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What Is The Best Color For Roof

Communicate Your Roof Color And Style Ideas With Confidence

What is the Best Roofing Color, Pairings & Most Popular

There are many different options for roofing shingle styles and colors available, so dont limit yourself. Its completely acceptable to request additional large format shingle samples or to see more variety when working with your roofing contractor to find the right shingles for your home.

The best practice is to do your preliminary color selection using the manufacturers website, then ask the contractor to bring those sample colors. This eliminates back-and-forth and multiple appointments.

Use Colour Selector Tools

You can use the Decision making aids like Roof tile colour selector tools provided by the reputed brands to visualize how each colours will look on your roof. You can find the KPG ROOFINGS colour selector tool in the link provided . Additionally you can ask your architect or designer to do a custom design for you with the selected colours on your own house, so you can easily make the decision aid.

Ways To Choose The Right Roof Colour

Installing a new roof on your home is definitely an exciting time. And even if the ultimate purpose is the protection of your house, a new roof can completely change the look of your home, especially with a GERARD roof. There are several aspects you need to consider when choosing the color and style that will suit your home the best.

4 ways to choose the right roof colour

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What Roof Color Goes With My Region

If you were to go to specific areas of the world, entire towns seem to be painted with the same brush. Exact roof materials and colors seem utterly ingrained with certain neighborhoods or villages and to choose something else would draw critical attention. In other towns, however, individuality is embraced and you have more choices.

Design cultures are highly regional and what works in one place may not be appropriate elsewhere. Roofing material companies know this and wont even offer some colors in certain zip codes.

  • Earthy roof colors like green undertones and brown are popular in forest settings.
  • Nautical influences like blue undertones and driftwood browns and grays can be more common in marine environments.
  • Southwestern and Mediterranean homes often lean toward cement or clay tiles, as they are best in warm, dry climates.
  • Tropical regions often prefer light or bright tones.
  • Urban areas may be sophisticated in black or gray.

If you are new to an area, take time to acclimate and decide what works for your current situation.

As you drive around town, get a sense of what others are using and see what could work for your property. If you find something you especially like, pull over and take a picture with your phone. After a few shots build up in your gallery you may start to see trends in the color, texture, contrast, or other elements in the photos youve taken.

Weve been roofing around the Puget Sound for decades and see a massive number of material orders.

How To Choose Roof Color

Metal Roof Colors: How to Select the Best Color for a New Metal Roof

Choosing a color for your roof may get challenging. Although it is one of the most important steps, roof color is probably one of the most noticeable features on the exterior of the home.

And that is why it should be aesthetically appealing, cohesive, and yet contextual. Basically, it is crucial to first analyze the type of home and the roof style you have.

An old and traditional home will better complement the soothing and subtle colors rather than trendy and bold paint colors.

Hiring an expert at this point in time would be a smart thing to do. Or else, you can look through the color palettes of the paint manufacturers and check out their exterior color consultation portfolio.

The next thing to consider is the climate of the region. Is it extremely cold or tropical warm? Hence, based on this information it is better to choose lighter colors for warmer areas since they will tend to reflect away the light and on the other hand, choose darker colors for colder regions as they absorb heat.

Moving on, your next consideration would be the existing color, material, and texture board. Look through the shades and hues of the singles, moldings, and door, and window frames to analyze what best would suit the roof.

If you live in an area with row housing, it is always ethical to choose paint colors that create a cohesive backdrop. You might not want to go out of the place by simply painting a bold color.

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How Does Surface Glossiness Affect The Sri Of Your Roof

The surface glossiness mainly contributes to how much light is reflected off the roof. The more matte a surface is, the less light it will reflect.

While the more glossy a surface is, the more light it will reflect. This is why the glossiness of your material will have an impact on your roofs SRI.

Fortunately, there are tested SRI values for the most commonly used colors and gloss levels you will see in the marketplace.

Extra Tips For Metal Roof Color Choice

These are our picks for the 23 Metal Roof colors that are the most common or most suitable for most families. Before you decide on your target color and get ready to go, we recommend you find out more about Metal Roof.

Metal is also important, and different metal materials will affect the color of your roof. Do you know how to choose the best metal material? Please check this article to gain more professional advices.

Many homeowners with metal roofs grow tired of the color after time has passed. Given the high costs of installing a metal roof, plenty of people wonder: Can I Paint a Metal Roof? You can find the answer by clicking this page.

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Finding The Best Roof Color For Your Home: A Homeowners Guide

You just installed new siding on your home turns out it wasnt the best roof color match you hoped it would be.

