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How To Choose Roof Color For Red Brick House

Stick To Classic Neutrals

What is the Best Roofing Color, Pairings & Most Popular

It is not by accident that shingle brands manufacture exceedingly more neutral colors than anything else. Neutral shingle colors are easy on the eyes and pair well with all shades of brick. Many HOAs specify neutral shingle colors to maintain a cohesive look in the neighborhood.

There are two categories of neutral colors to explore when picking a shingle color: warm neutrals and cool neutrals. Shades of browns, tans, and black are considered warm neutrals. Shades of gray and silver are cool neutrals.

Warm Neutral Shingle Colors

These warm neutral shingle colors from CertainTeed are extremely versatile and compliment a wide range of brick exteriors.

Cool Neutral Shingle Colors

These classically cool neutral shingle colors from CertainTeed are popular favorites for lightening your home’s exterior.

How To Choose The Roof Color For A Red Brick House

Elenathewise / Getty Images

If your red brick home is in need of a new roof and you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to assist. We’ve called in the pros, who will walk you through everything that you’ll need to consider when it comes to selecting a roof color that will complement your home. Below are the top steps you will want to keep in mind during this process.

Avoid Feeling Limited By What You Already Have On Your Roof Unless You Love The Color Of Course

When the time comes to replace your roof, take a moment to reconsider which color roofing shingles might improve your homes overall look. While you may be tempted to play it safe and replace your current roof with the same exact shingle color, use this home exterior project as an opportunity to refresh your homes appearance and boost its curb appeal.

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How Might This Affect The Materials Used

Asphalt shingles are the most common way to cover a roof in the United States today. These shingles come in a variety of colors, so whatever you are looking for to match your red brick home is likely to be available, within reason.

However, if you have a more specific color scheme in mind, you may have to choose different materials. Perhaps you like the look of dark clay tiles to contrast with your red brick. If so, then you will need a bigger roofing budget.

Clay tiles are one of the more expensive roofing materials, though they do last a long time. Clay tiles are said to be able to last perhaps up to 100 years. This makes the financial outlay worthwhile for some.

How To Choose Roof Color For Red Brick House

Best Shingle Color For Red Brick House

If you have a red brick house, you may be wondering what the best roof color is for it. There are a number of color schemes you can use for the roof, but red brick and blue roofs work well together. The reason is that they are on opposite ends of the color wheel, so they create an interesting contrast. Blue roofs also add a splash of color to the house, making them much more noticeable from afar than gray. Blue is a popular choice for both small houses and larger farmhouses.

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Warm Tones Vs Cool Tones

Choosing a color palette is another helpful way to narrow down your color combination. While neutral colors like tan, white, black, and grey are always a solid choice for siding and roofs, many homeowners want to incorporate different colors into their designs.

Colors are typically divided into warm and cool categories. When choosing a color combination for your house, it is usually best to pair cool with cool and warm with warm.

Cool colors include:

Do you want your home to give off a calm, refreshing vibe? Then you may opt for cool colors. If you prefer a sense of joy and energy, warm colors might be the best route for you.

White and grey pair well with cool colors, tan and brown pair well with warm colors, and black is a classic choice for any combination.

Red Brick And Roofing Colors

Below are some of the most beautiful homes featuring red brick and a variety of roofing colors and materials.

Keep in mind that these are just recommendations. Roofing and red brick colors will vary a bit from what they look like in person. Also lighting conditions and picture quality can effect how the brick and roofing colors look. Make sure to get actual roofing samples and compare them to your particular shade of brick.

If your building a new home then get samples of both the brick and roofing so you can compare.

Pro Tip: If your building a new home or adding brick to an existing one but dont have time to order samples for a comparison then choose the brick first. Every element on a red brick home should key off the brick. Your brick color is a permanent decision that youll have to live with for decades so picking the perfect color is very important.

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Roof Color For Red Brick House

We just bought a house and need to put a new roof on. Im going for a more modern look and plan to also update with new black door, trim, and windows. There are color variations in the brick, so I know a solid color roof will work best. Should I do gray, charcoal, or black? We want the house to pop, but also dont want to make it look even shorter with a darker color.

Side note: I have thought about painting the house but planning to leave as is. Red brick seems to be making a comeback and I dont want to regret it in a few years.

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    Nice house and setting.

    The existing windows work well with the house and I would not recommend replacing with black.

    Charcoal roof.

    And the house doesn’t need to pop.

  • What Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roof Color

    Choosing Roof Shingle Style & Color

    Aside from the climate and location of your home. There areother factors to consider when choosing the right roof color for you. The type of roofing material, the style of your house, and the roof style of other houses in your neighborhood.

