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How Long Are Roofs Under Warranty

Debunking Common But Costly Beliefs About Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Roof Warranties Explained (Material and Workmanship Warranty)

We do some great-looking roofs. When it comes to durability, the universe is at peace when youre not worrying about leaks, damage or shingles being blown off due to a storm.

But when your roof does demand attention, you want to get back to everything being okay as quick as possible. That can often mean finding a roofing contractor who is going to complete the job the fastest.

When things are fine and youre planning routine maintenance/inspections, you can take your time and find the highest quality roofer backed by the best industry warranties. In the event of a roofing emergency, though, you may just look for the word warranty and that can lead to some headaches down the road.

Why? Because roofing shingle warranties are surrounded by misconceptions. Generally, the word warranty implies protection over your purchase. Roof shingle warranties can complicate this expectation. Here are some myths and facts weve heard for which wed like to set the record straight.

Why Does A Roofing Warranty Matter

A new roof is a huge investment. Why wouldnt you want to be protected? If something goes wrong, you dont want to hand over thousands of dollars for repairs.

Ask questions before you purchase your roof. Understand the coverages that come with the materials and installation youre considering. Make sure the roof and the warranty are right for you.

Every homeowner we talk with has their own personal concerns when it comes to replacing their roof and trusting a home improvement company, says Jeff Caron, director of sales at Long Roofing.

We offer many product and warranty options to meet the needs of each homeowner. Sometimes the best warranty is a 20-year, while other clients love our 50-year. We take as much time as our clients want to explain all the product and warranty options that are available. The end result is that we will always do what is best for our clients.

How Long Does Roof Last In Houston

You may be wondering how long a roof would last in Houston, Texas, especially since the weather can get fairly hot and humid, meaning that your roof is constantly exposed to harsh conditions, accelerating the wear and tear process significantly.

Most homeowners want to install a roof that lasts a long time, which is why it helps to know exactly how long different materials can last in Houston, ensuring you choose the right option from the start, saving you money and headache in the long run.

Its important to remember that cold and hot weather conditions affect roofs differently, which means that the same roof made of asphalt shingles may last 50 years or more in England while degrading in 20 years in Houston.

However, various factors are at play, such as the quality of roofing materials, which might extend your roofs lifespan by a few years but wont make too much of a difference.

Lets explore how long a roof lasts in Houston.

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Asphalt Shingle Warranties From Leading Manufacturers

The vast majority of homes today have roofs that are covered in asphalt shingles. An asphalt shingle warranty will differ depending on the manufacturer and the type of shingle. One of the most popular shingle brands on the market is GAF, a company that makes many types of shingles, from three-tab up to premium architectural shingles, which obviously come with their own architectural shingles warranty.

For a roofing warranty comparison, consider that GAF and other top-rated shingle manufacturers, such as Owens Corning, will offer warranties on their products as long as they are installed by a certified contractor. Rarely do the materials fail due to defects, rather they fail because they are improperly installed. Roof shingles warranty types will range, however, the best will range from 25 to 30 years. There are also tiered warranties based on the types of material being installed.

Does Roof Repair Have Warranty


Wondering does Home Warranty Insurance cover roofs? Fortunately, yes, Home Warranty Insurance does indeed cover roofs and roofing in general. Home Warranty Insurance covers construction work that has not been completed, structural defects in construction work, and other loss and damage, including roof leaks.

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Make Sure You Know Whats Covered

These warranties are commonplace for modern shingle manufacturers, and while theyre better than nothing, they will probably leave you high and dry if you need to activate them 10, 12 or 15 years down the road when asphalt shingles begin to prepare for their journey to the giant roof in the sky.

Reputable roofing contractors will offer better warranties than these. For instance, we offer the Owens Corning Platinum warranty for every asphalt roof we install. This warranty has a true protection period of 50 years and will cover the cost of labor and parts .

Additionally, unlike Susans lifetime warranty the Owens Corning Platinum warranty cant be voided by workmanship defects .

This chart below breaks the difference between basic and true warranties down even further. The big takeaway here, is that its important to know what your warranty will cover.

Other Types Of Coverage Options

One question you might be wondering is whether a home warrantythis is a contract that helps cover the costs of certain repairs and replacements for home appliances, plumbing, electric, etc. would extend to your roofing system

Does a Home Warranty Cover My Roof?

The answer is no. Your home warranty is not the same thing as a roof warranty. They are completely different policies, and you cant use one to replace the other. However, you might be able to utilize your homeowners insurance for a roof replacementif the roof damage was caused by an act of God or sudden accidental events.

Its best to review your homeowner insurance policy to find out if a full roof replacement would be covered by your carrier. Otherwise, you have the option of a roof warranty to help ensure the integrity of your roofing system for years.

Remember, a new roof is one of the biggest expenses a homeowner encounters, so make sure you get the most bang for your buck by considering and comparing warranty promises.

