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What Is The Cost Of A New Roof

Porch Roof Replacement Cost

How much will a new roof cost?

The cost to replace the porch roof ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. Porches come in a wide range of sizes, from small porticos to enormous verandahs. The larger the porch, the more roof space it has. This means that much larger porches have higher costs. Porches tend to have low-pitch roofs that are easily accessible. This makes the roofing easy to work on and replace, which keeps costs low.

Cost To Replace Roofing Vs Repair

Perhaps the damage to your roof isnt extensive. Should you repair it instead of replacing it? Before you conduct any sort of repair or replacement, especially on your roof, its always a good idea to get the opinion of a trusted roofing contractor. As long as the damage isnt extensive or you want to change the material of your roof, its possible that a repair may get the job done. If thats the case, youre in luck. Roof repairs are certainly less expensive than a replacement.

For a minor roof repair, you can expect to pay an average of $325 to $1,377 if you have an asphalt roof. Premium materials will cost more, and the hourly rate for labor will likely be around $45 to $65. Below, weve listed some of the most common reasons for a roof repair.

  • Damage to the flashing. The thin metal strips that lie along the joints in your roof are called flashing. These can become damaged or worn over time, which can lead to leaks in your roof.
  • Worn or curling shingles. Asphalt shingles have a long lifetime but when they get old, they can curl up, allowing water to seep into the space underneath. Replacing a section of curling shingles often requires the purchase of a single bundle of shingles, which typically costs about $30 to $50.
  • Pooling water. Water that pools on your roof can cause damage to your home in as little as 48 hours. Thats why its important to keep up with any roof repairs that need to be done.

Labor Rates To Install Engineered Trusses

Labor can range drastically from $20 to $75 per hour. Many bids list hourly rates though some include labor as a measure of square feet. Framers charge an average of $10 to $30 per square foot, though prices are typically lower for truss installation since it doesn’t take as long as stick framing a rafter roof. Range depends heavily on your location. Dense urban areas like New York or San Francisco cost much more than rural areas where labor and permits are cheaper and access to the job site tends to be easier..

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Cedar Shake Roof Cost

A cedar shake roof is a premium roof system made of natural wood materials. While it serves the same functions as an asphalt or metal roof, its one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofs youll see.

For a one-story house with a basic up and over roof with no penetrations and no valleys, you can expect a cedar shake roof to cost around $14.00 per square foot.

For a more mildly complex roof, you can expect to pay around $18.00 per square foot for a cedar shake roof.

Just like asphalt shingles, the cost will be affected by which grade of cedar shake shingle you choose for your roof replacement. To find the right one for you, read this article on the different grades of cedar shake shingles.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Roof

How much does a new roof cost?

The roof is one of the most important structural features of a home. It protects the integrity of the rest of the home and, most importantly, the people who live inside. Ensuring your roof is in good working condition is essential, which requires ongoing maintenance and, from time to time, a complete roof replacement.

One of the most common questions people have when it comes time to replace their roof is: How much is it going to cost? A project as large as a roof replacement scares a lot of people for a lot of reasons, with price being a main driver of those concerns.

Estimating how much it will cost to complete a roof replacement project can be difficult, as there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration. For example, the most popular type of roofing material used in Ocean County is asphalt shingles, which can cost anywhere from $3.50 to $6 per square foot. With the average roof in Ocean County measuring about 2,000 square feet, that would result in a cost between $7,000 and $12,000.

This estimate can vary greatly, however, depending on the style of home, the design of the roof and other factors. For example, a simple ranch house with one layer of shingles on might cost around $7,000 and can typically be completed in one day. A larger home with multiple layers and facets, on the other hand, may cost around $15,000 and take a few days to complete.

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Pros And Cons Of Roof Replacement

While getting your entire roof replaced is expensive, there are many benefits to consider. The first is that any issues can be corrected at one time. Repairing one area may leave another to begin leaking later, so in the case of a severely compromised roof, a replacement may actually save you money in the long run.

Roof replacements allow you to upgrade your roof to UV-resistant shingles in hot areas or hail-resistant tiles in storm-prone areas. You can also improve the curb appeal of your home with a new roof if you intend to sell in a few years. Roofs are often a good investment in your home, particularly if the existing roof is older and your home may be going on the market soon.

