can be a big-time differentiator when you’re bidding a residential complex or retail property.

    Jay Ors from Southern Coast Roofing in Florida won a 40-building apartment complex bid by showing project managers how his crews would use an RB4000 lift to manage the tremendous volume of debris.

    Beating Your Competitors To New Opportunities

    RJS Roofing Contractors

    Whats the #1 law of marketing? Well, as Al Ries and Jack Trout point out in their book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Its better to be first than it is to be better. Of course, if you can be both, thats great too.

    The key to your long-term success is turning that actionable data you get from PropertyRadar and turning it into successful direct marketing campaigns. Heres how you do that:

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    Frame Your Bid With Supporting Material

    If youâre like the majority of commercial roofing contractors that I work with and speak to on a daily basis, you believe that handing in your bid is the last step in your sales process.âIn fact, itâs just the beginning of your sales process. If you meet with the building owner, look at their roof, and submit a 1 or 2 page bid…You are right – thatâs the end of your sales process.From there on you just cross your fingers, pray, and follow-up.âThis is the old way of doing things.âI want to introduce you to a new way of bidding.One that will shift the power back into your hands.From now on…There should be no reason to submit a commercial roofing proposal unless it has more than enough supporting information, evidence, references, case studies, testimonials, and options to help the building owner make an educated decision.âWhen you hand in a one or two page bid with just the price and termsâ¦You are doing yourself and the building owner a massive disservice.âHanding someone a piece of paper that says you need $500,000 + without providing them with as much relevant and useful supporting documentation is asking them to go out on a limb for you.You’re asking them to take a massive gamble and leaving a lot to be figured out by their imagination.This will slow down their time to make a decision and encourage them to put it off for the future.

    Find Properties By Structure Characteristics:

    Roofing leads come in all shapes and sizesso to speak. You may have a preference to target properties over a certain age, size, or both. Adding those criteria and others is not a problem in PropertyRadar.

    Navigating to Property> Structure, youll find the following criteria to dial in the properties that make the perfect roofing lead for your business:

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    Using These Roof Selling Tips

    The customer doesnt always know what is best for their roof. It could need serious repairs and they might have no idea. Add on top of this that replacing a roof is a time consuming and expensive process and you are left in a situation where the customer is wary of taking any action. As a result, you will often have to convince a customer that their roof really does need replacing. Use these tips and reasons to convince even the most hesitant of customers and seal the deal on their projects.

    Always Make Sure The Last Impression Is A Good One

    Roofing Sales Job? How to Choose The Right Roofing Company to Sell and Work For

    Want to learn how to sell roofs door to door successfully? Remember to be polite, no matter how the homeowner treats you. Reacting in a negative way will poison any future potential relationship with that homeowner, but the situation can also go public quickly.

    Its not uncommon for neighborhoods to have private Facebook groups, making it easy for a homeowner to notify neighbors theres a pushy or rude salesperson knocking on doors. A bad door-to-door experience can also end up on roofing company review sites like Yelp or Angies List.

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    Build Dynamic Mailing Lists

    Unlike traditional mailing lists that grow old the second you buy them and require lots of manual effort to make them work, PropertyRadars dynamic mailing lists actually work for you by:

    • Alerting you about new leads by sending mobile push notifications or emails
    • Sending single-piece direct mailers or triggering multitouch, multichannel marketing campaigns
    • Updating themselves daily with new roofing leads and opportunities so theyre always fresh and up to date.

    PropertyRadar’s dynamic mailing lists help put your direct mail marketing campaigns on cruise control.

    Tip #: Adapt As Needed

    While its a good idea to have part of your pitch rehearsed, dont be a robot. Remember that one of the most effective door-to-door sales tactics is finding the pain point of the potential customers. That means you must converse with them and listen to their roofing needs.

    You may be able to steer the conversation a bit by observing certain things about their roofs. In general, though, the goal is to listen to customers and let them talk about their roofing concerns.

    Once they mention their concerns, then it is time to provide your solution. If they cant remember their last roof inspection, note that you offer a roofing inspection service. If they mention concerns about the effect of extreme weather on their roof, note that you specialize in storm roof repair.

    Next, take a look at the state of their gutters. If they require cleaning or repair, steer the conversation towards them and mention that your company offers competitive gutter cleaning and repair rates.

    The point is to adapt your pitch to the needs of the customer. Of course, you may not always be able to do this. After all, you cant just lie and say you offer a roofing service that the customer needs even though you dont. But more often than not, you will find some roofing needs that you can fill for potential customers.

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