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How Long Does A Roof Last In Virginia

Temperature And Other Weather Factors

Tri County Metals – How long will a metal roof last?

It probably shouldnt surprise you to learn that one of the biggest contributing factors to how long a shingle roof will last is the weather. Temperature swings from hot to cold, humidity swings from moist to dry, and occasional strong storms really have a big impact. The stresses of the elements will inevitably cause shingles to weaken and become brittle over time, leading to granule loss, brittleness, and eventual shingle tears and breakage.

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If you already have a shingle roof, you fall in the group representing about 75% of American homeowners. If youre currently considering a new shingle roof or shingle roof replacement, youre in good company there, too. But no matter where you are in your shingle roof journey, you need to be able to partner with a professional who can help you get the most out of your shingle roof. The pros at Skywalker Roofing provide the best inspection, maintenance, and repair services youll find anywhere. Theyll also be glad to help you explore all the roofing material options available to you when its time for you to consider having your roof replaced.

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How Long Does A Shingle Roof Last

Architectural shingles are supposed to last at least 20-25 years.

Under correct installation.

That was the problem with these buildings.

The landlord couldnt get in contact with the previous roofer and now had to replace the roofs again.

With correct installation according to the manufacturers guidelines, a shingle roof should last at least 20-25 years.

You may have a metal roof or some time of specialty roofing which impacts how often your roof should be replaced.

Check out a previous blog post on how often you should get a roof replacement.

You shouldnt find yourself replacing your roof every 10 years. Thats not good.

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Worried About How Much A Shingle Roof Would Cost

Weve worked hard to provide two options for homeowners that arent as predatory for financing for your new roof. While shingle roofs might fall on the lower side on the expense scale for roof replacement, the price can still be outside of a homeowners budget. During your free roofing estimate, our estimator will be able to give you a breakout of the costs associated with a new roof.

Weve partnered with Truist and Enhancify to offer payment options for paying for your new shingle roof. We wanted to provide options that would save our homeowners money than choosing financing companies that charge higher interest rates. Check out our financing page to learn more about each of these options.

Protecting your home is extremely important so it might be time to bite the bullet and get a new roof. At Cenvar Roofing we want to make sure youre 100% satisfied with your new purchase and we will be around to service any roofing-related needs for the life of the roof that we install. Choosing the right roofing company is easy with Cenvar Roofing and we will provide you with the best shingle replacement experience through our quality, price, and service.

Lets Get Started

If you have roofing needs in the greater Virginia area, contact us for a free quote. Trust your home to us!

Power Outages Catastrophic Damage After Northern Va Storms

Roof Replacement Services

Variations include long boards that overlap each other and shingles with grooves cut to channel water.

It replaces the guardrails that were installed in the 1970s, Zemer said. They are based on Jeffersons initial drawing for Albemarle Academy, but they are not accurate. More solid historical research has yielded a more accurate design.

Although Jeffersons railings were wooden, they gave way to cast iron railings in the second half of the 19th century.

While working on the ceiling, Zehmer found a wooden dowel that may have been part of the original Jeffersonian railings. A pin about three inches long was painted on both ends, spanning the thickness of the original heart pine railing posts, he said. The pin was used to secure the mortise and tenon joint between the rail and the post, and it checked the thickness of the posts of the present design, which was three inches. The new railings are mahogany.

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How Long Does A Slate Roof Last

The common lifespan of slate roofs will last between 60-150 years.

Concrete/clay roofs can last 100+ years as well.

There are problems that come with these roofing materials.

  • These materials are heavy. Youll want to check to see if your home can support the added weight of these roofing materials.
  • Installation for these roofs takes a long time. Youll pay higher fees in labor in addition to the higher cost of the roof itself.
  • While theyre long-lasting, theyre fragile and there are fewer repairers that can work on these types of roofs.
  • In addition to fewer repairers, youll find fewer installers as well. You dont want just anyone installing this type of roof. High costs are associated with this roof style.

There are alternatives to putting on a clay/slate roof! Check out our specialty roofing options!

Average Roof Lifespan How Long Does A Roof Last

If you are in the process of buying a new home, you probably want to know the age of the roof and how much longer it will last. Similarly, if youve lived in your home for a while, you are probably also wondering about the current condition of the roof and whether its time to consider some viable replacement options.

This guide outlines the expected lifespans of most popular roofing systems for homes. Print it out and use it to assess the life expectancy of any roof when buying a new home or planning for future roof replacement needs in your own home.

Right Off the Bat: A typical asphalt shingle roof will normally last anywhere from 15 to 25 years before requiring a replacement.

