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How Much Is The Tesla Roof

How Long Does It Take To Install A Tesla Solar Roof

How Much Does A Tesla Solar Tile Roof Weight? | Tesla Solar Roof

Fortunately, the third version of the solar roof sold in 2021 features larger tiles that dont need to be cut on site. It also has fewer pieces of hardware per tile. This means it can be installed more quickly than earlier iterations.

To give you some idea of the entire process, heres a certified installer doing a 4-day install time lapse. Some customers report up to 10-14 days.

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Ever Thought Of Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof

Prices have plummeted in recent years, and having an EV is yet another incentive to go solar. Most utility customers can participate in a net metering program that compensates homeowners for unused solar electricity contributed to the grid. If the sun is shining bright while youre away at work, you still receive bill credits for the unused power your panels generated. The utility bill credits youll receive may cover the entire cost of charging your car. Thats 100% clean, free power for both your home and transportation!

Tesla Angers Customers With Last

Tesla has been in the solar roof business since 2016, but it has not been a smooth road. Customers who signed up for Elon Musks spendy solar solution have been popping up online alleging substantial price increases after theyve already signed contracts. In some cases, the price increases are more than double what the customer originally agreed to pay. While Tesla isnt commenting on the reason for the price increase, changes to its website suggest this is thanks to the cost of installing on complicated roofs.

Adding solar panels to a homes roof is an easy way to take advantage of all that free energy the sun drops on us, but the panels themselves are far from free. Teslas pitch with the solar roof is, yes, its expensive, but you also get a new roof. Anyone whos ever had to replace a homes roof can tell you its not cheap. A solar roof could actually be an attractive deal if youre in the market for both a roof and solar panels, but the value isnt quite as generous with Teslas new pricing.

It would be nice if Tesla stuck with the deals it made before it decided to change its pricing, but this comes after several years of slashing prices in an attempt to get more customers to take the plunge. Tesla has been crowing about growth in its solar deployments but has not provided any specifics. It may simply have figured out how much it really costs to install these systems.

Now read:

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Heres How Much A Typical Ev Driver Spends On Charging At Home In Every State

Heres how much EV drivers from each state can expect to pay for a full charge. The examples below specifically reflect an EV with an 82 kWh battery, such as a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. The stark difference between home charging and public fast charging highlights the fact that going electric likely only brings savings when plugging in mostly at home.


Tesla Standard Solar Panels

Heres How Much a Tesla Solar Roof Will Cost You

The most basic offering, and the one the majority of customers are envisioning when considering solar energy for their household, are standard Tesla solar panels. These work the same way as any rooftop solar panel, but the main features that set Tesla solar panels apart from competitors’ products include:

  • 24/7 monitoring: You can keep tabs on your panels at any time and from anywhere through a mobile monitoring app. The app tracks your panels’ performance, efficiency and generation, as well as detects any issues with your system.
  • Aesthetics: Tesla prioritizes the design of its rooftop panels in a way competitors don’t, creating a sleek, blended, low-profile installation that brings direct curbside appeal.
  • Streamlined pre-installation: As part of Tesla’s solar panel installation process, homeowners send in photos of their equipment and system spaces rather than having a crew come out to inspect these areas. This helps bring total costs below the national average.

The exact nature of the installation chosen for your home will be customized based on your rooftop, power needs, geography, budget and more.

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Here are a few specs to note regarding Tesla solar panels:

As you may be able to tell, Tesla’s panels are some of the best solar panels on the market today. This leads to one question: How much do they cost?

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What Are Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Elon revealed the Tesla Solar Roof way back in 2016 on the Desperate Housewives show. At the time, they were still in their developmental phase and not yet available for the mass market.

One of their unique features, compared with conventional solar panels, is the fact that they replace your regular roof tiles . This is a marked difference from your conventional solar panel system which is installed with solar panels laid on a metal racking system.

These regular looking roof shingles were initially available overseas in different styles. This was Tuscan glass, slate glass, textured glass and smooth glass. However when Tesla was taking pre-orders for the Tesla Solar Roof in the Australian market in 2016, they initially only offered textured glass and smooth glass shingles.

Solar Panel Material Differences

Teslaâs marketing literature suggests thereâs eight different tiles available. Tesla currently offers a textured style, which Tobler chose, as well as smooth. Tuscan and slate styles are set to ship later. Each of these four comes in both solar and non-solar varieties. Simple, right?

Not quite. These eight all use a tempered glass three times stronger than slate or asphalt, as outlined in this Tesla animation:

Itâs part of why Tesla can offer an âinfinityâ warranty on the tiles with 30 years coverage for its power-generating capabilities and weatherization. Unfortunately, the strong glass makes them unsuitable for cutting to size, so Tesla also produces a variety of non-solar tiles with weaker glass. Youâll find these ones around the edges of the house, by the chimney, and anywhere else where Tesla needs to cut a tile to size.

