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How Long Will A Tpo Roof Last

Tpo Roofinga Trusted Solution

How long is a cedar roof supposed to last?

Whether your church or commercial building is in need of a roof replacement or a new roof, TPO roofing offers the best long-term solution. Membrane roofing works well with post-frame and frame construction.

Thermoplasticsor TPOshold up better than EPDM roofing. They last up to 20 years, and sometimes 25 years! Many of them come with a 15- or 20-year warranty, giving you peace of mind about your investment. When you install a roofing material with a longer lifespan, you save time and money by avoiding the need for roof replacement for many years. Over one billion square feet of TPO roofing are installed annually, totaling over 50% of single-ply roofs installed today.

Proper Care And Maintenance

As with other common materials, TPO roofing should be cleaned regularly or cautiously inspected for leaks in order to prolong its service life. The use of industrial cleaning solutions and pressure washer is more than enough to keep your roof clean from debris and molds. However, it would be best if you watched out for any possible entry points where water may penetrate, including base flashings, foliage, and low curbs due to run-offs of cleaning solutions.

If you prefer professionals roofers to handle the cleaning chores, they usually begin from the top layer of the membrane to get rid of dust and dirt using a low-pressure wash. Afterward, they will scrub the cleaning solution deeply onto the surface with soft-bristled utility brushes to ensure thorough cleaning without damaging the roof. Once rinsed, the expert roofers will inspect for any roof damage over the membrane.

Cleaning must form part of your contractors roof maintenance routine or service list for roof repair New York to ensure continuous roof protection against direct sunlight and radiation. This also prevents algae growth, pest infestation, and wildlife invasion on your roof. But most of all, periodic cleaning greatly reduces the spread of acidic contaminants, which can affect the life expectancy of your roof as well as its capacity to perform effectively. With regard to general roof maintenance, you should seek assistance from Roofing Contractors NYC to keep your TPO roof always in perfect shape.

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Repair Options If Your Tpo Roof Has Less Than 25% Saturation

After the infrared survey is complete, its determined that the roof doesnt have much saturation. If your roof is under 25% saturated, then what can be performed is a silicone restoration membrane system.

What will happen during a silicone restoration membrane installation is:

  • The saturated areas will be removed and replaced with similar material
  • The entire field of the roof will be power washed and cleaned
  • The seams of the TPO roof will be strengthened and reinforced
  • Then silicone coating will be applied to the entire field of the roof
  • Then a new 10-20-year warranty will be granted

Heres a video showing a silicone restoration membrane installation from start to finish:

Another scenario that happens is that although theres less than 25% saturation, the seams are in too bad of condition to restore with a silicone restoration system.

In this case, if theres only one roofing system in place, is to install a cover board over the TPO roof, cut the flashings off, and then install a spray foam roofing system. This will save you money from completely tearing off the existing roof and installing a new TPO system.

If you already have two roofing layers and the seams are in too bad of a condition to restore, youll need to remove all the TPO and install new TPO, or a new roofing system.

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How Long Does A Commercial Roof Last

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When the time comes to consider a replacement for your commercial roof, different roofing materials offer varying lifespans. Quality installation along with regular maintenance schedules can extend your roofs life. In this article, we discuss the options of roofing products, how they are used, and what you can expect in terms of their lifespan.

Commercial roof lifespan can vary from 10 to 45 years based on the following system types, installation and maintenance:

EPDM : 15-25 years Metal System: 30-45 yearsTPO : 15-25 years PVC : 20-30 years Asphalt System: 25-35 years

How Do You Maintain A Rubber Roof

Which is the right choice for my Commercial Flat Roof? TPO ...

Regular cleaning and scheduled maintenance will protect your rubber roof and prevent unnecessary work. Clean and inspect the roof on a regular basis to avoid damage and costly repairs. Apply roof sealant to every every crack and apply a quality butyl roof tape to all the seam edges for maximum moisture protection.

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Commercial Size Roofs Massive Discounts

In the price example above we used a small size roof. Now what happens if the project is 10,000 or even 50,000 square feet? Sure contractors will get bigger discounts, but GenFlex TPO is already at $0.56 per square foot. How much lower can it go? Lets say $0.50 or even $0.45 . You still have massive amounts of expensive peel and stick accessories, primer, cleaner, and extra labor involved.

And be sure that IB Roof Systems and other PVC manufacturers also provide volume discounts. Once again IB is one of the most expensive PVCs out there, and yet its cheaper than TPO. At the end of the day, the extra discounts on volume will be offset by extra labor, and the final material price will be nearly the same.

Do All Rvs Have A Rubber Roof

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Not all RVs have rubber roofs. Two other types of roofs are made of either aluminum and fiberglass.

Aluminum roofing is made of metal that is best for insulating and reflecting sunlight. This type of roofing lessens the chance of cracks and creases on the roof that can be caused by tree branches during trips.

Fiberglass roofing on the other hand is an auxiliary roof made using a mix of synthetic materials and glass fibers that are established in large panels or individual sheets. The good thing about this type of roofing is it is rot-rust and fire-resistant.

