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How Long Do Shingle Roofs Last In Florida

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Flat Roofs In Florida

Florida Roofs. How long do they typically last?
  • Thickness and Material The lifespan of a flat roof will depend on the thickness and material, but also on how long its left exposed to sunlight.
  • Just like asphalt shingles in Florida, metal roofs are good for shading your home during the hot summer months.
  • This helps your rooftop resist mold growth and degradation.
  • The average lifespan of a flat roof is 12 years, but it can be up to 50 years in certain climates.
  • Waterproofing System A flat roof is a perfect place for a number of reasons, but they all love water!
  • A flat roof doesnt have any incline or slant so its the ideal location for a waterproofing system, from tiles to membranes.
  • Extend the life of your flat roof by covering it or by putting up a system that will protect it.
  • Maintenance Although we all dream of a flat roof , take good care and maintain your flat roof.
  • Repairing can be expensive and time-consuming, so regular maintenance is important to keep that flat roof in Florida looking great!
  • Weather The lifespan of a flat roof varies depending on the weather.
  • If you live in Florida, then its pretty hot year-round.
  • The climate will affect how fast your roofing system breaks down so expect to replace it after 10-12 years.

Roofers are able to service your flat roof in Florida, and keep it clean and looking good for years to come.

If you have a flat roof in Florida then make sure you pay attention to its lifespan of the same.

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Replacing Shingles On Your Roof

Replacing a few roof shingles is much easier than replacing your entire roof, naturally.

And sometimes replacing the shingles on your roof is something that you can do yourself if you are comfortable with climbing up on top of your home and have good DIY skills, but we do tend to suggest that you have your roof examined by a professional every few years.

After all, how long does a 30 year roof or any type of shingle roof last in reality?

We can offer you an idea but theres nothing like real world expertise and having your roof inspected by a contractor or company who is familiar with your particular type of roofing material, your location, and any other quirks that may need to be taken into account.

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Quality Of Roof Materials

Tile roofs come from natural and recyclable materials, including clay and concrete. Regardless of your preference, tile roofs are naturally durable compared to other roofing materials like metal and shingles. However, you’ll still need to ensure that you’re getting high-quality tiles. These tiles must be crafted with the right ingredients, proportions, and the proper techniques.

What Happens If You Dont Replace Your Roof When Its Called For

How Long Do Roof Shingles Last?

There are a lot of problems that can occur if you dont replace your roof when it needs to be done, or even if you dont keep up with regular roof maintenance.

In the best case scenario, there will be water damage to your home and property if the roof leaks worst case, the entire roof collapses and destroys your belongings and may even put you and your family in danger.

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The Importance Annual Roof Inspections

Despite Floridas weather conditions, there is one essential factor that can help ensure and extend your roofs lifespan: ROUTINE ROOF MAINTENANCE.

All too often, homeowners call a professional roofer when they see a leak, missing shingles, heavy mold conditions and, in other words, when the roof is in poor condition and most likely in need of a roof replacement.

But just like your car, your air conditioner or even your body, your roof requires routine maintenance in order to remain in working condition. The simple fact is, a roof will last longer if you, as a homeowner, are determined to take care of it on a routine basis.

An annual roof inspection can help detect minor faults that require a simple roof repair preventing the need for a roof replacement or more extensive and costly work.

Without a professional roof inspection, its hard to estimate how long your roof will last. And many different factors make it difficult to give an average lifespan for every roof.

Below weve listed the three most common roof types in Florida and their estimated average lifespan as well as some basic roofing tips.

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Roof Replacement

With an average lifespan of about 30 years, the high purchase and replacement costs of wood shingle roofs make them a very expensive option. Slate, concrete and clay shingles last for many years but require high initial costs, including reinforcing the roof support structures to support their much greater weight.

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of 3 Tab Shingles

3 tab shingles are the most popular sort of shingles for sloped roofs, since they are comparably inexpensive, readily available in most areas, and can last for approximately 10 to 20 years.

One thing to keep in mind if youre considering a 3 tab shingle roof is that they tend to perform better in more temperate climates such as the east coast and midwest, so if you live in or are buying property somewhere with very cold winters or that is incredibly prone to major storms or blizzards, you might want to look at alternative options.

What Is The Average Lifetime Of Composite Shingles

How long does a roof last in Florida?

Composite shingles or tiles are tiles made of a mix of fiberglass, recycled paper products, and asphalt and they are designed to mimic the look of slate or cedar roofing.

They are similar in pricing to standing seam roofs, are rated for up 110 MPH in wind uplift, and they can last for approximately 30 to 50 years.

