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How Long Does A Roof Warranty Last

Benefits Of Roof Warranties

How Long Should a Roof Workmanship Warranty Last? ROOFING QUICK TIPS

When choosing roofing materials and a contractor, its important to do your research and find the best warranties. A good warranty on a contractors workmanship shows they stand by what they do and care about you. Having good warranties will give you a sense of comfort in case something would go awry with your roof down the line.

Look for the coverage period first and choose the longest warranty coverage you can afford. This way, you wouldnt have to worry about spending money out of pocket for a new roof in at least a few decades. More importantly, look out for the circumstances which could possibly void the warranty. Most manufacturer warranties require proof you have been regularly doing roof maintenance.

Roof Repair Specialist in Pasadena, CA has the expertise to not only provide the best roof warranties but to sincerely answer any of your questions about your warranties. We do much more than just roof installation and repair. We are also recognized for our reliable roof replacement services. Our exemplary track record of quality workmanship will shine through every roofing project you bring to us. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Benefits Of Having A Roofing Workmanship Guarantee

A roofers warranty is typically one of the best perks because it covers their workmanship for a set amount of time.

If they do not offer this type of guarantee, you should ask them why or consider taking your business elsewhere.

There are many benefits to having a roofing company that provides materials and labor warranties on their services including: a low-cost peace of mind you know the roof is in good hands and it helps protect your investment.

How Long Does A Stone Coated Steel Roof Last

If you havent heard of stone-coated steel tiles, youre not alone. While this type of roofing has several great features, it has not surpassed the popularity of other common roofing options. A stone-coated roof is made to look like traditional shingles but has the durability of metal. This durability means that steel roofs are also one of the longer-lasting options, with life expectancy ranging between 40 to 70 years when installed properly. They also help to reflect UV rays and have been considered to be very energy efficient.

Like traditional metal roofing, youll want to look for signs of fading or damage as a signal to call a quality roofing contractor for a free roof inspection.

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Need A Roof Warranty Heres What You Need To Know

Is it time to replace your residential roof? This process involves more than simply choosing the right contractor and roofing materials. You also need to consider which roof warranty is best for you.

If your roof suffers damage, youll be relying on the associated warranties, so it pays to understand these warranties for your existing roof. That way you have a better grasp of the types of warranties being offered when youre ready to compare bids on a replacement roof.

What Warranties Dont Cover

Roofing Tips

Warranties protect against defects in the material or workmanship they dont warrant that a product will work correctly, especially if there are outside events that affect the products performance.

For example, a 10-year warranty on a car means that its made out of normal, good-quality materials that are put together correctly. It certifies that if a problem occurs within the first 10 years that seems to have been caused by a defect in a part or a problem with how the car was manufactured, the maker will handle repairs. A keyless entry system that stops unlocking after two years may be a warranty issue. The warranties dont mean that the manufacturer certifies that the car is going to run for 10 years if you never change your oil, your engine will likely stop working long before the warranty expires.

In the case of a roof, damage caused by natural deterioration, storm damage, or other external events is not covered by product or workmanship warranties. This kind of damage may be covered by a home warranty or your homeowners insurance, however.

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What If I Want To Do A Fix

There are some instances when the homeowner may want to do a fix-it job on their own, such as clearing debris from your roof after a major storm or replacing a tile thats been damaged by hail.

In this case, there is usually no warranty coverage for this type of work since its not actually being done by a roofing company.

It is important to understand the specifics about your warranty so you can determine if there are any limitations on these types of jobs or who would be responsible for paying in case something goes wrong during the project.

Exploring The Three Types Of Roof Warranties

Whether youre shopping for a cell phone, a car, or new kitchen gadget, you feel some piece of mind when there’s a product warranty included. That’s why , when you have work done on your roof, you’ll want to make sure you receive the best roofing warranty on the market.

Since your roof is a big investment, you’ll want to make sure you receive a high-quality repair or replacement backed by the best roofing warranty available. The best roof warranty helps make sure you’re covered in the event of installation errors, defective materials, and more. Although it may seem as though theres a wide range of roof warranties, there are really just three main types:

  • Workmanship Warranty
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Extended Manufacturers Warranty
  • In our 30+ years in business, one of the most common problems we see over and over again is homeowners not knowing enough about roof warranty options to choose the right coverage for their homes. Because of this, we always give our customers a thorough rundown of their warranty options. Today, we’d like to share that information with you.

    Lets take a closer look at the coverage provided by each type of roofing warranty and explain what it means in practical terms.

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    Are There Exceptions To My Roofing Warranty

    There can be exceptions to your warranty based on where you live or who installed your roof.

    If you live in a hurricane-prone region, for example, a manufacturer might only warranty a certain type of shingles.

