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Where To Buy Metal Roof Shingles

Homeowners In Altoona Pa Can Turn To Solarshield For Their Metal Shingle Roof

Can You Put a Metal Roof Over a Shingle Roof?

One of the best things about a metal shingle roof is that you can imitate the fantastic look of other roofing materials without the associated hassles. Do you love the way cedar shake roofing looks? Metal shingles can match the appearance remarkably well, but without the annoyance of shakes rotting or splitting. Have you always wanted a slate roof? A metal shingle roof can look the part but at a fraction of the cost and without the need to have an expensive roof reinforcement.

How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost

That all depends on the type of roofing materials that you choose and the style of property, along with any other individual details that may make installing a metal roof more or less complicated.

The cost of metal roofing per sq. ft. or the metal roof cost per square or the cost of a metal roof vs. shingles obviously makes a difference, but there are other factors including the aesthetics of your property, the amount of time you plan to spend there before you resell , and the energy efficiency of having a metal roof versus asphalt or wooden shingles.

You should also keep in mind that the total cost of a standing seam metal roof or a metal shingle roof also includes the specialized labor required to install the metal roof as well as the raw materials, and this may be the reason why some homeowners choose shingles over metal roofing.

For some properties, the style of the home and the climate of the area it is located in may mean that asphalt shingles or wood shingles are a superior choice.

That said if you choose metal roofing systems of any kind whether you go with standing seam, copper shingles, zinc shingles, steel shingles, aluminum roofing, or any other kind of metal roofing system, you will likely benefit from their durability and longevity, heating and cooling efficiency, resale value for both the metal roofing materials themselves and your property as a whole, and overall pleasing visual appearance.

Ever Metal Shingle Cost

The 4Ever Metal shingle Cost between $6.5-$8 per square foot which places it between the cost of the dimensional and premium metal shingles. Most of the time the price for our 4Ever Metal Shingle will be cheaper than the premium shingles but more than a dimensional shingle. The differences are listed below, but the main difference is all asphalt shingle roofs are temporary roofs, lasting between 7-20 years on average, whereas our paint alone will last twice that, and then another 60 years after.

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Metal Roofing Costs Vs Shingles

The costs of metal roofing versus the costs of asphalt shingles or other types of shingles are somewhat dependent on your location and the type of property that you have, along with your initial starting budget.

Also, you should keep in mind that metal roofing has a much higher resale value than some other types of roofing, so consider that when you are choosing what type of roof you want to install on your home.

If you are choosing between metal roofing and shingles, keep in mind that metal roofing can be a great choice, because it can pay for itself via energy efficiency.

A metal roof can result in decreased home cooling costs, and it also has a great resale value due to its reliability and longevity.

With a metal roof, you will most likely not have as much of a need for maintenance and repairs, and you will probably not need to replace it as quickly since metal roofing tends to be fairly low risk in regard to premature roof failures and the subsequent need for replacement.

Metal roofing also tends to have a positive resale value if you change your mind or want to replace your roof for aesthetic reasons.

The national average for metal roofing costs around $18,500, but the resale value can possibly offset some of the costs of the initial install.

The lifespan of a metal roof can last from 38 60 years.

Metal Roofing Can Work On Roofs With Low Slopes

Metal Shingle with Simple Clean Lines

It’s often believed that metal roofing is suitable only for roofs with a steep slope, but standing-seam metal roofing can work fine on gently pitched roofs. This type of roofing is installed in large sheets with seams that are raised and sealed tightly together to resist water. While some slope is necessary to ensure water run-off, most homes can accept metal roofing.

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How To Choose A Color For Your Metal Roof

Much of the metal roofing color decision depends on your propertys style, the neighborhoods overall look, your climate, and your personal preferences.

For instance, if you prefer a more subtle look then you might want to pick a color that echoes your roofs siding, or is almost the same color for a chic monochrome appearance.

However, going for contrast can make for some great drama and lend your home some serious curbside appeal due to the visual impact of your new metal roof.

The color of your metal roof also plays a role as to how long it looks like new saturated colors or brighter shades tend to fade more quickly, while more neutral colors tend to weather in a way that looks more natural and that you might find more visually pleasing.

Our guide on roof shingle colors complete with visuals also applies to metal roofing with some caveats.

And naturally, when you are choosing the roofing colors for your home, always check in with your homeowners association or any similar governing bodies if applicable.

If you have a historic home and therefore are subject to specific colors or material types, or requirements for color palettes that may be otherwise limited, it is certainly better to know in advance if theyll have a problem with your new roof.

For instance, some color options for metal roofing include the often-dramatic look of bare metal.