That said, there are several different kinds of asphalt shingles, as well as other roofing materials to consider when estimating longevity of a particular roofing system. Lets get started.

Average Lifespans for Most Popular Residential Roof Systems:

  • Spray Foam Roof
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    But Weather Can Damage Any Roof

    Durable materials, like metal, slate, and tile, stand up best to harsh weather, but any surface will sustain damage under certain conditions. For example, high winds can push up shingles along the edges, loosening them or pulling them off altogether. If you lose a shingle, those left around the gap become more vulnerable. Depending on how air flows around your house, strong winds can create suction, actually pulling material away. Wind can also bring down tree branches, loosen chimney bricks or satellite receivers, causing breakage.

    Hail causes some of the greatest damage to roofs. In a hailstorm, nature is throwing rocks at your house, and the hard, icy balls can dent metal, crack tiles and wear away the protective granules on asphalt shingles. While most material can resist small hailstones, you should always check for signs of damage after a storm.

    Roofing material generally stands up well to snow and ice, but heavy conditions could cause cracking. Melted snow can seep into existing fissures, and when it refreezes and expands, it may weaken or fracture tiles and shingles.

    The good old sun can even wear out your roof. Intense UV will break down materials over time, especially asphalt and wood shake.

    Asphalt Shingles Last 15 To 30 Years

    How long does a tile roof last? | Sharpe Roofing University

    Asphalt shingles are installed on more than 80% of new homes because theyre affordable and include warranties. The shingles are made up of a variety of ingredients, including organic materials and cement fibers. They provide UV protection from rain, wind, and the suns rays for 15 to 30 years. The black asphalt layer in the shingles becomes sticky and forms a watertight seal.

    Asphalt shingles may endure for 15 to 30 years because they are low-cost and come with warranties of up to 25 years. Their underside features an oily black asphalt layer that gets sticky in hot weather and makes it airtight and waterproof.

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    Roof Lifespan In Warrenton Virginia

    If your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, it could be time to consider new roofing in Warrenton VA for a replacement or to see if you can get by with a repair.

    There are many factors that influence how long your roof will last in Warrenton. While climate is one factor, the materials of your roof, the quality of those materials, and how often you conduct maintenance all play a role.

    How much life does your roof have left in it? By considering the following factors, you can better determine the current state of your homes roof.

    Cedar Shake Roof In Northern Va

    Are you ready for a new roof? Are you looking to upgrade to something different than the standard asphalt roof? If so, a cedar shake roof is a great option to consider.

    Cedar shake roofing is one of the most traditional roofing materials available, and its ideal for giving a new home an ancient, historic aspect. Despite being constructed of wood, cedar shakes provide great moisture protection, natural insulation, and long-term storm resistance.

    But before committing to a new roofing material for your Northern Virginia home, we understand you want to know how long a cedar shake roof lasts.

    Keep reading to learn how long a cedar shake roof will actually last and what factors into the lifespan.

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    Shingle Roof Replacement Options

    What we discover during your free estimate helps us make a knowledgeable recommendation. The roof’s condition and your budget influence our decision to recommend a reroof, 3-tab shingle, or architectural shingle.

    Having a roof over your head is a necessity. If you need a new roof now and cannot afford it, look for a roofing company near you that offers roof financing. Virginia Roofing Corporation is the only roofer near Alexandria that takes payment in installments.

    Yes Virginia You Can Replace Your Roof In Winter

    Slate Shingle Roofing

    I understand your initial hesitation, but hear me out. It seems crazy to think about pulling apart the literal roof over your head during the coldest months of the year. But this is Tidewater Virginia, not North Dakota.

    Most roofing materials can be installed as long as the temps are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The hours when a roofer works are almost always above 40 in our region, and of course, roofing contractors will watch the forecast closely to confirm your date will work. .

    A quick Google search will tell you that fall is the ideal time for roof replacement, but look closer, and you will see that its also the most expensive time. Because everyone else is getting new roofs then, you might be waiting two months before work can begin after signing a contract.


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    When Youre Selling Your Home

    When youre considering putting your home on the market, you should first think about getting a roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA. The roof is easily the most important aspect of a home exterior to prospective buyers, which is why the roof on your home should be as new as possible. Many buyers will skip over properties with poor roofing or will demand a lower price than you are listing your property at.

    Replacing your roof before listing your home on the market allows you to add a high amount of value to your home while also increasing your chances of obtaining a high bid for the property once its placed on the market. If you decide to forego replacing your roof before listing your property, its possible that a buyer whos interested in your home will ask you to replace the roof before they commit to purchasing the home, which would leave you scrambling to make these changes before they decide to pursue another property.

