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How To Patch Tpo Roof

How To Fix A Tpo Rv Roof

How to patch a TPO Roof

Like all other forms of preventative care for any recreational vehicle, the objective for repairing a TPO RV roof is to nip minor damage in the bud before it becomes a big issue. Because of their height and the type of travel through which theyre put, RV roofs are susceptible to cutting and tearing as well as the resulting costly leaks, so its essential that you keep an eye on your roof to ensure it stays in tiptop shape.

To help you prevent major damage and seal up small holes on your TPO RV roof, Dave demonstrates the proper way to repair torn or cut TPO membrane on an RV roof. He walks you step by step through the simple process for patching and reinforcing TPO RV roof liner with rubber tape strips, which you can pick up from just about any reputable dealer. Dicor makes a great kit that Dave always recommends.

In this case, the RVs TV antenna has worn small holes into the TPO RV roof, so to avoid bubbling under the membrane from rain and sun damage, Dave uses these rubber patches to cover the holes and keep the roofline watertight. Prior to completing the patch, its extremely important that you thoroughly clean the TPO surface with approved roof cleaner and a scouring pad, as you want to avoid the new rubber coming loose when youre expecting it to last!

So thats it, ten minutes of your time and a foolproof kit. Take advantage of Daves expert tips to prevent that small cut on your TPO RV roof from turning into an expensive headache!

Advantages Of Tpo Roofing

If properly installed and maintained, a commercial single-ply membrane roof can last 30 years. There are quite a few other benefits of single-ply membrane roofing systems:

West Roofing Systems Installs Single Ply Membrane Roof

  • Customer Choice of Insulation Since single-ply membrane roofing does not include the insulation factor, as a customer you have more options to choose from to insulate your facilitys roof.
  • Class A Fire-Rated TPO membranes and EPDM can achieve Underwriters Laboratories Class A fire resistance listings by adding fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process.
  • Reflective or Retentive TPO is generally white and highly reflective. On the other side of the spectrum, EPDM is often described as Black Roofs, due to the natural dark color of the membrane.

Water Damage On Tpo Roof

So, you have a TPO roof and water has entered your building.

What are you supposed to do?

Heres some advice from a roofing contractor thats been in business for more than 40 yearsstop what youre doing and contact a roofing contractor.

Maybe its the contractor you have a warranty with or maybe its a contractor thats in your area, but you need a professional on your roof immediately.


Because every time it rains, more and more of your insulation is being saturated with water.

And if it gets to a point where more than 25% of your roofs insulation is saturated, in most cases your best option is to completely tear everything off your roof.

Butif you get to the problem immediately, you might be able to go a less expensive route.

Maybe you can restore your roof instead of completely ripping everything off and installing a new roof system ?

Maybe all you need to do is repair a small area and thats it?

But youll never know unless you get a professional on your roof.

One thing we do know is if the problem is ignored, the problem is only going to get worseand the solution to get your roof watertight will cost you more money.

In this article, youll learn:

  • How water comes through on a TPO roof
  • What a small repair will look like
  • What happens if theres medium damage on your roof
  • And what happens if theres severe damage on your roof

Youll also learn what a roofing contractor looks for and how they access water damage on a roof.

Lets get started.

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Jm Tpo Round Split Pipe Boot

Use: A prefabricated, reinforced 60 mil JM TPO, roundshaped 1 to 6 split-pipe boot for flashing application. Pipe boots minimize the need for field fabrication. Custom sizes and colors are available upon request. Contact your JM representative for minimum order quantity and lead time.

Material: JM TPO 60 mil reinforced membrane, with one of the widest weld windows, is factory fabricated into a onepiece round split-pipe boot.

Color: White

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What Is An Elastomeric Roof Coating System

Fixing A Hole In A TPO RV Roof With A Rubber Patch

The easiest way to explain is that elastomeric coating systems are basically a very thick coating that gets rolled or sprayed onto an existing roof system.

Elastomeric means that the coating is engineered to expand and contract with the roof and not lose any performance. Commercial roofs heat up during the day and cool down during the night.

Acrylic, silicone, and urethanes are all elastomerics that are used for commercial roofing. Since weve been around since 1979, weve found that silicones are the best bang for the buck in terms of performance, product yield, and price.

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How To Install Tpo Roofing System

There are plenty of steps involved to install a TPO roofing system. To know how to install TPO roofing, the following process is mentioned.

  • A professional team of roofers does this process. This team starts layering down the insulation sheets very precisely and appropriately. The gaps between the layers are ensured that they are not more than a quarter inch. The thickness of the layers is about one and a half inches or can be greater as well.
  • The next step to measure the roofs parameters very precisely. Then with the use of specific and special tools, the TPO roof system is attached to the roof. The professional team is going to use the welding machine along with the fastening plate of heat to fix the TPO roof system.