Have Questions?

If you have questions on which types of warranties are best for your home and budget, contact our team today!

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What Roofing Warranties Dont Cover

Warranties, as valuable as they might be, do not cover 100 percent of everything. For example, most warranties do not cover damage from heavy snowfall, hail or lightning. Whether its from the manufacturer or the roofing contractor, these two items are rarely, if ever, covered in a warranty. However, some higher-end warranties will include snowfall, hail and lightning, but youll pay for it up front.

Some items in your warranty, even the most basic and standard warranties, will be void if you fail to maintain your roof. This often includes such routine things as having your roof inspected and cleaned, which should be outlined in your warranty. Another reason a warranty might not be honored is if you have a different contractor come in for maintenance or repairs this often leads to a warranty void.

Roofing Warranty New Home

What to Look for in Roof Coatings Warranties | GAF Roofing

For a new home, a builder warranty is usually provided through the home builder, and problems with a new roof, would likely be considered a structural issue. Structural roofing problems could be dangerous and precipitate a roof collapse. Most builders provide a 10 year warranty period on structural irregularities, and one to two years for materials and workmanship. If a builder refuses to acknowledge structural and other concerns with a new roof, or simply disband their businesses, there are third-party warranties that can be purchased through independent companies that will ensure coverage if a builder wont honor warranty work. These kinds of warranties are not always the most reliable, so they do need to be researched and investigated ahead of time before interest is shown or a purchase is made.

Most roof warranties today either provide coverage for defective materials or workmanship. If either of these situations arise, the manufacturer and the roofing contractor should be responsible and supportive. With so many variables with warranties, a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor should provide a homeowner with the necessary warranty information that involves both materials and installation. Fully understanding a conventional roof warranty is important but if you have questions about the different warranties available for your roof, feel free to fill out the online contact form and a warranty expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How Long Should A 50 Year Shingle Last

For instance, asphalt shingle roofs tend to last around 20 to 25 years, while other types of roofing, like metal standing seam roofing, can last for 50 years or even longer, depending on your climate, type of property, and various other environmental factors including things like overhanging trees and the humidity

Final Thoughts On Your Commercial Roof Warranty

Having a good warranty is the goal, but its also just as essential to protect it.

As former US president, John F. Kennedy said, The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. Its vital to have your roof regularly inspected to ensure you dont have damage you are unaware of. This can also help prevent significant work on the roof in the future. We recommend that you have your roof inspected at least twice a yearonce in spring and once in fall.

A new commercial roof is a significant investment to protect your building and your business. Look at your roof warranty like an insurance policy designed to do the same. Ensuring you follow the maintenance guidelines, use authorized or approved contractors and installers, and understand the processes for filing a claim will ensure that your warranty is ready to cover you if the need arises.

If you are interested in learning more about how Schena Roofing and Sheet Metal can help you with your warranty work, or call 949-4777.

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Gaf And Owens Corning Shingles Warranties Coverage

Wind damage, staining from algae/mildew/mold and tearing issues are the most common types of issues that are covered by asphalt shingle warranties. Unfortunately, warranties do not cover hail damage, which is why you need to make certain your homeowners insurance has you covered in the event of a damaging hailstorm.

You have GAF manufacturer warranty options with that brand, which includes five different tiers. Fortunately, all of them have lifetime warranties on the shingles. Stainguard shingles have a 10-year warranty on algae, whereas the Stainguard Plus labeled shingles have a 25 year algae warranty. All GAF shingles have a 15-year wind warranty.

The Owens Corning manufacturers warranty has a very similar structure with blowoff and streak coverage for a minimum of 10 years, but more advanced warranty products, such as the companys Platinum Protection option offers 50-year warranties on some services, as well as 25 years of workmanship coverage.

Standard shingle warranties

Because three-tab shingles are built more economically and have less of a hardy structure, the warranties covering this product are not as long as the warranties covering sturdy architectural shingles. However, if you are having GAF or Owens Corning three-tab shingles installed, you can spring for a longer warranty, even up to a lifetime.

Wind warranties

Owens Corning and GAF each offer wind warranties with 15 years of coverage. On the more advanced warranties.

Extended and upgraded warranties

Can You Obtain A Warranty For Roofs In Texas

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

A warranty implies that the roofer will replace your roofing materials if they start to degrade quicker than the estimated time, meaning you should probably look for longer warranties, which are typically 20 years or more.

Additionally, companies that offer longer warranties often use the best materials for their manufacturing process while ensuring that the installation process is seamless and done by true professionals, making it possible for your roof to last a long time without degrading.

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There Is More Than One Kind Of Roof Warranty

There are actually two different kinds of roof warranties.

  • A manufacturers warranty covers the actual materials that make up the roof. These warranties are often good for many years.

