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What Is The Purpose Of Roof Gutters

Do I Need Gutters On My Home

3 ways to fix leaking roof and gutters – DIY

However, there are a few reasons you might not need the added expense and maintenance.

If you live somewhere with extremely little rainfall , or if your home is surrounded by concrete, which protects the foundation, you may be fine without gutters. You might be able to get away without if your landscaping slopes downward or if you have a large roof overhang, but if you have either of those situations, we recommend you seek expert advice before making your decision.

In short, you almost definitely should have gutters on your home.

When And Where They Originated

Early Days

The earliest rain gutters originated in the Indus Valley Civilization from 3,000 BC to 1,500 BC. Gutters from this era were made from drains covered in burnt clay bricks. When the Roman Empire came to power, they created roadway drainage systems by making them higher in the middle, allowing rain to flow down into gutters. This civilization then brought this system to England around 47 AD.

10th to 13th Centuries

During the Norman Empires rule between the 10th and 13th centuries, gutter systems were integrated into architecture. Many structures were rebuilt with stone roofs and parapets with gargoyles. Water flowed out of the mouths of these gargoyles.

The Tower of London was one of the buildings with early gutters. King Henry III asked the Keeper of the Works at the Tower to extend its lead gutters to keep its stark white walls protected. This paved the way to the first efficiently working downspout.

Henry VIII is of course most famous for dividing the Church of England from papal authority and beheading two of his wives. A little known fact about this notorious monarch is that he accidentally helped revolutionize gutter systems. When he ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries, he cut back their income as well as resources from buildings.

The 1700s

The 1900s

Gutters: How To Choose Install And Clean Them

We provide you everything you need to know about how to select and maintain these unsung heroes of roof-water management.

An inch of rainfall doesnt sound like much. But when it falls on an average-size roof, it adds up to a 1,900-gallon torrent sluicing off the eaves. Thats an awful lot of water that can cause an awful lot of damage if your gutters arent up to the task of controlling it. Yet we barely give gutters a second thought until theyre clogged and overflowing, or ripped from their moorings by ice and snow.

So now that summers here, its time to take notice. Maybe a simple cleaning is all your gutters need, or maybe they need to be replaced altogether.

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Benefits Of Seamless Gutters

For both residential and commercial properties, the advantages of seamless gutters are numerous. Gutters protect your roof from water buildup and keep your exterior walls protected from saturation. Gutters also help keep water out of your basement and prevent the saturation of sensitive soil. The functions of your gutter system can even contribute to the beauty of your home.

1. Protect Your Roof

Gutters protect your roof from water buildup. Though a roof is designed to protect your interior from the elements, the roof itself is not supposed to hold standing water indefinitely. If water swells along the edges of your roof or lingers in spots along the eaves, the water could fertilize the growth of moss along the shingles and even work its way under the flashing and through the ceiling of your attic. Gutters guide water off your rooftop in a clean and orderly manner.

2. Protect Your Siding

Gutters also protect the siding along the exterior walls of your house. Without the drainage function a gutter system provides, the siding could ultimately get exposed to unrestrained water from your roof. If siding becomes saturated, it could rot and leave the underlying wall panels exposed, causing mold to form along the walls and subject your home to pathogens and aggressive termites. Compromised wall boards are also more likely to get pecked by aggressive birds, such as woodpeckers. Therefore, gutters protect your home from siding damage, wall rot, mold, termites and wildlife.

D Gutter System Diagram

How to Install Rain Gutters and Protect Roofs

End Cap: The end part that closes the gutter so that water or stray debris wont flow out.

Drop Outlet: Connects the gutter to the downspout.

Inside Corner: It has an angled outer wall that directs the flow of water into gutter sections.

Straight Connector: Connects troughs to keep the water flow off the roof and away from the property.

Outside Corner: Has two adjoining gutters cut on 45 degree angles.

Downspout: A vertical pipe that carries water away from the house.

Elbow: A bent pipe attached to the end or top of the downspout in order to direct the flow of drainage.

Bracket: Fastens the gutter to the house.

Section: The horizontal length of the gutter that is attached to the house and where runoff water falls into.

Downpipe: A vertical pipe where water goes through from gutters and roof catchments to the drainage.

Ledge Jumper: Directs the flow of water away from the house.

Splash Block: A device that disperses water away from the house.

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For Plumb Fascia: Hanger

Bridges interior of gutter, largely hidden from view, but interferes with cleaning. Hangers with built-in screws hold better than spikes and don’t mar gutter faces.

Pro advice: To drain properly, a gutter should slope at least ¼ inch for every 10 feet of run. Increasing the pitch increases a gutter’s handling capacity, but the gutter may look askew over a long run. The easiest way to check pitch: Dump in a bucket of water and watch how it flows.

