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How Long Does A Clay Tile Roof Last In Florida

When To Replace A Shingle Roof

How long does a tile roof last?

The most obvious indicator that it may be time to replace your shingle roof is cracks in the shingles. When your roof shingles begin to crack, they lose the protection they once offered from your home. In turn, the next storm or hurricane could allow water to seep into your attic, creating a costly roof leak.

Additionally, the state of the shingles outer granule layer can also indicate whether it is time for a replacement. If you notice missing granules on several of your shingles or see granules in your yard or landscaping, this could indicate that your shingles are deteriorating.

Finally, if your shingle roof is letting water leak into your attic or other areas of your home, this is a surefire sign that you need a new roof.

Why Do Asphalt Shingles Metal Roofs And Tile Roofs Not Last As Long In Florida

Floridas climate is hard on roofing materials.

You may have moved to South Florida for the sunny weather. However, high levels of UV rays can affect even quality materials over time. (If it is time for a roof replacement, ask how your new roofing system can lower your cooling costs. If your air conditioner is constantly running, you might be able to get a little reprieve by updating your roof.

Humidity levels also affect a roofs lifespan for both residential and commercial buildings. And the combination of extreme heat and moisture can cause condensation underneath the roof shingles, which may eventually lead to water damage.

While Florida roofs are constructed to withstand high winds and severe weather, the heavy rains during hurricane season and tropical storms can stress a roof and reduce the average lifespan. Of course, even the best roofing material with proper installation would struggle to stand up against the salt spray from the ocean and the severe wind damage that comes with such storms.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Shingle Roofs In Florida

Maintenance You need to think about how well the roof is ventilated, what type of gutters were installed on it, and when they will be cleaned.

You also have a responsibility in maintaining them so they work properly for you!

  • Local Weather Floridas weather is hard on roofs because it can be so hot, humid and rainy.
  • If you have a shingle roof, then you can extend its lifespan by keeping vents open.
  • If the roof is vented properly then the heat will be allowed to flow through it and not be trapped under the shingles which can cause serious damage.
  • Weather Resistance A high-quality material will usually be more resistant to extreme elements, so you may want to consider a synthetic roof if youre worried about the lifespan of your shingles.
  • Other Roof Damages You can also extend the life of your shingles by avoiding items that protrude from the top of the roof such as antennas, satellite dishes, and vents.
  • These can damage them when strong winds come around!

Expert roofing companies can give you good advice on how to extend the lifespan of your roof, but if it seems like its time for a new one then seek out some quotes from reliable sources and compare them.

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How Long Does A Clay Tile Roof Last

Clay roof tiles, most commonly seen as terracotta tiles popular on Southwest homes, do well in hot, sunny conditions and resist rot. While they can start showing their age in 15 to 20 years in Florida, most come with a warranty of at least 30 years. They can last 50 years or longer in ideal conditions.

The per square cost of clay tiles is around $600 to $800. But once installed, there is little maintenance required for a long-lasting roof. Please note, however, that clay tiles are heavy, so they arenât the right choice for every home.

How Long Does A New Roof Last In Florida

How Long Does a Roof Last? Top Signs You Need a New Roof

Now that all these roof materials have been covered, theres the big question of the lifespan of a brand-new roof in Florida.

With all that has been discussed, you can see that there are several key factors that go into answering this question, which are:

  • Material Metal roofs have a naturally longer lifespan than shingle roofs for example
  • Maintenance Most roof encounter small to large issues and these can usually be caught and remedied via maintenance.
  • Resistances Some materials are more resistant to the harsh elements of Floridas climate such as the heat.

Your new roof could last 10 years, 30 years, or even a lifetime. What is important is that you choose your material carefully and have it professionally maintained when necessary. Homeowners should take appropriate measures after they get a new roof.

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What Are Some Of The Other Benefits Of Clay Tile Roofs

In addition to the benefits of clay roofs already mentioned, there are many other benefits as well. Clay roofs can be designed to mimic the appearance of many other roofing types, including wood shakes and slate roofing.

For homeowners who want the durability of clay and the appearance of other roof tiles, these tiles that mimic other roofing types are an excellent option. Roofing tiles also come in different colors to match different house colors.

The longevity of clay tile is considered to be a true benefit. Homeowners who install a new clay tile roof have the peace of mind knowing that they probably will never need to install another roof in their lifetime.

Clay roofs are durable in all kinds of weather including freeze/thaw cycles, periods of snow, and heavy rain. Clay is resistant to damage from fire and insects, and of course, traditional clay barrel tiles have beauty and style that many homeowners love.

How Long Do Concrete Tile Roofs Last

Concrete tile roofs are a popular choice of homeowners who want the reliability and durability of a traditional tile roof but cant afford to install a clay tile roof. They are fire-resistant, earthquake resistant, and offer excellent resistivity to both the dry and the stormy climate Florida experiences throughout the year.