The thickness of the TPO membrane is various in number. Mostly in the market, you will find 40 to 80 mils of membranes and are of various qualities as well. The quality is dependent upon the manufacturer you are buying it from.

These are used to form the seams, which are watertight to save the roofs from penetrations and seal the edges of the roofs. If the TPO roofing system is installed properly, they are going to help you form a barrier from water or snow. It is going to help you keep your home, office, or any building dry.

So, these were some of the professional ways when it comes to How to install TPO roofing. If you are looking for professional help with installation, you can get in touch with Integris roofing.

How To Fix Ponding On A Flat Roof

Flat roofs, by their very nature, will collect some water when it rains. However, excessive ponding threatens your roof. It may also void your warranty. So if your flat roof is collecting water that doesnt drain or evaporate within 48 hours, you will need to fix it. How to fix ponding on a flat roof depends on the cause of the ponding. The issue may have to do with the slope of the roof or with its drainage. Whatever the cause, you cant let it be, or you risk serious damage to your roof. So if you have a flat roof that isnt draining, you will need to contact a roofing expert like Eagle Watch Roofing as soon as possible to get it fixed.

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Flat Roof Repair Options

If you own property with a flat roof, chances are that you have a roof warranty that may range from 5 for up to 20 years.

Accordingly, even if you know you are capable of repairing your roof on your own, it would be wise to call the original company that installed it for repairs if possible.

That way, youll have legal recourse to recoup your funds and any damages if the repair is not performed properly.

Although, if your roof warranty is up, you can attempt simple repairs yourself, but as always, call in flat roof specialists if you have any doubts or hesitations about performing the work on your own.

In fact, hiring a roofing repair specialist is generally the best way to protect your investment.

Finding a flat roof repair specialist is easy, Google search flat roof repair near me and ask for a free roof inspection and their local reviews.

Not sure how to hire a roofer?

Start with our latest write-up on roofers in my area using our provided roofer hiring checklist.

How Much Does A Typical Tpo Roof Repair Cost

Fixing A Hole In A TPO RV Roof With A Rubber Patch

When it comes to the roof over your business, dont take any chances.

In Houston, the average cost to repair a TPO roof is $1,000. A minor repair may cost as little as little as $600, while a major repair can cost you several thousand dollars. These numbers are general estimates, but the cost of your roof repair will depend on the details of your project. If you are unsure, call yourlocal roofing company! At HHH Roofing, we are always giving free roof estimates to make sure you can continue running your business!

A Flat Roof Repair in Houston can be broken down into 3 categories:

  • Minor Roof Repair $600-$1,000
  • Major Roof Repair $3,000+

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Flat Roof Repair: A Guide On What To Do

by BarrettM | Aug 25, 2020 | Blog |

Dealing with a flat leaky roof can be extremely frustrating, not to mention that if things are not done properly, the leaky roof can be extremely detrimental to your propertys overall integrity and value.

While all roof leaks are problematic, a leak in a flat roof is particularly complicated.

Flat roof repair or commercial flat roof repair can range from somewhat simple to incredibly complex fixes or even reconstruction that involves complicated roof insurance claims and experienced professional support.

  • Cost to Repair Flat Roof vs. Flat Roof Replacement
  • The Benefits Of Tpo Roofing

    If you are not yet acquainted with the benefits of TPO roofing, theres a lot to absorb. For example, one of the chief advantages of TPO roofs is durability. TPO roofs resist bacteria, debris, algae, and dirt. In addition to having an established resistance to these elements, TPO roofs are generally white, which reflect the sunlight, also known as ultraviolet rays. With a flexible membrane, TPO roofs can resist impact damage, punctures, and tears, as a good roof system should. If you are wondering about making the switch to TPO roofing, please allow us to help you make the right decision for your roof system. Were only a phone call away at _.

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    What Are Your Next Steps

    Your next step is to contact a commercial roofing contractor. The reason is that the damage is only getting worse and the cost to repair is only increasing.

    Every time it rains, the more your insulation is getting saturated, which will need to be removed, taken to a landfill, and replaced with similar material.

    The less roofing material that you need to replace, the less its going to cost you.

    Want to learn more about subjects talked about in this post?

    How Do I Stop My Roof Leaking In Heavy Rain

    How to Repair a TPO RV Roof Using a Rubber Patch

    How to Stop a Roof Leak in the Rain: 7 Key Tips Find the Source. In order to prevent a ceiling leaking from rain, you must understand what is allowing water to get into your home. Clear the Area. Apply Roofing Tar. Use PE Plastic. Install New Shingles. Use Tarpaulins. Seal Joints. Stop Your Roof Leak.

