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How To Walk On A Steel Roof

Choosing The Right Weather Conditions

How to Walk on a Metal Roof Safely in 2021

Metal roofs can be very dangerous to walk on during the rainy seasons. The winter, during hailstones, the storm, earthquakes all these weather conditions are not suitable times to walk on the metal roof. The metal will be extremely slippery and in case of a lightning strike, the likelihood of you getting caught in the crossfire is high.

If at all you must, really must walk on the roof during these uncertain weather conditions, then observe safety measures such as the ones discussed above. More so, let a professional do the work as they are more accustomed to doing that type of work. Avoid any risks.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Is Going To Collapse

Warning Signs Your Roof May Collapse

Bowed or bent conduits or utility pipes at the ceiling. Sections of the interior ceiling or exterior shingles that have started to sag. Windows or doors that are harder to open or that pop open on their own. Deformities in the roof support, structure or framing.

Check Your Metal Roof Before Walking On It

There are some things that you must check before walking on your metal roof. You can inspect the roof from the inside. Look for any cracks, weak spots, or holes that may impact the strength of the metal roof.

Also, check for dust and pollen on your metal roof. They may appear to be safe, but you can easily slip on them. Look for any missing beams or panels. If you notice any missing avoid going on the rooftop yourself as you would be putting yourself in danger. Make sure that the metal roof is completely dry and dust-free before you go up there.

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S For Walking On Metal Roofs

  • The first thing to do is check the manufacturers advice for their recommended method of walking on that particular roof product. That said, some suggestions are:
  • Standing seam roofing can be walked on pretty much anywhere without damaging it.
  • Metal tile roofing should be walked on in the lower spots, closer to the roof decking.
  • Corrugated panels are also safe to walk on as those are screwed right onto the roof decking. It is a good idea though to walk on the lower parts of those panels.
  • When it comes to metal shingles, it is recommended to walk on the upper half of the shingle panel, where there is minimal airspace between the metal. If you think you may have areas that could get repeated foot traffic you will want to consider installing foam backers on those shingles. This will help firm up those areas to better handle foot traffic.
  • General advice is: Walk closest to the areas around the decking, avoiding laps and ribs.
  • Wear soft-soled shoes.
  • If it feels like youve got debris underfoot, then be careful not to grind it in or you could damage the metal surface.
  • When You Should Not Walk On The Metal Roof

    Safety Tips for Walking on a Metal Roof

    Walking on a metal roof is possible and safer than other roofing styles. But, you should avoid walking on in under certain circumstances. You already know that rainy or wet weather conditions are not suitable.

    A damaged roof is a no-go zone. You should avoid walking on the roof if there are some damages. The best you can do is to call a profession. A weak roof is the same as a damaged one.

    Safety measures should be perfect. If the standards are faulty, its wise if you refrain from walking on the roof to avoid any accident. Be sure of the safety measures put on thats why you need to test them first.

    Morning hours are not suitable to walk on the roof. Metal roofs are wet in the morning hours, and they can be dangerous.

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    How To Walk On A Metal Roof Without Slipping

    by Mountaintop Metal Roofing | Feb 16, 2022 | Residential

    Although metal roofing tends to need very little maintenance, there may be some instances in which you need to get onto your roof, such as removing debris, repairing any issues, inspections, etc. In the case that you are unable to hire a roofing professional, it is imperative that you know how to walk on a metal roof without slipping.

    With this post, we will outline the best practices for staying safe while walking on your metal roof.

    Walking Safely On A Metal Roof

    Walking safely on a metal roof requires you to have the right kind of shoes. You must wear soft shoes with rubber soles that will allow easy movement and better traction. Wearing soft sole rubber shoes will prevent you from putting too much pressure on the roof.

    Hard sole shoes can cause damage and dents on the metallic roofs surface by putting too much pressure on it. They will also limit your maneuvering and movement. Ensure that your shoes are free of grime and dust in their soles. Otherwise, they can damage the roof, and you may slip as well.

    Walk on or at least near the rafters because they are more solid and can withstand your weight. Bend towards the metal roof in the case that the roof is steep. For a steeper roof, you will need to bend more towards the metal roof to maintain your balance.

    You must use a safety kit when climbing on a metal roof. This kit is handy when you have to work on your metal roof. The safety kit includes an anchor, harness, and a rope.

