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What Does A Solar Roof Cost

Calculating Solar Power Costs

Tesla Solar Roof Costs

Once the above costs and benefits are determined, a solar system can theoretically be evaluated using the discounted cash flow method. Outflows at the beginning of the project would consist of installation costs , and inflows would arrive later in the form of offset electricity costs .

Rather than using DCF, the viability of solar power is usually evaluated by calculating the levelized cost of electricity , then comparing it to the cost of electricity charged by the local utility. The LCOE for household solar will typically be calculated as cost/kilowatt-hour – the same format commonly used on electricity bills. To approximate the LCOE, one can use the following equation:

LCOE = Net Present Value of the Lifetime Cost of Ownership / Lifetime Energy Output

The useful life of a PV solar module is generally assumed to be 25-40 years. The cost of ownership includes the maintenance costs, which must be discounted to find the NPV. The LCOE can then be compared to the cost of electricity from a utility remember, the relevant price is that which occurs during times at or near peak PV solar production.

Does Tesla Sell Solar Panels To Sell

The company plans to expand retail and online sales of solar systems, including in Tesla stores. It will also continue to sell systems through long-term partnerships with retailers such as The Home Depot and Best Buy Co Inc.

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How Teslas Calculator Works

Tesla eventually plans to offer four styles of tile, but currently, only two are available: smooth glass, for a contemporary look, and textured glass, which is designed to mimic the look of asphalt shingles. Each style of glass tile comes in both solar and non-solar tiles, which have different prices .

Teslas online cost calculator uses your address to determine the ratio of solar to non-solar tiles your house would need to get 100 percent of your energy from solar . The calculator deducts the upfront cost of the roof and the Powerwall battery from the cost of what youd otherwise spend on energy over 30 years. That estimate is based on the price of electricity where you live, assuming a 2 percent increase in your utility bill each year.

The 30-year timeframe matches Teslas warranties both on power generation and weatherization for the Solar Roof the company claims that the tiles themselves are guaranteed for the life of your home.

Teslas calculator factors in a 30 percent Solar Investment Tax Credit, but not the incentives and credits that are available from various states and local utilities.

A financing option in the solar calculator uses the same ratio of solar to non-solar tiles and divides the cost, with interest, into payments over 30 years. It then compares those monthly payments to your hypothetical savings in electricity to calculate the net cost or savings per month when Solar Roof is financed.

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Keep An Eye On Trade Policy

Changes in government trade policy also impact prices. In January 2018, President Trump imposed a four-year tariff on imported solar cells and panels that started at 30% and was set to drop 5% each year until February 2022. In 2020, the tariff rate for the fourth year was raised from 15% to 18%. The tariff resulted in a 16 cent per watt increase for the average consumer in 2018, which translated to an overall increase of $960 for a six-kW system, according to EnergySage.

The cost of foreign-manufactured panels may still drop, lessening the tariffs effect over time.

Solar Roof Options When Re

Tesla Solar Shingles Cost / Running the Numbers for Tesla

If youre tearing off the old roof to start fresh, you have multiple solar roof options to consider. These include conventional PV solar panels and a new category of PV products called building integrated photovoltaics, or BIPV. Buying, leasing and PPAs expand your options.

Here are top options and details to consider:

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One Customer Under Contract Told Ars His Price Rose From $66000 To $87000

by Timothy B. Lee – Apr 13, 2021 8:50 pm UTC

Tesla has jacked up the price of its solar roof, which integrates solar panels directly into roof tiles, Electrek reports. A 12.3 kW system that Electrek priced at $54,966 last summer now costs more than $70,000, according to Tesla’s online calculator.

Customers report that Tesla is not only raising prices for future solar roof installationsit’s demanding more money from some existing customers whose panels haven’t been installed yet.

“Tesla has reneged on its solar roof contracts and has raised the prices for people who have already signed contract with them,” one Ars reader told us. “For example, they are asking for an additional $21,000 for my project from about $66,000 to $87,000.”

Another customer with The Verge:

One solar roof customer told The Verge he signed a contract in February to install the solar roof for $35,000, with an additional $30,000 for the batteries. Later, he received a terse email from Tesla stating that in several days he would receive a new contract with higher prices. He was told he now owed $75,000 for the solar roofa 114 percent increaseand $35,000 for the batteries.

There’s also no guarantee that Tesla won’t change its estimate once it sends someone to actually look at your house. The cost calculated by Tesla’s website is only an initial estimate.

Is Solar Power Right For You

Though youll see great savings in the long run, its still a pretty hefty investment upfront. Before you make a decision, take the time to calculate the costs of your current electricity usage. Compare that to any savings you might gain by switching to solar power, taking into account your location and any government incentives for which you may be eligible too!