  • The workmanship warranty, meanwhile, is the warranty that covers the roofs installation by the contractor.

Discuss the details of your roof warranties with whomever installs your roof. Find out if you are receiving both a manufacturers warranty and workmanship warranty, and what they entail.

Do I Need A Roof Warranty

Technically, no, you dont need to have a roof warranty. But do you want one? Absolutely. The consequences of not having any warranty coverage for your roof investment could be detrimental. Warranties help cover you when materials or the roof itself fails due to poor materials or installation and workmanship. These are things out of your control and can occur at a moments notice, even shortly after you install your roof.

Imagine paying thousands of dollars to install your new roof, and poor workmanship causes it to leak in the first year. Without a warranty, you will be paying out of pocket for those repairs, whereas a warrantied roof would repair that leak thanks to a workmanship warranty that promises the installation of your roof was done correctly and will withstand the life of the roof.

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What Does A Roof Guarantee Cover

Roofing contractors typically issue a 2-year labor warranty so that they are responsible for labor defects for the first 2 years of the warranty. This also coincides with their typical commitment to the material supplier for labor defects when a roofing system guarantee is issued, explains Hardy Pierce.

Standard Roofing Workmanship Warranty

How Long Should a Roof Workmanship Warranty Last? ROOFING QUICK TIPS

Your roof is a major investment, and, barring weather damage, you have every reason to expect it to last its stated lifetime. Of course, many factors apply to the lifespan of a roof including attention to ongoing and needed maintenance. In most instances, the life of a roof can span 25 or more years, provided the property is well maintained and there are preventive measures in place to ensure roof protection. Finding a reliable Colorado roofing contractor also proves to be yet another challenge and one that may impact the quality of the roofing job. Thats why its important to always ask about the workmanship warranty. So, how long do roofers guarantee their work? And what does a standard roofing workmanship warranty mean?

Most roofs are installed with a warranty on materials extended by the manufacturer, and most reputable roofing companies stand behind their workmanship. Because there are a lot of overlapping elements from the homeowners view, it can be confusing trying to understand how roofing warranties work. Lets review some important elements of roofers guarantee for workmanship.

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B& m Roofing And Warranties

B& M Roofings installation teams are experts in every type of roofing material, allowing us to extend a five-year craftsmanship warranty on all residential roofs we install. This covers all workmanship-related issues, and like a manufacturer warranty, it doesnt apply to damage caused by weather, animals, fallen branches, or other acts of nature. Once the replacement project is complete, it is time to maintain the investment.

It is in the best interest of the manager and the organization to work with the installation contractor on a maintenance contract since they typically are responsible for workmanship repairs for the first two-five years of a favorable warranty. The industry has been on a spring and fall maintenance cycle, but managers should negotiate this point at the time of contract for the new roofing system since this can be a great bargaining tool to get a reduced rate for inspections.

When your roof fails, its not as important to understand how roofing warranties work, as much as know that youre covered. Whether its craftsmanship or materials, B& M Roofing offers the coverage on all residential jobs to give homeowners the peace of mind they need to know their investment is protected.

Contact us today for expert roofing repairs, installations, emergency services, and much more.

When Does My Roof Warranty Expire

Every roofing warranty has different expiration date. It depends on the company that installed the roof and what roof materials were used.

A manufacturers warranty will often vary between 20- and 30-year shingles. If you buy a lifetime warranty, ask what is considered a lifetime. A lifetime, by warranty terms, may only be 30 years.

You will also want to ask if there is proration associated with your roof warranty. Proration refers to the exponential decrease in value of an object over time.

Lets simplify that: With a prorated roofing warranty, the value remaining on your roof will decrease over time. Ten years into a prorated warranty, the warrantor might only cover 60% of the associated costs of repair even if the repair is due to their defect.

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Tie Product Warranty To Workmanship

Blogger Van Starling at Consolidated Roofing Systems, in North Carolina, advises that not all roofing companies are created equal. As a homeowner looking to replace their roof, always ask questions about installation practices, materials used and check local references.

Others advise that the first and best question a homeowner should ask is about workmanship warranties. When it comes to that, the best of the best will match their workmanship warranty to the manufacturers warranty on product. On its website, Woodberg Roofing, in Denver, explains this in a way the head-scratching homeowner can comprehend: While most Denver roofing contractors keep their workmanship warranties short in length , Woodberg Roofing guarantees our workmanship for any defect in installation for the LIFETIME of the product. Thats right, any defect in your new roof installation and/or workmanship will be repaired or replaced by Woodberg Roofing at ZERO cost to you! This protects you, the consumer against potential labor costs associated with any defect or issues with your new roof installation. Whether you choose Woodberg Roofing or another Denver roofing contractor, be sure to ask how long they guarantee their workmanshipif its not for the lifetime of the new roof, then you should seriously consider Woodberg Roofing for your new roofing project!


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