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Can You Walk On A Cedar Shake Roof

Can You Walk On Cedar Shake Roof Yes And Heres How

How to walk on a wood shake roof where to step without breaking the shake.

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Can you walk on cedar shake roof? The short answer is: yes, you can! But with caution. Wood shake roofs are excessively slippery by default. And they can get even more slippery if the wood shakes are, wet, damaged or if they have any moisture, moss, debris or mildew on them.

If you are a roofer, a home inspector or a roof cleaner who has to walk on these type of roofs, then you should equip yourself properly to avoid slipping or falling off the roof.

Safety comes first and you should take all the safety measures you can before getting up on a cedar roof. For your safety, you will need:

  • Roofing shoes with spikes
  • Roof Ladder with Hook
  • How Does Rubber Solve Cedar Shake Roofing Issues

    Many homeowners in the US and Canada put up with the limitations of cedar shakes because they love the appearance.

    Thats fair enough. They do look great.

    But what if you could achieve a similar appearance to cedar shake roofing with a roof that you never again need to worry about replacing?

    Euroshield® offers a lifetime warranty on all of our rubber roofs. Our Ranchlands Shake and Beaumont Shake panels faithfully emulate the rustic charm of hand-cut cedar shake shingles while also providing unmatched durability.

    We designed these materials to mimic the beautiful look of natural cedar without its obvious drawbacks.

    Panels are engineered with the rich grain and vertical grooving that accurately depicts natural cedar shake, providing the visual appeal of authentic shake without the associated problems:

    • No splitting or cracking
    • No holding moisture, organic growth or rotting
    • No hail damage industry-leading impact resistance
    • No need for expensive roof treatments
    • Less colour fading maintains its authentic colour with high carbon black content for UV resistance
    • Less environmental damage in fact, it has a positive effect on the environment by keeping old tires out of landfills

    Experience The Enviroshake Difference

    • Limited Lifetime warranty that is fully transferable
    • Enviroshake Products are installed for the same price as cedar!
    • Enviroshake replicates the look of #1 grade taper-split cedar
    • Enviroshingle replicate the look of perfection cedar shingles
    • Mould, mildew and insect resistant
    • Hail & Impact Resistant Level 4 impact certification
    • Passed Miami Dade wind speed tests at 180 MPH
    • The Enviroshake line is fire-retardant with unconditional Class A fire-rated products available
    • Will not rot, blister, peel or crack
    • Maintenance and worry free
    • Requires no pre-treatments or preservatives
    • Runoff water is non-toxic and potable
    • You can walk on it
    • Installs with less waste than traditional cedar shakes
    • Made from 95% recycled materials
    • Retains its value, giving the homeowner a 70-80% ROI

    Click here to download your Enviroshake brochure.

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    When Should I Replace My Cedar Shake Roof

    But how long will your cedar shake roof actually last? As long as its properly installed and with proper maintenance, you can expect to get 30 years of life out of your cedar shake roof. If you invest in quality materials and live in an area with the right conditions, you could possibly get up to 50 years out of it.

    Should I Seal My Cedar Roof To Keep Out Moisture

    Can I Walk on My Ceder Shake Roof?

    No. Never seal your cedar roof. Sealing the roof will lock in moisture that would otherwise naturally evaporate during normal weather conditions. Cedar needs to breathe and thus a water repellant type product, rather than a water proofer is the best route to follow. See the CSSBs Care & Maintenance Brochure for complete topical treatment product guidelines available from the CSSB.

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    How Do You Install A Cedar Shake Roof

    How do you install a cedar shake roof?

    Do cedar shingles need underlay? Cedar shingles still rely on proper roof underlayment and installation techniques to guarantee lasting home protection, appeal and longevity.

    What nails do you use for cedar shakes? The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau prefers the use of nails, however if you choose to use staples they must be stainless steel Type 316 in locations within fifteen miles of salt water. For locations outside of the salt water zone stainless steel Type 304 or Type 316 must be used.

    Can you walk on cedar shake roof? So can you walk on a cedar shake roof? The short answer: yes. But you must be very careful. Still, even if they do support your weight, cedar shakes are also notoriously slippery and difficult to navigate, especially after a recent storm or if they are covered in moss or other growths.

    Cedar Shake Cost By Size

    The cost of an average cedar shake ranges from $3.50 to $8.50 per sq.ft., depending on the length of the shake. Typically, cedar shakes are available in 16,18, and 24-inch lengths. The standard size is a 16-inch long shake with the mandatory 8-inch width, which is typically used when roofing a house. The 18-inch is referred to as Perfection, and the 24-inch one is known as Royal in the roofing industry and is premium grade shakes. The butt thickness usually measures to 1-inch plus. The differences in length and thickness are purely aesthetic. Some people seeking a rustic appearance prefer the 16-inch long cedar shakes to create an overhanging look, but others prefer a more extreme overhang so opt for the 24 inches.

