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How Often Should You Replace The Roof Of Your Home

Potential Signs That Your Roof May Need To Be Replaced:

  • Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped.
  • Bald spots where granules are missing.
  • Cracked shingles.
  • Your roof is at least 20 years old while many shingles today are produced for durability, many factors can accelerate the aging of shingles. For example, if your roof is not properly ventilated, it can negatively impact your shingles.
  • The roof just looks old and worn.
  • Neighbors are getting new roofs. Homes built around the same time period can be experiencing the same types of weather conditions can mean that your roof is nearing its useful life.
  • Dark streaks. Airborne algae cause dark streaks on roof decks. While this may not necessarily harm the roof shingles, it may not look good.
  • Moss can grow on roof surfaces that dont get much sunlight, especially in cool, moist climates. Moss growth can be more than a cosmetic issue. Moss holds moisture against the roof surface and over time in freezing climates can cause damage to the granules on the top of the shingles. Moss can be brushed off but it wont prevent it from growing again take care not to damage the shingle surface. You may need to contact a professional roofing contractor.
  • How Often Should You Replace Your Roof

    Based on the information in this guide, you should now know without a doubt how often to replace your roof. Just look up the average lifespan based on the roofing material in the list above. Then, look for the listed signs of damage on your roof.

    Of course, youll still need to know the age of your roof for this information to be relevant. Thus, you may yet have more questions.

    Are you still wondering how often should you replace your roof? If so, contact us here to set up you free roof inspection.

    How Often Should Different Types Of Roofs Be Replaced

    The expected lifespan of a roof depends entirely on the type of roofing material used and how well its been maintained. The underlying structure of your roof should last the entire lifespan of your house, but the materials covering the roof have varying lifespans, some considerably shorter than others.

    Generally speaking, quality, durable materials coupled with regular maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of your roof. Here are general guidelines as to how long you can expect certain materials to last:

    In addition to proper maintenance for the roofing material, climate also plays a significant role in the longevity of your roof.

    Heavy snowfall, high winds, humid summers, etc. can all lead roofing to age prematurely, warranting more frequent roof replacements. If you live in an environment with a severe climate, its important to get regular roof inspections, especially after periods of extended weather activity.

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    Your Asphalt Roof Fails Prematurely

    Your roofing materials should live as long as the manufacturer specifies. However, there are cases when your roof fails prematurely and leads to a roof replacement well before you should need one.

    Two of the common causes of premature roof failure are improper roof installation and inadequate attic ventilation.

    When your roof wasnt installed using correct roofing techniques youre going to find shingles in your yard or even full sections sliding off your roof. If your attic wasnt properly ventilated then the damage from the trapped heat and cold will drastically shorten your roofs life.

    Be aware, when your roof isnt properly ventilated or properly installed the manufacturers warranty on your roofing materials will be voided. This leaves you with only your contractors workmanship warranty to fall back on to replace your prematurely failed roof.

    Moss Dark Spots And Algae Growth

    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

    Moss can start to grow on a roof that doesnt get a lot of sunlight, especially in cool and moist climates. Moss holds moisture against the surface which can cause damage, especially in freezing climates.

    Dark spots are caused by fungus and algae growth. These might not be directly tied to how often you need to replace your roof but these problems can spread and cause damage.

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    What Is The Life Expectancy Of Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

    One popular option for tile roofing is stone coated steel tiles, which are lightweight but also strong enough to withstand wind uplifts of 110 MPH to 150 MPH, making them an excellent option for hurricane prone areas like Florida, the Carolinas, and the Gulf Coast.

    Note that these tiles can be prone to rust, so if there is any discoloration, chipping, or peeling paint or excessive leaks that dont respond to basic repairs you may need to replace your stone coated steel tile roof.

    How Long Does A Roof Last

    by BarrettM | May 20, 2020 | Uncategorized |

    Are you aware of the condition of the roof over your family or employees?

    If you own a property, you should be.

    Most of the time, property owners dont realize that their roof is beyond repair until it is too late.

    Whats more, many property owners dont really know how long a roof lasts or when to replace a roof.

    In this guide, youll get answers to this question how long should a roof last?

  • The Value of a Long Lasting Roof
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    Signs Of Roof Damage That Can Shorten The Life Of Your Roof

    o Holes and Leaks

    Leaks on a roof are sometimes difficult to spot because they may originate from small hidden cracks. However, the longer the cracks go unnoticed or ignored, the bigger they become. The situation can escalate quickly, with moisture accumulating under the roofing shingles.

    Small holes can also be difficult to identify, unlike bigger ones. If you can see the sun shining through the roof, you will have to work on repairing the hole as soon as possible. In some cases, you could end up changing the entire roof.