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    Under What Circumstances Is It Not Possible

    Itâs not impossible to walk on metal roofs, however, itâs quite risky under these circumstances

    • During wet/rainy seasons- metal by itself is very slippery, therefore, the additional rainwater makes it even more slippery therefore highly risky.
    • Damaged roof â an already damaged or weak roof is a no go zone. Thereâs a high probability of the roof giving in, causing irreversible damage, or causing yourself injuries.
    • Improper stages of safety materials â if the safety measures put in place to safeguard the workers and those indulging in the activity are faulty, then you shouldnât try walking on the roof. Safety still remains a major concern.
    • Very early mornings â this has to do with the few in the morning that causes the roofs to be wet or damp hence, unnecessarily slippery.
    • Without proper knowledge â itâs a very bad idea to try and walk on the metal roof without knowledge of how and where you should walk on. Youâre simply risking damaging the roofs. Thatâs an additional cost on the repair you donât want to bear.

    How To Safely Walk On A Metal Roof

    How to walk on steep metal roofs

    Its common knowledge that maintaining your metal roof is one of the keys to its longevity and durability. However, walking on these surfaces can be incredibly dangerous, and theres always a possibility of injury as you go about this seemingly simple task. Fortunately, you can mitigate the hazards with the right level of preparedness and caution. So, if you want to take your home maintenance into your own hands, learning how to safely walk on a metal roof is the best first step.

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    How To Walk On Metal Roof Without Slipping

    Nowadays metal has become one of the most popular roofing materials, because of its easy installation and high durability. To maintain the metal roofs, you have to walk on them. But it is really tough for anybody to walk on a metal roof. And since you are a roofer, you must know how to walk on these.

    To walk on a metal roof, you need to wear quality shoes that have rubber-soles and walk on the roof according to the instructions given by the manufacturer of the roof.

    I guess you havent done any roofing stuff on a metal roof and maybe thinking, how to walk on metal roof without slipping?

    Nothing to worry, in this article we have discussed the step by step guideline in this regard.

    Donts To Avoid When Maintaining Your Metal Roof

    1. Dont Use Harsh or Abrasive Cleaners

    Gritty, powder-based cleaners can be great for agitating and lifting tough stains, but they also can result in scratches and/or paint damage to a metal roof. To maintain the integrity of your roofs color, sealant and appearance, these cleaners should be avoided for any standard maintenance.

    2. Dont use spray paints near your roof

    This especially includes painting your home with a sprayer. But even spray painting other items should be done at a safe distance from your home or under the cover of your garage where wind cannot carry over spray.

    Any spray painting that comes in contact with your metal roof will be nearly impossible to remove.

    3. Do not walk on your metal roof too much

    Metal roofs are sturdy enough to withstand walking around on, but extended periods of stress from walking can cause raised metal roofing panels to dent if you are untrained or not careful with how you are distributing weight when walking.

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    Roof Safety: How To Walk On A Steel Roof

    If I had a nickel for every time a client has asked me the question, Can I walk on my steel roof? I would have several rolls of nickels! My initial thought is always one of, why would anyone want to walk on their roof to begin with? But the answer to the question is yes!

    Steel roofs are the roofing of choice for post frame buildings. Virtually leak-proof and low maintenance, they will provide a lifetime of protection for your valuables.

    I grew up in the construction industry. As a teenager, I remember setting 50 foot span roof trusses, on top of three story high walls. It was more than a little nerve-racking. While some of my nerves were just due to the height , my Mount Everest climbing cousin Kim being on top of the opposite wall and running while I struggled to keep up with my size 14 feet contributed as well.

    How to walk on a steel roof: here are a few tips to help calm your nerves, if you decide to go roof climbing.

    Wear rubber-soled shoes, with good traction. I once owned two identical looking pairs of rubber-soled shoes. One pair was so slick on the bottom, I could barely stand upright on a flat surface. The other pair gave me the traction I needed. Test the traction somewhere you will not get hurt.

    Important sidebar make sure to place padding between the roof fascia and the ladder. Failure to do so could easily result in bending the edge of the overhanging roof steel.

    Does A Metal Roof Make Rain Fall Noisy

    How to Walk on Metal Roofs

    Due to our installation method, our roofs are soundproof. This is largely due to the fact that the roof has multiple layers under the exterior metal sheers, namely the membrane, shingles layer, plywood, rafters, insulation, and ceiling. Thus, you roof will not be any louder than a standard shingles roof. Often the case, it will actually be quieter than a shingles roof.

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    Will The Colour Of My Roof Fade Over Time

    In short, no. Our company uses a Granite Deep Mat finish with a nominal dry film thickness of 27 microns and has four layers of durable textured finishes. After a long period of time, some 40 years, the colour will inevitably change slightly due to constant UV exposure. However, this process is so slow and gradual, that it is unlikely that there will ever be any significant colour change. The only visible colour change can occur due to airborne particles setting on your roof, especially if your house is in an area where there tends to be a lot of dust or minute debris from trees or plants. In these cases, a rainy day or a simple wash with a pressurized water hose will clean the roof quickly.