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Durable Pvc Membrane Roofs

For low-slope and flat top business buildings, PVC is a time-tested, high-quality roofing option. Its made of polyvinyl chloride the same kind of plastic as your indoor plumbing. Despite the up-front cost, PVCs longevity makes it a worthy investment.

  • PVC can withstand extreme environmental exposure.
  • Its resistant to harsh chemicals, fire, mold, and UV radiation.
  • PVC is recyclable, even after a full service life.
  • Its designed to be watertight.
  • Heat welding installation allows the membrane to expand and contract with your building.

Final Thoughts On Rv Rubber Roofs

How Long Does A Roof Last? (Homeowners Guide)

To sum things up, many RVers tend to forget and overlook their RV roof since it is not something you see during travels. However, if you forget to check if the roof is not in the best condition, the interior of your rig can be severely damaged, too. Remember that damaged roofs can lead to water damage and leaks which may cost you expensive repairs.

Furthermore, even RV Rubber roofs can last up to 12 years or more, it will still depend on how often you clean it and do regular maintenance checks. Just like anything else in your rigs, roofs also need proper care, inspection, and maintenance. And by doing so, you can keep its quality and durability for a long time.

Lastly, it is important that you know, as confirmed with your RV dealer, the types of chemicals that you can and cant use considering the type of rubber roof you have. This applies when cleaning and sealing the roof. Any use of inappropriate cleaning or sealing materials can cause serious damage to the rubber roof and affect its quality.

If you are still new to RVing, take note of the cleaning and maintenance tips so you can enjoy your camping trips with your RV for a long period.

Here are other blogs with tips on your RV maintenance that would help you with your RVing:

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Who Uses A Flat Roof

Typically, flat roofing applications are seen in commercial settings. Businesses tend to favor them as a flat roof can cover a large building much more easily. Just imagine the cost of covering a big box store with a pitched asphalt shingle roofnot to mention how ridiculous that would look!

Still, while flat roofs are more common for commercial buildings, there are instances where some or all of a residential roof is flat. This is more common for multi-unit residential buildings, but even single-family homes will sometimes make use of a flat roofsuch as for a porch, awning, or addition to the home.

Average Flat Roof Membrane Life Span

Flat roofs on commercial buildings have many benefits, and if properly maintained can last even up to 50 years. There are many different types of flat roofs that have been used in the last few decades typically, the three membrane types well discuss are used. With all the choices and newer products coming out, commercial building owners want to know the average flat roof membrane lifespan.

Typical Types of Flat Roof Membranes

The three most commonly used flat roof membranes are:

  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • TPO

EPDM is a synthetic rubber material thats been around the longest. Its commonly used for commercial roofs because its low-cost, easy to apply, and last 25-30 years or more.

PVC membrane roofing costs the most of the three, but provide the best energy efficiency because of its UV resistance and white color. PVC flat roof membranes last 20 years plus and are a solid choice.

TPO flat roof membrane is Thermoplastic Polyolefin, which is a single-ply roofing either mechanically fastened, fully adhered, or ballasted. The seam strength is stronger than EPDM and there are no plasticizers added like with PVC membranes, so are a greener choice. TPO is not as flexible as PVC and generally last 15-20 years, yet are less expensive than PVC.

Factors Determining Longevity

The longevity of a flat roof membrane is dependent upon:

  • Climate
  • Roof penetration
  • Proper Maintenance

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So Why Tpo For Your Roof

One of the largest benefits to installing a TPO roof is the cost. TPO has one of the lowest price points for roofing material on the market, costing less then EPDM and other types of roller rubber roofing.

Another benefit of using TPO roofing is the color. TPO is white which gives it reflective characteristics. These characteristics help by reflecting sunlight away from the building therefor keeping the building cooler in warm months and in turn using less air conditioning. These energy savings also help lower the overall price point when you incorporate energy saving into the life of the roof cost.

The Installation Of Tpo Roofing

How to Clean a TPO Roof

For an average size commercial roof , the installation of a TPO system should take no longer than 12 weeks, however, if the existing substrate and insulation must be torn off and replaced, this process could take considerably longer.

Many other factors can affect the duration of a TPO installation as well, including roof size, construction/complexity of the roof, number of penetrations, installation method, inclement weather, etc.

Below, we break down the installation process for TPO roofs.

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The Ceiling And/or Cabinets Of Your Rv Ceiling Are Discolored

The next time youre in your RV, take a look at the ceilings. Are they the same color uniformly? What about your kitchen cabinets, especially the ones nearest the ceiling? If you answered no to one or both of those questions, youve got a problem. Excess moisture has built up and caused the material to become discolored. The roof is probably leaking somewhere.

Minor leaks are reparable, but bigger ones will require a whole new RV roof, sorry!

