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How Often Should You Replace Your Roof On Your House

You Notice Curling Bending Cracked Or Missing Shingles

When Should I Replace My Roof? (From a Roofing Contractor)

At the first sign of damage, even minor, on your shingles, its a good idea to get them repaired right away. Even if one shingle is damaged on your roof, it can comprise the entire system by allowing water to seep in and under the shingles. These leaks can be detrimental to the entire roof and your home.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacing

Depending on the severity, the following red flags may be an indication that you need to get a new roof for your home

1. Visible Leaks

Leaks are the most common sign that something is seriously wrong with your roof. They are caused by various reasons, including worn-out materials and damage by wind, falling branches, or a storm. In addition, the gaps and holes allow water to seep in through the roof when it rains, which can turn into very expensive problems if not properly taken care of.

If you notice such, the best thing to do is to contact a roofing contractor to come and check the extent of the damage. Fortunately, small leaks and gaps can be patched or closed quite easily. However, if there are multiple holes that prove too big or too many to repair, you may be forced to replace the roof.

2. Damaged Shingles

Shingle damage is one of the easiest signs to spot from the ground. However, this often means that if it has reached a point that you can notice it without closer inspection, itâs probably time for a replacement. This is especially the case if your shingles are cracked, curled, loose, or missing.

Another sign of damage is the presence of shingle debris in your gutters. The debris indicates that your shingles are approaching the end of their lifespan and, thus, beginning to disintegrate. Also, the presence of moss or algae growth in wooden shingles is a sign that you need a roof replacement.

3. Interior Water Damage

4. Sagging Roofline

5. Storm Damage

Some Other Considerations When Replacing A Roof

As mentioned, there are a number of different things that ultimately determine the lifespan of your roof. In some cases, its obvious that a roof replacement is needed. However, sometimes a simple roof repair is sufficient to get your roof back in good condition. The best thing you can do is get an expert opinion to determine what is necessary for your roof.

Another thing to consider is the builder of your home or business. Its not uncommon for newer home builds to quickly rush the roofing of the home. There are many houses that need to be completed in short time, so this could lead to problems later. Because of this, sometimes roofs on newer homes are poorly installed as a result.

When this happens, you may have a roof that is prone to damage easier or cause other damage to your home that may be unforeseen. An example of this would be if caulking around your chimney or sealant around vents is not properly done, this could lead to leaks in your roof sooner than expected.

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First Step: Know Your Roofing Materials

The material that your roof is made of plays a large role in how long it will last. Some materials are more durable than others, allowing them to better withstand the rigors of torrential downpours, debris from high winds, and sizzling heatwaves.

Asphalt shingles and composite roofs are the most common materials and tend to also last the least amount of time before requiring a replacement. Fiber cement shingles will last a little longer at about 25 years. Wood shake roofs should last up to 30 years. The most durable roofs tend to be slate roofs, roof tiles, and any sort of metal roofing, like copper. These are estimated to last up to 50 years without requiring replacement.

This can be good to keep in mind when getting a new roof installed. You may want to invest in a slightly more expensive roofing material to forego frequent roofing repairs caused by unexpected weather conditions.

It Helps You Maintain Your Home Insurance Coverage

Building contractors putting the asphalt roofing. Roofers laying ...

Your roofs age is an important factor when it comes to the insurance coverage of your home. If your roof is nearing the end of its expected life span, you will want to consider replacing it.

When the time comes for your new roof installation, you will need to speak with your insurance company to find out whats covered and what isnt. The majority of homeowners insurance policies will not pay to repair roofs that are gradually deteriorating as a result of normal wear and tear. However, you can still learn about what youll need with your new roof to make sure your insurance company will cover it.

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Moss Dark Spots And Algae Growth

Moss can start to grow on a roof that doesnt get a lot of sunlight, especially in cool and moist climates. Moss holds moisture against the surface which can cause damage, especially in freezing climates.

Dark spots are caused by fungus and algae growth. These might not be directly tied to how often you need to replace your roof but these problems can spread and cause damage.

How Often To Replace Your Roof By Material

At WISA, were all about roofing projects. Thats why were here to confidently provide you with resources so that you know when to replace your roof.

How often you replace your roof will depend mainly on the types of materials used to construct it. In general, you can expect the most common types of roofs to last between 15 and 20 years, while other roofs can last as long as 100 years if well maintained.

