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How Much Do Roof Contractors Make

How To Make More Money As A Roofer

How Much Roofers and Roofing Sales reps Make? | Roofing Insights

We already talked about one way to make more money as a roofer, which is to go through some schooling and a formal apprenticeship. But, there are other ways too. First, you could seek out a location that pays more for roofers. As we just mentioned, how much a roofer makes is highly dependent on the state and city they work in. So, if youre able and willing, moving to an area with higher average salaries for roofers is one way to earn more income.

However, that isnt possible for many people. For those who dont want to move, making more money comes with experience. It may take a few years to work your way up the totem pole, but by doing good work and being a good employee, you can get that raise you deserve.

Another way to make more money as a roofer is to start your own company. Many roofing company owners once started off as part of a roofing team and then branched out to form their own company. Its a lot of work, but its well worth the effort.

Quality Of Life For Roofing Contractor

With a take-home pay of roughly $5,850/month, and the median 2BR apartment rental price of $2,506/mo**, a Roofing Contractor would pay 42.84% of their monthly take-home salary towards rent.

** This rental cost was derived according to an online report at Apartment List*** Average cost of living was acquired from Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index

How To Start Your Own Roofing Business While Avoiding The Mistakes Made By So Many

So many roofing companies close their doors before they even get going. Yet, starting a roofing business is not hard to do when you can spot and avoid the pitfalls.

In summary, heres how to start your roofing business successfully:

  • Plan Not to Fail. With all the lists of what to do, what to get and where to get it, how come more new roofing businesses fail than succeed? Avoid error #1.Hire an accountant.
  • Know Before You Go. Its vital to see how much its going to cost before you start your roofing business. Only then will you know how much youll need to stay afloat and turn a profit.Establish costs and pricing.
  • Protect Yourself. Select sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC . Consult your accountant and your insurance agent.
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    How Much Money Do Roofers Make


    Roofers install and repair roofs on homes and businesses using asphalt, wood and metal. Though they most commonly manage low-slope, steep-slope and regular flat or “built-up” structures, a few handle the new green roofs that place vegetation and soil on top of waterproof layers. The average roofer income varies according to employer and location.


    Roofers make an average of $22.03 per hour as of 2019.

    How Much Does The Owner Of A Roofing Company Make

    Roof Repair for Low Income Homeowners?

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in the roofing industry to grow by only four percent through the year 2018, as this industry is sensitive to changes in the economy. In 2008, 21 percent of roofers were contractors, many of whom specialized in residential roofing services. The salary of a roofing company owner varies by industry and geographic location.

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    What Does A Roofing Contractor Do

    There are certain skills that many roofing contractors have in order to accomplish their responsibilities. By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position. We discovered that a lot of resumes listed customer-service skills, dexterity and troubleshooting skills.

    What Determines The Salary Of A Roofer

    If we compare the lower and upper threshold gaps in the salaries of specialists in this area, they differ by more than 100 thousand dollars. Why such a discrepancy, and what determines the amount of money received by a particular contractor?

    • Experience and reputation of the firm.
    • Availability of official training and all necessary certificates.
    • The average salary in the state for performing a certain type of work.
    • Willingness to work with risky projects that pay higher.
    • Living in a region with a high-income population.
    • The dependence of the number of orders on weather conditions.
    • Industry competition.

    Although the salary of a roofer is quite high, the competition in this area is also intense. This encourages specialists, on one hand, to self-improvement, and on the other hand, to find additional ways to attract customers. So, some contractors work for Home Warranty Companies. From this cooperation, they receive a slightly lower salary but a stable flow of customers. This is especially useful for those regions that experience strong seasonal fluctuations in the demand for roofing services.

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    # 7 Contract Percentage

    If you wish to attract the heavy-hitting salesperson who knows how to close, then consider a flat-out contract percentage.

    A contract percentage commission structure grants your referring salespeople an exact percentage of the total contract cost.

    This way, your best salespeople reap the rewards, and they are also incentivized to deliver results.

    How To Properly Measure The Square Foot Of A Roof

    Roofing Marketing: How much Roofers who don’t advertise can make? | Adam Sand

    Most roofs in the United States are built on a standard 12 pitch, meaning for every foot of roof height there is 12 inches of rising.

