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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Roof Decking

What Determines The Price Of A New Roof

How to Roof a House: Re-Deck Roof Cost

As weve seen in the estimates above, the high and low ranges for an average roof replacement cost seem miles apart. Thats because there are so many different factors that come into play when calculating a quote its not as simple as taking some measurements and buying a certain number of shingles. So, what are the biggest cost drivers?

How Do I Know If I Need A Roof Replacement

There are many signs which indicate that you might need a roof replacement. Firstly, you might notice that your roof shingles are cracked, broken or curling. You might see missing granules and streaks from algae or moss. Perhaps you havent noticed any of these signs, but youve had your roof for twenty years or more? In this case, its also advisable to get an expert opinion. Older roofing may have rotting decking or damaged underlay. Perhaps your roof is in okay condition, but youre looking for a more eco-friendly option . The approximate cost of a solar roof is between $11,000 and $14,000.

Unit Costs: How Pros Price

Unlike other websites that publish pricing from unrelated jobs in the past, Homewyse creates up-to-date estimates from current Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method delivers high accuracy by using location, details and options for the unique requirements of each job. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

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Surprise : Rotten Decking

The number one issue roofers uncover during a tear-off is rotten or soft roof decking. Decking is the plywood sheathing that sits below your roofs shingles and doesnt always get replaced in every roofing project. In fact, if the decking seems to be in good shape, an honest roofer will usually leave it alone. However, if the roofer finds rotting or soft plywood when they tear off your homes shingles, theyll need to put in new sheathing first, before adding the roof on top of that.

Here are some signs that your deck is rotting:

  • Spongy or discolored wood
  • Flaky consistency or broken off pieces
  • Large areas of gray mold or dark wood
  • Plumbing leaks and broken drainage systems could also be a sign of rotten decking

How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost

A1 Roofing and Siding

On average, homeowners across the US report spending $8,500 10,000 to install a metal roof. Metal roof prices can vary greatly depending on the type of metal roof you choose to install.

For example, corrugated metal roofing panels are the most budget friendly metal roof and can cost as little as $5,000-6,000 installed on a 1,500 sq.ft. roof. On the on the upper end of the price spectrum are standing seam panels that cost as much as $11,000-15,000 for the same size roof.

Another factor that greatly increases your overall cost for a metal roof is the type of metal its made of. Steel is the most common and reasonably priced metal roofing material. However, there is also aluminum, zinc and copper. These metals can cost 15-35% more than a steel roof.

Here is a list of metal roof prices per square foot

1. Corrugated steel panels: $4 5.65 per sq. ft. 2. Metal shingles: $7 9 per sq. ft. 3. Stone-coated steel tile: $8 9 per sq. ft. 4. Standing seam: $7 13 per sq. ft. installed

Keep in mind that these are prices charged by licensed contractors who specialize in metal roofing installation.

Included in the total price quote are the following items:

Materials that a contractor buys for the job Removal of old shingles All necessary flashing and snow guards Building permits Debris removal/dump fees

Note, that snow guards are installed in the snow country to prevent ice damming and chunks of snow from falling on your head, or cars parked directly below the roof.

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The Roofing Material You Choose For Your Roof Replacement

The type of roofing material you choose has a big impact on the cost to tear off and replace your roof. Remember, the price above is based on architectural shingles.

But there are a variety of different types of roofs to choose from to fit your budget and the look you want. If youre looking for the price range above or looking for the most affordable roof, an asphalt shingle roof is right for you.

On the other hand, a standing seam metal roof is a great option if youre looking for a longer-lasting and sharp looking roof. However, itll be almost double the cost of an asphalt roof.

If budget isnt a concern, there are premium roof systems that give a look that really stands out. These premium roofs include composite shingles, cedar shake, slate, and tile.

The premiums get expensive quickly and can be more than triple the cost of an asphalt shingle roof.

We Put Care Into Your Complete Roofing System

We hope that this guide on roof decking has helped you feel more informed about this essential component of your roof. Here at WISA Solutions, we prioritize installing high-quality roofing systems so that our customers have long-lasting, protective roofs that last for decades.

If youre experiencing issues with your roof, reach out to our friendly team! Well perform a detailed roof inspection and give you a free estimate.

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Cost Of Roof Replacement By Location

Because roofing contractors labor rates vary from region to region and town to town, the cost of a new roof will vary, too.

For most roofing projects, labor makes up 60% of the total budget. That means more than half your costs depend entirely on the cost of living and labor rates where you live.

For example, a roofing contractor in a small town might charge about $150 per square for labor, while one in a metro area could charge as much as $300 per square for labor alone.

You can see how varying local labor costs might make your overall project cost much higher or lower. Thats why contacting at least three local roofing contractors for quotes is the best way to get an accurate price estimate for your project.

Cost To Reroof A House

What Is Roof Decking?

