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What Is A Timberline Roof

Gaf Virtual Home Remodeler

Timberline Ultra High Definition Lifetime Shingles with Dual Shadow | GAF Roofing

In addition to all of the stellar products, one of the reasons that Mid-Shore Exteriors partners with GAF is because of the numerous extras they provide to potential customers.

One of the best ways to find the perfect shingle color for your home is to use the GAF virtual home remodeler. This design software allows you to upload a picture of your current house and outfit it with all of the GAF shingle color possibilities.

Gafs Unmatched Wind Warranty Coverage

For homes that frequently experience high winds and rough weather, an exceptional wind warranty is crucial. When installed with the required combination of four qualifying GAF accessories, Timberline® HDZ Shingles qualify for the WindProven limited wind warranty,³ the industrys first wind warranty with no maximum wind-speed limitation.

The Importance Of Having A Roof Warranty

Installing a new GAF Timberline series roof or any other GAF roofs on your home is a smart investment that will help to protect you from heavy storms and the outside elements.

Any kind of defect in the roof shingles may not have an affect right after the roof has been replaced, but could show up years later.

Having to repair your roof over a small roof shingle defect can also get quite expensive, which is why by having a good GAF roof shingle warranty is the best option to have, because like car insurance, it can save you TONS of money and time in the long run.

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Most Popular: Gaf Timberline Hd Shingles

GAF Timberline HD shingles bring practicality and performance along with a striking array of colors. When installed by a GAF-certified company like Mid-Shore, these deluxe shingles boast an unbeatable, non-prorated 50-year warranty.

GAF Timberline HD shingles come in shades that can accompany a wide variety of home styles see some of our favorites:

Weathered Wood This interesting neutral color for Timberline HD shingles pairs well with both dark and light-colored home siding. Notice how the slight variation in individual shingle color creates a look with some complexity and depth, without being too bold.

Charcoal One of the most traditional shingle color options GAF offers, Charcoal is extremely popular as it goes with literally ANY home and never looks out of place. If you have a hard time choosing your new roof color, this is the safest best.

Pewter Grey A choice with a historical flair, these Pewter Grey architectural shingles show the look of an antique slate roof with the durability of a modern architectural shingle.

Biscayne Blue One of the most popular ways to use your shingles to enhance your exterior design is by matching them to the home shutters. This Timberline HD color makes a great pairing with blue shutters and light-colored vinyl siding.

Want to see even more Timberline HD shingles? Ask to see a sample board in-person!

Timberline Roof Shingles Cost

Timberline Asphalt Shingles

Timberline roof shingles tend to be a bit expensive. For a roof with an area of 2,000 square feet and a ridge of 50 feet, the price can range from $1,400 to about $7,300. There are many types and colors of Timberline to choose from.

This roofing material is sold in two variantsbundle and square

Bundled Timberline roof shingles cover an area of about 33.3 square feet, while square variants cover 100 square feet. Ridge caps are typically sold at 20 or 25 linear feet.

GAF shingles price depend on the kind of Timberline roof shingles you want to buy.

The first-kind, 3-Tab Shingles, are the cheapest type. In spite of this, the material is still sturdy and can withstand strong winds. Home Depot sells 3-Tab Shingles at around $22 per bundle.

Next is the Timberline roof shingle itself. This is the most bought kind of roofing material in North America. It is pretty inexpensive for its resistance to strong winds and fire, as it retails between $23 and $29 per bundle.

Lastly, there is also the designer shingle category. These shingles designs mimic other, more expensive materials such as slate, wood, and tile. As such, they are typically the most expensive and are sold from as low as $28 to as high as $120 per bundle.

Ridge caps, another kind of Timberline roof shingles, are used for the ridges of the roof. These are the most vulnerable areas and most prone to damage, and ridge caps are designed to help endure it. Ridge caps are sold by bundles of 25 linear feet at $52.

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Gaf Timberline Roofing Shingles Review

GAF Timberline Roofing shingles are one of three asphalt shingle collections offered by GAF. Theyve been a leader in the roofing industry, offering USA-made products since the early 19th century. GAFs dedication to the highest quality products has earned them a place atop 1 of every 4 residential roofs in the United States.

Brennan Enterprises is proud to partner with GAF to offer North Texas some of the highest performing roof shingles available for homes. In this article, were taking a look at all 6 Timberline shingle offerings.

Have more questions, or are ready to discuss starting your roof replacement project? We’re excited to work with you! Contact Brennan at 817-860-9767 or schedule your free consultation online.

