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How Long Does It Take To Roof A New House

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof On Average

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

Many homeowners ask us, How long does it take to replace a roof? Of course, we can give you an average, but the time it takes to replace a roof can vary by several factors.

There isnt a one-size-fits-all answer when determining the length of time itll take professionals to replace your roof. For optimal conditions and an average size home, we can estimate that a new roof usually takes 1-3 days.

Larger Roofs Take Longer To Replace Than Smaller Ones

As a general rule, the square footage of your homes roof will be factored into how long a crew will need to replace it. For example, a cozy 1,200 square-foot Craftsman home will take less time than a 3,600 square-foot, three-story Victorian .

Size, of course, also reflects pricing. You may see this reflected in your estimate as roofing squareswhich simply means 100 square feet of roofing. The greater the square footage, the more time your roofer will need to complete the work.

How Much Does A New Roof Cost How To Save In 2022

A roof is unmistakably one of the most important parts of any property. Unfortunately, theyre also the one area of a building most susceptible to damage from the elements.

You must maintain your roof as repairs and re-roofing costs can be expensive, time-consuming and most of all, stressful.

In this article, well cover:

  • How much it costs to repair or replace a roof
  • What affects the cost of a new roof
  • How you can save money on a replacement roof
  • Whats involved in replacing a roof
  • How to know if you need to repair or replace your roof
  • How to find and hire a roofer

Whether youve got a few loose tiles, or you suspect a bigger problem is at bay, keep reading to find out how to tackle your roofing problems head-on, and save money while doing so.


5 to 6+ days

Prices last reviewed in November 2022.

Replacing a gable roof will cost between £7,000 to £15,500 and take between two to five days to complete.

Looking next at a hip roof, the estimated cost will be between £8,000 to £17,000, taking between three to five days to complete.

Finally, a Mansard roof replacement will cost between £15,000 to £45,000, taking between five to six plus days to complete.

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The Steepness Of The Roof

Steeper roofs require a different kind of approach when being replaced. Some roofs are as steep as 45 degrees or have a rise to run ratio of 12:12. Unlike common roof pitches of 4:12 or 6:12, these steeper roofs require more safety precautions and a slower work pace.

If you have a house with a steep roof, you should expect your roofing contractors to take additional time.

So How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof By Material

Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

While the process of replacing a roof is extensive and there is much to be done, most quality, professional roofs can complete a typical replacement in 1-4 days. Depending on the roofing company and roofing materials used, the time estimate will vary.

Here are some common types of roofing materials and how long they typically take to be installed:

  • Wood shakes: Depending on roof size, you should expect your roof replacement to take 3 4 days weather permitting.
  • Synthetic Slate: Mosty synthetic slate roofs can be installed within 3 5 days.
  • Flat roof: You can expect a flat roof replacement to take 2 3 days.
  • Concrete Tile: Usually 8 9 business days.
  • Steel sheets: Anywhere from 3 4 days.
  • Asphalt shingles: The most common roof material only tasks 1 2 days to replace.
  • Natural Slate: Around 6 7 days for a full replacement.

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Week : Mechanicals And Insulation

Sometimes installing electrical and plumbing will take more than one week. You may continue to see some tradesmen on site this week. Your builder wont install insulation until the mechanical systems have been approved. Insulation can block the view of wiring systems, leading to delays in approval.

Once all mechanical systems are approved, your house is now ready for insulation. This isnt one of the most exciting steps in the building process. But insulation will help your house maintain consistent temperatures. It will lower your energy bills, and dampen outside noise.

There are several different types of insulation. Fiberglass batting rolls are one of the most common types of insulation. It will be rolled out inside of walls and in the attic. The insulation thats used depends on the climate.

Q: For A Replacement Roof How Long Does It Take To Take Off And Put On A New Roof

A: The time for replacing a roof depends on the type of roofing material you choose. It also depends on whether further structural damage to the actual frame of the building is found upon removing said roof. In addition, timeliness can depend on your construction crew and their workload as well, so its important to have clear communication and set expectations with your contractor or the foreman on site for the project.

Then there are things like the weather. If it is raining, for example, youre not going to want your old roof to be removed at this time or a new roof to be installed with wet materials.

Based on our experience, if all of the components are solid, the weather is good, and the job is straightforward, a standard asphalt roof replacement can take less than a week to finish completely. A more involved roof like one made from individual copper pieces takes a different level of skill and installation techniques, so always ask your contractor for a realistic estimate.