Compared to clay tiles, concrete tiles can endure power watching much better and wont break easily when walked on.

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How Long Does A Tile Roof Last In South Florida Hurricanes

Tropical storms always have the potential to become hurricanes. As the southern region of Florida has a tropical climate, it is susceptible to these. In fact, many hurricanes terminate around South Florida after passing through the Caribbean in the months of June to November. Some areas in the southern sections of Florida have up to 90 thunderstorm days yearly, which is one of the reasons why the state has the highest storm count yearly. Furthermore, it has the highest lightning density in the USA. Some hurricanes such as Hurricane Michael have reached winds of 155 mph!

This means that tile roofs located in South Florida take more of a beating in this regard than those in the northern and central regions. As was mentioned above, maintenance is one of the key factors at play. Whenever hurricanes are approaching, people tend to do all they can to get their houses in the strongest state possible as hurricanes provide a constant battering over one or more days. Houses that cannot endure the harsh weather either partially or completely collapse, and roofs are usually one of the first areas to give way.

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How long does a tile roof last? | Sharpe Roofing University

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Nations Roof is a well-established national roofing company in Orlando and Coral Springs. Because of its longevity and size, Nations Roof has immediate access to roof materials unlike other companies struggling with a supply shortage. We can also guarantee a faster turnaround time than other Florida roofing companies.

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What Factors Impact How Long Your Roof Lasts

  • Quality of the installation workmanship – A poor quality installation will shorten your roofs lifespan.
  • Environmental conditions – Exposure to high winds, extreme temperatures, and falling debris can decrease how long your roof lasts.
  • The quality of materials used – Cheaper materials wont cost as much upfront but will have to be replaced more often than other expensive roofing materials.
  • The type of roofing material used – Each roofing material has different durability, making them last longer or shorter in different conditions.

While there are several factors that impact how long your roof lasts, your roof’s lifespan most heavily depends on the materials used. Let’s take a closer look at the various roof types and how long each of them lasts.

Slate Tile Roofing Pros

Durable. Slate tiles are from stone. And are therefore incredibly durable. In addition, slate roofs are resistant to fire, wind, and damage.

Low-maintenance. Slate is extremely thick and seldom absorbs much moisture. Youll seldom have to worry about slate roof repairs. And thats because of its resilience in the worst conditions.

Home increases. A slate roof can assist raise the market value of your property if you decide to sell it. Thats because of its robust materials and capacity to survive for a long time.

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Energy Efficiency Of Tiled Roofing

Investing in a tile roof can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. Roofing tiles are the only materials currently in use that possess two inherent qualities necessary for energy reduction. According to the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance, clay and concrete roofing tiles offer natural thermal resistance, as well as a thermal barrier created by the airspace around each individual tile.

Installing a tiled roof can also make you eligible for federal and state tax credits and increase the resale value of your home, as more and more homebuyers are looking for homes with energy efficient features.

This can be especially helpful if you live in a hot climate or an area with a great deal of sun beating down .

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How Long Do Roofs Last 5 Roof Types And Their Lifespans

How Long Does a Tile Roof Last?

The age of your roof is a great way to determine if its time for a roof replacement. Image source: Greenco Construction Services

Whether youre buying a new home or youre planning on staying put in your current house, you probably have an idea of the condition of your roof. But, it can be hard for homeowners to gauge exactly when they should get a roof replacement.

In this article, we discuss 5 different types of roofs, how long each different roof type lasts, and what signs to look out for when your roof needs to be replaced.

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A Better And More Sustainable Alternative To Concrete Tiles

One of the best roof tiles types that serve as an excellent alternative to concrete tile roofing is composite roofing or synthetic roofing. One brand, in particular, to consider turning to is CeDUR, who is known for their beautiful, synthetic roofing shakes that are modeled after real wood shakes. Where can you buy these roof tiles? Easy! Right here!

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What Maintenance Factors Are Most Common With This Type Of Roof

Like anything, tile types of roofs should be inspected regularly to help avoid damage. A professional roofing contractor can assess all areas of your roof, including the underlayment and individual tiles. With tiles, you can typically avoid major damage with proper installation and upkeep.

If you notice problems with your roof, its important to get a professional inspection done as soon as possible. Roof leaks, water damage, broken or loose tiles are all factors that may indicate a potential problem. Dont inspect the damage yourself call a trained roofer who can safely look at your tiles and understands all types of materials, underlayment, flashing, and more.

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Hiring A Professional To Install The Roof

Hiring an insured and experienced professional to install a roof is important. When the job is done you can tell if the roof was installed by a professional or by someone who is not trained. It is already stressful dealing with roof issues that you want to make this process go smoothly. Thus hiring a professional can help do just that.