Important Roof Shingle Purchase Reminders

You must take time to select the right roof shingles because:

  • Not all shingles would last a lifetime. Nothing lasts forever even in your roofs. Usually, they can last around 30 years if properly placed and maintained. However, due to sudden weather changes, they wont even last to even 20 years. You must select roof shingles that are durable and purely made by the roof experts.
  • Roof Replacement is Costly. We will not deny that roof replacement can cost you a lot of money. Although these cases can be covered by insurance, they usually take time, and sometimes they dont have coverage at all.
  • Its Not Easy to Place Them. Although there are highly trained roof-replacement professionals in the New Jersey area, replacing your entire roof takes a lot of time and effort. Such mistakes like the wrong color or style of your roof should be avoided and should take more time to plan out before the replacement process begins.
  • There will always be a wide selection of Shingles to select. What we love about shingles is that there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. It doesnt matter if youre aiming for a traditional or classy house there is always the right shingles that would fit the theme of your home or office.

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Colorado Roof Toppers: Guide To Choosing Shingles

Shopping for new roofing shingles is an exciting and rare opportunity to have a hand in improving your homes curb appeal. It may, at first, seem to be a simple task where you just pick out something you really like, and thats it! Unfortunately, once you start looking around, you learn that there are actually other factors to consider when choosing shingles for your roof. And if youre not too familiar with the process, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

One of the things our customers love the most about us at Colorado Roof Toppers is how much time we give in helping our customers make informed decisions about their home. Well make sure that you not only end up with something you love, but that you also get the right type of shingles to give you the most value for your money.

What Will My Roof Look Like

Timberline HDZ Shingles with LayerLock Technology | GAF Roofing

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt are the most popular shingles in the U.S. because theyre affordable to buy, install, and maintain. They are made from a sturdy fiberglass base, coated with waterproof asphalt and tiny granules of ceramic-coated mineral.

The asphalt shingles you look at will fall into one of three main categories: 3-tab, architectural, and designer shingles. While these types mostly differ in look, some may offer better durability as well.

Choose your shingle

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Gaf Shingles: A Buyers Guide To Choosing The Right Type

GAF is one of the top manufacturers of asphalt shingles for commercial and residential roofing in North America. GAF roofing shingles offer some of the most popular brands like Camelot and Royal Sovereign shingles due to their durability and competitive pricing. Unlike many other shingle brands, which have to be purchased from a specific supply store, GAF shingles are readily available at most big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. In this article, well discuss the different types of GAF shingles and the pros and cons of each to determine which is right for you.

Why Gaf Timberline Hdz Is The Best Roofing Shingle For Your Buck

Most roofing shingles look good, but every homeowner cares more about how well they keep the water out of the house. The industry has settled into a place where roofing shingles generally look the same, and the real competition is on price and longevity.

While price is easy to know , longevity is not. Most of the shingles installed today are not the same design of shingles that have been on roofs for the last half century. To find longevity, manufacturers have to approximate real-world performance through laboratory tests.

Some manufacturers conduct so many tests that they feel comfortable putting their money where their mouth is by attaching a warranty to their shingles. This is their way of saying we believe in our product.

Our extensive experience in the roofing industry has taught us that shingles from previous technology generally last 20 years . But newer generation shingles can be expected to last longer when the manufacturers warranty implies such.

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How Much Do Timberline Roof Shingles Cost

Aesthetic and resistant.

Timberline roof shingles not only add appeal and value to your house, but they could also help protect it from various unexpected disasters. Timberline roof shingles are fire- and wind-resistant, and theyre also durable.

For such a good investment, regarding looks and nifty features, lets find out how much do Timberline roof shingles cost?

What Are Timberline Shingles

Timberline Shingles Lawsuit Review

Timberline shingles are the unique roof covering. They consist of several individual overlapping components. They are the best dimensional shingles and come in stunning designs and colors.

Timberline Shingles do not cost more than a fraction of the price of conventional roofing material. Giving your house a timeless look, Timberline Shingles boasts an ultra-dimensional style with its long-lasting granules and thick shingle tabs.

People choose Timberline for not only optimizing roof mechanics but also for the advanced protection they provide. The robust shingles with their unparalleled resistance offer a great wind-uplift defense, granule adhesion, and fire rating.

Unlike traditional shingles, Timberline Shingles have met the requirements of some torturous performance assessments.

Simply put, Timberline Shingles are some of the sturdiest shingles in the market. Made of premium quality material, they come with improved wind resistance, durability, strength, waterproofing ability.

The unique shingles not only enhance the overall curb appeal of your house but also deliver superior and long-lasting protection.

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Gaf Advanced Protection Shingles

If wind is a significant part of your areas weather patterns, our most popular Timberline® Shingles offer all-around durability and performance. And now, Timberline® Shingles with LayerLock Technology may qualify for WindProven Limited Wind Warranty, the industrys first wind warranty with no maximum speed limitation when installed with the required combination of GAF accessories.1

Concerned about hail? Impact-resistant shingles like Grand Sequoia® AS and Timberline® AS II may be good options if your area is impacted by significant hail storms. They have rubber-like flexibility, allowing them to recover from impact.

If heavy sun exposure and energy efficiency are concerns in your area, check out our GAF Timberline Cool Series Shingles. The highly reflective shingles of these cool roofs can help reduce temperatures in your attic and keep your house cooler.