The total cost to reroof a house with new shingles is between $4,707 to $15,690 which includes old roof removal, new roofing materials, and professional installation. The cost of materials alone range from $3,240 to $10,800 depending on the size of your roof.

To remove the old shingles, expect to spend between $1,467 and $4,890 or from $125 and $500 per roofing square. Costs are adjusted based on the difficulty of removing and disposing of the existing type of roofing material. If your roofing professional discovers structural issues in the rafters after removing your old roof, you could have to pay an additional $1,000 to $10,000.

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Additional Roof Replacement Materials And Features

When you replace your roof, you may find you need to repair more than just your shingles. Here are a few things that might increase the cost of replacing your roof:

Your roofs decking is what your roofing material is installed on. Usually, decking is made of plywood or oriented strand board that is placed over your rafters. If your roof is damaged or has leaked, then your decking may need to be replaced. Replacing or repairing roof decking will cost between $2.20 and $3.00 per square foot.

However, your contractor wont be able to tell if there is damage to your decking until after your existing roofing material is removed. A decking replacement will be added to the cost of your re-roofing project after youve already received a quote.


The underlayment of your roof helps protect your roof decking against water damage. So, if your shingles crack and water gets through them, the water will hit the underlayment and wont rot your entire roofing system. Most underlayment materials used today are made with a synthetic felt that is then covered in asphalt.

In many places, underlayment is required for your home to be up to code and must be replaced as part of your roof replacement. New underlayment costs between $1.50 and $2.10 per square foot.

Ice and water barrier

Replacing ice and water barriers may cost between $1.87 and $2.53 per square foot, not including installation costs.

Fascia and soffit replacement

Roof flashing and pipe boots

Signs Of Water Damage From Inside Your Garage

From inside your garage, it can be easy to spot signs of damage to the roof. In most cases, these require further investigation to assess the extent of the damage and repair cost. Here is what to look for:

  • Brown marks on the ceiling or wall caused by water stains.
  • Black, green, or brown patches of mold where dampness occurs.
  • Water leaks after rainfall.

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Metal Roof Cost Calculator National Averages

Roof Size
*Price ranges by location, pitch, and materials used

If you are looking to replace your three-tab asphalt shingles, expect to pay between $7,100 and $12,500. Better yet, those of you who are looking for a 30-year shingle roof replacement can prepare to spend between $9,000 and $16,600. To take it up a notch, a 50-year shingle replacement costs between $11,000 and $18,700.

It costs between $8,000 and $15,600 to replace your EPDM rubber roof. For homeowners with PVC or TPO membrane roofs, dont be surprised to shell out between $10,000 and $16,500 in for a full roof replacement.

The final few roof replacement types costs include:

  • Standing seam replacement $19,000-$30,780
  • Steel shingle replacement $11,000-$25,570
  • Wood shingle replacement $10,200-$25,590

Keep in mind that these costs are based on a national average. This means that your costs may vary depending on your homes location, region, and the number of stories. The number of old shingles to be removed will be a big factor too!

Roof Replacement Labor Costs

Cost To Install Soffit Vents

Labor typically accounts for 60% of the total cost of a roof replacement. So, if your roof replacement costs a total of $9,000, about $5,400 is likely for labor. The actual labor costs of your roof replacement will depend on the size of the crew and how much time your roof replacement takes.

Usually, roofers are paid at a rate of about $130 per hour and general roof laborers work for about $35 per hour.

With labor taking up such a large portion of the costs, its important to make sure you pick the right roofing company to get the job done. Here are a few things to consider when comparing roofing contractors:

  • Companys reputation. Does the company have good online reviews? Were they referred by a friend or family member? Were they happy with their work? Theres a reason why contractors have a certain reputation, so you should always keep this in the back of your mind when selecting a roofing contractor.
  • Warranty. Roofing contractors will typically provide a labor and workmanship warranty, to help you in case theres a mistake with the installation. A reputable roofing contractor will offer a 10+ year warranty on their work.
  • Subcontractors. If you see that a roofing company uses subcontractors to complete their installations, you could run the risk of getting a subpar installation. Roofing contractors with their own installation teams usually provide high-quality workmanship.
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    Other Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Garage Roof Replacement

    In addition to replacing the roof covering on a garage roof, there may be additional costs to replace a root. For example, replacing flashing, repairing plywood sheathing, or paying for permits may be necessary. Sometimes, homeowners decide it is worthwhile to replace shingles with a more durable roofing solution.

    The quality of materials is another factor affecting the cost of a garage roof replacement. For example, suppose you want to replace the roof covering with a higher quality material. In that case, you can expect to pay more. However, you have peace of mind that the new shingles will last longer.

    Here are the additional costs of replacing a garage roof.

    How Much Should I Expect To Spend To Replace Roof Decking

    Your roofer should charge you only for the labor and materials used for a roofing project. A standard piece of plywood roofing sheathing measures 4 x 8 feet, and anywhere from ¼ of an inch to -inch thick. The thicker the plywood your roofer uses, the more expensive the job will be. Your price could vary depending on how much the roofing company charges for labor, but generally, you can expect to spend between $70 to $100 for each sheet of plywood.