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How Do You Know If A Roofer Did A Good Job

How to Verify if Your Roofers Did a Good Job

  • Your Roof Includes Drip Edge Flashing.
  • Your Roof Looks Even and Uniform in Appearance.
  • They Use A Quality Underlayment.
  • They Implement Effective Flashing Practices.
  • They Leave The Job Area As They Found It.
  • About Prime Roofing.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

How long does it take to replace a roof? 1 Average replacement time calculated as an approximate time in days for a professional roofing crew to remove old and install 35 40 squares of new roofing materials on simple gable or hip roof with up to 8/12 pitch.

What is the average cost to tear off and replace a roof?

Factors That Affect The Timeframe

How long does it take to install a roof?

The existing roof and the square feet of that roof are huge factors that can affect how long it takes for a roof replacement project.

  • Weather-colder months and the rainy season might delay the roofing replacement
  • Roof Shape and Size-the bigger the roof, the more material needed, the longer it will take.
  • Materials Used-type of roof materials selected, such as synthetic slate, shingle roof, metal roof, etc.
  • Accessibility-how easily the roofing contractor can scaffold and support his/her crew on the roof.
  • Historical Significance of the Roof-historically significant buildings have specific laws and code for reconstruction. Following to a specific detail can take time.
  • Damage to the Current Roof-shingle replacement or replacing the boards underneath can determine the length of the job.
  • Steepness or Pitch of the Roof-steeper the roof the more difficult it is to rip off the old and install the new. Safety first will require the roofing contractor to take their time and ensure that all is safe when working on a steep roof.

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How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take

A roof replacement can be very distributive, and many homeowners want to know how long a roof replacement will take. The average replacement can take one to two days, but depending on a variety of factors, it can vary anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks.

Replacing a roof is not a complicated process, but it is one that can be taxing on the homeowner. Even though roofers work only during daytime hours, a roof replacement is noisy, and most homeowners like to be out of the house while its going on. This especially goes for families with small kids or pets.

How Do I Know If My Roofing Job Is Bad

When shelling out for a complete roof replacement, you simply must ensure that you enlist the services of a professional and reputable company. Unfortunately, there are cowboy builders & roofers out there who will happily complete a quick botch job and run away with your money. It is therefore important that you are able to spot a bad roofing job when you see one. Luckily, there are a number of signs to watch out for. Some of the tell-tale signs include: missing drip edge flashing, a lack of a uniform appearance, sheet joins, lack of proper roof nailing if shingle, reuse of old flashing material, unfixed flashing that make noise, irregularly fixed sheeting, missing shingles, stains, missing underlayment, and more.

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What Is The Best Roof For A Garage

The best roof for a garage will all depend on your priorities. If your priority is reducing your new garage cost, you cant get cheaper than a flat bitumen felt roof, which will generally come in at £50 per m². The downside of this roof type, however, is that bitumen degrades when its exposed to water and sunlight, causing it to crack over time and allow water to leak onto the timber underneath.

Other roof types may be more expensive but theyll also last longer. The typical rubber roofing cost for a garage is around £90 per m², while a fibreglass roof is likely to cost you around £100 per m².

The Size And Shape Of Your Roof

How Long Does a Roof Restoration Take?

Obviously, the larger your roof the longer it will take to do the job. However, what many homeowners do not realize is that the height, shape, and angle of your roof will all have an impact on the time needed to reroof it.

For example, the roof of a one-story home, with a shallow pitch will take less time than a smaller but steeper roof on a taller building. This is not just a case of needing more time to go up and down ladders. Steep roofs can be more dangerous to reshingle so more time will need to take into account the safety of the workers.

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How Long Do The Most Common Roofing Materials Take To Install

Different roofing materials can have vastly different installation procedures and techniques, which can drastically affect how long it takes to install them. Many need perfect weather conditions and complex tools or techniques to ensure a perfect installation. Also, asphalt shingles can easily be hoisted up in large rolls, making it easy to transport the materials up on the roof. On the other hand, metal or slate tiles are much heavier, and that will change the entire process of both getting the materials up on the roof and installing them safely. It will likely require much larger tools and machinery to do so. Heres an average timeline for different roofing materials, from shortest to longest.

Asphalt Shingles: 1 to 3 days.

Metal: 2 to 3 days.

Membrane Flat Roof: 3 to 6 days.

Wood Shingles: 6 to 8 days.

Slate Tiles: 6 to 7 days.

Concrete Tiles: 8 to 9 days.

The sturdier roofing materials like metal and slate are also much more expensive in general, not including the cost of labor. But, that investment will last you for decades longer than any asphalt shingle roof, which is very easy to install but will be replaced more frequently.