    Inspect the roof through the attic and determine whether there are cracks or holes by checking for leaks when it rains and sun rays when it is shining. If you notice any sign, call a professional roofer immediately.

    o Moisture and water stains/damage

    If the attic has excess moisture, the roof is probably damaged. The same applies to stains on the ceiling or deck. These are indications that the roof is leaking and should be repaired soon. The insulation is another place that can show signs of water leaks. Check for pooling water or signs of soaking around the insulation.

    The stains on surfaces can be yellowish, brown, or circular. They may also appear as streaks, especially on the walls. They are usually caused when debris mixes with rainwater.

    Another sign of roof damage is sagging ceilings. If there is unevenness, call DAngelo and Sons roofers immediately. Sagging is usually a sign that the problem has become too advanced.

    o Exterior roof damage

    Select A Grade: Better/best

    When Should I Replace My flat Roof?

    BETTER/BEST: Laminated shingles

    Instead of one layer, laminated, or architectural, shingles have two or more layers with three-dimensional tabs of varying sizes. The shingles are usually the same size as the basic three tab, but a laminated shingle can weigh up to 50 percent more, which may increase durability and come with a longer warranty.

    PROS: The thicker tabs vary in size and shape for more dimension and crisper shadow lines, suggestive of wood or slate. Laminated shingles offer the greatest range of colored granules.

    CONS: More expensive than three-tab shingles.

    PRICE: $60 to over $280 per roofing square for special shapes.*

    * Shingles are priced per roofing square, which is equal to 100 square feet.

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    Signs That You Need To Replace Your Asphalt Roof

    Is your roof leaking? If so youre probably worried that the entire roof will have to be replaced.

    But just because your roof is leaking doesnt mean you need a complete replacement. So, when should you replace your roof? The answer to that question isnt going to be the same for everyone.

    Bill Ragan Roofing has been replacing roofs in the Nashville area since 1990. We know what it takes to give you a roof replacement thats going to give you years of peace of mind. Thats why we even offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

    Replacing your roof never comes at a convenient time so its important to know when the right time to replace your roof is.

    Keep reading to learn the 3 reasons why your roof should be replaced so you know when the time is right for you. By the end of this article, youll know why your roof may need replacing and what to consider before you replace your roof.

    Asphalt Roof Shingles Are Buckling

    Seeing asphalt roof shingles buckling is the final reason why shingle should be replaced. A multitude of factors can cause this to occur such as old roof felt, bad roof ventilation, and improperly laid shingles. Furthermore, buckling can eventually lead to further leakage and rot.

    Knowing the signs of shingle damage is sure to give you a heads-up on when it is time to replace your roof shingles. You can also read this article if youre curious as to how often you should be replacing your roof shingles in Ontario.

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    What Is The Average Lifetime Of Composite Shingles

    Composite shingles or tiles are tiles made of a mix of fiberglass, recycled paper products, and asphalt and they are designed to mimic the look of slate or cedar roofing.

    They are similar in pricing to standing seam roofs, are rated for up 110 MPH in wind uplift, and they can last for approximately 30 to 50 years.

    How Often Should A Roof Be Replaced

    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

    The average lifespan of a roof, tiles, or shingles depends on various factors. Homeowners should consider the type of materials used, climate and weather conditions in your area, signs of significant wear, and level of maintenance.

    Different roofing materials come with varying levels of longevity.

    The recommended replacement schedule based on roof material used is as follows:

    • Composition Shingles: 12-20 years
    • Metal Roofs: 50-75 years

    If you dont know what material your roof is made of, a free roof inspection from Trinity can tell you, as well as evaluate the damage done to your roof over time.

    The replacement schedule of these materials will also vary depending on the climate in your area. Severe winters and humidity can make the materials wear faster. After a severe storm or high wind, it is good to get on the roof and check for any damage. The roof is essential to protect your home and property, so stay on top of it, making sure it is structurally sound.

    Roofs naturally begin to be less efficient over time. If you notice anything else that seems out of the ordinary, have your roof inspected immediately. If caught early enough, you might be able to get away with roof repairs rather than a full roof replacement.

    If you have any questions about roofing replacements or looking to get a free inspection, contact us here or call us at 407-930-9266.

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    Signs Of A Potential Roof Replacement:

    • Curling shingles
    • Molded shingles
    • Leakages

    If you are comfortable with it, you can climb to your rooftop and examine the roof on your own. This way youll have a look for yourself before contacting a professional roofing contractor. Just be sure to wear work boots or shoes that have reliable tread. Also, make use of a sturdy ladder. Safety first!