Gene Stucky, Park City Rain Gutters

The Importance Of Well Maintained Gutters

Rain gutters may be a small component of your home, but they perform several critical functions. As gutters only need to be replaced about every 20 years, it is natural to forget they even exist. However, despite their ability to function on their own, rain gutter systems still need to be regularly maintained. When in disrepair, gutters are not able to perform at peak capacity, meaning they cannot do their job properly. If you fail to remedy the problem, you may discover the effects of water damage both indoors and out. Learn more about rain gutter function and the importance of gutter maintenance.

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Keep Your Basement Dry

During the first few times that water soaks the ground near your foundation, nothing worse happens. But soon enough, it makes its way into your basement because of the pressure it exerts. Think of hydrostatic pressure.

Keeping your basement flood-free requires a timely gutter installation.

As you can see, one best purpose of a gutter is to prevent a flooded basement. Water problems in basements mean destruction to your equipment and mold. These things will cost you thousands of dollars.

Roofing and home maintenance contractors, when inspecting roofing problems, inspect surrounding areas. They start from the ground up and then realize that an important structure or two is missing.

In case youre wondering whether water is about to take a toll on your basement, look for cracks in the walls.

Anatomy Of A Gutter System

Learn the Importance of Rain Gutters with A-1 Rain Gutters on The Home Pro Show

Gutter: Captures water shedding off roof.

End cap: Closes end of gutter.

Fascia bracket: Attaches to eaves supports gutters from below.

Downspout: Conveys water from gutter to ground. Also known as a leader.

Downspout bracket: Secures downspout to side of house.

Elbow: Changes direction of downspout.

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Find A Permanent Solution To Clogged Gutters With Leaffilter Gutter Guards

Hiring a gutter cleaner can be costly and cleaning gutters on your own can be time-consuming and dangerous. Fortunately, there is a solution. LeafFilter Gutter Protection provides a permanent solution to clogged gutters and protects your home from serious and costly damages. The secret is in our patented protected micromesh screen, which filters out all debris, including the tiniest shingle grit. Once our gutter guards are installed onto your existing gutters, youll never have to worry about gutter cleaning again!

Were so confident in our gutter guards, weve backed them with a lifetime, transferable warranty. See why LeafFilter is the best way to protect your home from the damages of clogged gutters.

Protect The Corners Of Your Home And Roof

Rainwater should be kept away from the fascia panel and the margins of your balcony or terrace for extra security and lifespan. Drip edges will prevent water erosion to your fence, pillars, and exterior areas.

Roof gutters will also protect the base of your property. However, stagnant water near your structure can undermine the ground over a period, causing serious concerns.

Preventing moisture away from your propertys exterior components and structure will save you expense in the long run.

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Hire All Season Gutters For Installation Service

When you need to have a new gutter installed on your home, it is always best to hire professionals to perform the work. The team here at All Season Gutters has been performing gutter installations on homes in and around Lemoyne, Pa., for more than 13 years. Explore our catalog of options and contact us today for a free estimate.

Beautify Your Home Exterior

Gutters  Summers Roofing

Most homeowners install new gutters without giving a lot of thought. What they dont realize is that there are plenty of gutters you can choose that complement your roof color, siding and the rest of the house. The gutters you choose will either match or camouflage, but the main aim is beautification.

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What Is The Purpose Of Roof Gutters


. Then, why do we need roof gutters?

Besides protecting the roof and the overall structure of your home, rain gutters also prevent soil erosion and protects your garden beds. With the rain gutters, the rain will just flow off your roof, washing away soil each time it rains causing soil erosion.

Secondly, what are the benefits of rain gutters? The Benefits of Gutters

  • Soil around the house is stabilized.
  • Foundation problems can be avoided.
  • Flooding under houses and in basements can be prevented.
  • Erosion can be prevented and this preserves landscaping and turf.
  • Water damage to siding can be prevented.
  • Water staining on brick and stone masonry can be prevented.

Thereof, are roof gutters necessary?

Rain gutters are the most controversial type of gutter. They are generally not required by law on a sloping roof, and many modern homes omit them, even in instances where they are beneficial. In order to decide for yourself whether rain gutters are necessary for your home, it is best to first weigh the facts.

Should gutters match roof or house?

Decide on what to accentuate.Most design experts recommend matching the color of your gutters to the roof or the trim of your house. If the trim of your house is wide, it’s suggested that you match the color to the trim. If the trim is skinny, match your gutter color to the roof.

What Is A Roof Soffit

The soffit is the part that you see directly underneath a roofs eaves. As a result, a roof with no overhang does not have a soffit. Depending on the roofs style, a soffit can have a solid surface, a perforated one, or even a grill-like pattern. Some variants also feature roof vents or even gutter downspouts.

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How Do I Take Care Of My Gutter System

Clean and inspect your gutter system at least once a year. Most professionals recommend fall as the best time for gutter maintenance. Depending on the number of trees near your home, you may need to clean your gutters more often.

How to clean your gutter system:

At a minimum, youll need:

  • A ladder
  • A gardening trowel or hand shovel
  • Gloves to scoop out leaves and debris in the gutters

Inspect for leaks while cleaning your gutter system. Gutter seams and joints are where leaks are most likely to start .