If youre a homeowner, then youre likely aware that traditional electric power costs are rising. The grid is based on outdated technology thats more than a hundred years old, and the infrastructure definitely needs an eco-friendly update. With the environmental and monetary costs of fossil power, making a move toward solar power just makes sense.

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Cost To Add Solar Panels To An Existing System

The cost of adding solar panels to an existing system is around the same as a new installation about $2.50 to $3.50 a watt installed. The key is whether you can expand the existing system. Typically, roof-mount systems cannot be expanded much. Ground systems can be expanded if you have the space. This is a common situation in off-grid setups or when switching from grid-tied to off-grid. In these cases, you need to expand your system.

A 6kW or 8kW grid-tied system on most homes is not easily expanded because it will already take up most of the available space on the roof.

In some instances, you may be able to upgrade your existing panels to those with higher wattage. This has a cost closer to $3.50 a watt because these panels cost more.

What Is Solar Power For The Home

Tesla Solar Roof, What Does it Even Cost?

Homeowners who install photovoltaic power systems receive numerous benefits: lower electric bills, lower carbon footprints, and potentially higher home values. But these benefits typically come with significant installation and maintenance costs, and the magnitude of the gains can vary widely from one house to another. This article will help homeowners make the financial calculations required to determine the viability of solar power in their homes.

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Solar Panel Costs By State

Solar panel costs in the U.S. typically include equipment and installation services. Visit the Solar Energy Industries Association website to learn about local incentives and tax credits in your area. Its usually in your best interest to take advantage of state clean energy programs when you can it lowers your upfront costs and shortens your payback period. According to our analysis, Washington is the greenest state, followed by Oregon and New Hampshire.

  • Available in CA and TX

Solar Energy System Payback Period

The payback period of solar is the time it takes to recoup your investment through electricity cost savings.

As the cost of solar energy has dropped, so has the payback period. Lets determine payback period for a net zero home one in which the annual cost of electricity from an energy company is $0.

According to the most recent data from the US Energy Information Agency, the average monthly electric cost for US homes is $112.59, or $1,351.08 annual cost.

Weve listed the average per watt cost of a solar power system as $2.78 to $3.22 per watt, or $2,780 to $3,220 per kilowatt when installed by a small independent installer.

The average system size is about 7.5kW, so the average time it takes for a solar power system to pay for itself is 8 to 10 years.

If you like crunching the numbers, this chart has monthly electricity cost data for all 50 states. It will allow you to calculate the payback period for solar energy systems where you live.

Did you know? There is a second payback period discussed in solar energy. Many, including popular solar energy websites, confuse the two.

The second use of payback period, according to the NREL, answers the question, How long does a PV system have to operate to recover the energyand associated generation of pollution and CO2that went into making the system, in the first place?

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Tesla Solar Roof Cost: Is It Worth The Premium

To best explain Teslas Solar Roof cost and price premium, well provide an example of a household shopping for a traditional solar panel system. Well use this example to show how the cost of the Tesla roof compares to traditional solar panel systems based on the roofs complexity and size. Well explore four different scenarios based on what this household is seeking read on to see which describes you best!

Tesla Solar Roof: How Much You Could Save

Is a solar attic fan worth the cost?

Tesla says the roof pays for itself over time. The tiles are rated to collect energy for 30 years, meaning in practice they may wind up being cheaper in the long run than regular roofs, too.

For the leaked solar roof quote provided to Electrek, Tesla estimated that the price of energy over 30 years would cost $65,466. That equates to $2,182.20 spent on energy each year. This would bring the total cost down to $4,121, according to Teslaâs figures. Not bad at all.

One of the few that would know how it works in practice is Tobler. She tells Inverse that her energy bills for the previous 12 months came to âabout $4,000 total.â The year she had the roof, she paid $119.61 on a minimum delivery charge to stay connected to the grid. They also received $42.25 back for surplus energy, meaning they paid $77.36 for the total year.

This means Tobler saved $3,922 in a single year for the roof. Over 30 years she would have saved $117,660. That means, after 13 years of owning the roof, it probably would have paid for itself.

Itâs a tantalizing prospect, and the figures show the roof makes sense from an economic perspective. But thatâs still a hefty chunk of change for long-term savings, and itâs a big leap of faith on a new product. It could take some time before the solar roof becomes a more common sight.

Update 7/1 6 a.m. Eastern time: An earlier version of this story described the solar roof as atheistically pleasing. It has since been corrected.

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Breaking Down The Cost

If you have ever asked a solar roofing professional How much does a solar roof cost? it is likely you have heard It depends. Generating an accurate cost estimate is difficult for a solar provider to do without complete knowledge of the purchasers specific needs. Consider shopping for a laptop. Do you need a model with extra storage and the fastest processor available, or are you looking for something light-weight and paired-down? Solar roof price is highly variable because certain features drive up the cost just as others drive cost down. We spoke to our SunStyle solar designers to get a sense of what generally affects the cost of your solar roof.