    Choosing the right type of roofing material is important, much like the climate and the color of your roof. Asphalt shingles are heat absorbers, while metal roofing keeps your house cooler. You can ask for professional advice for more information about this.

    If you live in an area with lots of houses, then most often than not, it has its own Housing Association. Before making a big decision like this, you need to check it with them first. Coordinated neighborhood houses have the same kinds of brick houses and the same kinds of roofs for a reason.

    These kinds of neighborhoods often have their own strict guidelines in changing the color of your roof. They limit you from changing the external appearances. To preserve the existing external curb appeal of the subdivision.

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    Unfading Gray Color Slate Roof Looks Gorgeous On A Classic Georgian Red Brick House

    We are back to looking at a large classic house, which seems to be going back in style. This is evidence that a traditionally inspired home often has the most timeless appeal.

    This Georgian red brick house features a hip roof in the color of unfading gray, which can be a beautiful complement to the dark reds of the house. Meanwhile, mix in a bit of white on the window trimming and pillars are also a nice touch. This can provide some light contrasts to brighten up your home.

    Another thing you will notice about this house is the multitude of windows. Yes, windows will not only allow much natural light inside, but they can also make prominent features for the exterior.

    The windows here use Benjamin Moore black shutters, while the ones sitting on the center have archtops. As a cherry on top, the limestone topped chimneys also look exquisite on this house!

    Keep Hoa Criteria In Mind

    Note that your choice of shingles may not solely be up to youâyou will also want to be sure to conform to the rules of your neighborhood’s Homeowner Association, if applicable, Khiel notes. You’ll also want to be aware of other roof colors nearby. After all, selecting yours wisely could pay dividends in the long run. “Choosing something that blends with the other houses should help with resale and even curb appeal, whereas choosing something very different could negatively affect the resale value,” he says.

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    An Elegant Red Brick House Featuring Best Gable Roof In Attractive Shenandoah Color

    This photo illustrates an elegant red brick house with a beautiful gable roof. You can see how the architecture of this house is quite striking, whereas the mixed material roof complements that structure nicely.

    The steel-frame glass doors and windows were commissioned by a company that has since closed, but you can get similar models from manufactures like Dynamic and Hope.

    In terms of the color, they are in a dark bronze shade. The model is on the pricier end but can be worth it if you want your house to be a showstopper.

    On to the roof shingles, these are CertainTeeds Landmark asphalt roofing in Shenandoah shade. Its a rather neutral and earthy tone that matches the colorful red brick exterior and mixed material roof.

    The result? You get the best of both modern and traditional designs!

    Brava Can Help You Pick The Best Roofing Color For Your Home

    30 Amazing Red Brick House Design Ideas

    The right color combination of brick facade and roofing will enhance your homes curb appeal and resale value. The primary and underlying casts of your brick, along with the architectural style and roof pitch of your home, are critical factors to selecting the best roof color.Get Inspired – to Order Your Complimentary Lookbook.

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    How Do You Match Roof Color With Brick

    Now that we’ve explored the best roof color options for a red brick home, let’s look at some things to consider when matching your roof color to your brick. The most important thing to consider is the color composition of the brick. Other factors to consider when choosing a roof color are:

    • The climate and location of your home
    • The type of roofing material
    • The style of your house
    • The roof style of other houses in your neighborhood

    Let’s look at color composition in more detail. Once you’ve decided which color roof you think would look best, judge it against the other factors before you make a final decision.

    Be Consistent With Neighborhood Standards

    Your brick color isnt the only influence in your choice of shingle color. The other houses in your neighborhood can also influence it. In general, you will want a roof color that blends in with other homes rather than standing out. Its rarely good to have a different look when it comes to resale value and curb appeal.

    In general, that will mean darker, more conservative colors. But if your house is somewhat isolated, feel free to go with a bolder look.

    Also, consider your homeowners association if your neighborhood has one. They could have bylaws regarding roof color, and the last thing you want is to be stuck replacing your roof because you failed to check the bylaws.

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    Climate And Roof Color

    The climate you live in will affect what color of roof you want to get. A darker roof such as black will absorb any heat and make your home feel overall hotter.

    Thus, if you have an air conditioning unit, that will try to work harder and cost you more money.

    Thus, if you live in a warm climate, then lighter colors of roof such as gray or brown are better suited. In addition, they will also help you stay cool at home.

    Choose A Roof Color That Contrasts The Brick

    Choosing Roof Shingle Color for Better Curb Appeal

    Choosing the color to compliment your red brick is one of the most important decisions youll make when installing a new roof.

