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How To Fix Leaking Porch Roof

Theres Condensation In Your Attic

How to Fix a Flat Patio Roof Leak – 4 Step Process

What Does It Look Like: A leak is most likely coming from your attic if the space shows signs of mold growth or mildew. A strong, musty odor emanating from the attic is also a key that water has gotten inside.

Why It Happens: As the uppermost part of your home, the attic is trapped between indoor and outdoor temperatures. When those clash think hot summers and cold winters condensation will form and moisture will follow.

How To Fix It: First, treat any mold growth. Then, take the time to isolate your attic to prevent large fluctuations in temperature. Make sure that all of the roof vents are clear from the interior end and install a large ventilation fan, if needed. Pay special attention to the venting from your attic to prevent condensation from causing a leak.

Cut The Plastic To Length

Youll want to unroll the plastic with a little more length to run from the top of the roof to the edge of your roof . Dont unfold your covering yet and cut it to length with a utility knife. You can use one of your 2×4s as a guide to make the cut as straight as possible. Once it is cut to length you will unfold it to make a section that is long enough for your roof, and about 8 feet wide.

Clogged Gutter Roof Leaks

Your homes gutters and downspouts are designed to carry water that drips off the eaves of your roof down to the ground and away from the house and foundation.

A properly functioning gutter system protects your roof, siding, foundation and landscaping.

When your gutters are clogged, water and debris will pool inside the gutters while its raining.

In severe situations, this water can leach under your eaves and shingles, leaking down into the walls of your home.

Heavy clogged gutters can also deform or separate from your house in areas, which can cause waterfalls that run down down exterior siding or pool in areas of your landscaping or yard.


  • Remove debris remove all debris from gutters & downspouts
  • Gutter shield- install some type of gutter shield to prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from building up in your gutters
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    Find A Roof Leak When Its Not Raining

    Start in the attic.

    Look for discoloration on wood sheathing or rafters caused by water.

    Water stains will often appear darker due to wood rot, mildew or mold.

    Some water stains appear light colored.

    You may see stain streaks along rafters or other supports.

    Look around penetrating pipe vents and chimneys.

    Pay special attention to vent pipe and chimney flashing, as these are often the culprits.

    Keep in mind, some of these stains may have been caused prior to a recent roof replacement or roof repair.

    If a visual inspection both inside and outside the house does not determine the cause of the leak

    You may need to perform a water test.

    How Can I Fix A Leaky Porch Roof

    Repair a Patio Enclosure Roof Leak

    Replace Roof Flashing: Flashing is a thin strip of weatherproof material, which can be installed to help deflect water from seals and joints, protecting your porch and home from damage. However, flashing can be tricky to install, so it is best that you request the help of a professional. Aluminum is the most popular choice for roof flashing since its so easy to work with. If you are looking for a higher quality material, you may want to consider tin, sheet lead or copper.

    Repair Broken Shingles: If you notice that any of your shingles are damaged or cracked, you should determine if they need to be replaced or if they can be repaired easily. Typically, small cracks in your shingle can be repaired through the use of a sealant however severely damaged shingles should be replaced with new ones.

    Install Gutter Covers: If your gutters are clogged with debris, rainwater and melted snow or ice has nowhere to go and often spills over the gutters edge onto the ground near your home. This may not seem terribly damaging however, over time, the excess spillage can seep into your foundation and cause buckling, cracking or shifting, which in turn may cost thousands of dollars to repair.

    Read about the 7 Benefits Of Gutter Covers, if you want to learn more.

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    Locating The Leak For A Flat Roof Leak Repair

    Discovering the source of a leak in a flat roof is usually easier than finding one on a sloped roof or a shingled roof. That said, roof leaks of any kind can be more complicated than they initially seem especially if youre an amateur trying to DIY roof repairs.

    There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that the spot where you initially notice water entering your interior rooms might not actually be where the leak itself is, since water that penetrates the membrane of your roof can travel across the roof until it reaches a seam in the sheathing/roof deck, skylight or electrical, HVAC or plumbing penetration and then manages to drip or seep through to the inside.

    Nonetheless, there are steps you can definitely follow to determine the source of the leak , whether or not it is easy to find or readily evident when you first notice the water entering your interior.

    I Need Help With Leaking Porch Roof

    I hope someone can give me some guidance. My back porch is leaking quite badly. The roof appears to be made of metal, with wood placed on top .

    Ive included pictures of what the porch looks like from the inside, and what it looks like from the outside. The major leaks are where the tape is — during heavy rain, I have to place receptacles there to catch the rain. The leaking is toward the front end of the porch, away from the house. At the point where the porch attaches to the house, it is completely dry, with no leaking.

