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Do It Yourself Roofing Shingles

Tearing The Old Shingles

How to Install Roof Shingles | Ask This Old House

First of all, you will have to tear off the old shingles because you cannot install the new flashing on top of the old ones. You have to get rid of all the old nails because the protruding ones will make holes in your new shingles.

Protect anything under the roof because the shingles you will tear off will fall on the ground, and they might damage anything on their way. Therefore, you have to be careful as well during this process.

Standing Seam Metal Panels

In recent years, the popularity of standing seam roofing has skyrocketed, making it one of the hottest new materials, especially for contemporary style homes. However, it looks just as beautiful on classic colonial, cape and ranch houses.

You may notice that there is a HUGE range in total installation cost for different standing seam panels. The truth is, a standing seam roof can be relatively inexpensive on a simple ranch-type house, if you use 26 Ga steel.

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Most homeowners pay about $10-12 per square foot to install a standing seam metal roof.

However, if you install standing seam onto a rather complicated roof the total cost will suddenly skyrocket especially if you go with aluminum. If you want copper or zinc panels, expect to pay well over $20 / sq.ft.

Standing seam panels are readily available across the US, and can come from a variety of sources. For example, big manufacturers like ATAS International, Drexel, Englert, MBCI, etc., local Sheet Metal Shops, and even individual roofing contractors, who own a roll-forming machine and can supply the panel for you. Additionally, there are many online stores selling standing seam, that can ship it to your house from halfway across the US. Thus, prices can vary greatly.

We buy our panels from local roofing suppliers and pay about $265 for 24 Ga Steel to $325 for .032 Aluminum.

Reverse Seam Deck Solutions

If you have reverse seam decks on your roof, a little extra care is required for mounting.

Typically, on reverse seam deck systems, the valleys tend to be too narrow for standard mounts. Also, standard mounts can interfere with water flow off of the roof.

To install your system properly, you will need a special type of mount with spacers at the higher end of the roof. This will prevent any crushing of the deck as you tighten them down, and ensure that water can run off properly.

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Other Things To Consider About Diy

You might need a permit before you begin work. You can check with your municipal authorities to see if they require one and if theyll give one to an amateur. And, if you have an HOA, make sure to receive their approval, too. They may insist on you hiring a professional.

Also, youll want to check your homeowners insurance policy. Most wont cover roof repairs and replacements due to normal aging and wear-and-tear, but many will cover roofing damage caused by common perils, such as hail, fire, or winds. However, they may require a professional bonded and licensed roofer do any work. If your roof gets damaged further by your efforts, they might not cover that. They probably wouldnt cover bills from any injuries you incur, either.

Roof Shingle Types And Differences


There are mainly two styles of asphalt shingles you can use: a 3-tab or strip shingles, and architectural or dimensional shingles. Both are installed in a somewhat similar manner. The difference is in the visual style of shingles, and the number of layers/laminates that impact durability, longevity, and appearance..

3-tab shingles are a thick single layer of asphalt impregnated mat material pressed, and then coated with granules. This design allows them to lay very flat together giving the roof an almost smooth flat look.

Architectural shingles are made by compressing and adhering multiple layers of asphalt mat material to a thick base. This design gives a shingle a fuller layered look, and makes the shingle more durable, and longer lasting. Architectural shingles have a 30-to-50-year warranty depending on the manufacturer, while a 3-tab usually carries a 20-year warranty.

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Install The Roofing Felt Underlayment

Install a layer of roofing felt on the roofing structure and secure it using your staple gun.

The roofing felt strips should slightly overlap each other.

This felt underlayment acts as the base of the shingles.

It is a very vital part of the roofing process since it prevents the penetration of moisture into the roofing structure during precipitation.

Without it, the lifespan of your roof may be shortened tremendously.

Make sure to make a chalk line 36 inches away from the edges of the eaves.

Also, make sure to cover the metal flashing for your gutters with the underlayment.

Align the felt with the chalk line, and begin tacking the top part of it with staples.

Once it is secured, lift up the felt from the bottom, and peel off the backing.

It will fall back into place and begin sticking to the roof.

This is only a temporary weatherproofing seal, make sure to finish up shingling the roof as quickly as possible once the felt is installed.

Stick The Bottom Part Of The Underlayment To The Roof Of The House

Install the second course just like the first, using the guidelines on the underlayment to get the correct overlap. When an ice dam forms on a roof , ice and water can work their way up under the shingles and leak back into the house. Also, strong winds can blow rainwater under shingles. Self-stick roofing underlayment can prevent this because it sticks to the roof decking to seal out water. It also seals around nails, which keeps water from leaking through nail holes.