âThe solar tiles themselves are extremely strong and you can walk on them, but to be able to put ladders on some of the edge pieces, we were concerned about making sure everything stayed intact,â Tobler says. âWe actually temporarily went offline and had a strip of tiles removed so the painter could put a ladder all around the edge.â

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Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Teslas release of rooftop Solar tiles allows you to completely cover your home in Solar roof tiles and produce your own energy. You can then store any excess energy that is produced by your roof within the Tesla Powerwall to use later instead of ever having to import energy from the grid.

Tesla also offer 4 different types of solar roof tile, which are designed to suit the design of your home so you can produce your own energy without losing the beauty of your own home through traditional PV panels.

These different types of tiles include Textured, Smooth, Tuscan and Slate. Made using tempered glass, the Tesla roof tiles are said to be more than 3 times stronger than the average roof tile.

Tesla is currently only asking for a £100 deposit to reserve your Solar Roof. When you will actually receive the order is unknown at time of press!

They are so confident in the strength and durability of these tiles that they also give an unlimited warrantee. They demonstrate this strength by showing a video of the tiles being compared to standard tiles being hit by a hail stone travelling at 160 mph.

There is also the option to customise the amount of energy produced by the Solar Roof, being able to fit your energy needs.

The idea of Teslas Solar Roof is to combine solar tiles and normal tiles without compromising the look, making it hard to notice the difference from street level.

Tesla Solar Roof Tile

Tesla Solar Roof: Everything You Need To Know

Raise the roof: Tesla’s solar may cost you less

In recent years, theres been a lot of hype about Teslas Solar Roofs in Australia. If youve thought about installing this new piece of technology but arent sure if its worth your investment then youve come to the right place. We delve deeper into this topic and explain everything you need to know.

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Should You Wait For The Tesla Solar Roof

Standard solar panel technologies are typically evaluated based on their performance, durability, and warranties. However, Teslas lack of transparency makes it difficult to compare to traditional solar panels. Four years after the initial launch of Teslas solar roof, the company still hasnt revealed the shingles efficiency and customers are still experiencing long wait times and surprise price increases.

If youre in dire need of a roof upgrade or if you wont need a roof upgrade for a while, the Tesla Solar Roof may not be worth your long wait. Solar panels are extremely dependable . However, if you need to upgrade your roof soon and your roof isnt too complex or large, you may be a good candidate for the Tesla Solar Roof. Additionally, if youre set on the look and have the capital to cover the cost, the system may be the best choice for you, though it may be worth your while to compare the Tesla Solar Roof to other solar roof products.

What Are Solar Roof Tiles

The traditional solar energy system requires solar panels to be installed on your roof where they can soak up the sunlight. The energy from the sun is then converted into usable electricity for your home. It’s better for the environment as it reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and better for your energy bills, but not necessarily for the aesthetics of your home.

There’s a limited range of panel designs and, as they sit on top of the roof tiles, they tend to protrude out. Finding panels that blend in with your roof can be a challenge.

Rather than installing solar panels on top of your existing roof, solar roof tiles could replace your entire roof so the structure of the roof has solar technology built in. They are designed to ‘complement your home’s architecture’ rather than detract from it.

While the concept of integrating solar technology into the structure of the roof itself has been developing for some time, it appeared that it was Tesla Energy which had forged ahead with what they refer to as ‘beautiful solar’ for your home.

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Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Cost Benefits And Reviews

When the concept of the Tesla solar roof was first announced, it was hailed by some as the future of environmentally conscious construction and home design. Why add solar panels to a roof retroactively when the roof itself could include the solar PV technology to generate electricity? Unfortunately, it seems that the challenge is more complex than even an engineering giant like Tesla can handle.

As a result, Tesla solar roof tiles arent yet available to buy. However, this doesnt mean that you have to rule out generating your own renewable energy as solar panels are an efficient and accessible alternative.

Getting More Accurate Quotes

How Much Tesla Roof Cost

So, how can homeowners avoid what the media perceives as a dramatic price increase on Tesla Solar Roofs? Heres what we recommend. Use the online configurator to get a general sense of how much your Tesla Solar Roof may cost, but dont put too much stock in this number. Have a full on-site inspection, including an attic inspection, before finalizing a contract. This way, there are no hidden surprises when you receive the bill.

Kelly Roofing always performs an on-site inspection before finalizing a contract. As Certified Tesla Installers in Florida, we aim to be as up-front as possible with pricing. Dont hesitate to contact us to schedule an in-person estimate or learn more about Tesla Solar Roofs.