The Average Cost Of Materials

TPO materials are some of the most affordable and cost-effective on the market today. If you have a flat roof that needs installation or replacement, youll want to consider this type, which has become increasingly popular over recent years. A number of factors will affect the overall price of your roof, but the average cost tends to range between $3.50 and $9.50 per square foot. If youre looking to install a single-ply roofing membrane thats energy-efficient, consider TPO as one of your options. The bright white material also helps reflect UV rays and heat away from the building, which can help you save money during the warm summer months.

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Should You Install A Tpo Roof

Now that you know more TPO roofing details, including the pros, cons, and average costs, the question is: Should you install it on your residential or commercial property? It typically comes down to whether you have a flat roof and energy efficiency is one of your deciding factors. Since TPO is one of the most energy-efficient flat roofing types with its reflective surface, people choose it because it helps reduce their cooling costs during the warm season. This not only saves on energy bills but also helps reduce their carbon footprint. Get in touch with our team if youre interested in TPO roofing installation or replacement.

Keep Your Roof Strong With A Proactive Maintenance Program

How Long Does a Roof Last?

Did you know that roofs that rely on reactive roof maintenance experience 3 times more annual maintenance costs over the life of the roof than those on a proactive maintenance program?

At Christian Brothers Roofing, our Commercial Certified Maintenance Program helps your roof stay in great working order, and warrantable so your roof will stand the test of time. Our proactive approach to roof maintenance simplifies your church or businesss routine maintenance needs. Avoid the hassles of unexpected roof problems by properly caring for your low-slope commercial roof.

As GAF certified roofing professionals, when you choose our maintenance program, we ensure your roof will last longer, maintenance repairs will cost less, and youll have confidence knowing there arent leaky roof surprises in your future. And as an added bonus, eligible companies who enroll in our Commercial Certified Maintenance Program will enjoy a 25% longer GAF material warranty.

Our annual inspections and detailed reports on all your roof maintenance needs will ease your mind when it comes to protecting your commercial businesss roof. Proactively maintained roofs last up to 60% longer than reactively maintained roofs.

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Epdm Roofing Vs Tpo Roofing

When comparing EPDM roofing VS TPO, it seems like EPDM roofing will always win. Contractors highly recommend this roofing because of the cost-efficiency. But, EPDM roofing is not always the winner of single-ply flat roof membranes. TPO roofing also offers many various benefits regardless of the additional cost for the property owners.

A side-by-side comparison between TPO VS EPDM RV roofs will help the property owners make the right and proper decision for the property they own.

Reasons A Gaf Tpo Roof Is Best For Your Church Or Commercial Building

Traditionally, when a commercial building needed a new flat roof, an EPDM roof would be installed. The problem is, EPDM roofs only come with a 10-year warranty and may need to be replaced that soon, leaving you in the same position youre in nowin need of a roof replacement.

When youre in the market for a new commercial roof or church roof, its important to take a look at the long-term results expected from the roofing material youre considering. The durability of the flat roof membrane you choose can greatly impact its performance over its lifespan as well as how long it will last.

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Theres Water Under The Roof Seams

Aluminum roofs have this problem especially where water can get trapped underneath the seams and look invisible until you begin pressing on the roof.

Try applying some pressure on your roof near the seams. If you see water come out, thats a really bad sign. Like we discussed before, depending on the severity of the water damage, you could be looking at seriously pricy repair or replacement costs.

Cedar Shingles And Shakes

Roofing â PBS Roofing

Comparable in cost to metal roofing, cedar shingles and shakes are a common roofing option for beach homes and Cape Cod style houses. Cedar shake roofs are designed to last 25 to 30 years on average. With regular maintenance and staining, however, a cedar shake roof can last around 30-40 years.

A cedar single roof can have a wind uplift rating of up to 173 MPH, while a cedar shake roof can achieve a wind uplift rating of up to 245 MPH with a proper installation. Wood roofs are extremely resilient and durable in providing protection from hurricanes and heavy snow load.

Tell-Tale Signs Its Time to Consider Replacement Cracked wood shingles or leaks that dont respond to simple repairs.

Slate roofs are notoriously expensive, heavy, and long-lasting. A quality slate roof can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, depending on the slate tile thickness and grade.

Slate roofs are commonly installed on premium homes and fancy McMansions.

Slate roofs have excellent wind uplift properties, but a few pieces of slate flying off a roof during a hurricane can be extremely dangerous due to their weight and sharp edges.

More info on performance of slate roofs during hurricanes can be found here:

Tell-Tale Signs to Consider Replacement: Cracked, missing, or loose slates, or leaks that dont respond to simple repairs.

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Other Advantages Of Tpo Roofing:

  • Heat weldable. Heat weldable seams are strong and durable. In fact, the seams themselves end up being stronger than the rest of the roofing material because it’s double-layered and well-bonded.
  • Flexible. TPO is not just a commercial roofing product – it can also be used on residential roofs.
  • Color variables. This type of roofing comes in a variety of colors, including white, gray, and black.
  • UV resistant in any color selected. The UV resistance is not limited to the white-colored membranes – this material is UV resistant in other colors as well.


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