Rolls of self-stick underlayment have a plastic backing so the material won’t stick to itself. The backing is separated down the middle. Line up the lower edge of the roll with the outside of the drip edge. Peel back part of the uppermost backing on the roll, and nail the top corner of the underlayment to the decking. Start pulling the roll across the decking using the backing, making sure the material is lying as flat and as straight as possible as you pull.

You’ll be able to roll out long sections at a time if you have a low-pitched roof, but the underlayment may slip off the eaves on steeper roofs, so roll out no more than 10 ft. there . It’s important to make sure all your underlayment lies flat before you fasten it to the decking. Ripples and lumps can telegraph through the shingles and may be noticeable from the ground.

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Monarchy Build Roofing And Siding


One of the main reasons why Monarchy Build makes it to this listicle is the range of financing options it provides for clients.

First, there are fixed interest rates with no-money-down required . There are also loan terms that can go anywhere between one to 20 years with credit limits of up to $35,000.

Aside from that, it literally wants to provide comprehensive roofing-related services under one roof. The company calls it the all-in-one-build experience which starts with a free estimate and the breaking down of labour, materials, and other costs.

Serving both residential and commercial clients, Monarchy Build also does roof replacements, shingle repairs, full home renovations, metal roof siding, and other services.

It employs Royally Certified contractors who aim to understand a clients roofing and other repair needs and will help them select the best materials before installing and completing a project.


Customer Reviews

Check out the following feedback for Monarchy Build:

** and his team did an excellent roofing job, working until late into the evening to finish. Good clean-up too and friendly manner. I highly recommend this company. Lisa

Metal Roofing For Diy & Contractors: Direct From The Factory

How to Properly Install Architectural Roofing Shingles

If you are searching for a great do-it-yourself or contractor roofing product, it is easy to fall prey to suppliers who will not be able to answer all of your questions, wont ensure that you have what you need for your roofing project, and wont be there with guidance and support throughout the installation process.

Since 1980, Isaiah Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of metal roofing. While our products are most commonly used on single-family homes, we have experience with churches, commercial buildings, and multi-family properties. We have done our homework and attained great industry knowledge that you can rely on. Our Customer Support team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a successful project.

If youre looking for a standing seam supplier, and you want the best product available that will provide years of worry-free beauty and service, were here and ready to work for you. We strive to build strong relationships with all of our customers, and we are committed to creating a great roofing experience.

Isaiah Industries, Inc.8510 Industry Park Dr.Piqua, Ohio, 45356 773-9840

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How To Install Roofing Shingles

Learning how to install roofing shingles can help you save money on your roofing project. Shingle roofing is one of the simpler types of roofing to install on a home and it is the kind that most homeowners can work up the courage to actually attempt. This professional guide will teach you exactly how to install roof shingles yourself. If you are considering installing new asphalt shingles on your roof, learn the steps involved with a quality roof installation and then decide whether or not you really want to tackle the project yourself or if you would like to get quotes from local roofing installation contractors. In this guide you will learn things like:

  • Calculating How Many Shingles You Need
  • How to Install Roof Flashing
  • How to Install Roof Underlayment
  • Steps for Installing the Roof Shingles

It is always smart to get roofing price quotes from three to four licensed asphalt roof professionals before starting your project. Even if you plan to install roof shingles DIY, connecting with a professional will give you an idea of the cost to install a new roof, so you can determine if hiring a pro is worth the price.

Find Local Roofers

What About The Waste Factor Should I Order Extra Roofing Materials

You want to order extra material to account for waste. Waste factors vary.

10%-15% is a good rule of thumb, but your results may be different. More complicated roofs will have a higher waste factor because there are usually more cut shingles around corners, walls, and edges.

It is okay to have a few shingles left over. They can be saved in case there is roof damage later or if repairs need to be done in the future.

So for the 24 square roof example, you would want to add 2.4 squares which equal about 7 or 8 more bundles.

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Diy Metal Fencing Options

If youre looking for a durable fencing option that requires very little maintenance, youll love our metal fencing panels. Whether you need a little privacy or to keep the dogs in your yard, our panels are easy to use and even easier to install. Once theyre up, theyll last for decades and wont require any yearly upkeep.

