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How Much For New Roof And Siding

Save Money On Replacement Costs

How Much Does Siding Cost?

Replacing the roof of your home can cost more than you would like to spend. While there are some things you absolutely cannot pinch pennies on, such as a quality roofing contractor, there are ways to help you cut the cost of your roof replacement in Maryland.

  • Shop Around You may think you cant afford a quality contractor, but you most definitely cannot afford to allow an unqualified person to replace your roof. In order to cut costs, and still be able to afford a quality professional, we suggest you shop around for different companies. It is wise to research and request local references to the roofing companies in your area, as well as their reviews. You can request bids from several companies, and go with the one you are most comfortable with. Look for local roofing companies. As a homeowner, you can also call the manufacturers to ask if they have any recommended roofing installers. One way to find a good roofing company is to find a company with the highest level of manufacturer certifications.
  • Time is Money When scheduling your roof replacement, try to do it in the roofing contractors least busy season. This means waiting till late winter or early spring to schedule your roof replacement. Due to the company being less busy, their prices will most likely be lower than they are in their busy season.
  • Vinyl Vs Other Siding Material Costs

    Compared to other siding materials, vinyl is relatively inexpensive. However, vinyl siding may not have all the features youre seeking. Below youll find the average cost for various siding materials and their defining characteristics:

    Lasts for 100 years or more.Most expensive siding material.

    Roofing And Siding Costs And Savings

    The cost of any improvements a homeowner is considering is usually one of the top factors. As we stated previously, both of these jobs are going to get into the several thousand dollar range.

    So, are there any cost savings in getting your roof replaced at the same time as re-siding your home?

    For the most part, this depends on the contractor.

    Premium Siding & Painting Co. in Austin believes in rewarding our customers for hiring us for more than one job. If a client hires us to replace their roof and install new siding, we will provide them a substantial discount. This also includes window installation and gutters as well.

    Other roofing companies in Austin dont offer the same discounts. That is, if they even do more than just roofs. Most roofers dont have the professional, experienced James Hardie Certified Siding experts in house like PSP Company does.

    Another important cost factor to consider is the cost of missing work. Most homeowners prefer to be around when there are major repairs being done to their home. Scheduling multiple jobs around the same time frame could greatly reduce the money lost from missed income at work.

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    How Do I Estimate The Cost Of My New Roof

    If you want to get an idea of what it might cost to replace your entire roof before you call the experts in, there are a few things you need to take into account.

    First, you need to consider the size and shape of your roof.

    If your roof has a steep pitch or multiple levels, the price of replacement will be higher than flat roofs or one with a lower slope.

    The size of your roof also affects the roof replacement cost. The more square feet you have to cover, the more it’ll cost to replace.

    Another major factor affecting your cost is the roofing materials you decide to use.

    Just about 75% of homes in the U.S. choose asphalt shingles.

    Asphalt shingles are typically the most affordable shingle type to use.

    If you use other roofing materials like metal roofing, concrete tile, shay tile, cedar shakes, slate shingles, or another premium roofing material, your costs will go up.

    Average Roof Replacement Cost

    Windows, Roofing &  Siding in Kalamazoo, MI

    Replacing a roof is without a doubt one of the larger expenses youll face as a homeowner. Whats worse, its not a home improvement that you can directly enjoy once its finished, like, say, a new deck or a renovated kitchen. But its an investment in your property that will keep your home in good shape for years to come.

    The average lifespan of a newly replaced roof is 30 to 100 years, depending on the type of roofing material that you choose. And if you need more good news, youll recoup some of the average cost to tear off and replace a roof when you go to sell your home.

    Zillow estimates that a roof replacement will return somewhere around 60% of its value in a real estate transaction. Keren Jayne, a realtor with Pearson Smith, says, A new roof is marketable which pays off in other ways. The more marketable features your home has, the more potential buyers and competitive offers it will attract.

    The national average cost to replace a roof is around $8,000, with most people spending in the range of $5,500 to $11,000. The two largest variables youll deal with on a job like this are the square footage of your home , and the type of roofing material you choose.

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    Rv And Travel Trailer Roof Replacement Cost

    The cost to replace the roof on an RV or travel trailer averages $7,000 to $12,000. RVs and travel trailers have flat roofs. Therefore, they typically use a flat roofing material. However, it is applied differently than on a home. The RV is typically taken to a shop for this project, and the costs are usually charged by the linear foot rather than by the square. This is an expensive process and usually involves a full replacement, including the roofing material and the under material.