    The direct impact of hail stones can dent your roof shingles. Dents will wear down the shingles and often times the granules from the shingles will roll down before getting stuck in the gutter. Hence, that is a common flaw to look out for throughout the spring/summer/fall months in Wylie, TX.

    Obviously, a sagging and/or leaking roof are the most serious signs. If you notice either or both, seek the help of a roofing company IMMEDIATELY. Sagging and leaking are signals that your roof is about on its last breath. You will have to look closely for most blemishes, but its well worth it to climb atop your roof at least once a year on a nice sunny day to assess its condition.

    So, to answer the questionhow often should my home undergo roof replacement? it depends on what type of roof you have and how your roof has been affected by the weather over the years. Use the life expectancy of your roof as a general guideline and have it inspected at least once a year after the 10-year mark.

    Why Replace It At All

    When we think of houses and the work they need on a regular basis, roof rarely comes to mind. In fact, for most people it is nothing but an afterthought. It is almost implied that roofs are something that barely needs replacement except if the house is literally falling apart. In reality though, there is a lot that can go wrong with the whole roofing installation even though the rest of the home is in perfect condition.

    As much as they are ignored, many problems with homes actually start from the roof. In a good old top to bottom manner, damage tends to extend from the very top of the building and then slowly creep through the walls and into the foundations. Without regular inspection, who knows what could be going on with the roof over your head. The basic causes of damage come in various shapes and forms. They result from different things but there are obvious signs that point towards a certain issue.

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    Will Replacing Old Windows Save Money

    The short answer is, it’s not likely. From a standpoint of saving money, a complete home window replacement job rarely justifies the cost, although it depends if extensive work is going to be needed to renovate old windows too. For full disclosure before we do ‘our’ math, we don’t like vinyl and we would only ever install triple pane windows with Low- E coatings and wood or fiberglass frames – or the new generation suspended-film insulating-glass windows or glazing units..

    A truly accurate assessent of whether or not you should replace windows would take a quote of the windows you want and possibly energy modeling of your existing winodws and potential new ones to see how far out your payback period would be be, but to quickly do your own very rough guesstimation – imagine the cost of a good quality triple pane window of perhaps 4×5 feet call that about $1,200 for arguments sake. Now add installation and finishing costs – we’ll conservatively call that $400 to install, insulate, and replace trim inside and out.

    Missing Shingles Or Granules

    Replacing your Old Roof ? WATCH this video before you INSTALL your new ROOF…( must watch)

    In Florida, strong thunderstorms and hurricanes put a lot of strain on roofs. The extremely high winds often cause shingles to lift or fly off completely. Sometimes you can replace a shingle or two, but the potential for repair depends on the missing shingles location and the condition of those surrounding it.

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    How Long Will Your Roof Last

    As a general rule, the 25 30 year benchmark works. If your roof is that old, its likely that it wil need replacement soon enough. Some might even need a full roof replacement earlier.

    However, that figure doesnt tell the full story. As we said above, there are many variables to consider. One important variable is the materials used on your roof both the actual material and the quality of it.

    Typically, the 25 30 year rule extends to roof with composite or asphalt shingles. These materials are very popular because theyre affordable and come in many different options. However, not everyone uses these materials for their roofs, So the timing for replacement can vary.

    As youll see in the chart below, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors gives different life expectancy for chosen materials.

    Asphalt shingles, according to this chart, last for about 20 years before replacement. You also have to consider what manufacturer you use and the quality of the shingles. This is one of the many reasons we offer Certainteed Shingles to homeowners. Quality and advanced protection go a long way to save money.

    Overall, there are many different answers to how often roofs need to be replaced. If youre wondering about your roof, our best suggestion is to schedule a home inspection.

    That said, there are warning signs you need to be aware of. Below, weve listed out ways you can tell if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired in the near future.

    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof The Complete Guide

    Are you wondering, how often should you replace your roof? That depends on a lot of factors including:

    • what kind of roof you have
    • how well you maintain it
    • what kind of weather it endures
    • if it has unfixed damage

    Regardless, we have all the answers youre looking for right here in this guide.

    Well start by explaining how long your roof should last on average, depending on what its made of. Then well go over the various factors that can affect your roofs lifespan and what they mean for you.

    Ready to learn more? Then keep reading.

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    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof 5 Things To Know

    If you dont know the answer to how often should you replace your roof, you could be overlooking some major and costly issues.

    The signs showing its time to consider roof replacement often go unnoticed by homeowners. Especially with the wide array of lifespans of different materials, it can be challenging to know when should my roof be replaced.

    Thats where this article comes in to help. Weve compiled a list of the top 5 things to know when asking does my roof need to be replaced?

    It includes everything from considering the type of roof you have to watching for signs of interior damage. Continue reading to find out more about a roof replacement.


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