Newer gutters are usually made from solid sections to minimize potential for leaks. Inspect the joints and look for damage from squirrelsor storms. If you notice a leak, make a short-term repair with gutter-sealing spray or caulk. Have a professional complete an inspection to make sure there arent any additional problems.

Keep that water away from your house!

Even if your gutters are in full working order, water from downspouts must be directed away from your foundation. Water can crack and crumble your foundation and cause major structural damage.

Two common DIY solutions are:

  • Downspout extenders: Extend your downspouts four to eight feet away from the foundation to keep water flowing away from your house. Downspout extenders are very affordable and can be bought at any hardware store. They might not be an option in neighborhoods where homes are close together.

When Might Your Roof Not Need Gutters

The REAL Reason Your Home Needs Gutters | Senox

It is important to note that some types of roofing may not need gutters. Roofs that have significant overhang will direct water away from the house regardless, which means your home is less likely to need gutters. A significant overhang also means that installing gutters could potentially be a more complex operation. In some homes, the attractiveness of the home may be benefited by extending the roof rather than adding gutters. This depends on the aesthetics of the property.

There are gutter-less options for redirecting rain off of a roof as well, which can be discussed with a roofer. This is commonplace when the lines or the aesthetics of your home may not match with visible gutters.

If you have old gutters that are in need of repair, it may be time for a consultation. Leaks or water-related issues could actually mean that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, rather than your gutters. In unique situations, you may not need guttersor it may be possible to invest in a gutter alternative. You can find out all you need to know through a consultation with SUNVEK.

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How Can You Keep A Fascia Board In Good Shape

Installing a drip edge can help protect fascia boards. A drip edge is an L-shaped metal piece thats secured to the roof decking. It lays below the first layer of shingles and directs water away from fascia boards.

Also, fascia boards should be included in your regular roof inspections. For your safety, hire a professional roofer to do the job.

Whether you need a residential roof replacement or a commercial flat roof repair, Advanced Roofing is here to help you. Give us a call at 553-2344 or complete our contact form to get a free quote. We work with homeowners in Naperville, IL, and areas around Illinois.

They Add Beauty To Your Home Exterior

A homeowner can install new gutters without giving it a lot of thought. But what he doesnt realize is that he can pick gutters that complement the siding, roof color, and the rest of the house. The gutters you pick will either match or camouflage – the choice is yours. But the bottom-line is that the best purpose of a gutter is beautification.

Its great to know that nowadays, there are lots of gutter materials to choose from. Vinyl gutters come in various colors and are more affordable. Copper gutters are expensive but look classy and shiny.

Another way to ensure that gutters boost property appeal is to invest in its maintenance. Install gutter guards to keep leaves away. If you havent yet, make sure to clean your gutters regularly.

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Why They Are Important

Rain gutters are incredibly important because they protect your home from rain and water damage. Without a gutter system, rainwater would likely collect in your roof, causing rot, deterioration, or mold. This will weaken your shingles, soffit, and fascia. Naturally, gravity pulls the water down from your roof to your windows, siding, and foundation. Moisture in the windows causes condensation, which damages the sill and interior walls. Not to mention, mold and grime can develop. When pooling against your homes foundation, water causes erosion, weakens the integrity and structure, and causes basement flooding. Gutters protect against all of this. However, gutters can weaken if not taken care of. Leaves and other debris easily block gutters from working properly. Once debris builds up, water will overflow and damage the siding of the home. Heavy storms and high winds can also misalign your gutter system. This can weaken your gutters and cause them to break entirely.

To keep your gutter system clean and operational, call your local gutter installers. We at Gutter Maid know the importance of high-quality gutter installation and repair. Give us a call today for professional gutter cleaning, installation, or repair.

The Key Reasons Why Gutters And Downspouts Are Vital For Your Home Or Business

L and L Home Improvements Ltd: Purpose of rain guttering

by Midian Roofing | Aug 15, 2016August 17th, 2021 | Roofing Blog |

Most people think of gutters as a way to go into and out of their home or business and not have rain water running off the roof down on their head. If this was the only purpose of gutters, you really wouldnt need to have them located anywhere else except at doorways. However, there is far more to this sometimes-frustrating part of your property than you might realize.

While it is a bit of a pain in the neck to keep up with the maintenance involved with gutters and downspouts, it is well worth it considering the problems you will likely incur if you were to decide to forgo having them. Water is an incredible force just look at what the Colorado River did by creating the Grand Canyon! Just an inch of rain on a typical 2,000-square-foot home yields a whopping 1,200 gallons of rainwater. Just imagine what damage that much water can do if it is not properly diverted through gutters and downspouts.

It is not enough to have gutters and downspouts on your property. It is also important to make sure they are in good condition, have the correct pitch off the roof, and slope appropriately so the water moves quickly away from your home. If you have questions about gutters or would like a quote for installation or repairs, contact us at Midian Roofing. Our 20+ years of experience in the roofing industry assures you of a professional and quality result that will protect your home and keep the rain off your head.

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