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How Long Does A Wood Roof Last

Wood roofs come in two types: rustic shakes and machine-cut shingles. Neither are as practical as more modern materials like asphalt â particularly in hot, humid climates â but many people find them aesthetically pleasing. In fact, other materials are often made to look like wood.

Wood roofs last about 30 years when perfectly maintained. The more realistic estimate is around 10 years, and that may be even shorter in coastal regions. They can cost anywhere from $250 to $600 per square for shingles and as much as $900 for wood shakes. Both fare well against hurricane winds, but they require a lot of maintenance. You need to inspect a wood roof annually for rot and warped or split shingles that could affect water resistance. Damaged shingles need to be replaced immediately to maintain the integrity of the roof.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Roof

If you dont clean your roof then it will experience serious problems. A dirty or clogged rooftop is more likely to develop leaks and suffer from other types of damage.

While a dirty roof may seem like no big deal, its effects can be devastating. A dirty rooftop wont be able to function as well as a clean one .

Since your roof is a large part of protecting you against the elements, its important to keep it clean.

In Florida, its especially vital since youre likely to get a couple of nasty storms each year.

So if your roof isnt looking its best then get on top of that right away! Hire a professional for roof cleaning in Florida.

They can help you reclaim your rooftop and keep it looking great for years to come!

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Roof Life Expectancy In Florida

Unfortunately, roofs have a shorter life expectancy in Florida than anywhere else in the U.S. Part of the price we pay for warm weather and proximity to beaches is wear and tear on our roofs from extreme weather conditions.

Hurricane level winds, frequent rain storms during the summer, and extreme high temperatures all take a toll of the life expectancy of a roof. In Florida, a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof lasts about 10 to 15 years. An architectural shingle roof in Florida is likely to last closer to 15 to 20 years.

When To Replace A Cement Tile Roof

How Long Does a Tile Roof Last?

Even though cement tiles have an impressive lifespan, they do not last forever. Eventually, cement tiles deteriorate and stop providing adequate protection for your home. Here are a few signs that could indicate a need to replace your cement tile roof:

  • More than 50% of the cement tiles are cracked or missing
  • You notice excessive mold build-up on the roof
  • Worn-down roofing tiles create leaks into your attic

While concrete roofs can last for 50 to 100 years, the felt underlayment beneath these roofing materials typically only lasts for around 20 years. This means that you will need to replace the underlayment from time to time to give your cement roof the best possible lifespan.

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Do Atlas Shingles Offer Good Protection Against The Elements

The higher the quality of your Atlas shingles, the better the protection against wind, fire, algae, and impact. To give you the full picture, this is how much Atlas shingles can endure from each of these elements:

Wind Resistance

The least wind-resistant shingle in Atlas lineup is GlassMaster. The model can resist winds of only up to 60 mph. The next best shingle in terms of wind resistance is the Legend edition, with a threshold up to 110 mph.

Shingle types that can resist winds of up to 130 mph include CastleBrook, ProLam, BriarWood Pro, Pinnacle Pristine, and StormMaster Slate.

You can expect the greatest wind resistance form the StormMaster Shake model. Atlas promotes the shingles as capable of enduring winds of up to 150 mph.

Fire Resistance

When denoting a roofing materials fire resistance, classes A, B, and C are used. Class A denotes materials that can withstand the most extreme fires.

Fortunately, all shingles produced by Asphalt have Class A fire-resistance ratings, making them one of the best fire-resistant shingles available.

Did You Know? Asphalt shingles can last for about two hours before catching fire, making them much more durable than wood shingles.

Algae Resistance

In terms of Algae resistance, Atlas shingles vary. For instance, GlassMaster shingles have a five-year algae-resistance warranty. Some other models prevent algae growth for up to 10 years. These include the CastleBrook, ProLam, and BriarWood shingles.

Impact Resistance

What Can Shorten Your Roofs Lifespan

Here are key factors that determine how often your roof may need to be replaced:

  • Weather: Florida faces extreme heat and humidity as well as tropical storms and hurricanes during the rainy season. The roof of your house faces a healthy dose of salt spray in addition to humidity, heat, and high winds. These extreme weather conditions cause roofing materials to loosen or crack, damaging the structural integrity of your roof.
  • Exposure to UV Rays: Prolonged exposure to extreme heat creates thermal shocks to the roofing materials, causing expansion and contraction. This causes the material to crack, tear, or curl causing roof replacement to be sooner than expected.
  • Poor Maintenance: Neglecting your roof and leaving problems unaddressed can intensify problems and accelerate wear and tear. For instance, leaks and mold can take years off your roof’s service life. What’s more, ignoring specific maintenance duties can cause the warranty to lapse and material to degrade faster.
  • Insulation and Ventilation: Bad ventilation and inadequate insulation can cause warm, moist air to build up and cause rotting on your roof.