    The following examples will show you how to calculate your square footage using common measurements such as feet and inches or meters and centimeters:

    • One square foot is equal to 144 inches, so if you measure 12 feet in one direction and another 12 feet across your roof, this is a total of 24 x 12 which equals 288 inches.
    • When divided by 144 we get two squares or two roofs at 144 square per roof.
    • Another way to calculate the area would be measuring the length and width of the roof using feet.
    • If you have a total of 80 feet in one direction and 40 feet across, this is a total area or 320 square feet.
    • Yet another way to calculate your roofs square footage would be measuring from corner to corner on both sides as well as diagonally across both dimensions which will give you the total square footage of your roof.
    • This would be done by measuring 40 feet across and 20 feet down which equals 80 x 20 = 1600 inches divided by 144 gives you 11 squares or eleven roofs at 160 square per roof.
    • Measuring a rectangular shaped gable end is very much like any other equation for finding the area, except that you will be measuring the length and width in feet.
    • For example, if your roof is 20 x 30 this would equal 600 square feet divided by 144 which equals four roofs at 150 square per roof.

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    How Much Does A Roofing Company Owner Make

    Now you know how much an ordinary roofer makes, but how much is the roofing company owner salary? The company owner is often the person responsible for bidding and securing projects. Therefore, you do not expect them to take a pay equal to that of his juniors. Generally, many company owners in the industry take between $100,000 and $250,000 in a year. However, the exact value varies with the region or the owners discretion. As you would expect, owners of more profitable companies can take higher salaries while those managing startup roofing companies would have to make do with wages below the average. Would $250,000 be a reasonable roofing company owners salary in Alaska, Hawaii, or Illinois? It depends on the profitability of the company, among other things. Many owners are still making way above this value in the said states where roofing company profit margins are above 35%.

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    Watch Out For Hidden Costs

    Certain elements, such as disposing of waste and access issues can all bump up the price. Make sure you have checked this before you start so that youre not met with any surprises. You might also be able to solve them, such as by disposing of the waste yourself or speaking to a neighbour about granting safe access.

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    Roof Replacements Are Perhaps The Most Important Part Of The Roofing Industry Making Up Over 90% Of The Market In Terms Of Both Volume And Value

    Roofing replacements make up 94% of the total volume in North American roofing projects, as well as 91% of the value. So why is this? Well, roof replacement is becoming more and more necessary as buildings that were constructed 25-50 years ago lose their integrityparticularly on the roof. Many homes were built during that time period, so it was only a matter of time before they started needing roofing replacements. Of course, homes are continuously being built throughout each decade. For this reason, the roof replacement portion of the roofing industry will continue to dominate in terms of both value and volume.

    If youre a roofer that focuses on just storm damage repairs or new roof builds for new homes, then it might be time to consider getting in the roof replacement game. There are plenty of opportunities out there, as well as plenty of money to make.

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    How Much Do Roofing Contractors Make 2022 Profit Margins

    Everett Roofing Pros

    The growing salaries of roofing business owners shows no signs of slowing down.

    Several factors can affect a roofing contractors salary, such as the size and location of the business, the type of roofing work undertaken, and the general level of experience and expertise.

    How much do roofing contractors make? Roofing contractors can make an average of $75,360 per year for each crew they employ.

    Heres the process well follow to demonstrate how I came to that number:

    • Step 1. Find the sales price of the average residential roofing job.
    • Step 2. Find the average expenses of a single residential roofing job.
    • Step 3. Subtract those expenses from the sales price to determine the average profit per job.
    • Step 4. Find out how many jobs a roofing contractor can do per year.
    • Step 5. Multiply the number of jobs per year by the profit per job.

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    Windows: From $55 Per Square Foot

    The cost of replacing your windows depends on the type of material you choose but its one of the exterior upgrades that can save you money. Aluminum windows will set you back from around $55 per square foot, wood or vinyl windows can be from around $75 per square foot and aluminum storm windows can cost between $150 and $250 each. If you want to use the existing frames but install fixed thermal glass, youre looking at around $20 per square foot. Whatever type of window you choose, if youre looking for a rough budget for labour, the average price to install, trim and flash a new five-by-seven-foot window is about $1,000.

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    Cost Of The Materials Procured

    Coming to the direct expenses, there will be a huge difference in the profits you make if the direct expenses are wisely planned. This is the place where nearly 60% of the investment is used. It is indeed an important thing to be taken care of. Of all the direct expenses, the cost of materials that are brought into the business for roofing purpose can be altered to increase the profits.

    It is a known fact that as quantity increases, the cost of the product goes down. Procuring the necessary raw materials in a considerable quantity will give you opportunities to enjoy discounts. But, this does not rule out the fact of maintain the stock of raw materials at an optimum level.

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    Important Qualities For Roofers

    Balance. Roofers should have excellent balance to avoid falling, because the work is often done on steep slopes at significant heights.