    Likewise, the manufacturer may require that your shingles be installed in a particular weave style of installation to be covered by the full manufacturers warranty.

    Your roofing contractor will be able to discuss these details with you. So ask!

    Why Roofing Warranties Are Important

    Roof Warranties Explained (Material and Workmanship Warranty)

    Is your roof protected by a great warranty? If not, youre putting your financial future at risk. Replacing a damaged roof isnt a cheap home repair. Depending on the size, the pitch, and the type of roofing materials used, roof replacement can soar well into the five-figures. Dont count on your homeowners insurance to cover all these costs either. When it comes to acts of nature like windstorms, hail, snow, and lightening, your insurance kicks in. This isnt the case when youre faced with a roof defect. Thats why you need to make sure you have a superior roof warranty.

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    Why Is Warranty Important

    Having a warranty on your roof gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected against sudden damage, especially when its fairly new. It is an assurance that you wont be spending any more than necessary for as long as your warranty remains valid.

    Routine roof inspections, cleaning, and repairs are the best way to prevent voiding a good warranty.

    How Long Do Roof Warranties Last

    Your roof is likely the most valuable part of your house. You don’t have a comfortable home if you don’t have “a roof over your head.” It’s important to know how roof warranties work before you start the process of installation and replacement.

    Unfortunately, consumers are not always informed when it come down to roof warranties. This leads to miscommunication and poor experiences long after the installation took place. Here are 4 facts about roof warranties to help you avoid expensive missteps. Knowing these will ensure you’re getting the best value for your roofing investment.

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    How Long Does A Slate Roof Last

    The lifespan of slate roofs may surprise you, with hard slate tiles coming in at anywhere from 75 to a whopping 200 years. These long-lasting slate tiles have a life that can typically survive multiple homeowners and may have new homeowners unsure of just how old their roof is.

    What about slate roof, how long does a roof of its kind lasts? Soft slate also has a long lifespan and can last between 50 and 125 years. If you have a slate roof, its often difficult to know how much longer it will last or when to replace it. Determining whether you have a hard or soft slate roof will likely influence your decision to try to restore it since the hard slate has such a long life. Either way, the most apparent warning of trouble with slate roofs is when leaks start happening. A qualified contractor can quickly assess where the damage is coming from and make proper repairs if possible, further extending this already long-lasting roof option.

    Shingle Or Manufacturer Warranty

    Roof Venting and Warranties.

    The manufacturers warranty is the most commonly known roofing warranty. Depending on the type of roofing material, most manufacturers offer warranties ranging between 20 and 50 years. The manufacturers warranty typically covers the roofing materials when they fail before the end of their life expectancy due to manufacturer defects, but you must ensure regular maintenance to keep the warranty intact.

    Most shingles are covered by a basic limited lifetime warranty as an industry standard. A lifetime warranty often means the shingles are covered as long as you own your home. However, the degree of protection will depend on the definition of limited, and this can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

    Some shingle warranties strictly cover the cost of defective materials and not any labor charges . Also, others only cover the cost of restoring defective shingles for a specified number of years after which they offer prorated coverage. If a failure occurs during the prorated period, youll only receive a portion of the cost or a fewer number of new shingles.

    The manufacturers warranty only provides coverage against factory defects and wont cover shingles which prematurely fail due to installation errors.

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    A Good Roof Warranty Can Save You Money Later

    Most homeowners simply assume that their roof replacement down the road will be financially covered. But different warranties have different terms, so be sure to read exactly whats type of damage is included in your warranty and how long it lasts.

    Furthermore, thinking that you dont need a roof warranty at all is another big mistake you never know what will happen in terms of storms, fires and other unplanned emergencies.

    Types Of Roof Warranties

    To help you get started, lets discuss a few standard roof warranties and what they cover.

    Material Warranty

    The material warranty is offered by the manufacturer. It covers defects in the materialnot faulty installation.

    While rare, material failures can happen. Its important to rely on a manufacturer with a good track record. This includes one thats been in business for a while. If your shingle vendor goes out of business, any material warranty it has provided will be out of business, too.

    Mostbut not allmaterial warranties address wind damage. Compare the wind speed ratings for different shingles. Some manufacturers will upgrade the wind rating based on higher installation standards, like more nails or specific sealing protocols.

    Next, find the answers to these important questions:

    • Whats the life of the material, according to the manufacturer? Typical ratings range from 20-50 years.
    • If premature failure occurs, will the manufacturer replace materials only, or will they also cover the labor cost of replacement?

    Note: Each level of shingle carries a different level of warranty, and many have a cost to add additional coverage.

    Workmanship Warranty

    The workmanship warranty is offered by the roofing contractor. It covers problems relating to installation issues, not material issues. Most problems result from faulty installationnot material failure. Therefore, this type of roof warranty is important to understand.