Assess Roof: Replace Or Re

A roof can either be completely replaced or re-roofed.

With replacement, the shingles are removed and then replaced with new shingles. Replacement allows you to fix problems under the existing shingles. It also lightens burdened roofing loads.

With re-roofing, the new shingles are installed directly on the existing shingles. Re-roofing reduces labor time. Its also less expensive since shingle disposal fees are eliminated.

Typically, a roof can be re-roofed if:

  • Both existing shingles and new shingles are asphalt or composite
  • Roof deck is structurally sound
  • Existing roof has no more than one layer of shingles

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What Should I Look For When Inspecting A New Roof

There are a number of things you should check before giving the all clear to the company who replaced your roof. Are the shingles curled, split, or blistered? Are the tiles straight? Are there any tiles missing? Are there any nails being exposed? Is there any sagging? Is the flashing loose? Are the gutters sagging? Are there any leaks in the internal roof space? Are there any damp spots inside your house? Are there any cracks of light coming in through the roof? Are there any blisters on the roof? Are there any depressions around pipes?

The Condition Of The Roof Underneath

Metal Roof Over Shingles on a Mobile Home by Myself

If your old roof is torn off to reveal a damaged roof decking or poor conditions overall, this can stall the process. A new roof cannot be installed on top of rotting or warped wood and would need to be repaired and reinforced before continuing. To avoid this, regular maintenance of your roof and inspections every few years can catch issues early that can affect your roof and the underlayment.

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How Long Does It Take To Install A New Roof

Hello everyone and welcome to our 5th Affordable Roofing FAQ segment. Again, thank you for sending us your questions about roofing. We will do our best to answer all of them. So, for todays FAQ: How long does it take to install a new roof?

Generally, the roof of an average house in Tampa can be replaced in one to two days. But there are other factors that we need to consider. In some extreme cases, the entire process can take a week.

Here are some of the factors that can prolong the roof installation process:

Shingles That Are Curling Or Missing

If there is excessive curling or you have more than a few missing shingles, then a roofing replacement may be needed as opposed to a minor repair. Whether its asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, or any other roofing material, cleaning your shingles the right way, can prevent premature wear. Again, having a professional roofing crew take a look is the best way to figure out the best course of action.

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How To Choose A Roofing Contractor

To ensure you have a competent contractor who will carry out professional work, there are a number of steps to take.

1. Check online reviews: This should never be your primary way of forming a roofing contractor shortlist. However, they are a good place to start.

2. Review their website: Take a quick look around the website of any contractors you are considering. They should have clear contact information, a business address, and information about how they work.

3. Ask for a quote: A contractor should be happy to come out and give you a no-obligation quote, within a reasonable time period. If they cant come out for weeks dont make the mistake of thinking oh this means theyre busy which is a good sign. While it does mean they are busy it also means youll wait a long time for them to begin work on your home.

4. Ask them questions: Either before or when your contractor arrives for an inspection ask them about:

  • Permits & Licencing: Do they have the appropriate licenses to work in your state, county, or city? Will they need any permits for the work needed, and who will be responsible for obtaining those permits.
  • Insurance: What kind of insurance do they have and what does it cover?
  • Process: How will they carry out the work and, if appropriate, whats their reasoning behind the plan.
  • Warranties: Ask about warranties for both materials and workmanship. Look for a material warranty that lasts close to the projected lifetime of your materials.

Hiring The Best Contractor For Your Roof Replacement

Colour Steel &  Corrugated Roofing

All of these factors can directly affect how long your roof replacement will takebut so does the contractor you choose. Experienced, efficient contractors, like Impact Roofing, can get your roof replaced faster and better than less reputable options.If you are looking for a reputable team for your roof replacement, contact Impact Roofing. We will inspect your roof, give you a FREE estimate, and get you scheduled as soon as possible. Our in-house team will get the job done right.

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The Extent Of The Structural Damage

Do you wish to replace a few shingles on your roof or the entire structure? If the work involves only replacing the shingles, it will take a short time. Where you need to replace the framework and the shingles, the project may take considerably longer. Thats because you have to remove the old struts and replace them before you start replacing the shingles.

When Is It A Good Time To Replace Your Roof

Fall may be the best season for replacing your roof.

Different seasons can have an impact on the rate of roof replacement. Factors like humidity, heat, snow, and rain may slow down a roofing job.

Under particularly adverse weather conditions, the roof replacement may even come to a halt.

So the least risky time of the year should ideally be chosen if you are not in a rush. The fall season would be just fine for this purpose.

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