If you are in a region with high moisture and plagued by blue-green algae discoloration, consider Timberline UHD shingles with StainGuard Plus®.

Reminders Before Buying Roof Shingles

When you have finally decided on what kind of roof shingles that you want to get for your home or office, here are some essential reminders before purchasing.

Ask for a Quote. American Construction offers a free quote on its roof replacement services. Be sure to reach out to them first and tell them the specific roof shingles you want to have.

Check the Product. There are growing knock-offs of popular brands these days, and even roof shingles arent exempted from this. If ever youll be buying the shingles by yourself, its recommended that you double-check on the project. Make sure the official logos and other essential indicators are present in the product.

You dont need to stress out on this, however, because our roof experts can get the real products for you and set it up on your home.

Make sure you finalize on the color you want. Be sure you have finally decided on which color you want to pick. When in doubt, you may ask for the second opinion from friends or from the contractors on what is best.

Replace your roof the soonest. The important thing here is that roof replacement should not be delayed no matter what. Set an immediate date for the roof replacement and get it going. Do not delay this as the weather is very unpredictable.

If you want to know more information about the Timberline HD roof shingles, you may check it out here. Also, if ever you require assistance for your roof, .

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Types Of Roof Shingle Warranties:

There are different types of warranties that are given by certain roofing contractors and manufacturers which include:

  • Roofing Material Warranties: Roofing materials that fail to meet quality standards and/or are defective are covered.
  • Labor Warranties: Errors in roof installation or any future problems that occur as a result of poor roof installation is covered. Generally most roofing contractors offer 2-10 year labor warranties.
  • Roofing System Warranties : This type of roof warranty is the best because not only are the roofing materials & shingles covered, but the installation costs are covered as well. This type of roof warranty by GAF is only available to those who replace or install a roof with a GAF Certified roofing contractor.

Timberline Ultra Hd Roofing Shingles Specifications

GAF Timberline HD Shingles are America’s #1 Selling Roof | We Protect What Matters Most

With StainGuard protection, a class A fire rating, and our DuraGrip Adhesive that keeps shingles in place, you just cant beat these shingles. Features include:

  • A lifetime limited transferrable warranty.
  • A warranty for winds up to 130 mph.
  • StainGuard protection against algae and discolouration.
  • Colours to match virtually any homes design.

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For Bold Styles: Gaf American Harvest Shingles

While the Timberline HD product line is meant to enhance the widest range of homes and aesthetics possible, American Harvest has a different job. These ultra-bold and colorful shingles are meant to serve as statement pieces.

In addition to their striking visual pop, these shingles are just as durable as Timberline HD and come backed with an unbeatable 50-year, no-hassle warranty. Here are some bold GAF shingle colors from the American Harvest Collection to consider:

Cedar Falls This multicolored shingle style has a complicated pattern that resembles a woodland camouflage pattern. This shingle style works well on homes with simple siding colors that need an x-factor to maximize curb appeal.

Midnight Blush A true original, the Midnight Blush brings a burst of deep red and charcoal to your roof. This eye-catching pattern is sure to stand out no matter where you live!

Saddlewood Ranch Complicated, rustic, and attention-grabbing, this shingle color provides a unique aesthetic courtesy of the brown, grey, and sandy shingle colors.

Want to check out more American Harvest shingles? Ask to see a sample board in-person!

Giant Siding And Roofing Timberline Hd Shingles

GAF Timberline HD Shingles are simply one of the industries best roofing shingle. GAF makes one of the very best roofing product lines in the market today and that is why I have had my team trained and certified on its proper installation.

I will only use the best materials on the homes of my customers. I am dedicated to delivering excellence. GAFproducts are time tested to improve your homes integrity against the oppressive heat and driving rain of summer and the snow, ice and wind of winter. GAFs leading position in modern roofing systems will significantly increase your homes resale values, while enhancing your homes architectural look and curb appeal.

Timberline® High Definition® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology are the #1-selling shingle in North America. Timberline HD® Shingles will not only protect your most valuable asset but also beautify your home.

Over the years I have seen how neighbors notice the great and refreshed look of an expertly installed GAF roof. Its my best advertising!

GAF roofing system products are designed to work together and maximize the performance and durability of your homes roof. As a GAF certified Contractor, my customers benefit from their special lifetime warranty. I have studied them all and you will not find a better warranty out there. It lasts longer and covers more than any other roofing warranties.

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What Are Timberline Shingles And Should You Use Them

If you have been thinking about roof replacement, you might be overwhelmed with the choices in the market. If you are looking for an individual style and a wide variety of color and design options, Timberline Shingles may be the right choice.

They are some of the best-selling shingles that are all raging for their consistent performance and quality. The Timberline shingles are made of several fused layers and when you install them, they can provide ultimate protection from the weather.

That is to say, Timberline Shingles make an architecturally stylish yet amazingly affordable roofing option.

Let us delve into the details to find out why Timberline Shingles can be the best roof replacement choice.


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