Never fear! Weve been in your shoes and know a thing or two about matching, and popping roof colors.

Were going to go over some basic tips to help you find the best roof color for your home, break down non-shingle roof colors, and cover how to match your roof with the homes architectural style.

Lets Dive In!

Take The Time To Put Your Ideas Into A Mood Board

Metal Roof Color: How To Pick The Best Color For Your Roof

Just as any design project, your exterior has several elements from window shutters and trim to siding or brick that will get tied together with your roof. For additional inspiration and help narrowing down what colors will work for your home, explore versatile shingle and color pairings with online mood boards, or style boards. From trendy to classic, your mood board or style board combinations can help you discover the architectural aesthetic that makes the statement you want with your next roof.

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The 5 Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors In 2022

Choosing the color for your roof can be a big decision, and nowadays, there are so many more color options besides grey and brown. Thankfully, weve scoured the internet and found the most trendy roof shingle colors in 2022 to help you choose the best, most timeless color for your roof.

The benefits of choosing the right shingle color include:

  • Boost curb appeal
  • Get the most out of your investment
  • Longevity of your roof and home
  • Timeless aesthetics

The Big Mistakes Youre Making Choosing A Roof Shingle Color:

Picking the perfect shingle color for your home is a BIG decision!

According to 2021 stats, most roofing contractors will price their roof replacement services within $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot for asphalt roofing shingles.

Based on that, you can expect to pay between $6,000 and $9,350 for a 1,700-square foot roof. Thats a lot of money!

If you make a mistake with the shingle color you just cant remove and replace them, because youve spent a good chunk of money removing the old ones and replacing them.

The right shingle color will give your home massive curb appeal and enjoyment!

The wrong shingle color will make your home look unappealing and will throw off all of the other exterior colors. This makes a home look off-kilter and disjointed.

Shingle color can make or break the look of your homes exterior, so make sure you arent making these big design mistakes when choosing one!

So lets look at the mistakes you could be making and the correct ways to choose the perfect shingle color!

Im also showing you lots of pictures of how I chose the perfect shingle color for our home when we recently replaced our worn out shingles!

If you have a family member or friend that is replacing their shingles, please share this post with them! Thank you!


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Trends In Your Neighborhood

While you want the overall look of your home to reflect your personal aesthetic taste, it is also important to consider the general trends of roof colors in your neighborhood.

Walk around and get a sense for the unwritten aesthetic rules of your neighborhood. Certainly, you should pick the color that you like the most, but also make sure that your home does not become an eyesore on the block.

Best Roof Color For White House

Choosing the Color of Roofing Shingles

A white house looks utterly majestic and glamorous. However, it is important to know whether to choose a contrasting exterior color scheme or a monochromatic scheme for your white house.

For a classic and timeless appearance, it is vital to choose either whites or off-whites and pastels to create a classic yet charming appearance.

On the other hand, for a bold and authentic look, paint colors like navy blue, dark grey, black, green, red, and brown would make a great match. Also, if you want to exhibit a warm touch, it is wise to choose whites with warmer undertones and vice versa for the cool-toned paint colors.

So, now that we have discussed the recommended paint colors for the roof, are you confident about choosing one for your home? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! For more related content visit our article about the types of green roofs.

See more

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Matching Siding And Roof Color Trends For 2022

Getting the right color match can do wonders for your homes curb appeal and could even end up looking like a brand new house. Lets go through some trending colors for 2022 that can make your home look amazing.

The most popular color trends for 2022 include:

  • White
  • Dark blue
  • Slate

The style of home you have and your region can also dictate what colors are common, but where we are in the Midwest, these colors are extremely common.

White Home Roof Color Options

If you own a white house, your roof can be almost any color and it will look fabulous. Use that opportunity to compliment other colors on your homes exterior like your shudders. Also, make sure you match the rest of your neighborhood, because while any roof color will look good on your home, it may look odd next to your neighbors homes.

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Colours Should Follow The Style Of The Building

If your house is being built to reflect a certain architectural style, then choosing the traditional colour scheme associated with it will often be your best choice and will give you an overall look that is consistent and uniform throughout. If youre wanting to achieve a more contemporary look to your home you need to pick different colours than what you would choose for a traditional or Mediterranean house. You can enhance or ruin the style of your house with the colour choice of your roof. What roof colours are the right ones for modern houses? Charcoal, black and dark grey roof colours go well with modern style houses depending on the colours of walls and windows, doors, of course. While red roofs are a good match with traditional and Mediterranean houses. Make sure you do not mix these up otherwise you may end up with a house which is not harmonious in its look.