However, having your entire roof replaced has its downsides. The first is cost. If most of your roof is in good condition, roof repair or a partial roof replacement may address most of the issues for less.

Roof replacements can be lengthy, noisy, and result in issues like nails and debris in your yard afterward. While a reputable pro will spread tarps and clean up carefully when the job is complete to prevent these issues, not every company takes these steps.

In some cases, your current roof may also be under warranty, and replacing it without having it inspected by the manufacturer first could mean that you are paying for a new roof for no reason.

Roofing Labor Cost Per Square

With a few different variables at play, roofing labor is generally between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. If your roofing professional is using Per Square in the bid , their prices for labor will reflect this multiplied out by 100 to show between $150 and $300 per square. According to the United States Census, the average roof is 17 squares or about 1,700 square feet.

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Asbestos Roof Removal Cost

fibers were added to many materials used in and around the home for many years. When left alone, these materials are perfectly safe, but when they begin to crack, crumble, or break down, they can be hazardous to your health. If you suspect that you have asbestos roofing material, you must call in a specialist to remove it before you can have new roofing installed. The average cost of asbestos roofing removal is between $50 and $120 per square foot.

The Quality Of The Labor Team

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. There are less expensive and more expensive options for just about any product and service available, and what you choose could have a dramatic effect on the cost.

In roofing, there are less expensive companies that dont have the same reputation as those that have been in the business for quite some time. While you can certainly opt for the cheapest company, you may end up spending more in the long run because of the workmanship you get in return.

Less expensive companies may claim to be able to do the job well in a short amount of time, but they may not have the expertise, know-how and experience needed to get the job done right.

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Diy Roof Replacement Vs Hiring A Roofer

For homeowners looking at replacing their roof instead of hiring a professional, an asphalt roof will cost $3,000 less to $6,000 less . However, while small roof repairs are cheap and relatively easy to carry out by the homeowner, as long as safety precautions are taken, roofing a home is better done by professional roofers. The downsides of completing the work as a DIY project are:

  • In removing the original roof, you may cause issues that will lead to leaks.
  • Once the old roof is off, you could miss structural issues or things that will contribute to more leaks.
  • You might not create a perfect weather seal to protect your home from the rain when installing the new roof.
  • You could introduce issues that translate to increased utility costs from heating or cooling.
  • You could fall from your roof.
  • You could negatively impact the resale value of your home.

Your roof is the single biggest surface barrier between you and the elements. Given the importance of the roof, and the potential for significant problems, we suggest looking for bids from the roofing professionals we have on HomeGuide before making a final decision to do the work yourself.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted roofing companies:

Cost Of A New 1000 Sqft Roof

The average cost of a 1,000 sq.ft. roof averages $3,500 to $6,000. A roof this size is found on a home that is approximately 667 sq.ft. in size. These costs assume that the home does not need roof reinforcement. It also assumes that the home has a normal pitch range that is between 4/12 and 8/12. This means that the roof rises between 4 and 8 inches for every 12 inches of roof. Roofs that have higher or lower pitches may have different costs.

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Do You Have Roof Insurance

Whether or not you have roof insurance makes a big difference in the amount you pay to replace your roof. If your roof needs to be replaced, roof insurance can help cover the cost.

These factors contribute to the cost of replacing a roof being aware of them helps you find a good price.

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Gutter And Flashing Replacement Costs

How Much Does a New Roof Cost

Often times, when youre having your roof replaced, its a good time to get other things taken care of at the same time. Your gutters and flashing may need to be replaced at the same time as the rest of the roof, so its a good idea to figure out their replacement costs as well.

    • Flashing costs can vary depending on what type youre purchasing. Flashing squares typically run about $5 a piece, while a roll of 75-foot flashing will run $25. You can expect pre-formed pieces to run about $10 apiece as well.
  • Gutter costs also vary depending on the type of material youre using for your gutters. Assuming that youre using vinyl gutters, a 10-foot length costs around $4, while an end cap costs $5. Downspouts run about $9 a piece while extensions run around $6. The cost of hangers to install them runs a little under $2 apiece.

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Fascia And Soffit Replacement Costs

Along with your gutters and flashing, you may find that you also need to replace or repair your soffits or fascia when you have your roof replaced. Fascia is the decorative gingerbread molding that extends just below your roof line, while the soffit is the underside of your roofs overhang.