    $4.50 – 8.50

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    Contact Cedar Roof Coatings

    Your cedar roof works hard to protect your home, and you want to be sure it receives the protection it needs to last. If you’re having issues with your cedar roof and you live in Fairfield County CTor Westchester County, NY, trust Cedar Roof Coatings, the area’s leading cedar roof restoration, preservation and repair company.

    We are based in Norwalk, CT and have been proudly serving our area for 35 years. We always begin with an honest, thorough inspection of your cedar roof. If your roof is old, we won’t just advise to you replace it with proper maintenance, your roof might have another 10 or 15 years left. And if we can we save your roof by performing a roof restoration, this is what we’ll recommend.

    Our goal is to provide our customers with a long-lasting, beautiful roof at a fair price. Call us at 203.847.5740 or fill out our online contact form to receive a free estimate!

    Your Question: Can You Walk On Cedar Shake Roof

    Cedar Roof Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts | Sullivan Roof Cleaning
  • How do you weatherproof cedar shakes?
  • So can you walk on a cedar shake roof? The short answer: yes. But you must be very careful. Still, even if they do support your weight, cedar shakes are also notoriously slippery and difficult to navigate, especially after a recent storm or if they are covered in moss or other growths.

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    Attach A Ridge Hook For Your Ladder

    One relatively safe way to repair minor issues on your roof without necessarily stepping all over it is toequip your ladder with a ridge hook.

    These devices hook over the ridge of your roof, allowing your ladder to lay flat on the roof, giving you a platform to work from without penetrating the roof.

    Stay Put With Roof Brackets

    Roof brackets are another tool that you could use if you decide to step aboard your roof.

    Before starting your roof maintenance, you would set up these brackets along the eave of the roof. Not only do these brackets allow you to place materials safely on the roof but they also keep you safe, providing footholds that will prevent you from slipping.

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    Caring For Cedar Shingle And Shake Roofing

    Wood roofing is naturally organic and stunningly beautiful in appearance. Most wood shingle and shake roofs are made from western red cedar because of its exceptional properties, including reasonable cost, availability, straight grain, stability, relative light weight , impenetrability to water, and decay resistance. Attributes like this have made it highly sought after by architects and homeowners for many years. See also

    This resistance to decay is derived from natural oils and substances found within the structure of the wood. Other wood species, like redwood and cypress, have similar properties and are sometimes used but decreasing supplies and higher costs, make them scarce these days.

    For a long life these roofs must breath. Any dirt, debris or leaves that accumulates on the surface or packs into the spaces between the shingles must be removed. Heavy tree branches can cause damage to wood roofs and restrict good airflow. Pruning will help, while reducing the debris and discouraging the growth of moss, another surefire killer of wood roofing. Any moss and fungus must be removed. Installation of a copper wire along the ridge and every 10 across the surface of the roof will help control moss if your home is prone to it.

    If you are lucky enough to own a wood roof, congratulations! Now pay it back by taking good care of it.

    Are Cedar Shake Roofs Good

    Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance: 9 Things You Need to Know

    Cedar shakesCedar shakesroofing

    Cedar shake 1 roofing installation costs
    National average cost

    Maintenance Advice for Wood Shingle or Shake Roofs

  • Trim overhanging branches that drop pine needles or leaves on the roof.
  • Clean debris out of gutters and off the roof, both the surface areas and the keyways between shakes or shingles.
  • Ensure adequate year-round ventilation of the attic or roof assembly.
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    Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

    A shake roof can last about 30 years, with the right wood shake roof maintenance. Maintaining this kind of roof takes a lot of work, and proper maintenance and cedar shake roof treatment needs to be done regularly to avoid faster deterioration. Ideally, complete cedar shingle roof maintenance should be performed every 2 to 4 years. But, some of these steps should be completed more often. Here are a few of the frequent maintenance requirements of red cedar shake roofs.

    I Have A Cedar Roof On My Home And It Was Recommended I Have The Shakes Oiled Is This A Good Idea

    In humid areas oiling shakes does not allow them to breathe and they cannot dry out properly which could shorten their life span. The CSSB recommends you try a good fungicide/preservative. Keep in mind that no by-products, such as motor oil, should be used on cedar roofs. Hot, dry climates tend to accept oils better than moist/humid climates, simply due to the fact that oils can seal unwanted moisture into the roof. Please see the CSSBs Care & Maintenance Brochure.

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    Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Cost

    Synthetic cedar shake roofing material averages $3.50 to $6 per sq. ft., depending on the brand. It is an option that is highly durable. It contains no organic material, so it does not break down very quickly. In addition, it requires much less maintenance than real cedar shakes. The roofing material is also much lighter than real wood shakes or cedar shakes. Unlike real cedar shakes, synthetic cedar shake roofing usually only lasts around 30 years. The material can also start to fade over time.