    Savings Tips Financing And Warranties

    • Get multiple quotes. We recommend that you get as many quotes as you need to feel comfortable. We acknowledge this is necessary for many homeowners and have made it one of our top goals to empower homeowners to successfully work with a contractor, regardless of who they choose. When it comes to any home renovation, you want to make the right choice and get a square deal. If someone has a problem with you doing this, its a red flag.
    • The greatest cost isnt a line item. As weve written before, procrastination is the greatest cost on many roofing replacements. Thats because the cost of labor and materials is trending sharply upward, has been for years, and will likely continue. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of roofing jobs has increased by 5% to 10% in 2021 alone. There are a number of reasons for this, linked to the pandemic, extreme weather, material pricing, and simple demand. For instance, supply chain disruptions have increased manufacturing costs and lead times. The cost to hire experienced and manufacturer-certified installers has also increased.Procrastination carries other costs, too. A roof thats even slightly damaged or leaky will also result in underlying structural damage and mold. These things, often unseen, compound over time, adding cost upon cost.

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    • Timing. If it can wait, scheduling your roof replacement for the off-season may allow you to secure an off-season discount.

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    Is A New Roof Worth It As A Selling Tool

    Perhaps a new roof wont boost your home value too much, but could it still help you sell your home? Theres no doubt that many real estate agents value a new roof as an effective selling tool. In fact, according to the NARI report, 32 percent of realtors recently used a new roof to finalize a sale. Buyers are attracted to homes with new roofs, as they know it will save them from having to do a replacement or major repairs. Thats great peace of mind.

    While buyers may not be willing to pay more for a home with a new roof, they might choose it over a comparable home with a poor roof. Therefore, if your home is still on the market while other homes in your neighborhood are selling, an old roof could be the reason buyers just arent interested.

    Your roof is also a key factor in the curb appeal of your home, or how the exterior looks. Curb appeal is critical to get buyers interested in your home. Plus, it is your first chance to impress them.

    Research from NARI has demonstrated that home renovations that improve curb appeal are among the best investments to increase home value. Buyers develop faster emotional connections with homes that wow them right from the driveway. Some buyers may not even walk into a home that has an unappealing exterior.

    Old roof on homeNew asphalt shingles on roof

    Average Siding Cost Estimate Breakdown

    How Much Does A New Roof Cost 2021 | Houston, TX

    Listed below you can see the breakdown of the average siding project and how the price adds up for a vinyl siding installation by different factors:

    • Siding Installation Permit: $200
    • Shutters: $468.00
    • Additional: $45.00 delivery charge and $250 garbage rental
    • Old Siding Removal Costs: $1,000
    • Estimated total cost for vinyl siding installation: $15,275.35

    This particular home siding installation example would not include the potential costs of window trimming, soffits or fascia board.

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    Avoid Hidden Roof Replacement Costs

    Before choosing your roof replacement contractor, be sure you can trust them and that their estimate is transparent and complete.

    The best advice on how to avoid hidden roofing costs is to choose a local, trusted contractorsomeone whose reputation and reliability are central to their success. You can confirm this by checking their physical business address and validating their local licensing.

    Here are additional warning signs that can protect your roof replacement budget:

    • Avoid contractors who request the entire roof replacement cost, or large cash deposit, up front.
    • Avoid anyone who pressures you to sign a contract immediately.
    • Be wary of any outliers in your quotes. All estimates should be relatively similar unless the material type is significantly different.

    When it comes to a roof replacement project, there are some hidden costs homeowners could be surprised with down the line. The best way to avoid these is to ask the contractor about them.

    Find Local Contractors

    The Best Shingles For Resale

    If youve decided a new roof is a good investment for you, you should spend some time thinking about which shingles will give you the best return. If your goal is to boost your appraisal value or attract more buyers, shy away from choosing the lowest cost shingle. Buyers may not be thrilled about the low-end options, as they may not create the same sense of security. You want the buyers to be sure that they wont have to replace the roof for at least a decade.

    Instead, choose a quality asphalt shingle from a well-known manufacturer, such as IKOs architectural shingles. One option is IKO Dynasty performance shingles. These laminate shingles offer your buyers assurance in quality, especially if you live in an area where extreme weather conditions are frequent.

    High-quality shingles may impress insurance companies as well as buyers. Some insurance companies will offer lower home insurances rates if the home has a new quality roof that offers more protection during extreme weather events. Your buyer may be interested in mentioning this to their insurance company so make sure you mention the possibility of a lower insurance rate to them. It just might be the factor that convinces them to purchase your home.

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    Average Cost To Replace A Roof By Size

    The size of your home and roof influences your roof replacement costs. Roofs come in many shapes and sizes, but the general rule is this area is roughly 1.5 times your square footage. So, a 1,000 sq.ft. home has a 1,500 sq.ft. roof. Roofing material is sold and installed by the square, which is 100 sq.ft. If your measurement equals 1,350 sq.ft., you should purchase 1,400 sq.ft. of material. These figures are a guideline. Ensure a professional measures it for the exact dimensions. Costs for replacement are for the and only and do not include new decking or reinforcement for heavier materials.

    The average cost range per roof square replacement is $350 to $900 per square. This range encompasses most popular materials. Asphalt shingles are at the low end, aluminum and architectural shingles are mid-range materials, and concrete and metal shakes are at the high end. Flat roofs may have lower-cost materials, while some high-end materials like slate and wood shakes may have much higher costs.

