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What Does A Roofing Consultant Do

Commercial Roof Inspection Costs

What the heck does a consultant DO, exactly? – Management Consulting 101

Most commercial roof inspections range between $200 and $500, but that price can be $1,000+. That higher price is largely because commercial roofs are typically bigger than their residential counterparts.

As a result, many commercial contractors charge by the square foot instead of by the project. Expect a price between $0.05 and $0.10 per square foot, meaning a small 10,000 square foot warehouse will range between $500 and $1,000.

Commercial projects also come with more regulations, like a check for OSHA guidelines. That’s another reason for the higher price.

What Should I Expect From A Roof Inspection

During a commercial roof inspection, a professional roofing contractor will start on the inside of your building. They need to see if there are any signs of leaks on the ceilings or walls. Not all leaks are from the roof, a leak from the HVAC unit condensation is possible.

Next the contractor will start at the exterior perimeter and work toward the center of the roof. The perimeter of a roof is more likely to have a leak than the center. They will then take a sample of the roof to determine the following:

  • Number of layers
  • The level of moisture or saturation
  • The roof age

Roofing Contractor Vs Roofer Vs Roofing Company: Is There A Difference

When the time comes to get some work done on your roof, you want to find the best person for the job. And with so many different options available, it can be difficult to figure out who that might be. One of the biggest sources of confusion often comes from the terms used to identify the person youre looking to hire: roofing contractor, roofer, and roofing company. All of these are often a better option to choose for your job than a general contractor would be, but depending on the person you are speaking to, there may be some differences between them that you should be checking out.

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So What Exactly Are Roof Consulting Services

Roof consulting services are designed to help building owners and managers make fact-based decisions about their roofs. A roof consultant provides roofing expertise and knowledge to a building owner or manager without pressuring or misleading them into buying an expensive roofing system when it is not needed. Additionally, roof consulting services include:

  • Roof surveys or inspections to determine the useful service life of a roof
  • Leak analysis to determine the cause of leaks
  • Specification writing for roof replacement projects
  • Quality assurance inspections during roof installation
  • Construction consulting during insurance claims
  • Roof asset management for property owners and managers
  • Contractor bid oversight and management during the bid process
  • Building envelope inspections and designs
  • Moisture surveys
  • Roofing expert witness services during litigation.

Roof consulting services are dynamic and varying, and roof consultants are an ally in dealing with an expensive building system: your roof.

What Does A Consultant Do

What is Management Consulting

After spending many years in a particular field or industry, seasoned experts will often become self-employed consultants, turning their knowledge into a resource that individuals and companies are willing to pay for. In some cases, these professionals contract back to their previous employers.

Consultants identify problems, suggest solutions, educate, influence, facilitate change, revitalize or downsize a business, or create a new business. Such a potential scope of responsibility demands that consultants bring both passion and a drive for excellence to every mission they undertake.

Consultants are often used before and during the start-up of a new business, or to re-align a flailing business. Consultants must bring a solid work ethic to each client, and fully dedicate themselves to their client’s mission.

A consultant will look at each client individually, analyze the situation, offer an impartial analysis by identifying the problem, and come up with a choice of potential solutions for the client. The ultimate goal for the consultant is to come up with the best strategy and plan for the client’s business.

Honesty, transparency, and effective communication is imperative in order for both the client and the consultant to have the best possible working experience and positive final outcome. Any conflict of interest needs to be divulged, and the client needs to know that they are the consultant’s top priority.

Types of consultants:

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What To Expect From A Commercial Flat Roof Inspection

When a roofing contractor inspects your building, they start on the inside. The consultant will be looking for signs of leaks watermarks on the walls and the ceiling. If you have an HVAC system on the roof, leaks can occur from the condensation unit. Once the interior inspection is complete, a walking tour of the circumference of the building is next, and the consultant will narrow the focus to the centre of the roof. Once the roof has been visually assessed, a layered sample is taken to determine various things.

  • The consultant will check for the number of layers of roofing material present on the roof at the time of the inspection.
  • The substrate material will be identified.
  • The moisture content and level of saturation will be measured.
  • Then the age of the roof will be marked.

There are many telltale signs of roofing problems, and that is where your roofing consultant earns their money. During the inspection, issues they will look for include ponding or pooling water, damage to the roof membrane like cracks, blisters or holes in the substrate, seams separating, and loose nails and shingles.

Flat Roof Coating & Metal Roof Repair

Low-slope or flatroofs will benefit from a spray foam polyurethane. This option is the perfectcommercial roofing solution for replacing a metal roof or when you need toavoid downtime during roof repair. Spray foam polyurethane roofing systems alsocan contribute to energy savings as it reflects the suns rays off the top ofthe building.

Need just asection of your roof coated? Keystone has years of experience resurfacingsections of flat asphalt, gravel, metal, or rubber roof. Theres no need fordisruption to your plants operation during the roofs restoration.