    Try to nail down the following pieces of information:

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    Standard Roofing Workmanship Warranty Explained

    Basically, a standard roofing workmanship warranty covers installation and labor. You as the homeowner can be stress-free about any unexpected damages during the roof installation and/or roof repairs.

    Ensuring project success requires that managers address timing, materials, warranties, and post-installation maintenance. Membrane-only warranties cover membrane failure only and do not include any labor costs for repair work. If labor costs are included, it might only be in the event that the membrane requires replacement. Craftsmanship warranties on a new roof usually offer extended protection for labor and installation. It can include items such as:

    We always suggest that you read through the warranty to know just exactly what to expect may you need to come back to it at any time.

    Well also help you read through any warranty before signing it.

    B& m Roofing And Warranties

    “Roofing Shingles Problems” by CBC

    B& M Roofings installation teams are experts in every type of roofing material, allowing us to extend a five-year craftsmanship warranty on all residential roofs we install. This covers all workmanship-related issues, and like a manufacturer warranty, it doesnt apply to damage caused by weather, animals, fallen branches, or other acts of nature. Once the replacement project is complete, it is time to maintain the investment.

    It is in the best interest of the manager and the organization to work with the installation contractor on a maintenance contract since they typically are responsible for workmanship repairs for the first two-five years of a favorable warranty. The industry has been on a spring and fall maintenance cycle, but managers should negotiate this point at the time of contract for the new roofing system since this can be a great bargaining tool to get a reduced rate for inspections.

    When your roof fails, its not as important to understand how roofing warranties work, as much as know that youre covered. Whether its craftsmanship or materials, B& M Roofing offers the coverage on all residential jobs to give homeowners the peace of mind they need to know their investment is protected.

    Contact us today for expert roofing repairs, installations, emergency services, and much more.

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    Questions To Ask Regarding Your Roof Warranty

    If you are getting a workmanship warranty from your contractor, you should ask some critical questions before moving forward with the new roof installation. These can ensure you get the coverage you need, and there wont be any surprises down the road. You also might be able to negotiate some terms if you ask the right questions. Ask your contractor the following:

    • Am I getting both a material and workmanship warranty?
    • Do you offer extended warranties?
    • How long is each warranty for?
    • What types of things can void my warranty?
    • What can I do/not do to ensure my roof remains covered under warranty?
    • What types of damage are not covered under this warranty?
    • Will interior damage be covered as well?

    What Is A Standard Roofing Warranty Your Coverage Explained

    For the average homeowner, replacing their roof is a significant investment. While this investment varies between markets, materials, and more, its certainly an investment that you shouldnt take lightly. Special consideraion should be given to the roofing warranty as it can greatly impact your roofs long term performance and potential return-on-investment when the time comes to sell your home.

    But what does a roofing warranty cover, particularlly with regards to workmanship, and how do you know that youre getting the best coverage possible?

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    Transferring The Warranty To A New Owner

    If you owned the house when the roof was installed, check your files for a contract or invoice. Most roofers are quick to tell customers that their roofs are guaranteed. Unless you have something in writing, though, you may be out of luck.

    If you bought the home after the roof was installed, you need to determine whether the original warranty was transferable. Some companies, such as Building Products of Canada and Decra, will transfer their warranties to new homeowners. CertainTeed warranties have limited transferability, which means it depends on which line of shingles were used on your roof. Their extended warranties are not transferable.

    Shingle warranties are more likely to be transferable than roofer guarantees. Apple Roofing Company in Philadelphia is among the minority. Their material and workmanship guarantee transfers if you sell the house during its ten-year term.

    At the very least, when buying a house with a newer roof, you should ask the seller for the name of the roofer who did the installation, the type of shingles used, and the date of installation.

    If you cant find a distributor or savvy roofer to help you interpret the codes, CertainTeeds technical service department will help. Their lab technicians use the codes to tell whether the shingles were made by CertainTeed. In many cases, they can even point you to the correct manufacturer if it wasnt their own company.

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    When Does My Roof Warranty Expire


    Every roofing warranty has different expiration date. It depends on the company that installed the roof and what roof materials were used.

    A manufacturers warranty will often vary between 20- and 30-year shingles. If you buy a lifetime warranty, ask what is considered a lifetime. A lifetime, by warranty terms, may only be 30 years.

    You will also want to ask if there is proration associated with your roof warranty. Proration refers to the exponential decrease in value of an object over time.

    Lets simplify that: With a prorated roofing warranty, the value remaining on your roof will decrease over time. Ten years into a prorated warranty, the warrantor might only cover 60% of the associated costs of repair even if the repair is due to their defect.

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