    The color and type of roofing material and how they compliment or contrast the brick sets the tone for the rest of your home. The roofing and siding color scheme is one of the most noticeable and defining aspects of your home. Thats why is so important to get it right.

    The type of home and style are important things to consider. For example, a trendy color or material might look perfect on a modern home but strange on a colonial. Some shingle styles are specific to a home style. Some are considered more old fashioned like a wood shingle while others are more contemporary like metal.

    One of the most difficult aspects of replacing your roof or building a new home with brick is figuring out what color and type of roofing you should use.

    Think about how the roofs tone contrasts the rest of your home. Its generally best to have a roof thats darker than your brick. For example, a light red brick house can have a medium toned roof, however a house with a dark brick needs a very dark shingle.

    Beautiful red brick house with black shutters. Gray and brown roof shingles with brown metal accent roofing.

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    Try A Flat Roof With Red Brick House To Evoke Elegance And The Best Contemporary Appeal

    Even if you live in the middle of the city and your home is a narrow townhouse packed far too closely with your neighbors, there is no reason you cant make it stylish!

    For example, this red brick house is a three-story flat that manages to look elegant and contemporary at the same time. You dont need a meticulous backdrop and large open front yards for a stunning exterior.

    In fact, a flat roof atop a classic red brick structure is often enough! You can see how the subtle splashes of color among the red bricks evoke a funky vibe. The beige or light brown flat roof and trimmings can then complete the look.

    Green Siding With Dark Gray Roof

    You didnt think wed leave out any colorful siding, did you? While neutrals are almost always successful, there are great color combinations for people who want a more colorful home as well.

    Almost any shade of green siding will look inviting with dark gray shingles. Stone accent columns also make great additions to your homes exterior.

    Green siding looks beautiful on homes that have lots of trees and landscaping. With this color combination, your home will transform into a beautiful sanctuary.

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    Popular Roof Shingle Colors

    Homeowners have a real love/hate relationship with colors and textures.

    Wood keeps going in and out of style, which makes it hard to pick the best color combination for your roof. Experts often refer back to past color trends to predict the top colors for the future. Often, the colors at the top of the list come from nature.

    Examples Of Matching Roof Colors For Different Brick Colors

    only way to make red brick look acceptible

    Brick homes are not just red, though some have beautiful Earth tones or other eye-catching color combinations.

    Other great color combos:

    • Bricks with casts that are brown, gold, or tan will pair with warm-colored tiles.
    • Gray casts pair with cooler colors and gray blends. Darker gray roofs can increase and bring attention to your exteriors natural colors.
    • White casts are softening. Homes with white bricks should consider mid-tone colors to give more appeal to the homes architecture.
    • If youre not sure of what singular cast your brick has, find a shingle style that comes in a multi-color blend. As long as one of the roofs primary colors looks like your brick color, it will blend!

    Light gray bricks look great with green, blue, black, white, and dark gray colors.

    Beige, white, and cream bricks can match will almost anything, but will blend best with browns, greens, and blues. If youre looking to make a dramatic statement, pair a white brick with a deep red roof.

    Homes with weathered woods will pair with grays, blacks, and browns the best. Multi-colored roofs with shades of green will make a weathered wood home really pop!

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    What Color Roof Is Best For Resale

    The color of your roof can also affect the resale value of your home. While there isn’t any one color that is best for resale, coordinating your roof with the rest of your home and similar homes in your neighborhood can help you get the best resale value for your home. Follow the suggestions above for choosing a roof color that best fits your house.

    Brava Synthetic Roofing Tiles Offer Endless Color Option For A Brick House

    Bravas synthetic roofing tiles can meet all your roofing color needs to best complement your brick home. We can perfectly match any solid color, and our revolutionary multi-coloring process allows us to blend Spanish tile, slate, or shake colors together, producing variation throughout the entire tile, not only on the surface. Our color process gives roofing tile an authentic color variation and flow in any custom color or combination.Bravas roof tiles provide several other benefits: durability, strength, insulative value, low maintenance, and moisture and temperature resistance. Easy to install, lightweight synthetic tiles can save builders and homeowners time and money.

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    Neighborhood And Roof Color

    In some neighborhoods, the houses have all been built with the same bricks and roofs.

    However, if you decide you want to change your roof, and decide to go with a completely different color, this could make your home stand out. It can actually decrease your curbside appeal, as it does not match the rest of the street.

    As a result, you need to consider the other roofs that are on your street and next to your home. Then try to have a similar color and style if possible.

    Also, it is important to note that not all neighborhoods give you that much freedom on your roof color. Sometimes there are neighborhood association rules that you need to follow.


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