    At one point the house was vacant and the porch was covered with overgrown vines. From an old picture, I can see that some of the vines may have come through the ceiling. However, I cant see from the photo whether the vines actually broke through ceiling or entered from the sides .

    Someone suggested to me that it is likely that the wood on top of the porch roof has allowed debris to collect underneath forming a dam. He thinks that when it rains water dams up and works up around the joints in the metal ceiling. He said that without the wood on top most gunk on the roof would naturally wash away with heavy rain.

    I need some advice on how to address this. I dont know whether it is possible that the vines broke through the joints of the metal roof and, if so, whether that could be repaired or re-sealed somehow.

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    How Do I Find Where The Leak Is Coming From

    There are two places to check when trying to track down a roof leak. Start on the roof and see if the is anything penetrating the serface of the roof. Here are some roof safety tips to practice when on a roof: Roof Safety Tips. Next you can go into the attic and track down the leak in the attic and see if there is any wood rot or damage to the attic. Finding the specific point where the roof is leaking can be frustrating. Water can tend to run and drip down and away from the leak, making it hard to find that actual source.

    If its not raining outside you can utilize a water hose to find the roof leak. Begin spraying the roof above the leak. Observe from the attic to find the exact area the leak is coming from.

    The easiest way to find the leak is to go into the attic while its raining and find the entry point of the water. Once you find the area of the leak, mark the spot and begin your emergency roof repair.

    Leaking Patio Enclosure Roof Podcast:

    Repairing Leaking Shingle Roof

    Tim Carter talks with Jan in IL about her patio enclosure that’s got a few leaks in the roof. Jan doesn’t want to try to fix it herself so Tim explains a few options. Below the video is the product Tim recommends Jan try first.

    This is the leaking roof. See the seams? That’s the first place to start to look for the leak.

    This is Jan’s patio enclosure. You can see how it’s pretty safe to get up on there. That roof is really pretty flat.

    to get FREE BIDS from local handymen who can caulk the leaks in your patio enclosure roof.

    to get FREE BIDS from local roofers if you just want to put a piece of rubber over your enclosure.

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    Professional Roof Leak Repair

    If you notice water spots on your ceiling, find the roof leak fast and fix it to prevent further damage.

    If you need help from a professional roofing company, contact your local roofer.

    If you are located in or near Tulsa, Oklahoma, give us a call, and well be happy to repair your roof.

    We can be reached at 943-3063.

    918 Construction15115 S. 76th E. AveBixby, OK74008

    Fixing Leaks In The Vent Boots

    The flashing for plumbing vent pipes is often a source of leaks the rubber boot around the pipe can develop cracks or tears. If the aluminum flashing is not leaking, it may be possible to replace just the boot. Remove the old boot and slide the replacement over the vent pipe.

  • To replace the flashing, youll need to determine the proper diameter of the boot. .
  • Once youve found a new unit, use a flat bar to carefully pry up the exposed front edge of the old flashing, remove any nails, and lift the base and boot off the pipe.
  • Apply a generous bead of roof sealant to the underside of the new flashing unit slide it over the pipe and under the shingle course just above the pipe.
  • Replace any nails, sealing all exposed headsor use nails with neoprene washers.
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    Buy & Prep The Roof Plastic

    You likely dont keep roof plastic just hanging out in a closet. So, youll have to head to the hardware store or call for help. Plastic roof covering comes in 4-foot rolls of polyethylene. Buy some and head home to get it placed on your roof. Youll also need some 8-foot 2×4s to act as anchors for your roof covering.

    How To Patch A Roof Leak

    Patio roof leak repair

    The hard part about patching a leak in your roof is finding the leak itself. Once youve accomplished that, repairs are often relatively simple.

    Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the steady of water, and you discover that the water is coming from a spot on the ceiling and not from any faucet? Chances are you have a leak in your roof. Find a bucket, place it under the drip, and try to go back to sleep. Tomorrow you can investigate.

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    Iced Over And Leaking Porch Roof

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    Adkjake said:The knee wall is just particle board faced with paneling, I could insulate behind that, would that help?

    Emergency Roof Leak Repair

    So how do you make an emergency roof leak repair? There are a 8 quick ways you can make a emergency roof repair:

  • Use a tarp to stop the leak
  • Use roofing cement to patch the roof or flashing
  • Use silicone or caulk to stop the leak
  • Utilize a Rubber Sealant Coating to Stop the Leak
  • Use Roof Flashing to Temporarily Cover the Leaking Area of the Roof
  • Replace shingles
  • Make a replacement shingle
  • Replace Roofing Pipe Flashing Boot
  • These methods are all ways to make an emergency roof repair however, you should not rely on these methods to be permanent solutions. As soon as you can, contact a trusted roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof.