Tesla Solar Roof Pays For Itself

A Tesla Solar Roof will pay for itself through grid power savings. There isn’t a short-term monetary saving, but there are great benefits that come from having a Powerwall, which can be ordered separately for the Tesla Solar Roof. The Powerwall can keep electricity flowing at night or when there’s a power outage by using excess solar energy generated by the roof during the day. Tesla’s Solar Roof also has a 25-year warranty and is more durable and fire-resistant than a standard shingle roof.

If considering the financial side of a Solar Roof and the savings from reduced utility bills, it takes quite some time to pay off such a large investment. The Tesla Solar Roof with a Powerwall results in a 100 percent energy offset, meaning the bill for grid power could be as low as $0, depending on how grid power is charged at the location of installation. Dividing the total price of $44,500 by the $150 utility bill results in the total cost of the investment being recovered in 297 months, which is 24 years and 9 months. While a Tesla Solar Roof is definitely a long-term investment, it comes with plenty of benefits that can be enjoyed long before it fully pays for itself.

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Why You Can Trust Ecowatch

We work with a panel of solar experts to create unbiased reviews that empower you to make the right choice for your home. No other site has covered renewables as long as us, which means we have more data and insider information than other sites. Our rankings are never affected by revenue or partnerships.

Scenario : Youre Interested In Going Solar And Also Need To Replace Your Roof

What are Solar Roof Shingles and how much do they cost?

While this is a less common scenario, it may fit you if your current roof is coming up on the end of its useful life. This scenario may also fit you if youre in the process of building a new home from scratch, and havent picked out your roofing material yet. In this scenario, unlike the first one, you are on the market and actively shopping for both a new roof and a solar panel installation.

If this description fits you better, Teslas Solar Roof may make more financial sense. In this case, you have the option of either replacing your roof first and then installing traditional solar panels, or combining both actions with the installation of a Tesla Solar Roof.

In our example, lets assume a $5 per square foot cost for an asphalt shingle roof replacement for your home in California. Based on these criteria, lets see how your new solar panel and roof replacement will compare to a new Tesla Solar Roof, based on varying roof size:

Roof size
$53,000 48%

So, in this case, the cost of new solar panels and the cost of a roof replacement and a new Tesla Solar Roof are most comparable if your roof is only 1,500 square feet. However, as explained above, its important to note that your ROI will likely still be lower because the efficiency of the Tesla Solar Roof is probably lower than that of solar panels and your system size is smaller meaning your electricity bill wont go down as much as it could.

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How Can You Find The Right Solar Installation Company

At SolarReviews, we recommend going with a reputable local solar installer. Generally, youll want the installer to meet these requirements:

  • Been in business for over 5 years
  • Hires their own installation crew
  • Has between 15 and 20 employees
  • At least one NABCEP-certified installer

But remember, you also want to make sure the company is charging a fair price for their services. If its too cheap, you might have to worry about a shoddy installation or low-quality equipment. If its too expensive, you might be paying an extra premium for no added benefits.

You need to find a happy medium of a solid price from a trusted company that uses high-quality materials. The best way to connect with companies in your area is by using our state-of-the-art solar calculator, which will not only give you a detailed cost and savings estimate catered to your specific home, but will also put you in contact with our vetted solar installers.

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How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost

Prices have been coming down steadily over the years. The total cost will depend on how many kilowatts of power your array will generate. According to consumer reports, after solar tax credits are accounted for, the cost for a solar panel system on an average-sized house in the U.S. in 2021 ranges from $11,000 to $15,000.

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Lets Examine The Estimates Found On The Internet

1. Motley Fool

A columnist for Motley Fool has made calculations to predict how solar shingles compare to a traditional roof. He estimates that based on a manufacturing cost of $ 0.30 per shingle is comparable to ceramic or concrete tiles. But be aware that the installation costs are extra: Tesla says that the cost price is $ 3 per watt installed (meaning $ 5880 per 100 square feet or $ 176,400 for a standard 3,000 square feet house.

2. Consumer Reports

Have developed a calculation including anticipated savings in electricity in order to be competitive with a traditional roof they determined that a maximum expenditure of $ 73,500 would be necessary in order to be competitive with asphalt shingle roofing, one of the least expensive solutions. According to information provided by roofing installation associations, and assuming an average house with a 3,000 square foot roof, the total cost of this asphalt shingle roof would be approximately $ 20,000. They then added an annual cost invoice of $ 2,000 in their calculation , and the life of the shingles being 30 years as stated by Tesla. After thirty years, savings are expected to rise to around $ 60,000. When the Powerwall, which is part of the installation of the electricity storage system for non-solarized moments, and which costs $ 6,500, the savings would be reduced to $ 53,500.

3. Energysage


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