    Clean Your Shoe Bottoms From Dirt And Small Rocks

    How To Properly Clean-Treat-Restore A Cedar Shake Roof-2020

    It is extremely important to ensure that the outsoles of the shoes are free of dirt, debris or small rocks. If you climb a metal roof with tiny rocks stuck in the bottom of your shoes, you risk to scratch the steel and damage it. In the same time, the shoes wont grip well and you risk losing traction and slip.

    Make sure they are not oily or wet. Always climb a roof with clean and dry shoes.

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    Great For A Traditional Look

    While there are other more durable roofing options, traditional cedar shakes just have that extra something that makes them so appealing! With composite options, you can expect your shingles to last longer and require fewer repairs and maintenance. Whether you want authentic cedar shake shingles or are looking for a composite shingle, the experts at Team Roofing can help!

    Cedar Shake Roofing Cost

    A cedar shake roof averages $3.50 to $8.50 per square foot. It is highly durable and can easily last 50 years or longer when properly installed. The roofing repels insects due to the resin in the cedar. It can also stand up to storms and heavy winds well. However, cedar shakes weigh a great deal. This may lead to structural problems for the building that has to hold the load of the shakes year after year. Also, the cedar shakes are a fire danger if they have not undergone fire preventative treatment.

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    Are Shake Roofs Bad

    While folks cherish the look of wood atop their abodes, this roofing material certainly has its drawbacks. Wood shingle roofs have poor longevity, theyre vulnerable to pests, mold, and fire, they discolor quickly, and they are more vulnerable to leak than other materials, especially at their end of life.

    How To Walk On Cedar Shake Roof Follow These Steps

    Cedar Shake Roofing Shingles Installation

    Cedar shake is one of the most popular roofing components. The shakes can last more than 30 years. But you know you have to maintain the roof properly in order to enlarge the lifeline of the shakes. To repair, inspect or maintain the roof, you have to walk on the roof. Though it is safe to walk on a cedar shake roof, you need to be very careful.

    The fragile and slippery cedar shakes make it tough for the roofers to walk on those. With a pair of quality roofing shoes having spikes, necessary safety gears and techniques, you would be able to walk on a cedar roof without any hesitation.

    I guess youre a roofer who hasnt walked on a cedar shake roof and wondering, how to walk on cedar shake roof? Just go through the article. Here we have described the best techniques in detail.

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    Attach Your Ladder With A Ridge Hook Before Walking On Cedar Shake Roof

    One easy way of walking on your cedar roof is to attach a ladder with a nice ridge hook. In this way, you will repair your roof without any worry. This method can be effective when your roof has minor repair issues. The device will hook the ladder on the roof, and the ladder will lay flat. It will give you a walking platform while you do your work.

    Accompany the roof hooks with rolling wheels to allow the ladder to move to the top of the roof. Never hold the ladder on the gutters or the eaves trough of the roof as a way of support. The two cannot withstand the workers weight. The ladders can even be more robust than them.

    Techniques To Use If You Decide To Complete The Repairs Yourself

    There are a few devices and strategies you can use if you choose to walk on your roof. But before you head up, inspect the roof from the ground and keep an eye out for any badly deteriorated shingles.

    Locating these damaged shingles is paramount because stepping on them will cause them to break out from underneath you.

    When you are ready to go up, consider one of these methods.

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    Use Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Experts

    Whether your cedar shake roof has dark, ugly streaks or a bunch of moss and algae making it weak over time get it clean with an expert cedar shake roof cleaning team and make it look brand new again.

    We use low-pressure cedar shake roof cleaning techniques with the addition of our environment-friendly formula that amazingly removes all the damaging roof organic matter from your cedar roof without damaging your cedar shake roof in any way. The solution we use is biodegradable, making it safe for your garden, family, and pets. Dont just contact any roof cleaning service provider to restore your cedar roofs as it may do more harm than good. Make sure to hire certified, insured, and decade-long experienced cedar roof cleaning experts to offer you a reliable cedar roof cleaning solution with proper inspection and execution.

    We stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines from the Cedar Bureau.

    Can You Walk On Wood Shake Roof

    Tearing off a roof | CEDAR SHAKE ROOF

    So can you walk on a cedar shake roof? The short answer: yes. Still, even if they do support your weight, cedar shakes are also notoriously slippery and difficult to navigate, especially after a recent storm or if they are covered in moss or other growths.

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    Combating The Headache Of Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

    A cedar wood shake roof is a roofing option that works for any home. It can transform the look of a home and really make a statement. But, there is a lot of cedar shake roof maintenance required to keep this roofing material looking good and functional. Before you jump into installing a natural cedar shake roof on your home, take some time to learn about cedar shake roof treatment and shake roof maintenance so you know what you can expect with a cedar shake roof and so that you can make an educated decision prior to purchase.


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