    • Fascia costs run about $8 apiece for a 1×6 and $11 apiece for a 2×6
  • Soffit costs run around $20 apiece for vents and around $200 for a pack of continuous soffits

Mansard Roof Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the shingles on a mansard roof averages $4 to $7 a square foot. Mansard roofs have a change in pitch about mid-way down each side. The higher pitch on the lower half means that this portion of the roof is more difficult to work on than the upper portion. Mansards often need additional square footage to cover them. So, their costs will be higher both in labor and in the number of shingles you need to complete the job. With a higher pitch, these roofs work best with lighter roofing materials.

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Who You Hire Affects The Price Of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a specialized area of construction. While it might seem like it would be less expensive to hire just any construction worker to do the job, hiring a pro can actually cost you less in the long-run.

Licensed roofing specialists like Rain-Go Exteriors offer guarantees on workmanship and warranties on materials. Roofing professionals also have specialized tools, equipment, know-how, and insurance coverage to do the job safely and efficiently.

Roof Installation Cost Factors

How much will a new roof cost?

There are many things that make up the price to install a new roof in addition to the material choice and labor costs. Additional materials such as underlayment, venting, flashing, trash removal, and permits are often required for an installation and add to the cost. There are some other factors that may affect the price of installation to be aware of.

Steep roof pitch: A steep roof pitch can add to the cost of installation as it will be more time-consuming to work on a steeper pitch. Depending on the pitch additional equipment may also be necessary.

Complex roof architecture: A complex roof architecture is more time-consuming to complete than a simple flat roof due to angles and fitting. Complex roof structures also require additional flashing, adding to the total cost.

Tear-off of old roof: If you need to have an existing roof removed prior to installation expect to pay an additional $100-$150 per square to have the existing shingles removed. This may be a necessary step depending on how many layers of existing roof there are.

Roof deck repair: If the existing roof deck is rotten or damaged it might need to be repaired or completely replaced which could add to the expense of the installation.

Skylights and chimneys: Skylights and chimneys require a bit of time to add flashing and prevent the area from leaking. This can add labor and material costs to the installation.

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The Tribal Energy Program

Eligibility: Tribal members who live on tribal lands.

Another of the many government grants for roof replacement is the Tribal Energy Program. According to their website, this program helps tribes “evaluate and develop their renewable energy resources and reduce their energy consumption through efficiency and weatherization.” This program also offers education and training opportunities to support clean energy technology, job opportunities, and growth for tribal communities. For more information about this government grant for roof replacement, interested individuals should contact the program’s help desk.

Shingles Used For Roof Replacement

The next major factor impacting the cost of a roof replacement is the type and quality of shingles or other roofing material you choose. Asphalt shingles are a popular choice because they are one of the least expensive options. Slate is one of the most expensive options, while materials like wood and tile are usually somewhere between the two.

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Shed Roof Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the roof on a shed averages $800 to $1,350. Sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. Most have a gable roof, although they can have flat roofs as well. The roof size and materials used influence the final costs. If your shed is larger than average or uses an usual material like tin, you may have different costs for this project. If your shed is unusually tall, this can influence the costs as well.

Take Care Of Your Roof

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Woodbridge, VA?

Replacing your roof is a big job, but its also a necessary one. A good roof should last you at least 20 to 25 years or more, and its a major part of what protects your home. Dont put off roof repairs or replacements due to costs it could end up costing you more down the road than if you acted more quickly. Call for an estimate today to find out what your roof replacement cost will be.

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What’s The Cost Of A New Flat Roof

The cost of a new flat roof is on average $300 to $325 per square for labor and materials, and the project takes about three days.

Flat roofs are typical in Florida, Arizona and California, but not regions such as the Northeast that are prone to heavy snow and rain. Flat roofs require rolled roofing material. So even if a property owner wants tile shingles, professional roofers cant put them on because of the manufacturer and civic building codes.

Why Do You Need To Replace A Roof

Aesthetic beauty of your home

While there is no doubt that a pleasant roof can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home, it can also significantly raise its current value and can help sell your house more rapidly in the future.

Extreme weather condition

Living in an area prone to extreme weather conditions may damage your roof over time. To prevent problems in the long run, consider replacing them with a new one.


If you notice signs of roof damage, do not ignore it. Get in touch with a professional roof replacement service to have your existing roofs checked as soon as possible.

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