Choose from popular easy-to-install fencing options:

The Cost Of Metal Roof Replacement Has Many Layers


When deciding on metal as your roofing material, think about whether youll use it long enough to reap the benefits of its longevity. Its steadfastness is one of the characteristics that set it apart from the crowd.

Best Roofing Estimate will be your go-to metal roof replacement cost estimator. We pride ourselves on accuracy, taking into account the average costs within your area. We offer you a quote no matter where you are in the United States!

Contact us today for a free quote. Well answer any roof replacement or repair questions you may have.

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Two Types Of Steel Standing Seam Roofs

  • Galvanized Steel- Zinc coated steel is the most common material used for standing seam roofing. Galvanized steel provides durability, while the zinc coating protects against corrosion.
  • Galvalume Steel: It also has a corrosion-resistant coating of zinc-aluminum. Galvalume is more expensive than any other type of standing seam roofing material.
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    Understand The Physics Of How A Sloped Shingle Roof Works

    Asphalt roofing shingles simply rely on the force of gravity to shed water from rain or snow melt. If the roof shingles and all accessory roof components are arranged and overlapped with this in mind, the roof should successfully shed water. In the dictionary, to shingle is defined as to lay out or arrange so as to overlap. So now lets look at the sequence of overlapping roof construction components to see how this applies.

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    Mark Your Roof Where The Rest Of The Shingles Will Go

    This step will make installing the rest of the shingles much easier, so dont skip it. Use your chalk line to snap out a grid with six-inch horizontal spacing and five-inch vertical spacing. This will make it easy to nail down the rest of your shingles while ensuring you get the right amount of overlap and exposure.

    Colour And Material Selection

    How to shingle your roof yourself

    One of the big advantages to selecting metal as your roofing material is the number of colors and styles you get to choose from. Whether youve chosen steel or aluminum, choose from several colors and customize it according to the look you want or the appearance of what surrounds your home. Curb appeal matters in this day and age, contributing to your homes overall value. Be sure to select what represents you and your neighborhood best. Please note choice of color does not affect metals fire resistance properties or your roof panels ability to perform during harsh weather conditions. When it comes down to color selection, its all about look not performance.

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    Pro: Youll Save Money

    Anytime you can do a home improvement project yourself, youll save on labor costs. And with roofs, the labor costs are considerable overall, often 60 percent of the price tag, according to HomeAdvisor. The average cost estimate for having a pro replace your roof is $9,079, vs $5,036 to do it yourself, according to the U.S. Census Bureaus latest American Home Survey. Therefore, doing it on your own can save you almost half.

    Do You Really Need Permits

    Many DIYers who take on home improvement projects are unaware of the building permits required by their city or town. This is a costly misstep and one to be avoided.

    Its in your best interest to obtain these permits. Now, there are roofers who choose not to obtain the required permits when roofing a home, but they do so at their own risk. If a city inspector stops to check your permit onsite, he or she can immediately put your roofing project to an abrupt halt until a permit is issued. If this happens after youve removed your old roof, then youll have to scramble to find a way to protect your home from rain and cold or hot temperatures until you get a permit.

    Also, replacing your roof without a permit is a building code violation. This could affect your warranty or even make it void. It could make the property non-transferable to a new buyer. In other words, building without a permit can prevent you from selling your home in the future.

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    The Metal Carports At Garage Buildings

    You wouldnt buy groceries from some random, no-name stranger. Your property deserves the same respect! Dont settle for an inexperienced company just because they claim to be the best with cheap rates.

    Garage Buildings is the #1 dealer of the highest-quality steel buildings in the country. You can discuss your style needs with qualified and trained design consults. That way, your steel carport kits will compliment your property.

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    Do It Yourself Roof Shingle Installation

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    The Cost Of A Standing Seam Metal Roof Plus Pros & Cons 2021

    Standing seam is the premier choice in residential metal roofing. It is also the most expensive around two or three times the cost of corrugated metal panels and asphalt shingles, and about 10% to 20% more than metal shingles like interlocking steel and aluminum tiles and shakes.

    Standing seam offers unbeatable value that is hard for any other roofing material to match. Lets explore this in further detail:

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    Installing The Drip Edge

    You have to be careful in installing the gutter and drip edge. Usually, you wont need a metal drip edge, but your roof edges will look to have a nice finish and prevents the shingles from curling. Another advantage comes when the water is not running down directly on the fascia boards.

    Fasten the drip edge before you install the underlayment. Ensure to install the drip edge on the gable ends and finish your installation of the underlayment. You can use tin snips for cutting your drip edges to the right size.

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