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How Long Does A Slate Roof Last

Slate roofing not only looks elegant, but it can last for a significant amount of time in some environments, slate roof tiles can last for over a century.

However, they dont always last that long and if you have a slate roof, you need to keep up on the maintenance and replace any broken or damaged shingles as soon as possible.

Slate roofing is prized for its luxurious look as well as how long-lasting it is a slate roof can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, and in fact there are slate roofs that have been standing for over a century.

They are a common feature on high homes and mansions as slate is often rather costly, but it may be worth it in the long run due to the value a slate roof can add to the property.

Since slate is a natural stone with ideal tendencies for being cut into roofing tiles, it tends to be one of the more durable options that handle all kinds of weather conditions from wind to rain to snow to even hail.

One thing to note is that slate roofing is quite heavy as compared to the alternatives, so the underlying structure needs to be correctly built in order to support its weight if you are replacing a different type of roof with slate tiles, you may need to enhance or build up the bracing and rafters in order to hold up the slate.

Another consideration is that while slate roofing can withstand a high amount of wind uplift, if the tiles fly off during a storm they are especially dangerous due to their weight and sharp edges.

Cost Of Architectural Shingles Versus Others

Roofing University – How long should an asphalt shingle last in Tallahassee, FL?

Architectural shingles are thicker, heavier material, and average between $250-400 per square feet. Aesthetically appealing and help increase the value of the home due to the varieties offered in color and style.

Wood shingles $250-$600 per square feet and require a lot of maintenance and do fade over time or change colors. They are insect and rot-resistant, great in warmer climates, and look wonderful on cottage and Tudor style homes.

Clay Tiles $600-$800 per square foot and made of terra cotta material which is heavier than a three tab. They look nice and usually seen in the south and southwestern states.

Metal Roofing Averages about $115 per square foot for aluminum or steel, all the way to $900 per square feet for stone coated steel and standing-seam copper panels. Great in states with snow as it slides right off the roof!

Slate Time Roof $600-$1500 per square foot and seen on mansions and premiere homes due to requiring rafters that are strengthened to hold them. They are very heavy and wont withstand regular home rafters.

Three tab $70-$150 per square foot and the most common on homes in the U.S. The cheapest and least appealing roof, but easier to find and install. This type saves the homeowner money.

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Schedule A Professional Roof Inspection

In a moderate climate, you may only need a professional roof inspection once every two or three years. However, in a more volatile climate like on the coast, you may want to contact a roofing contractor in Florida, to inspect your roof at least once a year. Ideally, you may want to get your roof inspected before the hurricane season begins.

What To Consider When You Are Replacing A Roof

One important thing to consider when you are choosing a roofing system or purchasing a new property is the resistance of the roof to wind uplift, which is the suction effect created by wind forces as the air flows parallel to the surface of the roof.

When a gust of wind hits the side of a house or other building, some of that air moves upwards across the roof, creating a pressure differential that can blow off or damage shingles or tiles, or even entire sections of the roof altogether.

Roofing systems are rated based on the amount of wind uplift they can withstand measured in miles per hour.

If you live in a particularly windy area or one that is prone to tornadoes or hurricanes, youll want to ensure that you go for a higher rating for wind uplift to avoid a wind damage roof.

Youll also want to consider other factors before replacing your roof or purchasing a property the age of the roof, how many layers of shingles there are, and whether the roof is properly braced and ventilated.

A roof inspection performed by a professional can help you answer these questions and more, and you can also visually examine the roof yourself for curling or buckling shingles, missing shingles, damaged shingles, damage to the flashing or seals around the chimneys, skylights, or dormers, granules or debris in the gutters or around the ground near your home, and other signs of future problems.

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How To Extend The Life Expectancy Of Your Roof In Florida

In order to combat the factors outlined above that can increase the likelihood of your roof prematurely aging, there are a few tips that can be used to extend the life of your roof:

  • 1Get an annual roof inspection to identify early signs of weakness in the roof and fix them immediately to prevent long-term damage. Licensed inspectors will be able to spot small, seemingly insignificant problems before they turn into major problems ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.
  • 2Properly ventilate your home especially the space close to the roof to limit the build-up of hot, humid air and, in turn, prevent mold and rot from forming on the roof.
  • 3Clean the gutters regularly. This limits the chances of water damage to the roof resulting from blocked drains. It is also a good idea to regularly remove any leaves or branches from the roof using a leaf blower or hose as these can also cause water damage and erosion to the roof.

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