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Did This Solar Roof Come With A Powerwall

If its a recent job, probably so. Elon made some waves a few months ago when he announced all Tesla Solar products would be sold with Powerwall. As a 3rd party installer, this doesnt apply to us but were moving in that direction simply because it makes better long-term sense for most customers. At this point, about 75% of our planned installs include Powerwall. Most utilities have Net Metering programs that allow homeowners to effectively use the grid as their battery, sharing excess energy during the day and drawing from it at night. However, these programs often are very restrictive on system sizes and are subject to changing regulations.

Solar Roof Durability Vs Solar Panel Durability

Tesla is extremely confident in the durability of its solar roof. Elon Musk has stated that the Tesla Solar Roof has an infinity warranty or for the lifetime of your home, whichever comes first. While the durability of the new solar tiles has not been successfully field testing, there are videos online of the Tesla Solar team launching hail and other heavy objects at the solar tiles to show their durability. Based on a video recorded in a Tesla owned factory, it seems the solar tiles are stronger than a tempered-glass solar panel.

Standard solar panels, however, are usually warrantied by the manufacturer for 25 years and the panels typically will last longer than the warranty. The expected lifetime of solar panels has also been field tested, unlike the solar roof.

The biggest question here is what is going to happen when solar tiles start degrading and losing their efficiency? When solar panels need to be replaced or corrected it is a pretty simple replacement. But what happens when there are solar tile problems? How much of the roof is going to have to be replaced? It seems that making any corrections to a Tesla Solar Roof is going to be very expensive and labor-intensive.

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Who Are Teslas Solar Roof Competitors

Though the buzz around Teslas illustrious roof product has made it appear like its a new concept, it is merely the continued repackaging brilliance that some call the Musk effect. Development of solar roof tiles and solar shingles has been evolving for many years, and a number of companies have taken a stab at designing a versatile, subtle rooftop solar medium that could be considered a genuine roofing material rather than a module add-on. Here are some of Teslas solar roof competitors that offer similar BIPV products:

Its important to note that the solar shingles and tiles offered by these companies do still stand out against other roofing material. None can compete with Tesla in terms of aesthetics or subtlety, but they do offer low-profile BIPV solutions that may alleviate aesthetic concerns for some solar shoppers.

When Will The Tesla Solar Roof Arrive In North Carolina

Tesla Solar Roof Worth It?

A few installers have started to offer Teslas solar roof in North Carolina. Right now, NC homeowners who are getting solar shingles installed are paying a price premium to be in the front of the line.

As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, weve talked with Tesla about the solar roof and previewed the product. At this point, were continuing to offer Teslas traditional PV panels, but not their shingle roof material. We love the Poweralls, solar panels, and solutions Tesla continues to put out, but since their solar roof product is still so new, with such complex technology behind it, we dont want our customers to be first in line to experience the kinks of a first gen product. We know the Tesla solar roof is going to be a game changer and well be on board as soon as we feel that this product has proven long term success for our customers.

If getting Teslas solar roof is make or break for you on your solar journey, we have good news there are other solar companies in NC that have taken on rolling out this product! Tesla is also currently taking $100 refundable deposits to hold your place in line through their online ordering portal. That being said, there is no guarantee for when your solar roof will be installed .

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Tesla Solar Roof Estimate

Rather than directly publishing rates, Tesla provides a Solar Roof calculator on their website that estimates the cost of installing a solar roof on your home. The calculator is based on your current electricity usage and the size of your home, among other factors. We ran three basic estimates to give you an idea of the price differences. Each estimate includes a roof replacement, but does not factor in any incentives.

FYI: All estimates were run on July 13, 2021.


Tesla changes their prices depending on a number of factors, including those listed below.

Cost Comparison Between The Different Types Of Solar Shingles Available On The Canadian Market

The Tesla Solar Roof is not a new concept. Other manufacturers have already attempted the production of solar shingles some have failed, and others are still on the market. One of the products from Dow Chemicals Powerhouse Solar System only lasted five years at the time it was the product of choice, but the company end up going bankrupt.

Other companies are continuing to produce and install solar shingles. But it is difficult to find the costs associated with it. It is important to note that the companies listed incorporate solar shingles and tiles with traditional materials, while Teslas solar roof tiles are designed to cover the entire roof or even replace it. But Teslas competitors are demanding that a large part of the roof be covered with normal shingles in addition to the price of their systems.

1. Dow Chemical

Even if the company is no longer in business, it is worth looking at it because of cost information. Their Powerhouse system did not cover the entire roof it came in super shingles that fit well with traditional shingles. Installing 350 Powerhouse shingles would cost more than $ 20,000 and reduce electricity consumption by 40-60%. In a Dow press release, it was announced that for an additional expense of $ 27,480 above the cost of a traditional roof, you could collect $ 58,640 in energy savings over 25 years, and similarly increase the value of your home by $ 33,000 .

2. CertainTeed

3. SunSlates

4. SunTegra

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