    To Obtain Better Rates On Homeowners Insurance Policy

    Roofing replacements in Woodbridge VA can be highly beneficial if you want to save money on the amount that you spend for your homeowners insurance policy. Certain types of roofing materials can sometimes allow you to qualify for substantial discounts on your insurance policy. This is typically common with roofing materials that have high ratings for resistance to hail, fire, or wind damage.

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    Clay Tile Roofs May Endure For 50 Years Or More

    Clay tiles are constructed from traditional materials utilized in ancient civilizations to build houses, and theyre still manufactured today. The tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures , making them durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. You can expect to pay $600 or more per square to have clay roofing installed on your new home, but you wont need a replacement any time soon: manufacturers offer warranties anywhere from 30 years to a lifetime.

    Filing An Insurance Claim

    How long should shingles last? | Sharpe Roofing University

    If your roof has suffered damage due to fire, hail, high winds, vandalism, hurricanes, tornados, or another covered event, your insurance company may pay for the repairs. Before filing a claim, read your policy carefully to see if the damage is covered. You may also want to hire a roofing contractor to perform a professional inspection and provide a report that you can file with your claim. With all the proper paperwork completed, you can start the claim process with your insurance company. If approved, you will have the opportunity to hire a roofing contractor to make any necessary repairs.

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    What Materials Can I Choose From

    When replacing a roof, asphalt, metal, clay, plastic polymer, concrete, metal and cedar are the main materials you can choose from. Each of these materials offer different lifespans, insulation levels, weight and cost. Low-cost asphalt is most common and lasts on average 20 years. Cedar is strong and sturdy, and can last up to 40 years. Clay and cement tiles are heavy and costlier, but they can last for more than 20 years.

    When Should I Be Replacing My Roof

    Roof replacements can be done at any time or at any stage of your roofs lifespan. Roof replacements are also necessary if there is more than one layer of shingles on the roof, or if you suspect there are additional problems with your roof. Some people prefer to reroof instead of replace a roof . However, there are only a few circumstances when it is worth saving money to reroof than to replace the entire roof. Generally, roof replacements are the safest and longer lasting choice.

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    Warning Signs Will Tell When Its Time For Repairs

    You should regularly inspect your roof for signs of age or failure, especially after heavy weather. Look for shingles that are curled at the edges or buckled up from below. Note any missing or cracked pieces. With asphalt, check the gutters for granules. These indicate that the protective covering is wearing off. Slate or tile shingles can also sustain small punctures caused by hail or wind-propelled projectiles. Weak slate tiles will also show surface flaking or roughness.

    Check for rusted or damaged flashing around the chimney, skylights, vents, and in low valleys. Any rust, dents or tears could allow water to seep in. Also, watch out for mold, fungus or green moss. Wood shake is especially vulnerable in wet climates because it absorbs water over time. Inspect it regularly for mold or splits.

    Always examine the roof from inside as well. Go into the attic on a sunny day and look for any light leaks. Bring a flashlight and scan the area for wet spots or water staining.

    When you see damage, dont panic. It doesnt necessarily mean you need to replace your entire roof. However, you do need to have it assessed and repaired to prevent further trouble. If you see something that concerns you or you want an expert opinion, call us at DryHome Roofing & Siding. Well let you know how serious the problem is and help you decide what to do about it. Regardless of your roofs age, regular inspection and maintenance will keep it going as long as possible.

    Average Age Of Common Roofing Materials

    New Roofs &  Roof Repair In Northern Virginia

    How long a roof lasts will depend on its materials and the quality of those materials. Each roofing material has its own lifespan, subject to the location of your home, the weather, and how well its maintained.

    If you have asphalt or laminate shingles, you can expect your roof to last between 20-30 years with the right maintenance. Wooden shingles tend to last a bit longer with an average lifespan of 30-40 years.

    Other materials such as metal, tile, and slate can last 50 years or more. In fact, tile and slate roofs can last over 100 years. By conducting the proper maintenance and repairs, you can extend the lifespan of these materials even more!

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    Your Complete Roof Buying Guide

    Your home is one of the most significant investments youll ever make, and youll have to maintain it over time with repairs, renovations and upgrades. The roof is one of your homes most crucial aspects. Its also one of the areas requiring the most attention there are only so many roof repairs you can make before you need a new one.

    Most homeowners will only need to replace a roof replacement a few times in their life. Because its such an infrequent occurrence, you may not know all the details about buying a new roof. Thats why weve put together this residential roof buying guide. It can answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.


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