However, its important to know the types of materials on your roof to make a more accurate assessment of its lifespan. Lets take a look at those various materials and about how long they each last.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Roof Shingles

Your roof shields you from the elements all year, from winter to spring and summer to fall. Your roof is steadfast in protecting your home and its people even while exposed to harsh weather conditions. Roofs, on the other hand, do not endure forever. When your roof’s anticipated lifetime has passed or is close to doing so, it may be time to consider a new one. In the months or years leading up to when your old roof needs replacement, there will almost certainly be several warning signals. So, how often should you replace your roof shingles?

I will answer these questions shortly. So keep reading!

What Factors Impact The Life Of Your Roof

How to Replace or Repair a Damaged Shingle by

Aside from your roofing material, your roofs longevity can change based on the following factors:

  • Installation quality: Improperly placed shingles can leave gaps and loose shingles or tiles. These problems make it easier for pests and leaks to get through and damage your home.
  • You should have a durable underlayment to protect against weakening shingles and strengthen your roof.
  • Ventilation in your attic or upper floors: Ventilation prevents moisture build-up, ice dams, and overheating, leading to problems like mold and leakage.
  • Roof color: Dark roofs absorb heat, which can cause tiles to expand and compromise your roof. Use lighter color tile to avoid this issue.
  • Roof slope: Lower slopes with less incline take longer to shed moisture, which means that water can accumulate and cause rot if left unchecked.
  • Climate and weather: If your area gets a lot of rain, snow, hail, or wind, those conditions can impact your roof and cause cosmetic as well as more severe damage.

If your roof has any of these problems, a professional roofer can tell you how to care for it and when to replace it.

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Keep An Eye Out For Signs Of Exterior Damage

Depending on the damage, exterior damage might be difficult to detect or extremely obvious. This is why it’s essential to inspect your roof’s condition following significant storms or as it approaches the end of its lifespan.

Broken or missing shingles are the most apparent indications of external damage. Roofs with cracked shingles or shingles curling at their edges are examples of such damage. This might also indicate mold or moss development as a consequence of water damage.

Exterior damage can be seen in the form of failed repairs. For example, some individuals concerned with lowering roof replacement expenses may choose a double layering solution, which involves another layer of the roofing material superimposed on top of the existing material.

This is a very ineffective technique that can lead to more damage in the long run. It’s worth paying a little more for superior roof replacement, so you don’t have to pay more down the road.

How Much Will Your Asphalt Roof Replacement Cost You

A roof replacement is a major investment. It’s not inexpensive, like every other investment. If your roof is more or less 15 years old, it will need to be replaced in 5-8 years. So start budgeting for it now. Just get an estimate from a contractor, so you’ll know how much you’ll have to put aside when the time comes.

The figures will not be the same because of changes in roofing material costs, but you’ll have a basis on which to start budgeting.

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Sunlight Coming Through The Roof Beams

When examining the roof from your attic, look for any spots where the sun is filtering through the roof boards. This is a sign that you need a new roof, and a quick call to a professional roofing company is a must.

Dont wait until you spot a leak in your ceiling to decide to replace your roof. Avoid more costly repairs by implementing a regular roof inspection.

Can I Avoid Roof Replacements

How Often To Replace Roof Tiles

To avoid roof replacements, you should use appropriate materials and schedule timely maintenance and roof repairs as needed. If youre facing problems in one or all of the areas mentioned above, it may be time for you to consider a complete roof replacement.

Roof replacements arent nearly as fun as buying new clothes and shoes, but theyre extremely important. Your roof is an integral part of your homes structure, and its job is to protect you, your family, and your belongings. If you neglect it, then it will start neglecting you. By keeping up with regular repairs and replacements as they may arise, your roof will continue to do its job.

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Fix Walls And Dormers

Water doesnt always come in at the shingled surface. Often, wind-driven rain comes in from above the roof, especially around windows, between corner boards and siding, and through cracks and knotholes in siding. Dormer walls provide lots of spots where water can dribble down and enter the roof. Caulk can be old, cracked or even missing between the corner boards and between window edges and siding. Water penetrates these cracks and works its way behind the flashing and into the house. Even caulk that looks intact may not be sealing against the adjoining surfaces. Dig around with a putty knife to see if the area is sealed. Dig out any suspect caulk and replace it with a siliconized latex caulk. Also check the siding above the step flashing. Replace any cracked, rotted or missing siding, making sure the new piece overlaps the step flashing by at least 2 in. If you still have a leak, pull the corner boards free and check the overlapping flashing at the corner. Often, theres old, hardened caulk where the two pieces overlap at the inside corner but this roof fix doesnt mean a complete roof replacement, maybe a spot fix at best.