Metal Roofing Installation And Replacement Toronto

Another wonderful advantage to steel roofing installation is that they are very environmentally friendly. They almost entirely recyclable and can be re-used potentially into another metal roof which is much better for our environment than other wasteful roofing methods. Here at CLM Roofing we take great pride in our metal roofing installation in Toronto and provide all of our customers with the best service. Give us a call at 233-6364 and one of our staff members will be more than happy to book a steel roofing installation appointment in Toronto as well as answer any questions that you may have.

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Metal Roofs Are More Energy

Industry studies show that metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10 to 25 percent. In climates where cooling costs are higher than heating costs, coating a metal roof with a shiny or granular coating can maximize the reflective capacity of the roof and improve energy savings.

Disadvantages Of Choosing Metal Roofing

Roofing Materials review: asphalt shingles , rubber, metal, clay and cedar / @Roofing Insights

Higher One-Time Cost Its true, metal roofing is more expensive than shingle roofing as a one-time cost. In addition to the higher cost of materials, there also could be a higher price point for labor and the equipment needed to complete the job, though its dependent on where the installers are getting the metal panels.

Limited Qualified Contractors Finding a qualified and experienced metal roofing contractor or installer will make or break an installation, especially since nearly all potential problems with metal roofing stem from some kind of installer error. When compared to shingle roofing installers, there are significantly fewer installers who are equipped and skilled at installing metal roofing.

More Labor Intensive Metal roofing is a precision installation that is much less forgiving than a shingle roof installation. There is virtually zero room to make errors, which is why metal roofing must be installed by a trained craftsperson. This typically means its a little more of a labor-intensive process that could take up more time.

Municipality Issues There are some communities or Home Owners Associations that do not allow metal roofing to be installed on a new or existing home within its jurisdiction. Common reasons for the ban:

  • Metal is often thought of as looking industrial
  • Inconsistent or goes against the look of a neighborhood
  • Can have high-glare issues

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How Different Factors Affect Price:

Substrate: The pricing on metals used to form the roofing panel are affected by supply and demand for raw materials and associated processing costs. Galvanized Steel and Aluminum are the most common metals used for residential roofing because they provide the best performance for the money. Although exotic metals like copper, zinc and stainless steel perform exceptionally well, they are less common roofing options because the cost is prohibitive for most people.

Panel Design: The 2 major design options that affect price are overlapping vs interlocking panels. Interlocking panels will cost more than overlapping panels because they have more structural detail, go through a more extensive forming process and take up more room on a truck to ship. Panels designed to interlock on four sides will also tend to have a better quality finish which also adds to the cost.

Finish: Also referred to as coating, is an important factor to consider as it can drastically change the cosmetic lifespan of a metal roof. Polyester based paints are the cheapest form of coating with the shortest lifespan while PVDF formula coatings are accepted as the industry gold standard due to their exceptional lifespan, adhesion, chalk and fade resistance.

Underlayment: Often overlooked, the underlayment of a metal roof is a crucial second line of defense against the elements. If the roof is a new build it will require an ice and water shield which costs up to 5 times more than a breathable synthetic membrane .

What Is Metal Roofing

Metal roofing, as the name suggests are made up of metals like, aluminum, copper, steel, tin, and zinc. They come in the form of corrugated metals, slate roofs, or tile roofs.

Having a metal sheet up on the roof can prove advantageous if you are looking for a long term investment because of its longer life span, sturdiness, low maintenance, and great return on investment. It is a one time investment which can last up to 50-80 years depending upon the metal type.

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Metal Roofing Can Be More Cost

Although most metal roofing products carry warranties comparable to the very best asphalt shingles , in practice, metal roofs have been known to last 50 years or more. According to State Farm Insurance statistics, metal roofs routinely have a longevity of 40 to 70 years. It is therefore very rare for a homeowner to install more than one metal roof over the time he or she lives in the home. By contrast, a homeowner will likely replace an asphalt shingle roof two or even three or four times over a 50-year period. Overall, while the cost of a metal roof is more expensive than asphalt roofing , it can save money over a long period.

Americas Metal Roofing Supplier For Over 20 Years

Matterhorn® Tile

You have our word, well provide prices immediately, and we wont hassle you with follow-up sales calls. Whats more, we also promise:

  • From the moment you call till long after you put down your tools, our customer service team will give you all the support you need.
  • Your roofing system purchase will come with the best easy-to-understand panel layout guide designed to help all levels of do-it-yourself installation.
  • Our coast-to-coast job site delivery means youll get your materials just days after your order right where you need them, and often for free. Ask for shipping details when you get your quote. NOTE: We require a 600 square foot minimum order to ship.
  • When the jobs done, rest easy knowing our materials have some of the best warranties in the business to protect your investment and hard work for decades to come.