Someone who is not licensed or insured is a risk for you and them because if there is an accident or death while the roof is in the process of installation, you can be sued.

How Long Does A Tile Roof Last

How To Install Roof Tiles in South Florida | Perkins Roofing Corp.

How long tile roofs last depends on many parameters. For example, a new tile roof with premium roofing materials will last longer. On the other hand, when you pick Concrete tile roofs, expect a 50-year service.

But thats if you let a qualified roofing company install the concrete tile roof. Compared to other roofing materials, concrete tiled roofs have shorter lifespans.

Airtight spray foam insulation helps in boosting the longevity of some tile roofs. But, again, to avoid broken tiles, dont go for a lightweight concrete tiled roof. Youd want to know how long a tile roof last. Well, well analyze the various tile roof types. And also the factors that affect their lifespans.

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When To Replace A Metal Roof

Metal roofs typically show signs of deterioration when they are reaching the end of their lifespans. You may notice the following signs indicating it is time for a metal roof replacement:

Rust and corrosion

Faded or damaged paint finishes

Brittle, flimsy panels


Deteriorating fasteners

A professional roofing contractor can help you determine the right time to replace your Florida metal roof.

Increase Your Roof Lifespan With Regular Roof Maintenance

The key to having a long-lasting roof is to schedule regular roof maintenance and inspections performed by roofing contractors. By identifying issues early and performing roof repairs, you can extend your roofs lifespan with these small home improvements.

If it is time for you to consider a new roof, get in contact with local roofing contractors to receive multiple quotes on the cost of a replacement. With a trusted roofer on your side, youre sure to have a long-lasting roof that will shelter you for years to come. provides cost guides, comparisons, and term cheat sheets for hundreds of remodeling, installation and repair projects.

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Bonita Springs Clay Tile Roofing Contractor

If youre worried about a ceiling leak and you have a clay tile roof, call our clay tile roofing company as soon as possible! As a clay tile roofing contractor we will walk you through every step of the clay tile roof process and answer all questions. Trademark Restoration will help you through the insurance claim process if needed too. Our clay tile roofers are straightforward, responsible and focused. Call Trademark Restoration, Inc. today to get your clay tile roof back to its former version. Finding a reliable clay tile roofer can seem unsettling but you dont have to worry because our team is available 24/7! Call us now if you are interested in a superb clay tile roof at 293-0221. Request a Free clay tile roof estimate today!

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  • Safety When Working In An Attic

    Clay Roof Tile &  Clay Terra Cotta Cladding Products

    Georgia has hot and humid summers. If it is hot outside, it will be much hotter and stuffier in your attic. While you may think you can handle the heat, it is best to wait until it cools down a bit. You could crawl into a tight space in your attic, be overcome by the heat, and pass out. If you plan to work in a hot attic, let someone know you are going up and have them check on you after a while.

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    Smooth Concrete Tile Roofs Pros

    Eco-friendly. Concrete tiles, like clay, are comprised of natural resources. And are easily recyclable and reused.

    Durable. Concrete roof tiles have a lengthy life expectancy of up to 50 years. They are also more resistant to cold temperatures than clay tiles.

    Energy-efficient. Concrete tiles shield your property from solar radiation heat. But also aids hot air circulation.

    How Do I Know If My Tile Roof Needs Replacing

    While weve addressed the question, how long will my roof last, there are signs you can look for that can extend the lifespan when addressed quickly. All roofs show signs of age, from concrete to slate tiles to shingles and metal roofing if you pay attention. Below is a list of things to look for to ensure your roof will last its whole lifespan:

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    Factors That Impact Tile Roof Life Expectancy

    No answer applies across the board, as tile roofs dont come with a fixed expiration date. With proper maintenance and care practices, tile roofs are one of the longest-lasting roofing materials. Your tile roof can last up to half a century.

    However, poor installation, low-quality material, or inadequate maintenance can all shorten your roofs life. Even one major hurricane can affect your roofs lifespan. Heres a rundown of the factors that play a role in how long your tile roof will last:

    • Climate and Weather One of the most significant advantages of living in Florida is that you never have to experience harsh winters or deal with snow and ice. However, the year-round high humidity and constant heat can take their toll on a roof. Not to mention the frequency at which Floridians experience hurricanes. Since 1851, only eighteen hurricane seasons have passed without an impactful hurricane storm in Florida.
    • Maintenance Many homeowners disregard the importance of correct and regular roof maintenance. Although you cant do much about the climate youre living in, you can make sure youre keeping your roof in good condition year-round. This includes cleaning your gutters, trimming nearby trees, and ensuring proper insulation and ventilation inside your household.
    • Tile Materials Your roof is only as good as the materials you used to build it. With this in mind, lets take a closer look at how long you can expect your tile roof to last, based on the material its made of.


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