Will A Roof Leak Without Shingles

Episode 170- When should you replace your roof and how

all of a shingle doesnt make it more or less likely that your roof will leak. It all comes down to that shingles location. When a shingle goes missing, the likelihood of a leak depends on whether the lost shingle or tab was covering a seam between two others.

How long should a roof last on a house? Your asphalt roof is about 20 years old For a standard 3-tab asphalt shingle roof, thats 25-years. As long as your roof has been properly ventilated and installed you should get pretty close to that 25 years of roof life.

How long can a roof last without shingles?

A roof can go without shingles for about two months. After about 30 days, the suns heat will damage the roofs protection because it will dry out the oil on the paper. After that, wind or rain can tear it, making it porous.

How much is a new roof? The average cost to replace a roof can vary quite a bit. According to HomeAdvisor, the typical range for roof replacement costs is between $5,100 and $10,000, but roof replacement can be as low as $1,200 or as high as $30,000. Many roofing companies will charge between $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot.

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How Often Do Roofs Need To Be Replaced

If youve done just a little digging into this question, youve probably come across the 25-30 year rule for replacing your roof. That figure is used as a benchmark. Most residential roofs need replacing within that window. However, there are quite a few variables to consider and not any roof is the same.

Your roof takes a lot of external wear and tear throughout each passing year. Sunlight, snow accumulation, strong winds, debris, rodents, hurricanes, or extreme weather conditions all of these have an impact on a roofs lifetime. How often your roof needs to be replaced depends on several factors:

  • Keeping pests and rodents away
  • External debris accumulation

In New England, our roofs experience all four seasons and the external beating that comes with them. So its important to keep up with maintenance and schedule regular roof inspections.

Things To Consider When Replacing A Roof

How to Roof a House – THE BASICS

When determining how long your roof will last, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Just because you have a leak in your roof or are missing shingles doesnt mean you need to pay for a roof replacement. In many cases, these surface issues are easy to repair without the need for new roof installation.

Secondly, a number of new homes and businesses are built carelessly with serious oversights. Building mistakes can be the cause of long-term frustration, no matter how old your roof may be.

For instance, if a vent has been left unsealed or if a chimney has been caulked improperly, it could lead to leaks with the potential for internal structural damage.

If you find errors in the construction of your roof, try to contact the original builder, if possible. If the original contractor is unavailable, you may be forced to pay for expensive roof repairs or a complete replacement that may not be covered by your original home warranty.

Based on statistics from the RSI Group, proper workmanship is the most important component in ensuring that a roof will last throughout its lifespan at 66%.8 While both ventilation and material selection come into play at 17% each, installation remains paramount to cut down on extraneous costs needed to replace a roof before it is time.

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How Long Does A Slate Roof Last

Like a cedar shake roof, a slate roof is made primarily out of natural materials.

As long as your slate roof is properly installed and flashed properly, itll be the last roof you ever put on your home. Its hard to put an exact number on a slate roofs lifespan, but theres no reason it shouldnt last around 75 years or even close to 100.

We even like to say your grandkids wont have to worry about it. If youre looking for a forever material that wont need to be replaced in your lifetime, a slate roof is a great option.

Just like a cedar shake roof, theres no manufacturer warranty on the slate materials themselves if they fail prematurely.

Start By Learning Your Roofs History

Gauge whether youre closing in on your roofs expiration date by determining its installation date. If you purchased a new build or owned your home during the last roof replacement, then this should be fairly straightforward. Otherwise, dig a little deeper by reaching out to one of these sources:

  • Ask the previous owners: Give good old-fashioned communication a try and talk to the person who sold you the house. Even if they dont know the exact date, they can provide you with a ballpark estimate. If you no longer have their contact details, your real estate agent can look into their records and provide them to you, so long as it would not violate any existing non-disclosure agreements.
  • Find the building permit: A roof replacement typically mandates a building permit from the local county. Head to your local municipalitys code enforcement office and request records of building permits for your address. A code or zoning officer will pull up any documents submitted for the project, including scope and building timeline.
  • Contact the roof installation company: If you know which company installed the roof, call and ask if they still have a record of the project in their database.

During your research, keep an eye out for any warranties included. A shingle warranty lasts 20 to 50 years, protecting you against manufacturing defects a workmanship warranty covers issues that may occur due to improper installation.

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