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Metal Vs Shingles: 3 More Important Comparisons

Now you know that a metal roof is more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof. However, you need to know a few more things before deciding which one is right for you.

Dont forget a standing seam metal roof is the recommended choice for residential roofing over a screw down panel metal roof, so well be comparing it to an asphalt shingle roof for the rest of this article.

Steel Shingles And Tiles

There are several common types of steel roofing. Galvanized steel, which is coated with zinc to deter corrosion, is a popular choice for its strength and durability. A cheaper alternative is Galvalume, which is aluminum-coated steel. On the high end of the scale is stainless steel, which is a rare but striking choicethe Chrysler Building, for example, is roofed with stainless steel.

A 100-square-foot Galvalume panel costs between $75 and $250 and installs for a total of about $5.50 per square foot. Galvanized steel, which is a bit more expensive, runs about $3.35 to $4.25 per square foot, and materials plus installation come out to about $10 per square foot, or $17,000 to $25,000 total. Stainless steel is quite a bit more expensive at $10 to $16 per square foot for materials and as much as $15.50 more per square foot for installation.

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The Same Price As Asphalt Shingles

How can it be the same price as Asphalt? Great question.Asphalt shingles have 3 different levels: 3-Tab Shingles, Dimensional Shingles, and Premium Shingle.

3-Tab Shingles: Are the cheapest at around $3-$4 installed per square foot, and they last between 7-13 years on average in Virginia.

Dimensional Shingles: Are a medium range of cost and are between $4-$6.50 per square foot installed. They last between 7-17 years on average in Virginia.

Premium Shingles: These are the most expensive at $6-$9 per square foot, and last the longest for a temporary Roof. The last between 12-20 years.

Trust Country Towne To Get The Job Done Right

How Much does a Metal Shingle Roof Cost? Cost Factors Included!

Of course, you are probably still wondering if these metal wall sheets or corrugated roof sheets are for you. The answer to that question is definitely an emphatic yes!, especially if you are using these metal wall sheets to protect one of your personal buildings. As we have said before, they definitely stand the test of time. However, you also should realize that not all metal wall panels or roofing companies within Ontario and Canada are the same.

You shouldnt go with just any company that you come across in the phone book! Make sure that you go with a company like Country Towne Builders. Our dedicated and knowledgeable associates are what make our company great, and that is one of the main reasons why we have a proven track record of success. Give us a call today for your next metal roofing project!

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Intelligent & Fair Metal Roofing Pricing

Dont know where to start or what to budget? Not ready to call us yet? Check out our free online pricing tool to get a rough idea of what your project will take, with no obligation.

When youre ready to go, well take you the rest of the way with a detailed quote based specifically on your roof. Well factor in all the angles and features that make your roof distinct.

With our detailed quote, youll get our essential Roofing Analysis, a comprehensive report uniquely from Metal Roofing Source. Completed with our proprietary software, you can expect to

  • Save time. The report allows us to clearly mark every bundle and box specific to your job, so you know whats inside.
  • Have a road map. With our clearly-marked bundles all mapped out for installation, youll understand, step by step, what goes where and how!
  • Get the right price. The report essentially includes a master inventory. Everything you need from trim and screws through to panels and underlayment gets listed along with the quantity required. Plus, theyll have accurate prices, so you know exactly what every part of the job costs.

Once you have this, you have full control over your materials and labor costs. You can avoid the contractor markup on material, and still know that you have EVERYTHING you need to complete your roofing project! YOU DECIDE if you want to go DIY, or hire a local crew to do the install for you. Learn more about our Detailed Metal Roofing Cost Analysis here.

Steel Roofing Installation Replacement Toronto

Metal roofing installation in Toronto comes with a lot of advantages when utilized correctly. There was a time when people did not opt for steel roofing installation. However, as time has gone on metal roofing textures have improved many residential homes and business that see metal roofing as a very viable choice.

Some of the advantages of metal roofing include the fact that it provides much more protection for your home. Steel roofing usually lasts somewhere around sixty years and the time and money spent on repairing and replacing other types of roof far exceeds the costs of maintaining a metal roof. Metal roofing is also great in that it reflects much more sunlight than other types of roofs as radiation from the sun is deflected away from your home as oppose to being absorbed which would take up a lot more energy for your home with another type of roof. Roofs that absorb heat can force you to spend more on air conditioning as they retain too much heat. A metal roof can make your home much cooler in the summer months and lower energy costs.

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