    Will A Metal Roof Be More Prone To Getting Hit By Lightning Am I Safe In A Thunderstorm

    No. Although there is a chance that lighting can strike your roof, the cause will not be the metal roof, but the height of the house in relation to trees or other high objects in its vicinity. In any case, having a metal roof actually improves the safety of the houses inhabitants because the metal disperses the electric charge equally across the entire structure. Furthermore, since a metal roof is fire proof, the potential of a fire caused by an unlikely lightning strike is practically eliminated.

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    What Are Some Things You Shouldnt Do When Walking On A Metal Roof

    There are some things that you should never do while walking across your new metal roofs:

    • Avoid crossing over seams of panels since they can be weak and might not support the added pressure.
    • Never stand on the edges of your metal roofing material because it is sharp which puts you at risk for punctures and cuts.
    • Avoid walking near the ridge of your metal roof because it can be sharp too!
    • Never walk on a metal roof when it is wet outside to reduce your risk for slips or falls too.
    • Be sure not to step in any puddles that might have formed after rain, snow or storms either since you could slip and fall.
    • Dont walk near any sharp objects like rake nails, broken shingles or other pieces of debris that you might step on when walking across your new metal roofs either.
    • Never try to stand up if you feel yourself slipping because it can cause injuries too!

    Clean The Shoes Before Walking:

    Can I walk on your Metal Roofs without damaging them?

    Always remember to clean the outsoles of your shoes before getting up to the roof. Make sure that there is no gravel or dirt stuck to the outsoles.

    Wearing shoes with gravel and dirt stuck on the bottom, is really detrimental to the roof surface. These things also lessen the efficiency of the shoes. Thus, you can not have the amount of grip you expected. Thats why cleaning the shoes is very important.

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    Understanding The Type Of Metal Roofing

    First and foremost, you need an understanding of the type of metal roofing used. What does this mean? Well, there are four types of roofing styles most manufacturers use. They are

    • Standing seam roofing
    • Corrugated panels
    • Metal shingles

    For all these metal roofing styles, you should walk strategically to avoid falls, accidents, or damage to the roof.

    Standing Seam Roofing

    This is the safest metal roof to walk on since it holds up weight pretty well you can literally walk all over it, at any spot and you wonât damage it. However, the type of shoes will matter, more about this in below next segment.

    Metal Tiles

    These ones are made to resemble any other tiling solutions such as ceramics or shake. They are a bit fragile hence, you should walk on lower spots

    Corrugated Panels

    Since they too are screwed on the roof decking, that should be the safest place to walk over.

    Metal Shingles

    Simply walk on the upper part of the shingle panel, thereâs where the strength is highest and with minimal airspace in between the metal. However, metal shingles can get easily damaged if you donât walk in the right spots. This is why there is an option of installing foam backers.

    If you notice thereâs increased foot traffic on the roof, you can include foam inserts or backers. Their purpose is to seal any air gaps left open on the metal panels, shakes, or tiles, as they can increase the chances of bending or damaging the roof altogether.

    Understand The Type Of Metal Roof

    Understanding the type of the metal roof will help you analyze how safe they are to walk on. There are four basic types of metal roofs:

    • Metal tiles
    • Corrugated panels
    • Metal shingles

    Corrugated panels and standing seams are the safest to walk over. They are strong enough to hold the weight of many pounds. However, with metal tiles and shingles, you must choose their strong points to walk on them safely.

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    Pull Your Equipment Up To The Roof

    Carrying equipment or roofing tools with you as you ascend or descend a ladder can cause uneven weight distribution on your person. Uneven weight distribution can lead to imbalance and potentially cause a fall.

    The safest way to bring equipment onto the roof is by a good old-fashioned rope and bucket. Place your tools in a 5-gallon bucket. Tie a long rope onto the handle of the bucket and pull the bucket up to the roof once you have safely positioned yourself on the rooftop.

    What Maintenance Is Required For A Metal Roof

    How to Walk on a Tile Roof (Answered by a Local Expert)

    Most homeowners choose metal roofing for durability and minimal maintenance features. Where asphalt shingles come loose in the winds and wood shakes split as they age, metal roofing doesnt damage easy, remaining reliable, steady, and sturdy.

    Metal roofing still needs maintenance and proper care. Here are some tips that experts have told us in metal roofing:

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    Does A Metal Roof Need Gutters

    The purpose of gutters is to funnel water off the roof and away from the structure. They prevent damage to the foundation from rain, sleet, or snow, which left to puddle up around the foundation can cause severe damage to the property. So, strictly speaking, no, your metal roofing does not require gutters, but the foundation of your house and the landscaping around will be protected with a gutter system installed.


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