    Manual dexterity. Roofers need to be precise when installing roofing materials and handling roofing tools, in order to prevent damage to the roof and building.

    Physical stamina. Roofers must have the endurance to perform strenuous duties throughout the day. They may spend hours on their feet, bending and stoopingoften in hot temperatures.

    Physical strength. Roofers often lift and carry heavy materials. Some roofers, for example, must carry bundles of shingles that weigh 60 pounds or more.

    Unafraid of heights. Roofers must not fear working far above the ground, because the work is often done at significant heights.

    Career Salary And Education Information

    Your Roof Cost: What to Expect From a Roof Replacement

    What They Do: Roofers replace, repair, and install the roofs of buildings.

    Work Environment: Roofing work can be physically demanding because it involves heavy lifting, as well as climbing, bending, and kneeling, frequently in very hot weather. Roofers may work overtime in order to finish a particular job, especially during busier summer months.

    How to Become One: Although most roofers learn on the job, some may enter the occupation through an apprenticeship program. There are no specific education requirements for roofers.

    Salary: The median annual wage for roofers is $47,110.

    Job Outlook: Employment of roofers is projected to show little or no change over the next ten years.

    Related Careers: Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of roofers with similar occupations.

    Following is everything you need to know about a career as a roofer with lots of details. As a first step, take a look at some of the following jobs, which are real jobs with real employers. You will be able to see the very real job career requirements for employers who are actively hiring. The link will open in a new tab so that you can come back to this page to continue reading about the career:

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    Growth In Building Work Means Good Opportunities For Roofers

    Chances of getting a job as a roofer are good due to:

    • moderate growth in construction predicted to extend until at least the end of 2023, meaning more roofing work
    • the Governments KiwiBuild programme, involving the building of quality affordable homes over the next decade
    • building work needed to upgrade leaky homes and earthquake-prone buildings.

    The Christchurch post-earthquake rebuild is ongoing but most of the remaining work is in the non-residential sector.

    According to the Census, 3,696 roofers worked in New Zealand in 2018.

    Provisions For Unforeseen Circumstances

    The cost of a roofing project can go up substantially if the contractor experiences any unforeseen circumstances during the course of completing a job. For example, if the contractor discovers that the roofing is rotting, they may have to purchase more materials or hire additional labor to complete the job on schedule or to make the repair properly. The roofing contract should include an estimate in the event that these unforeseen circumstances arise.

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    Field Service Management Software For Roofers

    With the spring season underway and summer right around the corner, roofing businesses across the country should anticipate an increase in customer requests over the following months. To help streamline your employee and customer management processes this busy season, FieldPulse Field Service management software is ready to set you up for success.

    From managing and dispatching job alerts for your roofing technicians to customer invoicing and communication capabilities, weve got you covered. Schedule a free demo to discover how FieldPulse can better your company today.

    Roof Repair Vs A New Roof

    Residential Roofing Materials

    As the costs above show, repairing a roof is almost always much more cost effective then getting a new one, depending on the extent of the damage or the problem. However, this isnt the case if the repair is unlikely to solve the issue or last very long.

    You might also want to consider a new roof if youre home has structural damage because of it or extensive water leaks, which will cause knock-on issues and costs.

    Before you make your decision, your roof should be inspected fully, ideally by a few traders, so that you can understand the problems.

    Find a reliable and recommended roof repairer near you now by using Which? Trusted Traders.

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    How To Find A Good Roofer

    It’s always a good idea to start by asking your neighbours for recommendations when looking for a roofer, as you’re likely to share the same style of roof. Most roofers will be happy to install either slates or tiles, but check their experience if you have a flat roof or other more unusual structure.

    Find out whether previous customers praise all aspects of a roofer’s work, such as the quality and cost of the work, the time it took to complete and what they were like to deal with.

    Which? Trusted Traders is partnered with The Confederation of Roofing Contractors who vet and check all of their members thoroughly. Public liability insurance is vigorously checked to ensure that their roofers are not only insured, but insured for the right trade. They provide free help and advice to members of the public regardless of whether they have used a member or not and will provide free mediation if there are any issues with their members and customers. Read more about our partnership here.

    It’s also worth finding out whether your roofer or roofing contractor is a member of The National Federation of Roofing Contractors , which is well-regarded in the industry.

    NFRC contractors undergo rigorous vetting before joining and are subject to checks every three years. They must hold appropriate public, employers and third party insurance, comply with health and safety legislation and operate in accordance with the NFRC Code of Practice as well as British and European Standards.


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