    Roof Size

    Average Total Cost Of Replacement On A 2000

    Siding Materials  Siding Cost Calculator

    3-Tab Asphalt Shingles: $9,500 to $12,50030-year Shingles: $10,000 to $18,70050-year Premium Shingles: $10,500 to $19,500EPDM Rubber Membrane: $9,500 to $15,500TPO or PVC Membrane: $11,500 to $20,500Wood Shingles: $15,500 to $25,500Steel Shingles: $15,500 to $25,500Aluminum Shingles: $16,500 to $27,500Standing Seam: $18,500 to $29,500Natural Slate: $25,000 to $50,500Concrete Tiles: $25,000 to $40,500Clay Tiles: $25,000 to $45,500

    See what local pros charge

    * These are approximate total job prices based on the national average. Costs may vary depending on your region and homes location, the roofs slope and number of stories, overall complexity of the roof, the number of layers of old shingles to be removed and disposed of the type of roofing underlayment , roof accessories used, and any workmanship warranties or guarantees the contractor offers.

    Getting a roof replacement is expensive. Seeing the total price of getting it done properly can cause a justifiable sticker shock. However, when homeowners have a better understanding of where the money is going and how they will save money in the long run, its easier to see a quality roof as the investment it truly is.

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    Diy House Siding Vs Hiring A Pro

    Depending on the siding you choose and your level of experience as a DIYer, you may very well be able to replace siding yourself, saving some money. But there are definite benefits to hiring a pro, especially if you dont know how to replace siding already.

    • They already have the correct equipment to do the job.
    • They have experience and knowledge about your particular siding.
    • If you hire a contractor who is licensed and insured , any possible damage to your home while work is going on is covered through their insurance.
    • A professional contractor can complete the job in a shorter amount of time than you can.

    For any home improvement job, and especially your siding project, be sure to get at least three quotes before hiring an installation professional.

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted siding contractors:

    Does Insurance Pay For A New Roof

    There are a few factors that will decide whether or not insurance will pay for your replacement.

    The biggest factor is if your roof was damaged due to severe weather.

    If you have missing shingles or hail damage due to a recent storm, there’s a good chance your insurance company will cover your costs.

    But if your entire roof wasn’t damaged, they are unlikely to cover replacement costs and just pay for repairs.

    This is when it becomes important to contact the top roofing contractor in your area.

    They’ll walk you through the process and communicate with the insurance company about what needs to be done.

    You should always have a knowledgeable roofer on your side as you deal with your insurance company.

    Insurance companies will always want to pay out as little as possible to cover the repairs or replacements. Still, your roofing contractor will ensure that your insurance company pays what’s necessary to complete the repairs.

    You also need to have your roof inspected immediately after the storm.

    If you wait too long, your insurance company may say that the damage was caused by other factors like neglect or age, and they won’t cover the cost of the replacement or repair.

    If your damage isn’t due to a storm or a similar event, like a tree falling on it, insurance is unlikely to cover it.

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    Roof Replacement Cost By Pitch

    Your roofs pitch also impacts the replacement cost. Pitch refers to how fast the surface rises from the edge to the top. This measures height gains for every 12 inches. Most people have a conventional pitch, which includes styles like gable, cross gable, hip, Dutch, dormer, shed, butterfly, and M. It also includes the top portions of gambrels and mansards. A pitch falling between 4/12 and 6/12 is considered conventional. Pitches falling between 0/12 and 2/12 are considered flat, while 2/12 to 4/12 is considered low. Most low-slope roofs are treated like flats in material and cost. High or are 7/12 and greater. These are seen on A-frame homes and the sides of a mansard and gambrel.

    Below are the average cost ranges for the most common materials used on these roofs. Only conventional and steep roofs can use the most common materials, while flat and low-pitch areas need different materials. It is also important to remember there are other less-common materials available with higher costs.

    $5 – $12

    Average Cost Of Metal Roof Installation

    How Much Does James Hardie Siding Cost in 2021? | Houston

    Once you have the materials, then you need to actually install your roof or more accurately, have it installed by a team of professional roofers.

    The costs of installing your metal roof will vary depending on your location, your property, and the type of roof that you are installing, but installation costs are important to account for since they will affect the total price of your new metal roof.

    Metal roofing tends to be more expensive to install than asphalt or wood shingles since it is not simply nailed to the top of the roof but rather built on top of a breathable synthetic underlayer, prefabricated trim, fashioning, and requires the installation or customization of pipe boots and roof vents.

    This of course increases the overall cost of materials as well as the expertise necessary to do the job roofers in your area or metal roof contractors who can handle metal roofing with the appropriate skill tend to be on the higher end, cost-wise.

    Also, keep in mind that smaller orders of metal roofing material tend to cost a bit more per square foot than larger orders.

    Ordering through your roofing contractor can be one way to save on your new roof since they likely have the connections to buy at a bulk rate or can get an industry discount.

    Plus, metal roofing can often be the most energy-efficient selection, saving you money on heating during the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

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