Keystone can apply an incredibly durable Puma XL, or other reflective topcoat, for decades of protection along with energy-saving benefits.

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Roofing Project Administration By Beryl

Through scope definition up front, Beryl will assist you in preventing a contractor from under-estimating themselves in the door while trying to use change orders to turn a profit. Beryls project management services include defining client needs, preparing bid documents, tendering, bid analysis, and contractor negotiations. Projects can include planning, facilities, renovations, repairs, rehabilitations, and remodeling.

Beryl performs reference checks to qualify a vendors ability to meet the schedule and budget, a life cycle cost analysis for a proposal, risk matrix, the creation of technical and financial reports comparing vendors, and presentations to stakeholders. With regards to Scope and Contract Negotiations, Beryl draws upon a broad range of construction and contract administration experience to provide scope and contract negotiations for clients between contractors helping you get the right services for the right price from your contractors.

Beryl serves as your eyes and ears in the field with regards to executing the provisions of contractor agreements. Beryl represents your interests in seeing that the contractor provides the work per specifications without cutting corners. Beryl can also verify that the contractor billings are in line with that work acting as an intermediary between you and them. Through using a project management firm with roof consulting experience, you make your large investment in roofing a strong one.

How To Select A Good Roof Consultant

A Day In The Life Of A Management Consultant (EXPLAINED!)

There is no industry standard for calling yourself a roof consultant. Anyone can claim to be a roof expert and hang a shingle, and not everyone who does so is truly qualified to help you.

Hiring the wrong roof consultant can be a costly waste of money. Worse, they may fail to identify issues, leaving you with expensive repairs later, despite your investment in the consultant. In fact, an inexperienced roof consultant may give you bad advice that ends up costing you more than if you hadnt hired one at all.

To ensure your roof consultant helps rather than hurts your project look for:

  • At least a decade of hands-on construction experience dealing with roof consulting and design
  • Proven experience navigating municipal codes and requirements
  • A Registered Architect or Professional Engineer in the state where the building is located

At GLE, weve been inspecting roofs and consulting with business owners as part of our construction monitoring and construction inspection services for over 29 years. We would love to help you with your next project.

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What Does A 203k Consultant Do And Why Do I Need One

A 203 consultant is like a football teams offensive coordinator a point guard that runs plays on a basketball court and a star infielder all in one. Seem like an exaggeration? When it comes to 203 consultants the comparison is accurate: these professionals really can be the most valuable member of the team that helps out when you buy a home and make major repairs with a standard FHA 203K renovation loan also called a Consultant K* loan.

When you buy a property that needs structural repairs and/or needs repairs in excess of $35,000, you are talking about projects that may require professional experience and expertise in construction, architecture, building codes and more. Most homebuyers do not have the level of knowledge and experience required to oversee such a major undertaking. Thats why you need a good 203K consultant.

Most 203K consultants are licensed home inspectors, general contractors, and sometimes architects. They must submit various documents that prove their expertise to HUD the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The requirements are fairly rigorous, and only HUD-approved consultants are listed on the official FHA 203K Consultant Roster.

Heres a look at the highlights of what a 203 consultant does during the home purchase transaction.

How Can A Commercial Flat Roof Consultant Help

  • The consultant will conduct inspections and surveys to determine the lifespan of the roof.
  • He will locate leaks and find the sources for repair.
  • The consultant will write the specs for the project whether it is a repair or complete replacement.
  • The consultant will ensure that quality workmanship is provided and conduct regular inspections throughout the job to ensure the work is being done correctly.
  • The consultant works with the construction industry and helps with information that is required for insurance claims.
  • When the time comes for asset management, he will break down the roof as an asset to derive the value.
  • The consultant will be the point person in the bidding process and manage the competitive process to receive bids.
  • A consultant will assess the moisture content of the roof through the use of a survey.
  • The consultant will be your advocate during any legal proceedings as an expert witness to protect your interests.

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How To Start A Roofing Company

Just about every structure requires a roof, whether it is a house, business, school, or government building. Roofers have a consistent flow of work as roofs do not last forever. In general, the typical roof lasts about 15 years. However, roofs require periodic inspections, maintenance and repairs after installation.

Learn how to start your own Roofing Company and whether it is the right fit for you.

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What Are Some Insider Tips For Jump Starting A Roofing Company

Learn About Being a Construction Foreman

The best way to start a roofing business is to learn under the wing of an accomplished roofer. Watch a professional roofer at work, work alongside him, read about roof repair/replacement strategies and hire individuals who have years of experience. Another key component to operating a successful roofing business is pressing the flesh. Get out there and network! Attend industry events, socialize with business owners and spread the word about your roofing company’s merits. Of critical importance is your web presence. Build a visually friendly and informative website that features your company’s services, examples of prior work etc. It certainly helps to create online content with search engine optimization in mind so prospective clients can find your business with ease.