    A 4 x 8 sheet of plywood covers about 32 square feet of roof areaand the average roof measures about 3,000 square feet. That means new decking could potentially add several thousand dollars to your roofing project.

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    What Is The Most Affordable Material For Roof Replacement

    If youre looking for ways to cut down the cost of getting a new roof, you may want to consider getting asphalt shingles. Out of all the options out there, asphalt is probably the most pocket-friendly, followed by metal, tile, and, lastly, slate. Heres a chart of what the price ranges look like for each material:

    • Asphalt $120 to $400 per 100 square feet
    • Metal $500 to $1800 per 100 square feet
    • Tile $600 to $4000 per 100 square feet
    • Slate $800 to $4000 per 100 square feet

    Its tempting to choose the most affordable option out there, especially if youre on a very tight budget. But keep in mind: theres always a catch to choosing cost over quality. An asphalt roof will last you for only 30 or so years. But a roof made out of the higher-priced materials can last for about 50 or more years. Deciding which option is the better solution for your roof totally depends on you at this point.

    About Liability Insurance

    Along with figuring out which materials are the best for your new roof, discuss the cost of the removal and installation of shingles with your contractor. Again, the prices vary widely depending on the tenure of your contractor. Newer and smaller companies may give you lower quotations but keep an eye out for abnormally low bids.

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    Average Cost To Replace A Roof Based On House Size:

    Roof Replacement Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?
    • 1,000 square feet: $4,000 to $5,500
    • 1,100 square feet: $4,200 to $6,000
    • 1,200 square feet: $4,500 to $6,500
    • 1,500 square feet: $5,500 to $8,000
    • 1,600 square feet: $6,000 to $8,500
    • 1,7oo square feet: $6,500 to $9,000
    • 1,800 square feet: $6,700 to $9,500
    • 1,900 square feet: $7,000 to $10,000
    • 2,000 square feet: $7,400 to $10,500
    • 2,500 square feet: $9,000 to $13,000
    • 3,000 square feet: $11,200 to $16,000

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    Problem : Storm Damage

    While youll probably notice if a branch or other debris piles onto your roof, hail damage can be much more insidious. With 4,610 hail events in the U.S. in 2018, the states most susceptible are Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota. Shingles and panels are almost always replaced entirely rather than patched up, making the cost of hail damaged roof replacement higher.

    Depending on the area in which you live, materials used and contractor, you can expect to pay between $400 and $800 per every 100 square feet for roof repair and replacement. If you end up needing a full roof replacement, it could cost you between $7,500 and $15,000 for the average home size and roofing style. You can check for a more exact estimate using an online roofing calculator.

    Your roof shingles are probably rated to protect your roof from the worst hail damagebut small hailstones can still cause problems. Tiny holes in your roof can expose your underlayment to rain and other moisture, which will cause mold, rot, and leaks. An inspector can spot hail damage right away, so you can get your insurance on the case to repair or replace your roof. A claim thats filed too long after the initial weather event may not be covered by insurance.

    How Much Does A Flat Roof Deck Cost

    Across the US, homeowners report spending $750-3,000 to build a flat roof deck, depending on project size and materials.

    In fact, the price range is so spread out, because the quality of rooftop deck materials ranges from very low to top notch.

    EPDM rubber is at the lowest end of the price spectrum. Average rooftop deck cost is $700 900 per 100 sq.ft. So if your roofing deck is 300 sq.ft. you will pay $2,100-2,700 total.

    At the highest end of the price range is 80 mil PVC membrane. PVC deck cost per square foot is $9-12. You are looking to spend about $900-1,200 per 100 square feet installed. So 300 sq.ft. will cost $2,700-3,600. This estimate includes slippers, and all necessary penetration flashings.

    TPO roofing membrane falls somewhere in the middle, costing about $800-1,100 per 100 sq.ft.

    Thus, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive option is $600-900 As we will review the multiple problems that await you with rubber decking, it will hopefully be clear that this initial savings is not worth the long term troubles and expenses.

    Finally, keep in mind that all installation jobs for less than 100 sq.ft. typically include an up charge of 10-15%

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    Calculating Patio Roof Costs

    The average cost to install a new patio roof ranges from $1,037 to $2,445 depending on the size and materials used. A small living room patio with asphalt roofing installed will cost $605 while a large outdoor dining patio with a metal roof costs $3,712. Of the four most common patio styles, the two that are generally considered large enough to warrant a roof include:

    • Living room patio – Average size is 16 by 18 288 sq. ft
    • Outdoor dining patio – Average size is 12 by 14 168 sq. ft

    Patio Roof Costs

    • Class A 21 to 45 feet long
    • Class B 16 to 25 feet long
    • Class C 20 to 35 feet long


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