Stay Away From An Overtly Coloured Roof

What’s the best color for roofing shingles in Houston?

For the average, traditional house, stay away from an overtly coloured roof. Here are some exceptions. But, notice they are very customized to the specific style of the home.

The blue green slate roof and coordinating shutters on the house above work perfectly with the look and feel of this French country exterior. If I lived in this house, I would be very happy with these colours forever.

An orange clay tiled roof is usually on a spanish, Mediterranean or French Country style home. See this post for more on Mediterranean exterior colours.

The red roof with blue and white siding works with the nautical feel of this contemporary home.

This cottage style house with the river rock chimney and coordinating siding colour looks great with the green standing seam metal roof. The setting suits the house. The green roof doesnt yell, Look at me, look at me because everything looks totally pulled together including the bench in front of the window. If youre thinking of a metal roof, dont miss The Right Way to Choose a Standing Seam Metal Roof.

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Achieve Desired Effects With Any Roof Color

Today, color choices available in metal roofing are virtually limitless, so it is up to you to decide what effect you want to achieve with the color of your roof.

Choosing a color for your roof that contrasts with your homes siding or brick color will instantly help your home stand out and command attention. On the other hand, choosing complimentary colors will create a monochromatic scheme that will convey a more classic look and feel.

Another option is to go for an ultra-modern look of bare metal. Stainless steel, Galvalume, titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, and other exotic metals have a natural distinctive color that sets them apart and can create a beautiful and unique look for your home.

It is also important to know that dark vs. light colors have a tremendous impact on the look of your entire home. Having a lighter color roof will make your house appear taller and may be a great option if your home has a low roof, or if it has a shallow pitch. By contrast, a darker color can make a tall roof seem less overwhelming.

External And Environmental Considerations

Location, location, location

Consider your surroundings. Youll most likely want a roof that looks like it belongs in that environment. For example, a red metal roof might not look as comfortable on a mountain lake lodge as it might on a farm. Opting for deep brown or green or a blend, however, may be the perfect match for that weekend retreat.

The siding and roof of this lakeside home blends beautifully with the natural surroundings.
A combination of Federal Gray and Stone Red Majestic Slate tiles was used to create the custom color.

Your Neighborhood

Consider your neighbors. What color and tile types are on the homes in the area? While were all for individuality, we dont recommend taking a hit on the resale value of your home because you were overly creative with your roofing color choice! Choose a tile color that harmonizes well with the houses around yours as well as with the natural surroundings and your landscaping.

landscaping and of course, roof!

On the other hand, if your homes a bit more remote, then by all means, have a little fun with your roof!

Is this Victorian style home fun, or what?
A custom-color blend of Empire Slate fit the bill perfectly!

Snowbelt or Sunbelt?

Dark colors absorb heat, and light colors reflect it. While proper insulation is the best protection against heat absorption or loss, the color of the roof tiles can affect attic temperatures by 40 degrees.

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Green Siding With Dark Gray Roof

You didnt think wed leave out any colorful siding, did you? While neutrals are almost always successful, there are great color combinations for people who want a more colorful home as well.

Almost any shade of green siding will look inviting with dark gray shingles. Stone accent columns also make great additions to your homes exterior.

Green siding looks beautiful on homes that have lots of trees and landscaping. With this color combination, your home will transform into a beautiful sanctuary.

Tips To Help You Pick The Best Roof Color For Your Home

Pin on Mancilla Roofing &  Construction
  • Understand the Importance of your roof color. Your roof accounts for a large portion of your homes exterior style and demands a thoughtful decision.
  • When designing your homes exterior, its easy to forget about the style of the roof. However, a roof is really what pulls the whole design of the homes visual exterior together, so take your time and choose wisely
  • Pay Attention to the style of your roof. If your house has a roof with a high slope, or pitch, the better view of shingles youll have from the ground.
  • Its best to choose a color that draws the eye upward and enhances any interesting details, such as gables and dormers.
  • Use exterior elements for reference let your homes exterior elements guide you in matching shingle colors.
  • Many elements of your homes exterior are too expensive or simply cannot be changed, such as brick, stone, or stucco. So focus on what you can change.
  • Pick a color that will enhance the exterior colors of your home. If you want your roof to stand out thats fine, just make sure it complements the other colors involved.
  • Make sure to complement the color of your shutters. Once youve settled on a color of shutters from somewhere like Shuttercraft, you can find roofing that compliments it.
  • If the shutters sharply contrast with the siding, picking a roof color that closely matches the shutters can tie the whole house together.
  • Find a roofing checklist to help you with everything from the color of your roof, to the local roofing code.
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