    Before you get started, its important to recognize the signs of a roof leak, take measures to lessen the damage, and also find the leak itself. Heres how we recommend how to do this:

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    Roof Leaking Around Chimney

    The source for leaks around your chimney can be difficult to pinpoint.

    If you notice moisture around your chimney during or after a rain, you may have one or multiple issues.

    Starting at the top.

    Perhaps your chimney cap is damaged, or maybe the chimney crown is cracked .

    Or it could be that the brick or stone veneer on the chimney has cracks, or you have mortar cracks in your chimney.

    These could all lead to water leaks inside and around your chimney.

    If you notice the walls are damp around your chimney during or after a storm, it could be that the flashing around your chimney is loose or worn out. In either case, it is likely that the flexible sealant around the flashing has cracked and formed gaps.

    Another potential cause for roof leaks around your chimney is the design of the roof above your chimney. If your steep roof creates a sharp valley where it meets the chimney, you may have a buildup of leaves, sticks or other debris that sit above your chimney.

    This debris can allow water to pool or ice to build up, which makes degrades flashing and sealants and allows water to leak around your chimney.


  • Chimney cap a new chimney cap may keep water from entering the top of the chimney
  • Flexible roof sealant apply flexible roof sealant from a can or tube to fill holes, gaps, flashing and loose shingles around the chimney
  • New flashing & shingles replace flashing and shingles around the chimney, creating a good new water barrier
  • You Have A Cracked Chimney

    How to repair a flat roof leak Underwater permanently – Karnak 19 Ultra Rubberized Flashing

    What Does It Look Like: Most often, you can look for signs of wear and tear along the mud cap, or mortared area around the top of the chimney. You should also look for any holes in the mortared joints where the chimney connects with the roof. Also, be on the lookout for loose flashing and shingles in the surrounding area.

    Why It Happens: Mortar is essentially just a thick mixture of water, sand, and cement. It erodes easily in harsh weather conditions.

    How To Fix It: In some cases, all you need to do is find the source of the leak and replace the missing mortar. However, since the materials used for chimney repairs are different than those for standard roofing fixes, it is recommended that you hire a professional handle the repairs. If you have a link by your fireplace, a crack in the chimney cap is a good bet.

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    Here Are A 19 Signs You May Have A Roof Leak

  • Water stains or damp spots on your ceiling
  • Moist drywall or paint around light fixtures or electrical outlets
  • Damp spots around interior air vents or fireplaces
  • Interior paint bubbling or peeling during hard rains
  • Dripping sounds inside your home
  • Water stains on rafters or on roof sheathing inside your attic
  • A musty house smell
  • Curling or buckling shingles on your roof
  • Loose shingles laying in your yard
  • Loose or exposed nails on your roof
  • Cracked or damaged flashing around roof vents
  • Loose flashing or cracked sealants around your chimney
  • Roof rot with discolored or excessively degraded shingles
  • Peeling paint or rotten areas under roof eaves
  • Clogged or loose gutters & downspouts
  • Debris piles in roof valleys or above chimney
  • Shingle granules in your gutters
  • Warped or swollen siding or wet floors around dormers
  • Mold on exterior walls or where roof and wall meet
  • You Have Ice Dam Buildup

    What Does It Look Like: An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off. The combined weight of the ice itself can damage the roof, as well as the water just sitting on the roofs surface.

    Why It Happens: The heat from your attic is above freezing, which causes some of the snowfall to melt, despite the cold temperatures outside. The water will then run between the roofs surface and the snow and will refreeze into ice once it hits the roofs exterior edge.

    How To Fix It: Invest in a roof rake, which looks like a sideways shovel with a long handle, and use it too reach up onto the roof and remove at least the lower four feet of snow from the roof edge. If you see an ice dam forming, consider treating it with an ice melt product, according to manufacturers directions. As winter gets closer, be prepared to find a way to clear the snow off your roof.

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    Use Roof Flashing To Temporarily Cover The Leaking Area Of The Roof

    Roof flashing is a flimsy metal material that can be caulked under shingles over leaking areas. The flashing allows water to run over the area without being able to get into the house.

    All you have to do is apply caulk around the location of the leak, tuck the flashing under the row of shingles, and press it against the caulk, which will seal it from leaking.

    Flashing can be very effective at stopping leaks around the base of the chimney or in parts of the roof where the most water will drain to. Professional contractors will usually install flashing when the roof is originally built in order to ensure the longevity of the roof.


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