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How Much Could You Earn As A Roofing Operative

The expected salary for a roofing operative varies as you become more experienced.

  • Newly trained roofing operatives can earn £17,000+
  • Trained roofing operatives with some experience can earn £17,000 – £25,000
  • Senior roofing operatives or master roofers can earn £25,000 – £35,000*
  • Self-employed roofing operatives set their own rates.

Hours and salary depend on location, employer and any overtime you may do.

* Salaries have been collected from multiple industry sources and have been updated as of 2019

Reasons You Need To Hire A Roofing Consultant

Your roof and building envelope are your first line of defense against the elements. The quality, material, and condition of your property affects your overhead, literally! The systems that make up the building envelope include: the roofing systems, exterior wall systems, air barriers, foundations, floors, windows and doors. An expert Roofing Consultant helps you assess, manage and conduct routine maintenance on these systems.

According to a recent article in Building Enclosure magazine, the damaging effects of building envelope failure can extend all the way through the building. Excess water and moisture intrusion leads to structural deterioration, leaks, and flooding. Excess moisture creates the perfect environment to breed mold and bacteria, and also affect indoor air quality .

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What Is Roof Consulting

Roof consultants are industry experts who make it their mission to help building owners make informed decisions about their roofs. All roof consultants have advanced knowledge and expertise about different roofing systems, but only some of them offer repair and installation services. Thats not the primary job of a consultant. A consultants job is to act as an advocate for his or her client to ensure that the property owners best interests are respected.

What Does A Business Consultant Do

What is Consulting?

A business consultant is involved in the planning, implementation and education of businesses. They work directly with business owners on developing a business plan, identifying marketing needs and developing the necessary skills for business ownership. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with identifying marketing needs and developing a strategy to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition

  • Educating and offering resources on information technology, sales and business regulations

  • Identifying funding and applying for loans to finance the business

  • Developing a strategic business plan with short and long-term business goals

  • Reviewing accounting and budgeting and making recommendations for improvement

  • Creating hiring and training practices to bring on qualified candidates

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Can Roofing Contracts Be Negotiated

A homeowner or commercial property owner can negotiate most of the terms within a roofing contract. There are certain aspects of the contract that can be impacted by state law. However, the price of the deal is always negotiable when the property owner is paying out of pocket. If the insurance company is covering the cost of the repair or replacement, then negotiating can be more complicated, since there is a third party paying for the job.

A roofing contract, like any other type of contract, is legally binding. Therefore, you may want to consider having legal counsel review your contract before providing it to a client to sign. At Contracts Counsel, our team of lawyers has been vetted to work in a variety of industries and can help you prepare roofing contracts for property owners. To get started,contact us today.

Get The Facts From An Independent Roof Expert

Alliance can help you make an informed decision about your roofing system.

Did you know?

Many companies that offer roof inspection services are also contractors. We dont sell or install roofs. We provide expertise to building owners and their reps to assist with their roofing or leak related issues.

Do you sell or install any roofing materials?

We are independent roof and leak analysis experts. We do not sell or install roofing materials and we are not owned by anyone who does. Our only purpose is to provide unbiased consulting on roofing and building envelope issues.

Do you repair roofing systems?

No, we are not roofing contractors we are independent consultants. We inspect the roofing system. The only invasive testing we conduct is taking core samples of the roofing systems we inspect for assessment purposes. We will make a small repair to the test area that we cut on the roofing system.

Can you tell me why my roof is leaking?

Yes, we provide leak analysis services to our clients.

Do you provide causation/forensic inspections?

Yes, we have conducted 7000+ causation/forensic inspections for the insurance industry to determine if a roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or other weather-related issues.

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General Consultant Knowledge Exam

This exam tests knowledge common to all components of the building envelope . This was designed to produce a more efficient testing process, eliminating common information being tested for each consultant designation. Currently, to earn the RRC designation, a candidate must pass the general exam as well as the RRC Exam. This pertains to the Registered Waterproofing Consultant designation, and in 2017, the Registered Exterior Wall Consultant designations as well.

If only one of the two exams is passed, the candidate will be required to retake only the exam he or she failed. The exam that has been passed will be valid until the candidate passes the other exam and the first consultant designation is earned. Candidates who do not initially pass an exam will have the option to retry every four months with a valid application.

Once passed, the general exam will not need to be retaken for the other IIBEC consultant designations.

The exam is computer-based and offered at over 1,000 conveniently located testing locations. Visit Scantron to locate a testing center near you. The exam is 4 hours in length and consists of 90 multiple-choice questions which test knowledge in the following general consulting areas: ethics, general skills, communications and reports, codes and standards, design process, procurement process, agreements, and construction administration.

All questions pertain to general consulting practices and are applicable to all consultants despite of the discipline .


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