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    Early Detection Is A Big Help

    Look for early signs of deterioration. Regular maintenance should be calendared consistently to check the status of your roof and secure the structure. This is the best way of maintaining and keeping up your roof in its best shape. Even TPO is well known for its long lasting service. It may need a periodic patching. Seek an expert because there are some problems that are not visible to our naked eyes.

    Carefully Choose Roof Contractors

    There are things that should be left to the professionals, and this is the time that you need one. Do a careful background research before hiring one. This will prevent further damage to your building. Look for a team that delivers impeccable roofing solutions in a timely manner.

    • They will use infrared detectors to spot the problematic areas
    • Parts that are completely damaged will be removed
    • They will power wash the entire roof
    • Make sure that the space is free from contaminants
    • Reinforce and strengthen the TPO seams
    • The entire roof will be coated with silicone

    Trust them well, and they will illustrate waves of knowledge and deliver best practices. The workmanship and skill of the craftsman are of paramount importance for a successful repair project. If you found those qualities in your current contractor, they will leave your premises ideally crack free and well-bonded surfaces.

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    Remove The Damaged Portion & Replace It

    Assess the damage to your roof. Consider the area where the damage or leakage has occurred. You might find that the damage is relatively minimal, with water saturation affecting only a portion of your TPO roof. A qualified roofer should be able to assess the state of your TPO roof and take a few samples to determine its condition.

    If necessary, the roofer can remove the damaged portion and replace it with a fresh one. You could also look over the rest of the roof and take samples to ensure that there arent any other damaged areas you might have missed.

    What Are The Benefits Of Tpo Roofing

    RV TPO roof repair

    TPO is a relatively new material that was developed in the early 1990s. That means many of the benefits are still being discovered as the material becomes more common and as it ages over time. That being said, TPO roofing offers a number of advantages that are quickly making it very popular among commercial property owners.

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    How To Repair Tpo

    The roof is one of your buildings largest foundations thus, it must be taken care of with regular maintenance and repairs. We customarily fall for a DIY technique in fixing things. Further, we tend to look for bundles of basic ideas on the internet so we can fix it ourselves. If that is your line of thinking, you need to invest with the right tools, procedures, and or even better, seek professional guidance for better results. The wrong move, and youll end up crying a river because of frustrations. You need to have a neat lessons and expertise to execute the job correctly. It may seem easy, but you dont want to be the cause of additional serious damage. Your main goal is to extend the life of your dearly home, improve the durability, and to reduce the health risk/accident that it may possibly bring.

    Here are the common problems with TPO Roofing so youll be able to spot the area to repair easily:

  • Membrane can easily be punctured
  • Reduced adhesive strength over time
  • Old age-related problem
  • Installation Errors Repairs
  • Now, lets learn how to repair the TPO Roofing System. Check out this list to help you deal with your present struggle with TPO Roofing System. For large-scale repairs, it is best to hire a professional to do the job for you. They go beyond patching they restore your roof into a good condition, ready for another 20-30 years journey.

    Clean The Patch And Surface Material

    Next, make sure both the patch and surface material are free of any debris, dust, oil, or other contaminants. These contaminants can negatively affect the weld quality, and lead to a weak bond or no bond at all. To find the best cleaning product for your patch, consult your roofing material manufacturer.

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    Shrinkage Due To Heat

    Constant exposure to heat causes the single-ply membrane to shrink. Seam failures crack and loosen adhesives.

    Then, the rubber gradually shrinks as the temperature increases. If left untreated, youll see severe deformity in your flat roof.

    HEAT is the number-one contributor to all TPO roofing system problems.

    Even with a reliable material manufacturer, UV rays cant be avoided. If there is a tear, puncture, or other damage to the roof, UV rays enter the adhesive layer.

    This causes more damage and a loss of energy efficiency.

    Causes Of Premature Aging In Tpo Roofing Systems

    Some Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A TPO Roof ...

    Although its a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for many building owners, TPO is still a relatively new product. Many roof systems are warrantied for up to twenty years, so we are only now beginning to understand how TPO roofs age and what factors can play into premature aging and failure.

    TPO roof manufacturers continue to refine their product, but a new and improved formulation is not of any real benefit to a building owner dealing with a failing roof.

    Over the last ten years, contractors and industry associations have documented the most common causes of damage and early failure in TPO roof systems. These include:

    • Extreme heat
    • Ponding water
    • Poorly adhered seams

    When dealing with any material that has to be installed in pieces, the weakest point is always at the seams, and this is true for TPO. Extreme temperatures cause the plastic to shrink or warp, and extended exposure to high heat can cause TPO to peel and flake along the seams. This phenomenon is known as burnout. This issue is magnified in areas where there is additional UV reflected from walls and windows.

    Similarly, TPO roofs with poor drainage can lead to ponding water. If this water collects for long periods of time and, particularly if it sits over seams, the system can degrade, leading to catastrophic water infiltration.

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